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949 The Star Area Spli

All warriors of Broken Star Field were enraged!

The anomaly of Broken Star Field had made thousands of broken stars become violent, flying asteroids that swept different areas of the Far West region.

The massive broken stars moved faster and faster. Their momentum was enhanced on the way. The impact created by these broken pieces were going to be earth-shaking. Many pieces were as large as a small continent that even a level 6 or 7 life star wouldn't be able to endure its impact.

A catastrophe of the Far West region was foreseen.

This kind of catastrophe had never happened before. It wiped through the entire whole region. It would forcefully destroy homes of many experts.

Warriors of different areas in the Far West region rushed into Broken Star Field. After they knew what would happen shortly, they reacted as if someone had broken their inverse scale. They became violent, flying rapidly towards the center of Broken Star Field.

If they wanted to know the originator, it would be simple. They just needed to check the center of Broken Star Field. Whichever area was still intact and didn't follow the changes of Broken Star Field would be the location of the originator.

The center of Broken Star Field was a strange area that held the power to gather pieces of broken stars continually. It wasn't a secret as warriors of different races all know about it. Now they just needed to check if they found anybody there and then they would find the answer.

Thus, warriors who were exploiting rare materials in this area all moved towards Shi Yan's direction.

Broken Star City was a part of Broken Star Field, one of the biggest broken pieces. As Broken Star Field was changing, the Broken Star City collapsed. It was divided into three parts, racing in three different directions.

Warriors of different forces in the Broken Star City fell into a chaotic crisis.

Including Ai Fu.

A corner of Ai Fu's ancient building collapsed as the ground under his feet rumbled. Ai Fu had dust all over his face, his countenance helter-skelter. A shadow appeared in a dark area above his head.

"Young Master!" The shadow was restless. "It was Shi Yan! He caused all of this!"

"Damn it!" Ai Fu clenched his jaw, being foul-mouthed. "That asshole acted unreasonably. He made the entire Broken Star Field dissolve! Countless pieces of broken stars are shooting everywhere. Many life stars will suffer from this disaster! Damn, I've been doing business in Broken Star City for so many years. Because of him, everything has been ruined in just a blink of an eye! Without Broken Star Field, Broken Star City can't exist. Many shops will be ruined. People have become tense. We're trying to transport the materials away. This bastard. How could he change the entire Broken Star Field like this?!"

"I don't know," the spooky shadow was distressed. "I saw him inside a forest. He disappeared all of a sudden. Then, explosions echoed from underground. Shortly after, Broken Star Field started to dissolve. I don't know what he had encountered underground, but I'm sure that the anomaly of Broken Star Field was brought by him!"

"Bastard! That damn bastard!" Ai Fu gritted his teeth, his face dark and sinister. "Watch him closely! Watch him for me! That motherf*cker has destroyed Broken Star Field! He will bring a catastrophe to the Far West region too!"

The ominous shadow also knew the crisis. He disappeared silently, not speaking anymore.


Master of Blood Halberd also moved toward the center of Broken Star Field. All experts of the forces based near Broken Star Field in Far West region took action and flew towards Shi Yan's location.

For the time being, several thousand warriors of Broken Star Field moved towards the area like clouds of locusts. They all wanted to capture the originator and skin him alive.

All of them looked angry, their eyes vicious and brutal.

"Big trouble!" said the muscular Black Scaled man. "All warriors of Broken Star Field are heading to this area. I think... we can't kill them all."

"Unless our Master comes here personally, we don't have a solution to resist this battle," said the other.

Wu Lan's face was as dark as the earth. She stooped and glanced at the ground underneath. She sighed and then spoke to Fei Lan. "Can you contact him? We must get out of here as fast as possible. Otherwise, when they come, we won't even have a chance to run."

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo were also worried as if they had a fire in their heart. They knew how serious this commotion was. However, they sensed no aura of Shi Yan underground. Their Soul Consciousness couldn't detect anything. They all had severe headaches.

"If we stay, we will be deemed the originators and we won't be able to explain." Wu Lan pulled her bangs worriedly and speaking begrudgingly. "We'll wait for a moment. If he doesn't come out, we will leave."

Fei Lan discolored, shouting, "If you leave, when Shi Yan appears, the others will kill him on the spot. You don't want the only clansman who's from the same clan as your Master to die, do you?"

Wu Lan and the two Black Scaled men became hesitant.

"Get underground and find him! Quickly!" Wu Lan pondered for a while. Eventually, she didn't want to wait in pain anymore. She didn't speak to Fei Lan and Ka Tuo. She directly asked her fellows. "Get underground immediately. Unless you bump into some barriers you can't solve, try your best to find him!"


The two brawny Black Scaled warriors roared. The black scales on their bodies rattled. Brutal light radiated under their feet.

Boom! Boom!

