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With each step that Shi Yan took, transparent handprints would fly out and violently strike his God Body.

Inside each handprint was the Death or Life intent domain. They crazily attacked his body. The Death Seal smashed his flesh and bones while the Life Seal revived the damaged part, giving him full vitality.

It felt like he had experienced death and reincarnation, struggling between death and life. This kind of continuous rebirth gave him a strong urge for his life form transformation.

The Death and Life Bridge extended deep underground. It was mysterious and unpredictable. As he walked, the Death Seal and Life Seal flew out and disappeared. Part of the bridge where he had passed slowly disappeared.

The Death and Life Bridge functioned as a marvelous inheritance. With each step he made, he received a flow of power Upanishad Inheritance, which made the previous part of the bridge disappear as it became the engine that quenched his body and soul altar.

The refining of his God Body and the transformation of his soul gave him joy and pain. The pain came from his God Body, his flesh and veins, and his broken and healed bones. The joy came from his soul, and soul altar, especially the tier of powers Upanishad.

The Death power Upanishad in the tier of powers Upanishad had one more beam of vitality after each transparent handprint struck him.

The Death power Upanishad became ingenuine. It condensed and entered his life energy, giving his tier of powers Upanishad vitality. It seemed like it was the complete form of the Death and Life power Upanishad.

The process of receiving power Upanishad Inheritance was to walk through the Death and Life Bridge. After each step, he was given some mysteries, which made his understanding of Death and Life power Upanishad more profound.

Deep underground, there was no way to count time. Shi Yan didn't know how long he had been walking on this bridge.

Today, he finally walked to the other end of the bridge.

The other end of the bridge was a place of countless brilliant transparent crystals. They looked like a formed glacier buried underground. They had an energy that felt familiar.

Shi Yan concentrated on the glacier, his eyes brightening.

Death and Life threads filled each corner of the crystal glacier complex. It was like a hidden, magical formation buried inside a glacier, with the crystals as hubs that connected the mysterious air currents inside.

That air current carried the Origin energy!

Only the most ancient continent could give birth to the Origin. It could collect energy from outer space to provide for the life star endlessly.

It was like Grace Mainland.

That crystal glacier had a flow of Origin, which was weaker than what he got in Grace Mainland. In that Origin, he saw a blood mark, which was slowly bobbing with life energy. It looked like a wonderful ancient creature.

The Blood Vein Ring on his finger suddenly shone a rainbow light, which reached tens of thousands of meters away.

The blood cloud mark in the crystal also projected a fiercely surging energy. It bounced in the same frequency as his Blood Vein Ring.


The Blood Vein Ring slid away from his finger, flying towards the Origin and gathering with the blood cloud mark.

Magnificent light silently radiated from countless complex threads. They all poured into the blood cloud mark, flowing towards the Blood Vein Ring.

The Ring Spirit of the Blood Vein Ring seemed to have two separate identical energies which were slowly merging.

Shi Yan was shocked. He reacted.

The blood cloud mark was one component of the Ring Spirit. It was a beam of the soul detached from the Ring Spirit!

He used to hear the Ring Spirit say that it wasn't complete. It lost a lot of memories. It was vague about things that it had experienced. Because of the missing pieces of its memories, the Ring Spirit didn't have a complete consciousness. Each time it communicated with Shi Yan, it couldn't tell him details.

Today, as the Blood Vein Ring had vehemently entered the Origin to fuse with its lost beam of the soul, Shi Yan suddenly understood it.

A thought was directly reflected in his soul. It came from the Ring Spirit. It was explaining something.

Shi Yan was surprised, listening quietly. His eyes were dark as he was frowning.

"Just like what Lao Luo did, this person had to find an ancient continent which had the Origin that year to impart our Master's inheritance. He brought the Master's Blood Shield and a part of my soul. He found this place, but he couldn't activate the inheritance. Lao Luo succeeded as he found you. But this expert failed."

The Ring Spirit's thought wasn't continuous. It seemed like its energy was limited even though it had fused with another flow of its soul.

"After he failed, he gave the Blood Shield to the descendant of the Dark Inheritance. A part of my soul was placed in the ancient continent that had the Origin, waiting for you. Today, you've finally come. He had built the Death and Life Bridge for you so that he can help you understand the power of Death and Life. It helped me gather a flow of my soul. But he isn't here. It means he has fallen..."

The thoughts of the Ring Spirit intervened gain.

"To fuse my soul, I need a long time. You should swallow more soul altars. It will help me fuse faster. Devouring was the main power Upanishad of our Master. It was the main reason why people didn't accept him. You still have time... You must be persistent..."

The thought message from the Ring Spirit faded away.

Crack Crack Crack!

As the energy moved, the crystal glacier exploded. Exquisite lines of the ancient formation distorted and shattered. The Origin and a flow of soul inside disappeared into the Blood Vein Ring.

