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951 Space Spider Web

As soon as he finished talking, Shi Yan took action immediately.

He crossed his hands in the void, slowly ripping it apart. Two space slits with dark light moved along with his arms, making a cross shape. Each of the two space splits was one thousand meters long.

Urging Space power Upanishad, his soul altar spun rapidly. Energy in his body surged like a violent flood. The pure energy of Essence Qi Ancient Tree was consumed quickly.

God power was the basis of all kinds of energy. It was magical and mysterious as it could activate all kind of powers Upanishad.

After the two space slits crossing each other appeared, Shi Yan continued to tear more space slits, weaving them with each other.

Many warriors on the two battleships emerging from the gray mist looked scared.

In any high-level star area, space power was the heavenly power that was really hard to perceive. However, once they got it and cultivated it, Space power Upanishad could always be an intimidatingly mighty power.

As more space slits appeared, people standing on the battleships grimaced. They frowned as they were hesitating whether to attack him or not.

The space saber was the space class weapon that could defeat everything. Each of the space splits led to the chaotic space basin. If they got in there, they would never get out alive.

Shi Yan used the space spits to make the lines and build a spider web around him which extended several hundred miles. If any warrior stormed into the web, they would be cut into pieces. Even if the Ethereal God Realm experts couldn't sway through the web, it could still mince them.

Wu Lan and the Black Scaled experts smiled seeing him build a spider web.

People who used Space power Upanishad were that intimidating. The trap made by space slits would trouble even warriors with profound realms. Unless they all risked their lives to kill Shi Yan, this space spider web couldn't be rendered useless. It would affect everyone!

"He's our Master's nephew. If you dare to act rashly, don't blame my Master for turning his back to you!" Wu Lan stepped forward, shouting gracefully and arrogantly. "I don't care what kind of disaster your Far West region has. Shi Yan and our Master are close anyway. If you dare to attack him, you'll become our enemies!"

The two muscular Black Scaled experts grinned fiendishly and coldly at Niger and Da Feng.

"Blood Devil's troops?" Niger frowned, glaring coldly at Shi Yan and speaking darkly. "Blood Devil has never come to our Far West region. Why did I not know that he's interested in this rural area? As far as I was aware, Blood Devil didn't have a family. Do you think your fabricated reason could cover that brat?"

"We want him. It has nothing to do with Blood Devil. Please step away!" Da Feng of Blood Halberd shouted, his eyes icy cold. "Even Blood Devil himself if he created such a catastrophe in Far West region, wouldn't dream of getting out of here intact!"

"You have a lot of guts eh," Wu Lan sneered, "perhaps you do want to fight our Demon Clan. I also want to see if you have that competence."



Niger and Da Feng exchanged looks. They spat their orders in unison.

Silhouettes soared from the two battleships, moving like meteors. Their momentum was quick with surging energy like a rising tide.

Those people knew how dangerous the space slits were. They didn't dare to use the battleships. In this operation, they scattered, swaying and weaving like beams of light. They tried to avoid the thick-mesh space slits, moving between the narrow gaps.

Instantly, energy shot out as each warrior urged his or her power Upanishad. Life, icicles, fire lines, thunderbolts, wind blades, and more swarmed over from their God Bodies. They were like different branches of a flood, overflowing to the mainstream.

Niger of the Ghost Mark Clan and Da Feng, Blood Halberd's Master, took the lead.

Wu Lan and the two Black Scaled experts wore cold faces. They didn't expect the others to attack them. "Oh. It seems like this rural area still has some passionate people. Tough then." One of the beefy men gave a low roar. He moved like light, confronting Niger in just a blink.

He grinned, showing his teeth. The black scales on his body rattled as he stormed towards Da Feng.

The two Black Scaled experts came from a famous area in Agate Star Area. They were much stronger than the warriors of the Far West region. Their powers generated Ethereal Extent, which was the world of ice and the world of earth. As soon as their Ethereal Extents appeared, they seemed to disorder the real world.

Inside the icy world was a shoreless glacier, which looked like a massive sword stabbing the sky. It was tens of thousands of meters high with a transparent body and gloomy icy Qi.

As soon as his Ethereal Extent appeared, the glacier elongated through the sky, crashing forward.

While moving, the glacier released a terrible freezing energy, which froze the low-realm warriors. They turned into ice sculptures, which were drawn into his Ethereal Extent and then they shattered.

Filling the world of earth was mist and sand. Yellow, sandy, ancient beasts roared and moved frighteningly. They bared their fangs and rose their claws to slaughter the warriors.

Those ancient beasts seemed to be revived in the real world. They slaughtered, ripping apart Original God Realm warriors with their fangs.

The two Black Scaled experts were at Peak of Ethereal God Realm. They seemed not too far from Incipient God Realm. Their Ethereal Extents were lively as if they were real and about to materialize. The world of ice and the world of earth had their power to transform magically according to the changes of their thoughts.

Low-realm warriors who made contact with the Ethereal Extent were subdued entirely. Their realms were troubled which affected their energy circulation.

