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Looking at the muscular creature slowly walking out of the Mother formation, tears rolled down on Feng Rao's face uncontrollably. She felt her bitter sorrow that had accumulated over the years burst out all of a sudden.

Thirty-two years had passed. To some people, it was just a moment, but to others, it was like the eternal night without a beam of light, sinking people in only pain and sorrow.

Feng Rao thought Shi Yan had fallen, and his soul seal was eradicated. She thought she would never meet him again. But when she felt the most helpless, the Mother formation was activated, and Shi Yan walked out of the formation alone.

The familiar face, his familiar aura, his body… Everything was just like yesterday.

Feng Rao stooped and cried.

Zhen Gu of the Giant Tribe quieted down. He used his soul message to call Tribal Oldie Na Xin.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo got up, focusing on the man who had just arrived without moving.

Yang Zhuo of the Yang family, Long Zhu, Yun Hao, Bi Tian, alchemist Jester, Cao Qiu Dao, and Tang Yuan Nan were all shocked. They all gazed at the man who had just come through the formation.

At this moment, they knew how important this young man was to them.

No one could compare with him!

Shi Yan looked at the vague, vast universe, sending his Soul Consciousness around. He nodded tenderly. "You're all here. It's good. It's really good."

People then smiled.

Shortly after, Giant Na Xin came hurriedly, his face excited. "I didn't think you would still be alive."

"Of course, I'm alive," Shi Yan smiled casually, "Do I look like someone who would die young?"

Na Xin was a little embarrassed. "It's good that you're alright. Yeah, I feel so happy."

People started to gather. They were from the Raging Flame Star Area and the Grace Mainland, together with the Giants. Arriving from different corners of the meteorolite, they didn't say anything and just looked at him as if they were looking forward to seeing a new life.

Thousands of people had gathered. They all studied Shi Yan, who smiled naturally. "Much better than what I had imagined."

Shi Yan thought that after the catastrophe burst out in the Far West region, his friends and family in Old Orchid Star wouldn't be able to escape. At the moment he activated the formation, his hands had shivered as he expected the worst situation.

He hadn't expected everyone to still be alive. Although their current condition wasn't good, as long as their souls were still there, they could overturn any bad situation.

Staying alive was more important than anything else.

Yang Zhuo came over, patting Shi Yan's shoulder. Then, he told him things they had experienced throughout those years.

Shi Yan listened to him. When Yang Zhuo finished, Shi Yan smiled happily. Then, he looked at the Thousand Fold Lotuses which had moved here with their own pool. He frowned, extending his hand to collect them.

Each flower flew out of the pool, disappearing into the blue jar.

Everybody looked at him in silence, not disturbing him.

After a long time, he handed Na Xin several jars while smiling. "As our deal, these Thousand Fold Lotuses belong to the Giants."

Na Xin didn't refuse as he stashed them away and asked, "What should we do now?"

This place was a remote area by the edge of the Agate Star Area, without life stars or earth and heaven energy. It wasn't a place suitable for warriors. If they couldn't get rid of this place, they would have to use their energy to endure day after day. After a while, their realm would even decrease. 

"We're getting out of here. I've found a new place for you to stay and cultivate at." Shi Yan pondered for a while and then advised, "We'll move all people and things." 

While he was talking, divine crystals flew out of his ring, flying like raindrops on the Mother formation.

The Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation needed divine crystals as fuel. It would require a significant amount of divine crystals to move all people here. The divine crystals inlaid on the formation now wasn't enough to endure until their immigration finished.

Na Xin and Leona nodded. Yang Zhuo immediately ordered his fellows, asking them to gather with their properties.

Shortly, thousands of people gathered by the Mother formation, as Shi Yan directed them to move through the light door.

Divine Crystals energy was soon drained as time flew by slowly.

After an unknown time, most of the people on the meteorolite were gone. Now, only Na Xin, Leona, and Fei Lan were standing by Shi Yan.

"What do you want to do to this Mother formation?" Na Xin frowned.

At this moment, Na Xin had reached the Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm. The inheritance he got from the Grace Mainland and the cultivating materials from Ai Fu in Broken Star City had helped him break through again after thirty-two years of ascetic cultivation.

Fei Land had also reached the Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm. She had made new achievements in condensing her Ethereal Extent. Leona was at the First Sky of Ethereal God Realm, while Ka Tuo was at the Third Sky of Original God Realm. After thirty-two years, they had all advanced thanks to the benefit they received from Shi Yan.

"... Hmm, what to do with it...?" Shi Yan pondered for a while and then said, "You guys should go first. I'm going to seal the Mother formation, so other people can't use it to track us down." 

This place was already isolated. It was far away from the Agate Star Area, and the meteorolite was still moving at breakneck speed.

The Mother formation could connect to the Child Formation. When they all left, the Mother formation would stay in this meteorolite. It was hard to tell if the rock would move to somewhere and someone would find it. That person could then use the Mother formation to come to Devil Blood Star and find Shi Yan's group.

