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976 Devil Blood Star

The center of the unknown, mysterious power Upanishad had many different bright currents of powers Upanishad. They looked like energy rivers crossing and flowing around the world as they followed some kind of movement principles.

Two souls were wandering in there like ghosts. They swayed and moved unconsciously and aimlessly. One of the two souls would stop by an open space door. Then, it would inch forward strenuously between the currents of fierce space energy.

They were Shi Yan's host soul and co-soul.

Since he had escaped the space crack, every time he meditated to understand his powers Upanishad further, his co-soul would be directed to that strange area.

A warrior who was fused with heaven flames and occupied the Origin could enter that place to study the true essence of his or her powers Upanishad.

Thus, after his soul had been washed crystal clear, he could go to this place simply as long as he flickered his mind. He could stay in the center to perceive a deeper understanding of his powers.

However, his body was still sitting on the deck of Potion and Tool Pavilion's gigantic battleship. He sat impassively as if he didn't have a soul. No soul energy rippled or fluctuated from him.

Fu Wei was the owner of this impressive battleship. She was the youngest Elder of Potion and Tool Pavilion. Shi Yan's objection had failed her, but she didn't keep it in her mind.

However, she was curious about Shi Yan.

Potion and Tool Pavilion was the most special force of Agate Star Area. It stayed aloofly from other forces. However, it was welcomed and favored by dominant forces and mighty clans. This organization had accumulated an enormous fortune that even Fu Wei didn't completely know. The status of Potion and Tool Pavilion in Agate Star Area made countless warriors try their best to find a way to join them.

Fu Wei always thought that no one would reject the Pavilion's invitation.

Especially a warrior cultivating Space power Upanishad.

They had books of Space power Upanishad in their library. They had the strongest warrior who cultivated Space power at Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm. They had all sorts of support to help warriors cultivating this power.

Shi Yan denied her offer.

Fu Wei couldn't understand it at all. She didn't know Shi Yan's identity either. Potion and Tool Pavilion had ears and eyes everywhere. They knew everything that happened in every corner of Agate Star Area.

Potion and Tool Pavilion had a detailed list of hotshots of all clans and forces, even the list of potential experts. Since Fu Wei was skeptical, she used the satellite eyes of her Potion and Tool Pavilion to search. However, she couldn't identify Shi Yan.

This discovery had baffled Fu Wei even more.

A bright blue mirror hung on the central cabin of the battleship that projected Shi Yan's image. He was idly sitting cross-legged. There was no sound or energy fluctuation around him.

Fu Wei's crescent moon brows furrowed. Her beautiful face mulled on her thought, but still, she looked mesmerizing.

The old woman she called Aunt An was standing by her. She was a little hunched. She also looked at the cold, stern, young man in the mirror skeptically. After a while, she whispered, "This man came from an unknown origin. Even our 'Satellite Eyes' couldn't identify him. It's a bit over our estimation. Young Elder, do you think he's from another star area?"

Fu Wei woke up from her contemplation. Her blue eyes twinkled magnificently. She cried tenderly, "It's possible."

Aunt An looked a little shocked. "Shadow Ghostly Prison is the space hub. It has many unstable space channels. If he comes from another star area, it's possible that he came here through Shadow Ghostly Prison." Pausing for a while, she smiled and suggested, "Do you want to start from there?"

Fu Wei shook her head. "No, it's not necessary. Although Lord Duo wants to find an assistant quickly, he has rejected our offer. We don't need to force him. It's tough to deal with unidentified people. If he does come from another star area, it may be harmful to us if we offend him."

"Yes, right," Aunt An nodded. "But it's regretful anyway. It's hard to find a suitable candidate. But he doesn't put our Potion and Tool Pavilion in his eyes. Sigh, I don't know when we can meet another warrior using space power."

"We're about to arrive at Devil Blood Star." Fu Wei rose one of her delicate fingers, touching the void.

The bright mirror floating above her head shrank into a piece of broken jade. It was hung on her generous hip. It became an everyday accessory.

"Oh right, we're about to reach Devil Blood Star." Aunt An smiled and bent her body slightly. "I'm going to arrange things." She immediately left with caution.

Fu Wei didn't answer. She mulled over her thoughts that the other didn't know.



A violent shake came from the bottom of the battleship. The ship trembled hard before it could steady.

Shi Yan woke up from his fairyland-trip-like cultivation. The two souls returned to his soul altar. He looked at the guards but said nothing. He stood up and went to one side of the deck to take a look.

In front of him was an endless forest with towering, ancient trees. Earth and heaven energy here was as thick as cotton clouds that naked eyes could see. They drifted in the sky, creating a sea of energy.

The dense Demon Qi that the soul could recognize fluctuated everywhere in this forest. It swayed continually like the seaweed in the sea.

The gigantic battleship landed stably. The wet ground suddenly cracked and members of Demon Clan living underground emerged. They seemed to have received the news earlier. They were calling and cheering to welcome Young Elder Fu Wei of Potion and Tool Pavilion.

