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974 Potion and Tool Pavilion

The vast galaxy had countless shining stars. The star areas opened infinitely. Sometimes, battleships flew rapidly like shuttles or lightning.

Shi Yan sat cross-legged on a small meteorolite, closing his eyes to feel earth and heaven energy changing.

His meteorite was moving like an electric light towards the general direction of Devil Blood Star. Rolling energy transmitted to this asteroid through his feet made it move forward.

Shortly after, Shi Yan opened his eyes and exhaled slightly.

Touching the Fantasy Sky Ring on his finger, an old, yellowed book flew out. It was the ancient book that they found from the mysterious city in Old Orchid Star. It wasn't rotten after being buried for tens of thousands of years with the city. This book was written in unknown, tadpole-like characters. Shi Yan didn't know if this kind of language belonged to any race.

He used to spend time studying this book. However, he couldn't figure out any mysteries of these ancient tadpole characters. He had kept this book in his Fantasy Sky Ring for a long time afterward.

Lately, when he was trying to sense the changes of earth and heaven, he suddenly felt the tadpole words in the book seem to revive.

Opening the book and holding it in his hand, Shi Yan focused and observed.

Shi Yan saw the tadpole scriptures and they seemed like living creatures. They slowly wiggled on the cover of that ancient book. It looked strange and mysterious, indeed.

Deep in his eyes was astonishment. Shi Yan quietly released a beam of energy, sending it to the cover of the ancient book to see if he could find something.

However, as soon as he had sent his energy into the book, the tadpole characters stopped moving. They quieted down and stayed still like they were dead.

Shi Yan let out a low scream in surprise. He pulled himself together, frowning and pouring more Soul Consciousness into the book.

His Sea of Consciousness was suddenly disordered. Flows of his Soul Consciousness entangled chaotically, numbing his brain. Looking at the ancient book, he saw the tadpole words move quickly. They looked like many lightning strikes crossing the page.

Staring at the ancient book, Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness became more chaotic and his consciousness blurred.

After changing his face slightly, Shi Yan retrieved his Soul Consciousness. While his mind flickered, he put a flow of confining space power into the book.

The book was sealed for the moment with space power. All the tadpole characters were blocked. They couldn't move anymore.

He was skeptical, retrieving the ancient book into his Fantasy Sky Ring. Shi Yan lifted his face to watch the immense star sea. He closed his eyes and was absorbed in his thoughts.

A massive battleship around five thousand meters long was moving not far from him. It was entirely black and it seemed to be made of some black ink metal. This battleship had several hundred barrier layers. On two sides, it had many flagpoles with silk banners drawn with various types of utensils like swords, sabers, containers, or war chariot.

The massive battleship moved forward inaudibly in the dim lit star sea. It had no beam of extra energy sent to the environment. It was also heading to Devil Blood Star like a ghost.

Inside a secret chamber in the battleship was an elegant lady in her loose and long dress. The sleeves and legs of her green garments were all extra loose to hide her mesmerizing body.

She was clapping her hands in front of her chest, her slender fingers like scallion making hand seals. Her eyes were deep blue and calm like the ocean. Her long brown hair was pinned up into a gorgeous bun, held by an emerald hairpin. She looked elegant and noble, indeed.

She had a pair of crescent moon crystal earrings. She wore five-colored jade rings around her delicate wrists, which looked like lotus roots. She also had some small but delicate accessories hung on her waist. All these ornaments made her lively and incredibly charming.

A corner of the yellowed sheet of paper she was holding was revealed, which had scriptures with characters that looked like tadpoles. Her willow-like eyebrows above her deep blue eyes furrowed as if she was mulling on something.

A white light seeped from her fingers as she concentrated her soul to recognize something.

After a while, she stooped and sighed, shaking her head and whining, "... I'm afraid it was just a hallucination. The Canon had been lost for tens of thousands of years. How could I sense it for that glimpse of time?"

"Thump! Thump! Thump!"

Someone was knocking on her chalcedony door, which was inlaid with many strange symbols. The one who was knocking seemed to be very careful not to bother that woman.

The woman was still calm and natural. Her flawless hands retrieved the light and carefully put the sheet of paper away. She relaxed and then called, "Come in."

An old woman with ditch-like wrinkles throughout her face bowed and went to the center of this battleship. "Young Elder, we will arrive at Devil Blood Star in three months. Do you want to stop somewhere along the way?"

The woman shook her head with a smile. "No, we shouldn't stop. We've delayed a long time already."

The old woman nodded. She immediately excused herself.

"Wait a moment," the woman wanted to say something, but she didn't. Instead, she whispered, "Aunt An. Lately, I seemed to sense a gleam of..."

"What?" the old woman looked at her with surprise.

The lady shook her head. "Nothing."

The old woman smiled lovingly. She didn't mind and just bowed before carefully leaving the place. She seemed afraid of accidentally making noise. She also closed the door with extra care.

The woman in the room ridiculed herself. How could I sense the Canon, which was lost for tens of thousands of years? It's just a hallucination then. She instinctively assumed.

. . .

Shi Yan was riding a meteorite, flying towards the general direction of Devil Blood Star. All of a sudden, he lifted his head, looking forward with a surprise in his eyes.

In front of him was a battleship inaudibly moving at breakneck speed. If it hadn't come close enough to be visible, Shi Yan wouldn't have known that a battleship was close to him.

