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McGee discolored. Looking at Shi Yan releasing space power to connect the formation, McGee had a gleam of irritation in his eyes.

Frowning, Shi Yan stopped his operation, flew out of the Child Formation, and steadied himself inside the grand villa. He coldly looked at the one who had just arrived.

It was a petite woman who didn't look like she was more than eighteen years old. She had two dragon horns on her head. She wore a suit of black armor, which lingered on her healthy bronze skin. Her ruby eyes were sparkling beautifully.

The little girl had a soft and cute voice. She spoke tender words. However, she was full of energy, which wasn't less than McGee.


The girl let out a low cry. Looking at the Child formation in the hall, her ruby eyes glowed. She laughed cheerfully, looking at McGee. "Why did you bring a space teleport formation here? Hehe. McGee, you've disappeared for a couple dozens of years. What are you playing? You father worried a lot about you. He has asked our Brutal Dragon Tribe to keep an eye on your whereabouts."

Brutal Dragon Tribe?

Shi Yan was surprised. He couldn't help but observe the girl, feeling amazed discreetly.

The Monster Clan in Agate Star Area was a mighty clan. Although it had many branches, the two most powerful branches of Monster Clan were the Evil Dragon Tribe and the Brutal Dragon Tribe. They were the pillars of the Monster Clan.

The Brutal Dragon Tribe was another Tribe of the Monster Clan which was famous for its mighty power. The Brutal Dragon Tribe had a good relationship with the Evil Dragon Tribe. They were sustainable allies who moved and retreated together. When the Monster Clan had any issue, these two tribes would join hands and solve the problem.

The petite girl had utterly transformed, but the tremendous blood Qi from her body was significant enough for Shi Yan to recognize her identity.

Warriors of different races found it hard to reach the toughness level of their bodies. At the same time, only the Monster Clan considered body cultivating as their main path of martial art. And only the strong branches of Monster Clan could reach such a level.

"Gu Mo, why are you in Black Water Star?" McGee snorted, pouting his lips. "And don't be all sisterly to me. I don't have such a rude, unreasonable, and mindless sister like you. Spit it out. What problem have you caused this time?"

"Problem?" Gu Mo laughed cheerily. "What problems would I have? I'm worried about you. I want to see how you are doing. So why don't you welcome me?"

"I won't!" McGee looked like he had a headache. "If you don't have any business here, don't disturb me. It was so hard for me to get back. I wanna relax a bit here."

Then, McGee waved his hand as if he couldn't stand her anymore. He signaled Gu Mo to go away.

Gu Mo of the Brutal Dragon Tribe still had a smile on her face as she assessed Shi Yan. She spoke to him tenderly. "Little brother, how do you relate to McGee? I just wanted to warn you as soon as possible. McGee is a spoiled kid. You won't have anything good happen if you stay with him. You'd better draw a clear line with him soon."

Shi Yan frowned, his face cold and stern. He didn't respond to the girl.

Gu Mo snorted. She wasn't pleased with Shi Yan's manners. She turned around and rolled her eyes at McGee. Suddenly, she looked reluctant, her voice more tender. "McGee, I want to discuss something with you."

"Later," McGee was bewildered. Afterward, he spoke up, "Wait until my bro I and here finish our business. Then, I will talk to you. But I want to make myself clear first. Don't you dare use me as your shield or ask me to be your partner in crime ever again."

Shi Yan was amazed.

From McGee's attitude, Shi Yan could tell that his relationship with this Brutal Dragon girl wasn't shallow. It seemed like she used to use him before. He was pissed off. However, due to the good relationship between the Evil Dragon Tribe and the Brutal Dragon Tribe, he previously got along well with Gu Mo. That was why he was a bit moody now.

"Don't! I like a man. He's arrogant. But my father favors him a lot. He doesn't even mind me." Gu Mo let herself loose easily. She didn't even mind Shi Yan's presence. She talked tenderly, "I don't know what he likes. He's very quiet. I don't know what he thinks. I think you guys are all men so it would be easier for you guys to connect. Can you help me make him open up a little bit to see what he likes?"

McGee was astounded. He looked at Gu Mo disbelievingly and stammered, "You... you're joking, right? I have never seen your face like this before. Do you really like him? Impossible! The savage little girl of the Brutal Dragon Tribe likes someone? You never favored any man. Is he... is he from Monster Clan too?"

"Yeah, he's one of us. Anyway, he isn't from Agate Star Area. He came to our star area ten years ago. Now, he's a fighter of our Brutal Dragon Tribe. My father said that he has endless potential and that he would become the new star of our Monster Clan." Gu Mo was a little shy. "He's very cold and harsh. In the past ten years, he has fought everywhere for our Brutal Dragon Tribe. He has earned our respect. Lately, my father had a bizarre idea. He wants to give him a life star."

"Wow, impossible!" McGee became interested. "Your father has sharp eyes, and he has high expectations too. A foreigner can earn his appreciation that much? Is he really that excellent?"

"Yeah," Gu Mo nodded. She hesitated for a while before continuing. "I think he's a hybrid. He has the blood of the Dark Clan though. His power is strange and wicked. He is definitely a member of Monster Clan, but we've never seen his branch in Agate Star Area before. He's called... Ghost Hunter."

