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"How long?"

After Shi Yan woke up, he immediately asked the most important question. "How much time passed since I sunk into my cultivation?"

"Not long. Just eleven years." The old freak grinned fiendishly. "Kid, your innate endowment isn't bad. You can enter the deepest level of power Upanishad comprehension. It will help you a lot on your understanding of powers Upanishad. It will help you understand the origin of a power."

Shi Yan became distressed, shutting himself out.

It has been eleven years. To this monster who had lived tens of thousands of years, eleven years was just a moment. To Shi Yan, it was significant.

The dust has already settled in Old Orchid Star, right?

Shi Yan wore a sour face, sighing inaudibly. He hated himself.

During this time, he had sunk into a magical intent domain, studying Space, Star, Death and Life powers Upanishads. This kind of study wasn't an application of power so it couldn't increase his realm significantly.

It was like an exploration of the nature of powers and its beginning and ending. He could have his own explanation and unique understanding of the deepest level of his powers, which was the truth of powers Upanishad.

To Shi Yan, it was still too early to comprehend the deepest meaning of his powers.

However, if he recognized these things earlier, he wouldn't have lost himself on his path in the future. Straying from the path could have lead to messing up his cultivation and the collapse of his soul altar in the end.

He knew what he got. This kind of benefit couldn't be described with words. Unless he could touch it himself, he couldn't get a good grasp of it even though he had an excellent instructor.

"Are we almost there?" waking up from his thoughts, Shi Yan's eyes brightened as he mumbled to himself. "Finally, we are here..."

"We arrived early this time," the eccentric old man whispered. His face was more realistic now. His eyes looked complex and inexplicable. He seemed to sink in his memory, sighing weakly. He looked at Shi Yan and said, "Many years ago... I still had a God Body and my soul altar wasn't broken... Sigh, I hope I could get what I want this time."

As he said that, Shi Yan became stern. He sensed danger.

This man had been surviving in space cracks for thousands of years. He used to have a God Body. What happened to him?

What had destroyed his God Body and shattered his soul altar?

In this space crack, although it had erosive streamers, which was a significant danger to the warriors, as long as they reached a certain level to condense the four-tiered soul altar, they could survive easily. Their soul altars wouldn't shatter.

This man stayed in this space crack and had his soul altar smashed. He must have encountered some danger he couldn't withstand!

What could it be?

Will I have the same consequence as he did?

Shi Yan's mood got heavier.

Tens of thousands of bubbles in his sight slowly moved forward.

It was just what he could see with his limited vision. There were likely countless, similar bubbles in the areas that he couldn't see. Shi Yan didn't know what those bubbles were or how many of them presented here. He didn't know where they were heading to either.

However, he was sensitive enough to realize that those bubbles were speeding up!

It looked like the closer they were to the destination, the force that attracted them got stronger and made them move faster.

The other end where the bubbles were heading to should have some kind of energy, which was silently affecting and guiding all of these bubbles to gather at that point.

While he was absorbed in his thoughts, the old freak suddenly frowned. He had a gleam of annoyance in his eyes. He cursed, "He's not died yet."

"Well, if you can survive here, why would I die?" Then, a cold voice arose from a distant area.

Shi Yan discolored slightly.

This was the second time he heard someone else talking in this space crack. That voice was as cold as ice. It felt chilly like icy mist shrouding his body, making him irritated.

Right after that, he saw a bunch of cold light, which dragged along a big blue bubble and was moving fast towards him.

That cold light was just a chunk of cold air. It was a soul of a warrior. However, it didn't generate facial features as it was just a congregated mass of cold air. Inside the blue bubble by that cold light was a woman...

An Ice Clan woman!

At first glance, Shi Yan knew that this woman was from the Ice Clan of Agate Star Area. They cultivated ice power Upanishad so their physique was Yin cold and quiet. They didn't look very different from humans aside from their snow-white skin. It seemed like they were ice skeletons, which made them extremely elegant, chilly, and distant.

That woman looked to be around twenty. She wore snow-white armor and a phoenix coronet. Her skin was the color of snow that outlined her exquisite, beautiful face. She was long-limbed with a generous bosom. Shavings of cold mist hovered on her arms.

The cold light and the woman weren't one person. They were two distinctive living beings.

Just like him and the freak. They were souls bringing a person that had a body.

That Ice woman stood arrogantly inside the blue bubble. Her realm was much higher than his as she got First Sky of Ethereal God Realm. Her face was chilly and her eyes were like two sharp icicles.

Her bold brows knitted tightly together. She glared at them, her countenance getting colder.

"Oh, you got bad luck, eh? Why do you have a brat at Second Sky of Original God Realm? Can he endure this?" the cold light mocked him. "Seems like you'll get nothing this time."