It was hard to predict indeed!

Only warriors who cultivated Space power at Shi Yan's level could seal the Mother formation. To ensure their safety, Shi Yan would use space power to seal the Mother formation.

Na Xin and the others nodded, then entered the center of Mother formation one by one under Shi Yan's watch. Eventually, besides Shi Yan, there was no aura of living beings on this huge meteorolite, which was still moving fast in the infinite universe

This rock had detached from the Broken Star Field. Being blown away by some unknown force, it headed to somewhere no one knew of. Perhaps, it would impact the barrier between star areas, being crushed into pieces of stone. Probably, it would become a smaller meteor, piercing through the star area barrier and turning into a meteor that fell into another star area.

Shi Yan quietly watched the stars around him and contemplated for a while before entering the Mother formation.

The light on the Mother formation shrank as the entire formation was sealed. It looked like it had disappeared from this massive rock, becoming a part of it without any distinctive energy fluctuation that people could sense.

Once this meteorolite exploded, the Mother formation would be obliterated.

However, if this meteorolite were still intact, one day when Shi Yan was backed into a corner, he could use the Child formation to escape a deadly pursuit.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The light expanded on the Child formation. Shi Yan got out and then waved his hand to retrieve the Child formation into his Fantasy Sky Ring.

Giant trees with big branches towered the place, shielding off the light. However, there were still some sunbeams stubborn enough to pierce through the thick leaves and branches, shining on the wet ground of the forest. Tens of thousands of warriors gathered, looking at Shi Yan. They saw him retrieve the formation and then close his eyes, sinking into his thoughts.

After a while, Shi Yan took a deep breath, giving a broad smile while talking. "This is the Devil Blood Star, the territory of Demon Clan. I've just been here lately, but I think we can stay here."

Na Xin's eyes brightened as he screamed, unable to help himself. "Devil Blood Star! It's the Devil Blood Star!"

Devil Blood Star was very famous in the Agate Star Area. It was a level 7 life star, with the thickest earth and heaven energy. This star was guarded by an expert at the Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. Although the Agate Star Area was vast, Devil Blood Star was famous for its wealth. And, Blood Devil's reputation was echoed everywhere in this star area.

It was no doubt that staying in Devil Blood Star and cultivating here was the best dream they could ever have. During the days of moving aimlessly in the infinite universe, they had wished for even a level 1 or 2 life star to take shelter. It was the best they could hope for. But today, Shi Yan brought them to Devil Blood Star, the most famous life star in the entire Agate Star Area. How could they not crack up in thrill?

"Of course, I haven't connected with Blood Devil yet. For the time being, you guys shouldn't scatter. Wait until I've arranged everything properly." Shi Yan contemplated for a while and then said, "Stay put in this forest. Don't mess around. I'm going to see if I can contact Wu Lan or not."

Leona, Fei Lan, and Ka Tuo had their eyes brightened. They knew Wu Lan was a subordinate of Blood Devil. They thought Blood Devil and Shi Yan had some lineage. And, in this vast star area, Blood Devil didn't have any fellow from his tribe. Thus, he would favor Shi Yan, his new fellow who had appeared all of a sudden. 

Listening to him, the other three nodded as they could ease their mind.

But, Na Xin and the Giants didn't know of his relationship with Wu Lan. Listening to him, they were actually a bit worried.

Blood Devil was infamous indeed. His brutal name had spread even to the rural areas like the Far West region. After Na Xin reached the Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm, he had become more cautious. He was worried if Blood Devil's troops would come and attack them.

And, his worry came true shortly after...

A troop of around one hundred Demon soldiers had sensed the commotion inside the forest. They rode the white bone war chariots, roaring in the sky.

This forest was in the North-West of Devil Blood Star, and didn't have many visitors generally. So, when the patrol team found around tens of thousands of unidentified creatures here all of a sudden, it scared the patrol leader a lot. This area was his scope of patrolling, and this sudden situation was strange. If something unexpected happened, he wouldn't be able to get rid of trouble.

The squad of one hundred Demon soldiers rode the white bone war chariots. The troopers came from different branches of Demon Clan, including Black Scaled Tribe, Dragon Horned Tribe, Winged Clan, One-eyed Tribe, etc. Those tribes used to appear in the Grace Mainland. However, there were more clansmen they had never seen before. Those clansmen had horns or rock-like skin, while some had more limbs than normal people.

The patrol leader of this squad was a Dragon Horned man at the First Sky of Ethereal God Realm, called Wu Deng.

Wu Deng sat alone on a white bone war chariot, which had a lot of broken bones hung on it. He stood up, observing the shadows in the forest. His face grimaced as he asked, "Who are you? Daring to invade the Devil Blood Star? Don't you know whose territory it is? Capture them all!"

The war chariots roared and scattered, surrounding this large group of people.