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969 Ghost Hunter at This Moment...

A slender, flying-bird battleship anchored on the black stone South of Black Stone Island.

This battleship was more than two thousand meters long. It looked like a bird that had spread its wings and was flying. This battleship was sleek and slender with a small head, small tail, and broad wings. It was made of some snow-white, jade-like bone. A beautiful halo was moving along the battleship as if it had magical water murmuring.

Experts of the Monster Clan in their human forms were sitting neatly on that battleship. They looked strange and eccentric, indeed. Some had long heads and long horns while others had long tails and thick fangs.

Although they had humanoid forms, they still kept the best prominent feature of their races. All looked brutal and mighty.

A young man wearing black-gray garments sat on the top of the battleship. He was indifferent and cold like a rock. His black-gray long robe was filled with bizarre embroideries, which looked more like wiggling worms. His long hair flew with the wind, giving him a peculiarly wicked look with a bunch of snakes on his head.

The outlines on his face looked like they were carved right out of marble with distinctive edges and corners. His pupils were terrifyingly red.

Several hundred Monster warriors lined up behind him. They were looking at their leader with great respect and admiration which came from the bottom of their hearts.

In Monster Clan, the Brutal Dragon had many outstanding and robust young men. However, those vigorous and wild men were all followed this young one.

The young man sat quietly. His eyes looked straight ahead without a real focus. He seemed to be absorbed in his thoughts. The others didn't know what was in his head.

"That's him!" Gu Mo halted, pointing at the man in the distance from the forest. Her beautiful eyes bright as she muttered, "What do you think? Manly and cool enough, right?"

McGee frowned and snorted, "Haughty!"

"You should gather your guts and fight him." Gu Mo smiled tenderly and relaxingly. "We don't need a reason to fight between the members of Monster Clan. It's like discussing martial arts. You can go now."

"I do want to see what he's got." McGee laughed evilly. His body shot out of the forest like a sharp sword. An explosive blow came from his arms.

Giant trees exploded. Pieces of wood and rock shattered everywhere as they couldn't stand the shockwave of his movement.

A deep ditch appeared underneath McGee while he was flying. It looked like a massive weapon had plowed this terrifying ditch.

Shi Yan halted quietly. He was very surprised when he looked at his face, which was somehow both similar and strange to him. He had a complex mood and he didn't know what to say.

After dozens of years apart, his old partner was now a mighty fighter of the Monster Clan. He had accumulated tremendous powers in his body, which helped him grind the entire Black Stone Island into powder easily. From his competence, Shi Yan could tell that he could be compared to Peak of Original God Realm warriors. He also had the ability to challenge level 12 Monster experts.

This meant Ghost Hunter wouldn't be in a disadvantaged situation if he fought Shi Yan.

It was just a couple dozens of years. Ghost Hunter's progress wasn't less than his. He didn't know what difficulties Ghost Hunter had experienced or the number of bloody battles he had undergone to reach his current intimidating level.

Shi Yan's pupils shrank as he observed the Monster experts lining behind Ghost Monster. He didn't skip anyone of them.

However, he was dispirited as he found that none of them were familiar except for Ghost Hunter.

King of Demonic Insects, Devouring Gold Silkworm, and Holy Spirit God weren't with Ghost Hunter. Shi Yan's mood sank. He felt a little worried.

Ghost Hunter sat silently on the birdlike battleship. A gleam of brutal deeds flashed in his eyes as he saw McGee coming fiercely. He stood up.

Fierce and imposing energy shot out from an arm that looked like it was molded out of iron and steel. It felt like many volcanoes erupting at the same time. This kind of Blood Qi and energy was unimaginable!


His strike seemed to be able to crush the sky. Explosions reverberated around Black Stone Island. The small island was shaken grumblingly.

His punch seemed to seal the whole world. His fist enlarged continually like a steel mountain, which burst off the air by its formidable pressure. With the earth-shattering momentum, his strike dimmed the light from the suns and moons.

In Shi Yan's and Gu Mo's eyes, the world seemed to not exist anymore. They could see only that punch, which had torn space and was filling each corner of this island and each Sea of Consciousness while sending pains to other warriors.

Shi Yan's soul altar shook. He felt frightened.

He could never have imagined such power from Ghost Hunter!

His body sealed this space with a changing power. Within his punch, he had tens of thousands of energy threads combining. Eventually, he would urge his power to the acme. This was the brutal force that only warriors with exquisite attainment in their body's energy could release.

Shi Yan thought that he couldn't urge his body's energy to this mighty level.


Tens of thousands of light beams shot out, running like dragons or snakes in the air. They forcefully stopped McGee on his way.

This punch was covered with entangling light beams. It looked like a light ball, exploding directly in front of McGee's chest.

In this earth-shattering commotion, McGee's body sank and then fell to the ground.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A massive cave running several thousand meters deep into the ground opened the moment McGee landed. It led deep under this small island.