The eccentric man who had captured Shi Yan couldn't help but snort. His face darkened. He didn't snap back as it would show that he was ashamed of bringing Shi Yan with him.

He had his difficulties. He got hurt severely last time. He didn't have enough energy to select the candidate. If Shi Yan hadn't built the space door at that exact moment, he couldn't have found anyone. Initially, he decided to give up. The moment he sensed Shi Yan within his range, he tried to drag him into the space crack.

After he retrieved Shi Yan, he felt reluctant because Shi Yan's realm was too low. He understood that his hope was in vain this time.

But he had to try anyway...

He didn't have extra energy to find another capable candidate. Although Shi Yan was just a 'byproduct,' he could only accept that. Whether Shi Yan could help him or not, it was in God's hands.

"You found someone from your clan?" The old freak was baffled for a moment. He looked at the Ice woman, frowning, "She... does she know what will happen?"

The cold light was silent.

The Ice woman inside the blue bubble had a pair of calm but icy cold eyes. She said, "It has nothing to do with you!"

The old man smiled, shaking his head. "Poor child."

"How about you?" the cold light retorted, "Does the one who you found know what will happen? Haha, perhaps he doesn't. Many years ago, we were like them. We were dragged here knowing nothing. Then, we lost our God Bodies and our soul altars collapsed. Look at us now," the cold light seemed to ridicule herself, "It has been so many years. Like the reincarnation, we've become the originators. Sigh, it's our fates then."

Shi Yan's eyes were cold. He looked at the eccentric man. "From what you're discussing, I won't have a decent ending, will I?"

"Decent ending?" the old freak laughed oddly. "If you can't succeed in this place, who will have a good ending? Kid, don't hate me. I'm going to give you a good encounter. It depends on whether or not you can take it. As you're here, at least you have a chance."

"What chance?" Shi Yan didn't think he would be grateful for that. He mocked him, "A chance for my God Body and soul to vanish?"

"Well, not necessarily to get your soul vanished. But the best condition you can get is to be like us. Losing your body and shattering your soul altar. You will have only a wisp of your soul remain," said the cold light.

Shi Yan was filled with cold intent as if he had fallen into an icy chamber. He could feel his temperature lowering.

He suddenly understood that nothing good would happen this time. That freak got him here to fulfill something for him.

Whether Shi Yan could survive or not, the old man wouldn't mind.

The cold light and the old man quieted down. They didn't say more as they were waiting for something.

The blue bubbles were still drifting. After an unknown period, a massive blue bubble appeared in front of them.

It carried a dragon! An Evil Dragon!

That Evil Dragon was around two thousand meters long, which reluctantly stuffed him inside the massive bubble. It was struggling to keep every inch of it inside the bubble. It was trying really hard as if it was really afraid that its limbs could stick outside of the bubble. A dark blue chunk hovered above the dragon's head. It was another soul.

The eccentric old man's visage changed. The cold light was also shaken. They were both frightened, looking at the dark blue light above the Evil Dragon's head.

The Evil Dragon belonged to the Monster Clan. This tribe had people with the most tenacious, unbreakable bodies among the Monster Tribes. When he was in Old Orchid Star, Na Xin had found a skull of an Evil Dragon. Back then, they got so happy. The Giant had explained to him its features and how strong the Evil Dragon was.

Thus, at first glance, he knew it was an Evil Dragon.

Observing for a while, he was sure that this dragon was level 12 at least. It could be compared to Ethereal God Realm. However, its body was much stronger than that of the warrior in the same realm.

It seemed like the blue soul hovering above the dragon's head had confined the dragon's soul. The dragon couldn't even release its soul energy. It was always struggling. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get rid of the restraint of the blue soul.

"You can capture an Evil Dragon! Aren't you afraid that its tribe will find you and take revenge?" asked the old man in astonishment.

"If they want to find me and take revenge, they have to get in here first, right? If I can get out of here, will I be afraid of the Evil Dragon's tribe?" Arrogant laughter arose from the dark blue light. "To capture this lost Evil Dragon, I've exerted a lot of effort. I must succeed this time!"

The eccentric old man's face darkened. He glanced at Shi Yan, sighing begrudgingly. He knew his chance wasn't great this time.

Living beings with real entities were something that could assure their success. The stronger their bodies were, the more significant opportunities they could have. Since the Ice Clan had unique physiques, their bodies were also tenacious. The Evil Dragons of the Monster Clan were indeed famous existences throughout big star areas thanks to their imposingly, tenacious bodies.

The freak man thought that Shi Yan wasn't worth mentioning compared to the Ice woman and the Evil Dragon.