The firm ground underneath was pierced. It was as if they were cutting through pieces of tofu. They didn't say anything, jumping right into the holes they just made like moles. They moved further in.

"We should look everywhere. We must ensure that we can kill anyone who comes here first!" Wu Lan became resolute and sinister. "We must try our best and leave no living beings!" Fei Lan and Ka Tuo nodded continually.

As they had just made up their minds, a shadow came with great anxiety.

It was Ji You.

Before this event, he had hidden far away from the forest, concealing his aura and shadow. When Fei Lan and Ka Tuo fought Blood Halberd, Tu Fei didn't dare show himself and he moved further away. Thus, people didn't see him.

Ji You had stayed in Broken Star Field for many years. He knew how to protect himself well. He understood that his realm wasn't high, so being a coward helped him live a little longer.

When Tu Fei and the Blood Halberd's soldiers were killed, he didn't know that happened or recognized the presence of Wu Lan's team.

However, he recognized the anomaly of Broken Star Field. He was very suspicious, coming to see how Fei Lan and the others were doing, and what was happening to Broken Star Field.

That was why he showed himself.

However, as soon as he landed, he retracted his neck as he was very terrified.

From Wu Lan's and Ka Tuo's face, he could see murderous intentions, a feeling of no mercy that chilled him to the bone.

He wanted to retreat immediately.

Wu Lan rose her hand as if she was about to kill him, her face icy cold.

At this moment, Ka Tuo gave a low shout, "He's one of us!"

Wu Lan recognized Ji You. She knew that this kid used to accompany Shi Yan's team. Frowning, she threw a glance at Fei Lan. "Can we trust this man?"

"I don't know," Fei Lan's eyes were malicious, "Better to clean everything."

"Don't!" Ka Tuo tried to stop them. "He brought us to Broken Star Field. We shouldn't be so heartless. At most, we can confine him and make him silent forever!"

"I agree!" Ji You understood the situation well. As his realm was low, he could only survive in Broken Star Field with his tricks.

Ji You threw his arms into the air, showing that he had put down all guard. He walked to Wu Lan and speaking sincerely, "Confine me. I'm willing to be restrained." He understood that the change of Broken Star Field was related to these people. Although he didn't have a high realm, he was smart. He knew that he saw things he shouldn't have. Now, he had to cooperate with them to save his life.

Wu Lan was surprised. She nodded, "You understood your case well."

"Okay, considering your good sense, we will spare your life." Fei Lan rose her hand, and a pale corrosive air fumed like the clusters of cloud covering Ji You entirely. His consciousness became dizzy and hazy.

"Someone's coming! They're almost here!" Wu Lan hissed.

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo discolored, urging their powers Upanishad. They were prepared to strike with lethal attacks in any minute.

Boom Boom!

A strange noise echoed from the ground. A shout arose from the deep hole that the two Black Scaled men had dug. "We meant no harm!"

Ka Tuo cheered up. He hastened to shout at the hole. "Senior! We got trouble! Get out quickly! We don't have much time!"

"Shi Yan, they aren't enemies!" Fei Lan also hissed. She moved like an arrow through the hole.

Deep underground.

Inside an ice crystal, Shi Yan looked at the two Black Scaled strangers with cold eyes.

Hair rose on his entire body as he could feel intimidation from these two beefy men. It was a kind of terrifying aura that he had never seen before.

Shi Yan was ready to use the Immortal Demon Blood to tear the sky and flee. If Ka Tuo didn't call for him, he would have gone already.

At the moment Fei Lan talked to him, he calmed down, his face suspicious. "Who are you? What's going on out there?" He didn't know that Broken Star Field was disintegrating. As he was staying deep underground, he could only feel the strange tremors.

"We don't have much time to talk. We must retreat now. Once the experts of Broken Star Field come, we won't be able to leave!" one of them shouted hastily.

Shi Yan changed his visage. He was bewildered for a while before nodding and flying up.

Seconds later, he appeared by Fei Lan and Ka Tuo, shouting, "What should we do?" He didn't know the details, but from Fei Lan and Ka Tuo's countenances, he knew it wasn't going well.

"Congratulations!" Fei Lan's eyes brightened and she nodded at him. "I didn't expect that you would reach Second Sky of Original God Realm that quickly. It's good. Anyway, we have to get out of here immediately. I'll tell you the situation on the way."

"Congratulations!" Ka Tuo also saw Shi Yan's changes, hurriedly congratulating him.

Shi Yan smiled. He said, "Then we should go quickly."

"Move!" Wu Lan was hurried. "We must leave now. Someone's coming!"

The two Black Scaled men appeared. They looked in a general direction, speaking, "Follow us. No one's coming this way. We will get out of here quickly!"

Fei Lan's team didn't say anything, dragging Ji You and following them.