The entire Black Stone Island was shaking as if a great earthquake was shaking it violently. Many iron or stone building shook as if they were about to collapse. Many warriors of different clans screamed in fear. They immediately got out of where they were and headed to this area to see what was going on.

Standing on the battleship, Ghost Hunter wore a cold and harsh countenance. He had a savage aura. His distinctive facial edges were icy cold, which made him like an ice sharp sword drawn out of its scabbard.

He hadn't moved yet. Only his hand buzzed as the bones, flesh, and vessels inside made noise. It was the sign of energy urged to the utmost.

McGee fell into the massive cave. Water splashed in that cave from time to time. It seemed like the Black Stone Island had been drilled.

McGee hadn't reacted. He looked like he was dizzy after that strike. He didn't fly out from that cave under the black sea. Staying in the dim-lit cave, McGee lifted his face to look at Ghost Hunter, his face baffled.

Gu Mo balled her soft and small hands. Her beautiful eyes were cheerful and vivid with different brilliant colors. She eyed Ghost Hunter, giggling and screaming excitedly. "How about that? More domineering than McGee?"

Shi Yan nodded unconsciously.

"You should stay far away from them. McGee will be enraged shortly. He won't control himself when he battles. If they move their battle site to your place, I'm sure you won't be able to resist the shockwave with your realm." As Gu Mo saw him agree with her idea, she kindly reminded him. "Although you have the soul altar, without power from your soul altar, your feeble body won't be able to stand the shockwave of such potent forces. Since you have a good relationship with McGee, I advise you to leave this place early. You are different from me so you don't have the mighty power of our tribe."

Shi Yan frowned and cocked his head to look at her, talking deliberately. "It's okay. I want to observe."

The reason why Shi Yan had come here but hadn't met Ghost Hunter yet was that he wanted to see to which level Ghost Hunter had achieved at this moment. Of course, he wouldn't retreat before learning this.

Gu Mo's beautiful eyes had a gleam of disdain. She snorted, talking impatiently. "Forget it. I'll protect you. I don't want McGee to blame me for lacking a code of brotherhood."

Shi Yan chuckled, but he didn't say anything else.

Many warriors of the clans on Black Stone Island gathered. They consisted of Monster Clan, Demon Clan, Sea Clan, and Human Clan.

They came with varying means. Some rode beautiful war chariots or flying carriages. Some just flew over, floating in the air. They were young and old, and men and women. There were senile warriors as well as excited and elegant ladies.

"Ghost Hunter! Ghost Hunter of the Brutal Dragon Tribe!"

"Whom is he fighting? Ghost Hunter is quite the character. Thirteen years ago, he emerged in this place. He'd killed so many members of the Monster Clan. He used their blood to strengthen himself. His deeds are brutal and domineering. The Brutal Dragon Tribe had sent several troops to clean him up. They had sacrificed a lot but got nothing. In the end, the Patriarch of the Brutal Dragon Tribe came to talk to him. We don't know what they spoke about, but afterward, he became a member of the Brutal Dragon Tribe. He has battled everywhere for the Brutal Dragon Tribe."

"Yeah, I heard that he's not from the Monster Clan in Agate Star Area. He's a hybrid. Very cruel and dangerous."

"The Brutal Dragon Tribe's fortune got better since they got such a savage subordinate like that. I heard the Patriarch of the Tribe wanted to recruit him. He said that this young man would become one of the leaders of the Monster Clan in the future."

"He's blinding me."

". . ."

Members of different clans gathering here all lived in the nearby life stars. Listening to Ghost Hunter's legends, they acclaimed continually.

In their eyes, Ghost Hunter, the new star, was an unpredictable character with endless potential. He'd become the sharpest and bloodiest sword of the Brutal Dragon Clan. His name was enough to scare the Brutal Dragon Tribe's enemies out of their wits.

When they arrived, McGee had been struck into the cave, so they didn't see who Ghost Hunter's opponent was. They didn't know that it was McGee, the bad McGee of the Evil Dragon Tribe.

Splash Splash!

A backwater current shot up into the sky from the cave. This current looked like a giant black dragon, circling Black Stone Island. All of a sudden, it stormed toward Ghost Hunter.

McGee slowly emerged in the center of the black current. His face was dark and calm like the water. He looked stiff and focused as if he had to have this dangerous combat against Ghost Hunter.

"McGee! It's Evil Dragon McGee!"

"It's McGee!"

"It's the haughty McGee of the Evil Dragon Clan!"

"A fierce battle to be expected!"

The onlookers recognized McGee. They felt excitedly hyped. They knew that they could expect a fantastic battle. They were all stirred up.

"McGee looks serious," Gu Mo also became stern. Her beautiful eyes gazed at the battle, mumbling, "Finally, I have a chance to know your real competence. McGee... you're strong than me... I'm so thrilled. I wonder if you could defeat him..."

Shi Yan was surprised, glancing at Gu Mo and contemplating.

The Monster Clan appreciated the strong. Monster females had always linked competence together with masculine attractions. From her bearings, Gu Ma seemed to have a real feeling for Ghost Hunter and no other intentions.