Usually, the battleship would use high-quality divine crystals as fuel. Hotshots would guard and patrol the battleship. Both the divine crystals and warriors had energy fluctuate from them. Within a specific distance, the other warriors could sense them easily.

However, this battleship emerged in his sight while his Soul Consciousness reported nothing to him. It was indeed magical.

Frowning, he released a beam of Soul Consciousness, extending towards the battleship.


A fire sparked from the barrier covering the battleship. Although it was dim, it had stopped Shi Yan's sensing.

Shi Yan's eyes brightened. He looked at the battleship with astonishment.

Evidently, that battleship wasn't normal. It was several times bigger and had barriers that could prevent Soul Consciousness. The barriers had shut the entire battleship including people inside. This protection made the ship move inaudibly without noise caused by the engine or energy fluctuating from warriors. It was like a spooky ghost drifting in the dim lit universe.

This was a high-class battleship, indeed. In the case of war between star areas, this kind of invisible battleship could perform extraordinarily.

At the moment fire sparked from the barrier outside the battleship, a vague silhouette came out from a dark area of the ship. He looked at Shi Yan from a distance as if he was assessing the man.

After a while, that person crossed the barrier and emerged visibly from the ship. He was a lanky, middle-aged man with a lot of disgusting smallpox-like filled bumps on his face. He was a little hunched, squinting to observe Shi Yan better.

The meteorite under Shi Yan's feet was still moving quickly. It slowed down and approached the battleship. While the lanky man observed Shi Yan, Shi Yan also watched him.

First Sky of Ethereal God Realm – Cultivates Thunderbolt power Upanishad – Newly formed Ethereal Extent.

Information regarding this man's competence emerged in Shi Yan's head. He didn't know why but after his soul altar was refined and became crystal clear by the effects of Soul Refining Fluid, he was able to easily understand the realm and kinds of power Upanishads of the warriors around him.

The middle-aged man whose face was filled with smallpox bumps stared at Shi Yan for a while before asking proactively. "Little brother, where do you want to go?"

Shi Yan was surprised as he didn't know what the other had in his mind. He hesitated for a while and then smiled casually, "I'm heading to Devil Blood Star."

"Eh?" The middle-aged man was surprised. He smiled, waving at Shi Yan. "We're going there, too. Do you want to take a ride with us?"

Shi Yan was touched. He considered for a while.

After he had left Black Water Star, he had been racing like a lightning strike, which had consumed a lot of his energy. At this moment, he had used half of his accumulation to fly. If he could have a place to rest and recover his energy, it would be much better.

However, since Shi Yan couldn't identify the other's intention or identify, he was a little bit hesitant.

"We're from the Potion and Tool Pavilion." As he could see Shi Yan's hesitation, he explained.

Shi Yan's eyes brightened.

The Potion and Tool Pavilion was a unique force in Agate Star Area. It was established by top alchemists and blacksmiths of Agate Star Area. Most of the pellets, war chariots, battleships, and various kinds of containers were manufactured and sold by this organization.

Potion and Tool Pavilion had never participated in racial battles between forces of Agate Star Area. They were the simplest businessmen and businesswomen who had focused only on refining medicines and weapons. They had maintained good relationships with great clans everywhere.

Battleships and war chariots that Ai Fu got in Broken Star City were manufactured by Potion and Tool Pavilion. Divine Light bought them and transported them to Broken Star City in Far West region. They earned profits from the price difference.

Potion and Tool Pavilion had only cooperated with the strongest clans in Agate Star Area. They wouldn't bat an eye on the small forces. Although Ai Fu of Broken Star City was famous in the Far West region, he wasn't strong enough to do business with Potion and Tool Pavilion. Businessmen like Ai Fu could only buy battleships and war chariots made by Potion and Tool Pavilion through bigger traders like Divine Light.

This special force always stayed neutral. Since they had never engaged in any competition besides doing business, no one had ever known its real competence.

However, no strong forces or clans in Agate Star Area dared to offend the Potion and Tool Pavilion since medicine, containers, and other products of this organization had taken account of almost all goods sold in the entire star area. At the same time, it had maintained good relationships with big clans. Once any clan broke this relationship, even if they were so rich, they wouldn't be able to purchase any medicine or battleships.

The Potion and Tool Pavilion had a good reputation. They always kept a good relationship with their customers. Even the most fiendish pirates of Agate Star Area would never initially provoke them.

Their battleships could travel safely between star areas. Even in the Shadow Ghostly Prison which was the most chaotic area, they could cross it smoothly and safely.

The Potion and Tool Pavilion was indeed a unique organization in Agate Star Area. The other forces always liked them the most.

Hearing the other say that he belonged to Potion and Tool Pavilion, Shi Yan, who was about to move alone, relaxed, nodded and smiled friendly. "Oh, thank you very much."

Then, when the middle-aged man opened the barrier, Shi Yan jumped with him onto the massive battleship and landed on the main deck.

The ship's deck was cold and firm. It was built of blocks of strange metal. Each block was about ten square meters. Many security guards of Potion and Tool Pavilion scattered here and there, controlling powerful energy artilleries. Although they saw Shi Yan landing, they didn't change their faces and continued guarding their positions.

"Brother, you are cultivating space power, right?" The middle-aged man smiled, inviting, "Are you interested in joining our Potion and Tool Pavilion? We always welcome warriors with space power."

Shi Yan was astounded. He now understood why this man invited him onboard. He knew that Shi Yan cultivated Space power Upanishad.