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965 Soul Refining Pool

Inside that massive blue bubble was a brilliant world. It had clusters of silky, thread-like space streamers that gathered in an immense blue pool at the center.

The pool situated in the center of this strange world floated in the void. It continually radiated waves of immense blue light. This kind of blue light seemed to have magic that could soothe the soul and make people calm and relaxed.

Shi Yan and Evil Dragon McGee weren't in good condition.

McGee had many wounds on his body. Half of the scales on his dragon body had fallen off. He was moving in the void as if he was at his last moments of life. Sometimes, he gathered great effort to wave his tail.

Shi Yan was a little better. He had resumed his normal condition after consuming half of the Immortal Demon Blood in his body. However, he wasn't damaged as the demon blood had healed him. His body was still vigorously firm.

Compared to Evil Dragon McGee, his damage taken was trivial.

McGee looked at him as if he was looking at a monster. His huge eyes gazed at Shi Yan without blinking. "Dude, you... You look alright. Your body is much more tenacious than mine, isn't it?"

Shi Yan beamed a reluctant smile. "It has been so many years and I haven't dared to relax. The efforts I've made in training my body wouldn't be less than your efforts. Hmm, do you know the Immortal Demon Tribe?"

Evil Dragon McGee's eyes brightened. He suddenly laughed. "You are from the same tribe as Blood Devil? Impossible! Haha, we are predestined indeed."

"You know Blood Devil?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"Of course!" McGee nodded continually, smiling cheerfully. "Blood Devil has a good relationship with my father. The Monster Clan and the Demon Clans are allies in Agate Star Area. Blood Devil's territory isn't far from our Evil Dragon Tribe's land. I've been there before."

"Seems like we're predestined." Listening to him, Shi Yan also smiled.

"You... Are you Blood Devils' illegitimate son?" Evil Dragon McGee's eyes twinkled. He spoke with surprise. "Not possible though. I didn't know that Blood Devil still had some relatives. Yeah, bro. How are you related to Blood Devil? Why have I never heard about your title before?"

Pausing for a while, McGee cried again. "No wonder why Blood Devil has an extremely tenacious body. Although I've never met him before, I know that his body isn't less tough than my father's. No wonder why you were able to get in here."

"Do you know where we are?" Shi Yan contemplated for a while and then asked. "How can we get out of here?"

"I don't know," McGee beamed a forced smile. "I've brought us here unconsciously. Ibaka captured me. I got here from a forbidden land of the Evil Dragon Tribe. It's a space crack of Agate Star Area. It doesn't have earth and heaven energy, solar, moon, or any other stars. I only know the place I got through to get to this place. We can start from there."

Shi Yan quieted down, feeling hopeless.

Splash! Splash!

As they heard the water splashing, the immense blue pool in the center was releasing waves of blue light. Those ripples calmed down Shi Yan's soul, immersing him in a magical sea, which gave him an indescribably pleasant feeling.

He couldn't help but look at the immense blue pool. His eyes concentrated, asking. "That blue pool seems to have a magical power that can clean the soul. Do you feel the same thing?"

"Yes, I do!" McGee nodded continually, "I feel so comfortable under those blue ripples. My soul feels cozy and refreshed. It feels like my soul is washed up. It's wonderful. I think it has something marvelous out there. Should we check it out?"

"How are your wounds?"

"There is no problem. As soon as I have enough energy to recover, my wounds will heal soon. The recovery ability of the Evil Dragon is well-known in the entire Agate Star Area."

"Okay. We'll get to that pool and check it out."

Shi Yan and Evil Dragon McGee sauntered towards the hazy blue pool.

The closer they got to the pool, the more pacific and refreshed they felt in their souls. This level of soul satisfaction was hard to describe.

Waves of blue light rippling from the pool had the marvelous power of cleaning the soul. Shi Yan felt all impurities in his mind and soul clean up. He felt very relaxed and revitalized.

"Soul Refining Fluid!"

A weak but surprised voice reached Shi Yan from the Blood Vein Ring. The Ring Spirit seemed to be very happy. "You... You found a place where there is Soul Refining Fluid!"

The Ring Spirit sounded thrilled. However, its soul messaging was paused as if talking to Shi Yan had consumed a lot of its energy.

"Soul Refining Fluid? What's that?" Shi Yan knitted his brows. He hesitated for a while before asking, "How are you?"

"Still fusing the memory. I need more time and more energy." The Ring Spirit replied fast. Then, it explained excitedly. "The Soul Refining Fluid is the God Water used to refine the soul altar. It's marvelous, indeed. It's the most precious treasure in the big star areas. This is Original Incipient Grade water. It's so magical."

"Explain simply!"