Niger and Da Feng discolored, releasing their Ethereal Extents. Niger had a thunderbolt world with countless roaring electric dragons. His thunderclaps shook the sky. Bunches of lightning strikes descended as if they wanted to tear the real world.

Da Feng's Ethereal Extent was a world of metals. Quickly, he got tens of thousands of cold metals, including sabers, swords, spears, halberd, tridents, and even silver hammers. Each of them was extremely sharp as if they were the masterpieces of a skillful blacksmith.

Countless weapons moved, multiplying in each Ethereal Extent, creating some kind of unusual metal formation which could kill all creatures like a sprinkle.

Four great Ethereal Extents appeared disordering the real world in front of them. Thunderbolts impacted the glacier, crushing each other. Many sharp metal weapons were attacking the ancient beasts. Their arena stretched through thousands of miles, which made the real world shake.

Initially, the space slits were around one thousand meters long. Under the pressure and collision from four great Ethereal Extents, they cracked, generating more space slits.

Shi Yan had flames and ice in his eyes at the same time. His space cracks started to move like real snakes.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Warriors who hadn't reached Ethereal God Realm would have their God Bodies explode from one touch by the space slits.

In less than a minute, more than ten soul altars appeared in front of Shi Yan, which belonged to the warriors whose bodies exploded. They had to use their soul altars to survive. They didn't estimate that the still space splits could suddenly revive like that. They were ambushed.

There was nothing the space splits couldn't destroy. The God Body under Ethereal God Realm couldn't endure the tearing power and they would crack and explode badly.

"If you want to kill me, let's see how much you can pay." Shi Yan floated in the starry sea, smiling coldly. At this moment, his eyes became garnet as a bloodthirsty aura slowly filled the area.

His eyes gradually became dull and icy cold. He had no gleam of emotions. At this moment, he looked like Death who was observing a creature who had no feelings that a human should have.

The Third Sky of Rampage!

His power Upanishad switched. Now, he had an absolutely deadly silent aura. He was like an ancient mummy that had survived thousands of years without a beam of life energy.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

A huge handprint towered the sky, releasing the Death Intent Domain, filling the deadly silent aura and cutting off the vitality of everything.

The Death Seal was as big as a mountain, but it could simply dodge the space split, snatching over more than ten warriors at King God Realm and First Sky or Second Sky of Original God Realm. Under the Death Seal, those warriors paled as life energy in their bodies drifted away. The halos on their God Bodies became ash-gray.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The Death Seal grumblingly pressed down. The God Bodies of more than ten warriors were smashed. Pieces of flesh and bone were sent everywhere. Clots of blood hovered, creating blood curtains.

As the others wanted to kill him, Shi Yan at Second Sky of Original God Realm had a good grasp of Death and Life power. Of course, he wouldn't stay idle. In his peak condition, his attack using his best abilities was unimaginably powerful.

He hadn't urged Immortal Demon Blood, which would have transformed his body. Shi Yan just used Third Sky of Rampage to urge negative energy in his acupuncture points, giving power to this massive Death Seal.

Shi Yan was shaken inwardly. His confidence was boosted to a level that he had never had before!

He suddenly recognized that unless he was confronting an Ethereal God Realm expert, there was no chance that he would lose!

He had absolute confidence in his competence and powers Upanishad!

His blood eyes sparkled strangely. Shi Yan had red veins visible on his face. He looked like a demon from Hell descended to this world as he didn't have any beam of creature's emotions. He had only the pure thirst for blood and killing.

A deadly will expanded from his God Domain. The heavy dead aura flooded, extending to any warrior coming close to him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After the poor warriors had exploded, their blood was guided, creating a sea of blood with a pungent, iron-like smell. This blood sea seethed, generating malicious energy fluctuations that affected souls.

The supernatural ability of Death and Life power Upanishad: The Blood Soul Sea!

The blood sea surged, resonating with his God Domain. Under the God Domain's direction, it covered an area of ten miles around Shi Yan.

No matter how high their realms were, warriors who fell into the Blood Soul Sea lost their minds instantly. All became crazy!

They started to attack everyone they saw, whether they were friends or enemies. They didn't care that even the opponents who were their brothers who had fought shoulder by shoulder with them for so many years. At this moment, they attacked each other madly, not recognizing that their consciousness had collapsed.

Negative energy as thick as black ink gushed out from Shi Yan's acupuncture points, pouring into the Blood Soul Sea, which then strengthened the destructive power of the sea. This kind of energy could distort souls, running directly into warriors' souls and crossing their Sea of Consciousness and tier of powers Upanishad in their soul altar to reach their God Soul.


Shi Yan turned into a blood light flying swiftly above the blood sea.

Tens of thousands of light dots, which carried life energy, disappeared into his God Body like rain gathered from the vast sea.

The Soul Burial Ground ability of Death and Life Upanishad had cut off all vitality, taking it away. It contributed towards the taken energy into Shi Yan's body, giving him more energy to control everything.

At this moment, Shi Yan at his Second Sky of Original God Realm looked like the sole God of this world. He had used his will and supernatural ability to change space, bring up death, and take away life. He was harvesting pure energy for himself.

He was slaughtering, enjoying himself to the utmost.