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The three distinctive souls were in three different blue bubbles, moving forward quickly. Shi Yan, the Ice woman, and an Evil Devil were also with them inside a bubble.

After a while, the eccentric man, the precursor of the Ice Clan, and the man who appeared last discussed using their souls. Then, they used force all of a sudden.

Shi Yan's and the Ice woman's bubbles flew fast forward, merging with the massive bubble that carried the Evil Dragon.

"Stay put. We're going to arrange something." The old man informed Shi Yan and laughed before leaving with the two other souls.

Shi Yan, the Ice woman, and the Evil Dragon were put together inside the massive bubble.

The three souls had done something so that Shi Yan's bubble halted stopped drifting away.

Different-sized bubbles were still moving around them, heading somewhere ahead while their bubble seemed to get rid of some suction force from the other end.

The Evil Dragon's soul was struggling hard as if it had been trying to wiggle.

However, they didn't know what kind of soul restriction the man who came last had cast on him. No matter how hard the dragon tried to condense its soul energy, it couldn't escape this restraint. Its huge body shivered, wiggling hopelessly. It looked desperate and distressed.

"Do you know what's going on? Those two didn't have bodies. What's their purpose in bringing us here?" Shi Yan was cold and stern, asking the Ice woman right after the other three had left.

Shi Yan could see that this Ice woman was obedient to the others. She seemed to know something. Shi Yan didn't want to be plotted against. He wanted to know the situation first so that he could strategize against the freak man.

Unfortunately, the Ice woman disdained him. Her clear and cold eyes glanced at him once and then turned away. She didn't want to talk to him.

A moment later, the Ice woman flew up, landing on the Evil Dragon's head. The refined, chilling energy emerged around her body while she was releasing her soul energy, seeping through the dragon's head. She wanted to help the dragon get rid of its restraint.

Beads of sweat that sparkled like ice appeared on her snow-white checks, rolling along her slender neck. As she cultivated extremely cold energy, her body was so chilled that even her sweat was frozen right after they appeared.

She focused, her face stern and cold. Wisps of cold mist crawled around her body. Currents of ice crystal-like airs emitted from her ten exquisite fingers, entering the Evil Dragon's head, inch by inch.

The dragon realized her deed. It was surprised and felt hopeful.

The two of them urged force at the same time. The massive body of the dragon slowly froze. The powerful cold air covered it entirely.

The Ice woman became more severe. She was constantly releasing energy. She even used the power of her Ethereal Extent. Beams of light that was as sparkling as icy, spider webs emerged from her glabella, shooting towards the Evil Dragon.

The dragon wiggled. Its mist-covered body made 'crack, crack' sounds. It seemed to consume a lot of energy.

All of a sudden, a triangle seal emerged from the Evil Dragon's head, which carried a massive soul energy fluctuation.

The Evil Dragon looked miserable. Its huge eyes were filled with fear and resentment. The soul energy inside that seal fluctuated sharply, aiming at the dragon. That seal was the ultimate form of restriction used to confine the dragon's soul.

The more the dragon wiggled, the brighter the triangle seal became. It looked like three blades, which were cutting the dragon's soul and making its massive body shiver and curl in pain.

The ice-like, sparkling face of the Ice woman paled. Her sweat turned into ice beads. She seemed to have consumed a significant amount of energy.

The Evil Dragon had been struggling for a long time. Gradually, it couldn't resist the pain in the soul anymore. It became hopeless and reluctant. The dragon wanted to give up.

The Ice woman had cold eyes. She shouted, her voice like the sharp icicles. "If you give up now, we will not have any chance later!"

As the dragon's soul was restrained, it didn't have the energy to talk. The giant pupils of the dragon showed its distress and pain.

It seemed like the seal had blocked its ability to use the soul to communicate. The dragon's situation was much worse than Shi Yan's and the Ice woman's.

Being shouted at, the Devil Dragon pulled itself together. They started to urge more energy. The dragon continued to wiggle.

The massive body over two thousand meters long had blood trickle from its scales. This was the sign that the monster had forced its energy to the utmost. To get rid of this restraint, the dragon seemed to want to risk its life.

The Ice woman and the Evil Dragon seemed to know their destiny. To break this harsh destiny, they were trying to escape the restraint of the three souls.

However, none of them had informed Shi Yan about anything. They didn't consider Shi Yan as someone in the same place as them, someone who could help.

