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946 Lift the Siege

Tu Fei and Blood Halberd's warriors came all the way from Broken Star City. Their purpose was clear: to take revenge for Tu Feng.

Shi Yan and Fei Lan were the targets of this mission.

Shi Yan was in his critical moment of comprehending his realm. If he got disturbed and woke up from his cultivation, it would be tough for him to enter that Intent Domain the second time. In the eyes of Fei Lan and Ka Tuo, Shi Yan had done many things for them. It was time to pay back his favors.

Thus, they stood up and faced Tu Fei and his Blood Halberd.

Although their realms and manpower were lower, Fei Lan and Ka Tuo never thought about stepping back. They never thought about abandoning Shi Yan and leaving. It was because Shi Yan's their hope!

As long as Shi Yan was alive, as long as Shi Yan could get gradually stronger, as long as they went the same way as Shi Yan, they would receive enormous benefits. After one battle, they would accumulate a tremendous amount of energy and refine their soul altars at the same time.

After they had experienced this kind of indescribable benefit, they never wanted to ignore it.


Ka Tuo roared like an enraged beast. He suddenly floated up into the air.

Ka Tuo released his God Domain. Chaotic energy appeared, uprooting trees around them. They twirled around his God Domain together with crushed stones, logs, grass, sand, and gravel. They looked like schools of fish, moving around Ka Tuo.

A flow of fierce, chaotic energy expanded from Ka Tuo.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Rocks and trees exploded. The area where Ka Tuo hovered seemed to be smashed. The chaotic energy twisted everything.

None of the warriors of Blood Halberd accompanying Tu Fei had reached Ethereal God Realm. They were all in Third Sky of King God Realm and the Original God Realm. One of them was at Third Sky of Original God Realm, which was one level higher than Ka Tuo's.

However, when Ka Tuo released his Chaos power Upanishad, his twisted power swept the area, affecting all Blood Halberd's warriors. Instantly, they had a distorted feeling that twisted their souls and their vessels, entangling them. When they urged their energy, it felt like someone used a needle to prick their bodies.

Just like Leona, Ka Tuo could now spare one level and attack the others.

A Third Sky of Original God Realm warrior wasn't really terrifying in his eyes. He believed that he could defeat him.

Tu Fei didn't have time to take care of Ka Tuo as he was too busy against Fei Lan, his opponent.

Fei Lan also had the capacity to leap a level and fight higher-realm warriors.

It was the first time she showed her Ethereal Extent.

Deep in the sky, a world of the dark and opaque gray air appeared, which looked like a dark ghostly abyss. This abyss carried the will that could dissolve everything. This world didn't have any lakes or mountains. There was no faunas or floras but the ash-gray corrosive air.

Since this area could corrode everything, there was nothing else in Fei Lan's world. It looked like this world would never have any living being.

The ash-gray Ethereal Extent slowly descended on Fei Lan, shrouding her entirely.

Tu Fei's Ethereal Extent had tornados like alarming smoke columns that jutted into the clouds. Their auras were harsh and brutal as if they could break everything no matter how hard it was.

Tu Fei's Ethereal Extent collided with Fei Lan's Ethereal Extent.

Fei Lan's Ethereal Extent didn't break. Her empty Ethereal Extent stayed the same after the tornados attacked her world.

It had nothing. What was there to be destroyed?

Tu Fei's tornados were controlled by his power Upanishad and soul. After they fell into Fei Lan's Ethereal Extent, they moved like a thunderstorm. However, they reluctantly found that they couldn't destroy anything. At the same time, their energy was discreetly worn out.

When Tu Fei found this anomaly, the tornados he had created by his soul energy turned into nothingness in Fei Lan's Ethereal Extent.

Tu Fei suddenly appeared in the real world. A tornado supported his body and he raised. He paled and a gleam of fear crossed his eyes.

He suddenly realized that it was impossible to use his higher-realm Ethereal Extent to break Fei Lan's Ethereal Extent with force.

Fei Lan's Ethereal Extent was generated by her peculiar power Upanishad. Due to its corrosive ability, it wasn't afraid of any kind of energy attacks.

Tu Fei couldn't take any advantage. Quite the contrary, his energy was disorderly and he had to consume a significant amount of energy.

He started to change his approach. Switching from using realms, he began to use the energy to attack.

Death and Life energy took turns to show up on the edge of the forest. Fei Lan and Ka Tuo had used all of their best abilities. They didn't seem afraid of exhaustion as if they could restore shortly afterward. They were consuming energy massively to seize more time for Shi Yan.

"There's a battle!" From thousand miles away, a Black Scaled brawny man's eyebrows twitched, hissing.

Wu Lan's eyes sparkled. She closed her eyes to sense. "Over there. We will see that kid soon. I'm excited. If he's a member of Immortal Demon Tribe, a member of our Demon Clan, Master will be cheered up since he finally has someone who belongs to his own kind."

"What if he doesn't want to go the same way as our Demon Clan?" one of them said.