"Okay! When a warrior creates the soul altar, his soul altar is contaminated. As his power was increasing along with his understanding of power Upanishad and training of the soul, the soul altar will become more impure. In fact, the cultivation of the soul altar has the same method and principles with the cultivation of the God Body. We need to discharge the impurities to maintain the crystal-clear soul altar. The clearer the soul altar is, the better and deeper the warrior can understand his power Upanishad. It's a big help to the soul, indeed.

"Soul Refining Fluid is a divine water that can clean your soul altar. It will help you discharge the impurities and refine the soul altar. It can make your soul altar crystal clear!

"The transparent soul altar that doesn't have contaminants is the basis to break through to Incipient God Realm. Only when you get your soul crystal clear will you see the mysteries that help you enter Incipient God Realm. When a warrior reaches Peak of Ethereal God Realm, he needs to clean his soul to have a successive breakthrough.

"To you, the Soul Refining Fluid is more useful! I intended to tell you to use your best to collect Soul Refining Fluid. You need to clean your soul altar once. As you've cultivated Devouring power Upanishad from my Master, you can quench your soul altar many times. However, the Devouring power Upanishad will always generate dregs and contaminants. Those things will contaminate your soul altar. Although you can't see or feel them, they still affect your understanding of powers Upanishad. It will make your breakthrough sluggish.

"More importantly, as your realm advances, you will swallow more souls. Although your soul altar will be tougher, it will have more contaminants, which will blind your inner world. When that happens, it will be very difficult for you to comprehend the powers Upanishad. When it comes to the acme, your soul altar will break. You will fall into bedevilment.

"Soul Refining Fluid is the greatest treasure that you need the most! You can use this divine fluid to discharge the dregs or contaminants generated by the Devouring power Upanishad. This way, you can keep your soul altar clean. After a period of time when you've swallowed a specific number of soul altars, you must clean your soul altar once!"

The Ring Spirit quickly explained to Shi Yan. Although it was feeble, it had made itself clear enough.

"Release the soul altar and immerse in Soul Refining Fluid. Don't think about anything. You don't need to release the powers Upanishad. Clean your soul altar. It's the most important thing you must do now.

"If you can maintain a crystal-clear soul, my memory combining speed will be faster. Go do it. Seems like I can be restored soon."

". . ."

The Ring Spirit sent its messages directly into Shi Yan's soul. It seemed hurried, urging Shi Yan to clean his soul altar and get rid of the dregs and contaminants.

Shi Yan was surprised. He thought it was unbelievable.

The soul altar was the basis of a warrior. It was the source of life and consciousness. He had never thought that he could cultivate it like how he quenched his body. As his energy and realm were increasing, his soul altar was likely contaminated.

No warrior could maintain a crystal clear soul altar. Every time he advanced his power and every time his power Upanishad had a breakthrough, dregs and contaminants were generated.

When the Devouring power Upanishad swallowed the soul altar and converted it into magical energy, it also conveyed the contaminants in the other's soul altar. Gradually, Shi Yan's soul altar would have layers of pollutants, which would erode his soul and dirty his soul altar. His breakthrough speed would be stagnant.

Soul Refining Fluid could magically solve this problem. It was also the key for Peak of Ethereal God Realm warriors to breakthrough to Incipient God Realm. Only when they had a crystal clear soul altar would they find the secret for their crucial breakthrough.

After listening to the Ring Spirit's explanation, Shi Yan now understood why Carlos and the other two had to come here at any cost. They wanted to use Soul Refining Fluid to clean their soul and advance to Incipient God Realm.

Evil Dragon McGee's big eyes widened. The closer they came to the blue pool, the better he could feel the magical energy that could pacify his soul. However, McGee didn't dare to act rashly. He didn't know if that pool had something dangerous.

He didn't know the conversation between Shi Yan and his Ring Spirit as he was focused on that pool. He was hesitant whether or not to release his soul and go in there to explore.

While the dragon was still hesitant, Shi Yan and the Ring Spirit had finished their conversation. Shi Yan smiled and spoke to him. "I think this pool can benefit our soul. Alright, I'm going there to check. If nothing bad happens to me, you can go too."

Then, he didn't wait for McGee to answer. Shi Yan's soul altar flew out, heading to the hazy blue pool of Soul Refining Flood.


Shi Yan's soul altar fell directly into the pool. An indescribable, marvelous feeling flooded his soul. Shi Yan felt so comfortable that he wanted to moan.

Shi Yan's soul smiled until his eyes narrowed above the soul altar. He nodded to Evil Dragon McGee, indicating this place felt very good.

McGee was cheered up. His huge eyes had an unclear excitement. He didn't wait for Shi Yan to signal and he hastily released his soul. The dragon's soul looked like a chunk of turbulent air or more like a gray, light ball that fell into the misty blue pool created by Soul Refining Fluid.

The exceptionally marvelously comfortable feeling flooded into his soul, making McGee relax. He felt so good that he wanted time to stop right at this moment.