War chariots about a few dozens of meters long flew out from the massive battleship. Their engines hissed in the void. They aligned like asteroids in the sky, operating in a general direction. Each war chariot was filled with piles of exotic cultivating materials.

Potion and Tool Pavilion came to Devil Blood Star this time to transport cultivating materials that they had ordered. Since the quantity was enormous, Fu Wei had delivered the order personally to show respect to Blood Devil.

Besides her massive delivery, Fu Wei also came to do accounting and further discuss with Blood Devil for their future business.

Potion and Tool Pavilion had a cumbersome structure. The Elders of the pavilion had followed different forces. Fu Wei was the representative for one of the forces. Blood Devil was one of their important customers. If they could form a good relationship with Blood Devil, it would be critical to their force.

Looking at the war chariots flying away, Feng An with his smallpox bumps came to Shi Yan. He beamed a professional, business-like smile. "Little brother, our Young Elder has advised us. If you change your mind, you can contact Potion and Tool Pavilion at any time. We will treat you well."

Shi Yan didn't change his countenance. He smiled, nodded, and said, "Thank you." He jumped up, flashed, and left the battleship to another area of the forest.

Feng An looked at Shi Yan disappearing and sighed reluctantly. "Oh, he was such a good seed."


A huge meteorite was flying quickly toward the border of Agate Star Area.

The Giants, Fei Lan, and Leona's team were based on two sides of the rock. In the vast universe, this rock was moving fast unceasingly like a meteor.

In the center of the meteorite sat the Mother formation of the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation that Na Xin had brought from Broken Star Field. Next to the formation was a pool where Thousand Fold Lotuses were floating. This pool was covered by a beautiful five-colored cage.

The meteorite didn't have earth and heaven energy. The Giants, Fei Lan, Leona, Long Zhu, Yun Hao, and the others had to use divine crystals to cultivate.

Until now, they had used up almost all the divine crystals that they had traded that year. If they used up all the divine crystals and didn't find a suitable life star to stay, their cultivation had to be suspended.

Divine crystals on the Mother formation still had a moving halo. Zhen Gu, the current Patriarch of the Giant Tribe, Ka Tuo, Yun Hao, Long Zhu, and the others were looking at several dozen divine crystals inlaid in the Mother formation, their faces complicated.

"We can't touch these divine crystals!" Ka Tuo wore a cold and harsh face, gazing at Zhen Gu, Yun Hao, and the others. He said, "When my senior escapes, he will definitely contact us. Without these divine crystals, we will lose the connection with him utterly!"

"But we're about to use up the divine crystals. There is no life stars around or earth and heaven energy. We can't continue our cultivation. Our realm and power will decrease." Zhen Gu sighed and then said, "These dozens of thousands of divine crystals here are our last hope. Shi Yan hasn't contacted us for dozens of years. Perhaps, he has fallen. How can we count on him?"

"Thirty-two years," Long Zhu shook his head miserably. "If he's been alive, he should have contacted us a long time ago."

"He's alright," Yang Zhuo of the Yang family said with a dark face. "Wait for him more. If we use the divine crystals of the formation, we will lose contact with him. Without him, we will lose our hope of living in Agate Star Area."

"We Giants don't object if you want to wait for more," Zhen Gu frowned, "But we don't want to wait in misery for an endless amount of time. We want to use the divine crystals on the Mother formation. We can break through and then we can find a suitable life star to stay."

This rock came from Broken Star Field. When they escaped Old Orchid Star, they found this meteorite moving toward a remote area of Agate Star Area. All of them then got on the rock.

This meteorite was big enough to carry all of them. It was flying away from the Far West region and even Agate Star Area. It was still heading to the other end of the star area.

In the beginning, they felt very lucky. They were lucky that the forces of the Far West region couldn't chase after them.

However, as time went by, this rock had moved further to the most rural and remote area of the life star. They didn't see any life star, mineral star, or even a dead star on the way. Gradually, they couldn't even see asteroids when there should have been a lot. This rose reluctance and despair in their hearts.

Until they had finally recognized the situation, they were somewhere at the edge of Agate Star Area where there were no residential areas. They didn't know where they were, either.

At this moment, their divine crystals had almost run out, which made them restlessly terrified.

Ka Tuo and Zhen Gu had started to quarrel whether to use the divine crystals on the Mother formation or not. Many warriors from Grace Mainland and Bi Tian's group of Raging Flame Star Area thought that Zhen Gu's idea was logical.

They didn't have any news from Shi Yan for thirty-two years. He didn't contact them through the Mother formation. They thought Shi Yan had bad fortune and might be gone already.

Compared to waiting in vain, it was better to use the divine crystals to secure their powers and find a life star to stay.

When their quarrel was fiercest, Feng Rao standing by the Mother formation suddenly shivered. Her voice trembled as she said, "It... It works! It has activated!"

Feng Rao's eyes became watery.