"We just need to make ourselves clear and just tell him the truth. I think he knows what he should do." Wu Lan chuckled. "Our Master's reputation can shake the entire Agate Star Area. As long as he's not a dumbass, he will know how great this opportunity is."

"Yeah, that's right," the two Black Scaled muscular men nodded, showing their agreement.

The three of them smiled, flying faster. They looked relaxed as if they knew that not many forces in Broken Star Field have the strength to resist them. Those who were strong enough to fight them wouldn't cause a dispute with them because of their mighty force.

They had this confidence.

Although they were in Broken Star Field, the distance of a thousand miles took just a blink of an eye to the experts at their level.

"Look! It's them!" Wu Lan's eyes brightened. She recognized Fei Lan and Ka Tuo.

"Ah! They have special powers Upanishad!" screamed a Demon man.

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo were struggling to resist this force. Fei Lan's situation was better.

She looked calm. However, when she used her energy, she looked a little tired. Ka Tuo had blood all over his body. He had a more significant pressure. Not only was he dealing with a Third Sky of Original God Realm expert, but he also had to deal with ten other warriors.

Their manpower was limited. At this moment, Ka Tuo was almost exhausted. Under the besiege of more than ten warriors, it was a miracle that he was able to endure until now.

"Oh, trouble." Wu Lan frowned and he couldn't help but mutter, "Don't waste more time."

The Black Scaled men nodded. They stormed forward, moving directly to Ka Tuo.

Just like two hungry wolves entering a sheep's pasture, as soon as the two Demon men arrived, the Blood Halberd's warriors felt like massive mountains had just smashed them. Their God Bodies cracked and then exploded, sending blood and flesh everywhere. They didn't even have a chance to resist. Their God Bodies were pressed and blasted, their soul altars flying away.

The Blood Halberd's warriors were as weak as lambs in their eyes. They exploded as if others were breaking dried tree branches.

Ka Tuo was petrified. He pulled himself together, watching around. He found no one but floating soul altars.

Those soul altars had hesitated for a while. They were so frightened, flying away immediately, not daring to leave a curse. They disappeared shortly after.

"Wow, that was fast," laughed a Black Scaled warrior. The scales on his body rattled. He looked as mighty as a Black-armored Demogorgon.

Wu Lan moved swiftly, standing by the battle site. He glanced at Ka Tuo.

Ka Tuo was chilled. He stepped backward. He was fearful, but he was prepared to run in any minute.

He recognized Wu Lan.

Wu Lan had initially been collecting Immortal Grass. Seeing Shi Yan, she thought that the situation wasn't going well, running away. It looked like Shi Yan had occupied the grass, and Fei Lan and Ka Tuo were his partners in crime.

At first, Ka Tuo thought that they came to take revenge. The mighty aura of the two Black Scaled warriors was enough to subdue him. As he knew that the others were powerful, Ka Tuo was frightened and anxious.

"We aren't here to trouble you guys," Wu Lan smiled, her face natural, "Where's that kid? The one who took my Immortal Grass."

"What do you want?' Ka Tuo shivered, gritting his teeth.

"Don't be tense. We mean no harm." Wu Lan was surprised. Pondering for a while, she said, "To show our goodwill, we need to do something. Okay, move."

She nodded to the two Black Scaled beefy men.

They understood, storming away like a massive black sword thrusting at Tu Fei.

Tu Fei felt an intense insecure feeling. He didn't linger, getting away from the battle site. In just a blink, he had moved one thousand miles away.

When he saw his subordinates die, he didn't hurry to leave because he wanted to know the identity and purpose of who killed them. However, seeing the others take action, he knew that he wouldn't have a chance. He made a quick decision to flee.

The Black Scaled men exchanged looks and then grinned.

"People from Broken Star Field are cunning and they have a good sense. They are good at running away."

"Yeah, in this place where battles happen every day, fleeing when seeing the stronger warriors seems to be instinctual."

"Seems like he was lucky. He escaped. Otherwise... Haha!"

While they were talking, Fei Lan wiped the sweat from her forehead, taking a deep breath.

At this moment, Wu Lan and Ka Tuo arrived. Wu Lan smiled weakly. "Can you tell us where he is now?"

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo were confused. Right after that, they sensed and their faces showed surprise.

Shi Yan wasn't far from them. He stayed in the forest right behind their back. Fei Lan and Ka Tuo thought that the others could sense him with their realm, so they shouldn't ask them for his whereabouts. The two then became skeptical.

However, they sensed and found Shi Yan's aura had disappeared completely. The forest behind them didn't have any strange commotion.

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo were frightened. They hurried to fly into the forest, wanting to check the situation back there.

Wu Lan and the two Black Scaled men followed them.

Deep in the forest, the Death and Life energy didn't fluctuate anymore. The atmosphere in there was no different from the outside. However, Shi Yan wasn't there.

No one knew where he had gone. There was nothing left behind for them to sense. He seemed to have vanished into thin air.