They knew Shi Yan's cultivation base. In their eyes, Shi Yan had only Second Sky of Original God Realm. It wasn't worth mentioning. He couldn't help them at all. Thus, they didn't bother explaining to him or acknowledging him with a look.

In the blue bubble, Shi Yan frowned, his face dark and cold. He quietly assessed the Ice woman and the Evil Dragon.

After a long time, he swiftly glided like the Ice woman to reach the Dragon. Looking at the woman whose skin was like snow and as beautiful and elegant as a snowflake, he spoke deliberately, "Do you need help?"

The Evil Dragon couldn't see him, but it could hear him. It stopped wiggling for a moment.

The Ice woman knitted her brows, her cold eyes looking at him. "You can't help us. You just need to stay put. Don't talk, don't disturb or distract us. That's how you can help us."

Shi Yan was surprised.

Pondering for a while, Shi Yan continued, "You want to help the Evil Dragon get rid of the soul restraint, right?"

The Ice woman had a gleam of disdain in her eyes as if talking to him would affect her concentration. She neither turned around nor answered him and just continued releasing more energy. She was using her soul energy to assist the dragon in resisting the triangle soul seal.

The soul seal came from that imposing soul. It was like an inexplicable, magical lock that locked up the dragon's soul.

If they wanted to free the dragon, they needed to unlock it or destroy it forcefully. The Ice woman and the dragon were using the latter method. They wanted to destroy the seal and free the dragon.

Seeing the Ice woman and the dragon ignore him, Shi Yan stood at his spot and extended his left hand, placing it on the dragon's head.

"Don't meddle! Or else, we will get the reverse effect!" The Ice woman shouted ear-splittingly. She turned to him, her eyes like icicles. "If you do something rash, don't blame me for not showing any mercy!"

The Evil Dragon wiggled harder. It even sprayed blood from its scales. It looked so worried as if it wasn't pleased to let Shi Yan, a low-realm expert, meddle in its struggling situation. They all thought that Shi Yan could only disturb the dragon.

However, at the moment it was about to stop him, its giant eyes showed its confusion...

After five seconds, the massive body of the Evil Dragon shivered as it was very happy!

After Shi Yan had put his hand on the dragon's head, she could feel a new, immense vitality moving in the dragon's body. That vitality was dense, carrying the power of earth and heaven and giving a great tonic to the dragon.

He was using the ability to give away vitality, which was beyond her common knowledge.

Receiving the surging life energy, the tired dragon was boosted up. It roared inaudibly and started to struggle again.

Her clear but cold eyes of the Ice woman brightened quietly. She nodded, speaking indifferently to Shi Yan. "Just pump more life energy. Don't stop!" She was bossy, giving orders. She thought that only if Shi Yan followed her orders, it would bring luck to the three of them.

Shi Yan just smiled, not caring about her. However, he did release more vitality to help the dragon recover its energy.


Inside a bubble far from them, the arrogant soul suddenly sneered disdainfully. "Those three kids are cooperating to help the Evil Dragon get rid of my restraint."

The cold light flashed but kept silent.

The eccentric old man who brought Shi Yan here shook his head. "Just a waste of effort."

"It's normal that they will struggle. Not everybody is as stupid as the kid you brought here." The soul continued to mock him, "Well, the kid you brought here doesn't know what will happen, eh? Haha, it's no use to hide things from him. He has only Second Sky of Original God Realm. Can he endure that? You think you can take his God Body before he's destroyed? Too dumb!"

The eccentric man's face darkened. He snorted, "I never asked for your opinions. No matter what, I have to try. That kid has a tenacious body. I've tested that. Perhaps he could endure it."

"Haha, good. I also want to see if you can borrow his body to enter," laughed the arrogant soul.

"That girl's from your Ice Clan. She's extraordinary. Her God Body has been trained specially. That's a good sapling. Why do you guys want to destroy her?" the freak man looked at the cold light. "Does she know the situation?"

"She's the sacrifice that my clan has offered me. She knows the meaning of her existence. The Ice Clan has nurtured her in order to bring her here to help me get in there." The cold light sighed as if it was a little hesitant. "What a pity."

"It doesn't seem like she accepted her fate. Haha, she's giving a hand to help my Evil Dragon."

"Sigh, too bad. Too bad she can't do it," the cold light sighed again.