The surface of the Blood Vein Ring had a blood membrane, making the ring look like a peculiar, small ball of flesh.


The Blood Vein Ring flew to him. The small ball of flesh stuck on his finger as if it had become a terrifying small sarcoma on his finger.

That blood membrane functioned as a barrier to protect the Blood Vein Ring during its fusion progress. Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness was blocked. He didn't know what was happening inside the ring.

The Death and Life Bridge disappeared. All the transparent handprints had gone into his body. The crystal glacier had consumed all of the energy. The flow of Origin had turned into some kind of energy fusing with the Blood Vein Ring.

Boom Boom!

Explosions suddenly echoed from deep underground. It was so loud that it was as if it could shake the whole sky. The explosions sounded like a drum being hit in Shi Yan's heart.

While the explosion reverberated loudly, Shi Yan hesitated for a while before letting go of everything. When the glacier shattered, he entered a chunk of crystal, closing his eyes and using his soul to comprehend the truth of Death and Life power. He tried to use his soul to touch the tier of power Upanishad, exploring the newly generated life energy.

Rumble Rumble!

Rumble Rumble!

The intimidating commotion expanded to the entire Broken Star Field.

The Broken Star Field seemed to have dissolved. Countless, massive pieces of the broken stars as large as tens of thousands of islands cracked and detached from the center. Those broken pieces had been attracted here for many years and now, the force that had been holding them together seemed to have disappeared.

It was like a colossal mountain that was cut into billions of pieces and then shot out. Huge chunks of Broken Star Field floated like islands on the sea. They slowly scattered to everywhere in the Far West region.

Broken Star Field is disintegrating.

The energy core that had built Broken Star Field, which was the Origin energy of the ancient continent, disappeared. The old formation of inheritance was made because the Master of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight had sent its energy to the Ring Spirit. Thus, it was discarded.

Since the core, Origin energy, and the energy of the formation were all gone, the center of Broken Star Field didn't have the marvelous effect of drawing pieces of broken stars together anymore. Those fractured stars started to drift apart, moving toward different areas in the starry sea.

Shi Yan didn't care about what was happening out there. He hid deep underground, still comprehending the truth of Death and Life power Upanishad.

Fei Lan, Ka Tuo, and the others were standing on the land above his head, looking at the significant changes of Broken Star Field. Their faces became stern.

They didn't know what was happening. They didn't know why the so-called Natural Resources Field was suddenly collapsing. However, all had an inexplicable intuition; it was related to Shi Yan!

It was hard to find evidence. However, they could feel the anomaly of Broken Star Field. Looking at the giant asteroids, mountains, and continents around them drift away, they instinctively deemed that it was somehow related to Shi Yan.

The five of them exchanged looks.

"This commotion is big, indeed," Ka Tuo exhaled.

"The Broken Star Field is extremely vast. If it dissolves this way, pieces of broken stars will scatter around at a fast speed. Life stars around the Far West will be in danger," Wu Lan frowned.

"Right. These pieces move quickly and it's getting even faster. Without any energy to hold them down, the impact will be extremely terrifying. I'm afraid that even Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm experts couldn't stop broken stars from colliding with life stars. Perhaps they could even pierce through a life star entirely," muttered a Demon man, his face dead serious.

"Did that kid underground cause this?" screamed another Demon man.

Fei Lan's countenance was indifferent as she said softly. "Whether it was because of him or not, it happened. I think you guys don't want to see anything bad happens to him, right?"

Wu Lan and the two muscular Demon men nodded slightly, giving forced smiles.

They understood what Fei Lan meant.

Pieces of broken stars in Broken Star Field would sweep through the entire Far West region. Many life stars would be affected as those speedy pieces would impact them. There was a high chance that those rocks could destroy the entire life star.

Many clans dwelled in the Far West region. They had formed a lot of powerful forces based on life stars. Once they got damaged, they would find the originator to take revenge.

If they knew that Shi Yan had caused all of this, thousands of people in Far West region would criticize him. He would have no foothold in this area anymore.

If they didn't want anything bad to happen to Shi Yan, they had to conceal this event. Or else, the victims of the case would pursue to kill him at any cost.

Ka Tuo and Fei Lan didn't want anything bad to happen to him.

As Wu Lan and the two Demon men had recognized that Shi Yan and their Master were from the same tribe, they would protect him as best as they could. Obviously, they wouldn't let this happen to him.

The five of them exchanged looks. They silently covered the area, not letting anyone come close.

The anomaly of Broken Star Field made many warriors from different forces who came here to collect materials gawk. They would soon know what was about to happen. Those warriors started to search around, trying to find the originator of the change of Broken Star Field.

A part of them was moving quickly towards this area.

"Watch out!" hissed a Black Scaled man, his aura stern and harsh. "We will not let anyone who witnessed this get away alive! We won't give them a chance to spread the news!"