Shi Yan was struck. He heard only buzzing sounds in his head and he didn't know what Gu Mo and McGee were talking about.

Ghost Hunter! It was Ghost Hunter!

When he left Grace Mainland that year, Ghost Hunter, Holy Spirit God, Devouring Gold Silkworm, King of Demonic Insects had gone to gather the Monster Clan's inheritance. After that, Shi Yan lost his connection with them.

After he had returned, he had found them bitterly in Grace Mainland. He could only see the inheritance altar on that mountain range and his beasts.

It has been so many years. How could Shi Yan stay calm hearing news of Ghost Hunter in Agate Star Area?

Actually, Ghost Hunter was the first mount he had tamed. His Great Grandfather had brought him from the Demon Area.

Ghost Hunter had a unique origin. He was the hybrid of Heaven Ghost of Underworld and Hunter Dragon of the Demon Area, which was the strongest and most bizarre dark monster and demon beast of the Underworld and Demon Area in Grace Mainland respectively. From the day he followed Shi Yan, Shi Yan always felt that he was an extremely fearful creature.

Shi Yan could never imagine that he could find Ghost Hunter's whereabouts in Agate Star Area. They had been apart for so long.

Ghost Hunter... Why did he work for Brutal Dragon Clan of Agate Star Area? What happened to them in Heavenly Demon Mountain Range? Where had he been before he came to Agate Star Area? What happened to him?

Shi Yan was perplexed, staying put. He was immersed in shock. He didn't say anything for a long time.

McGee was still talking to Gu Mo. Gu Mo was explaining and telling him how Ghost Hunter of the Brutal Dragon Tribe had won in many battles. "He is pretty fierce. Ever since he arrived, he has always been engaging in combat. He's bloodthirsty and brutal. He's more brutal and savage than our Brutal Dragon Tribe! My father favors him a lot. He has joined many fights for our tribe. His achievements pile up day by day, which is a threat to our clansmen. At this moment, he's about to break through to level 12. I think... it won't take too long." 

"About to reach level 12? Which means he's at the peak of level 11? Nah, not much different from the other warriors at Peak of Original God Realm. Gu Mo, you're at level 12. Why do you need to please him?" McGee was surprised.

"I couldn't defeat him," Gu Mo smiled embarrassedly. "I didn't feel right when my father favored him more than me. I fought him once when no one noticed. He beat me up. He almost killed me. At that moment, I found his charisma. Only this sort of man would be able to match me!"

"Holy moly!" McGee was astounded. "He's one level lower than you and he almost killed you? Gu Mo, have you not made any progress these years?"

"You think you're strong?" Gu Mo sneered. "Even if it were you, you would be defeated! If he wasn't so outstanding, how can I yearn for him that much? Our Monster Clan isn't similar to other races. Not many tribes can do this kind of different-level combat. Especially since he defeated me. Among tribes of Monster Clan, our two tribes are the strongest. If he can defeat me, a Brutal Dragon member, he can beat you up too. He can even kill you!"

Gu Mo spoke resolutely as if it the absolute truth.

Apparently, McGee didn't buy it. He sneered, shaking his head. "He's from a small, unknown tribe. You think he can defeat me? What kind of joke is that! I think that since you like him, you didn't use your full power. That was how he defeated you. Oh, women. You will do everything your heart tells you to do!"

"Bring it on!" Gu Mo was enraged. She smiled coldly. "He's in Black Stone Island. Do you need to test him? If you can defeat him, I'm sure I won't trouble you anymore. And I will cover your ass for those dirty things you've done."

"Are you sure?"



McGee was boosted. He rubbed his hands, grinning. "Since you have my tail, you often threatened me that you will report me. I'm so irritated. Well, I can teach your loved one a lesson. You will see how strong I am. Later on, you won't babble and tag along anymore."

McGee shot up. He was excited about having a fight. However, he seemed to recall something, turning to Shi Yan embarrassedly. "Bro, you stay here. I'll get back to you soon. Don't worry. No one will disturb you here. I will tell them and take care of you."

Gu Mo of the Brutal Dragon Tribe didn't mind Shi Yan. She just glanced at him and then turned around.

In Gu Mo's eyes, Shi Yan was just a warrior at Second Sky of Original God Realm. Evidently, he wasn't worth mentioning. As one of the strongest branches of the Monster Clan in Agate Star Area, the Brutal Dragon Tribe was famous. They had keen eyesight.

"I'm going with you." As McGee and Gu Mo were still baffled, Shi Yan put the Child formation back into his Fantasy Sky Ring. He followed them quietly, speaking deliberately. "I also want to widen my knowledge."

"Hey boy, remember to stay far away from them. The man I like is very strong. He won't care about killing you. As you are McGee's friend, I'm kind enough to remind you. You shouldn't court yourself death!" Gu Mo frowned, kindly giving him advice.

Shi Yan nodded nonchalantly.

"McGee, your friend's realm isn't high. How did you meet him?" Gu Mo didn't care about Shi Yan's feelings, speaking to McGee casually. "You should be careful. Don't infuriate him. Otherwise, even I won't be able to stop him. He... he doesn't listen to me. He doesn't listen to anybody. Sometimes, he even goes against my father's orders. This man is very haughty... But I really like him." 

Gu Mo was infatuated with the man as if she had been sinking deep into the sea of affection that she couldn't control.