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944 Whereabouts Disclosed

Ai Fu's ancient building, Broken Star City.

Three Third Sky of Original God Realm experts stood in the hall. With logbooks in their hands, they were reporting the recent turnover of their business. They reported all transactions completed in detail to Ai Fu.

Ai Fu lay on his soft sofa, drinking good wine. He felt very satisfied.

Abruptly, a small bell near him rang hurriedly.

Ai Fu frowned, putting down his glass of wine. He waved his hand impatiently to the three who were still reading their records, asking them to leave immediately.

The three of them bowed and excused themselves.

After they had left, Ai Fu gave a low shout. An old man emerged from the five-colored passage behind him. It was his guard who watched over the treasury. He had sent him to Broken Star Field to keep track of Shi Yan.

A spooky shadow slowly emerged in the void between Ai Fu and that old man. That shadow was slowly moving and merging in one place.

Ai Fu had a dark face. He snorted. "Do you know how much precious materials I had to use to gather your soul from Broken Star Field? If your intelligence isn't worth it, don't blame me for not having mercy."

The gloomy shadow smiled reluctantly. "Young Master, don't worry. The news I got this time will frighten you. You won't feel like it was a waste."

Ai Fu was surprised. He nodded, "Tell me."

"I always follow your advice carefully. I've watched the team of that kid. After they entered Broken Star Field, they behaved well for a long time. They didn't have any dispute with other people. They never attacked anyone deliberately. Their calm manner made me feel strange..."

"Get straight to the main point!" shouted Ai Fu.

The spooky shadow was bewildered. "Okay then. There were two Ghost Mark Clan warriors. You knew them. They were the troopers of Niger of the Ghost Mark Clan in the Far West region. They were a couple. The man was called Gaite and the woman was called Feng Rou. Young Master, do you remember them?"

"I know them. They're all at First Sky of Ethereal God Realm. They used to buy my stuff. Niger has Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm cultivation base. He is a talented one of a family of the Ghost Mark Clan in Agate Star Area. They are in charge of the Far West region. Right?"

"Feng Rou's dead. The ones you've asked me to watch killed her..."

Ai Fu's interest was stirred. "Impossible. Feng Rou was at First Sky of Ethereal God Realm. Even if she couldn't win, she shouldn't be killed, eh? What happened?"

The ominous shadow arranged his ideas and narrated what he had witnessed.

Ai Fu and the old man listened to him. Their faces grimaced.

"You meant... Shi Yan had swallowed Feng Rou's soul altar?!? Are you sure he did that?"

Ai Fu's God Body shivered. He couldn't hide the fear in his eyes. "Swallowed? How? What kind of power Upanishad can swallow a soul altar? Shi Yan... doesn't he has only First Sky of Original God Realm? He swallowed Feng Rou's soul altar. Are you sure you aren't mistaken?"

"I saw it," the gloomy shadow was also frightened. "Unbelievable. I couldn't believe it! I had never seen anything like that. It was scary alright. A First Sky of Original God Realm warrior has engulfed the soul altar of an Ethereal God Realm warrior. Oh my God. It was against any of my knowledge of earth and heaven's powers!"

The old man by Ai Fu was also scared. He looked so shocked.

"Do you know any power Upanishad that can swallow the soul altar?" Ai Fu turned and asked that old man.

The old man shook his head continually. "Never before."

Two people and a soul sank into an annoying silence.

After a long moment, Ai Fu asked weakly. "You said that the four of them have a magical blood mark. What kind of blood mark is it?"

"Young Master, do you remember a legend in Broken Star Field that thousands of years ago, someone had intruded Broken Star Field? The one who could bring death to anyone else? Tens of thousands of living beings were killed wherever he went. That person also had the same blood mark. If I'm not wrong, Shi Yan's team has the same mark."

Then, Ai Fu and the old man were stunned. They didn't say anything for quite a long time.

"The powers Upanishads they cultivate are evil and peculiar. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I would never have believed in the existence of such supernatural powers Upanishad. But now I've seen four! It was very shocking." The ominous shadow contemplated for a while and then added, "He has fixed the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation that he bought from you. He has used it already."

Ai Fu was perplexed. After a while, he scolded, "That cunning kid!"

"Young Master, I think it's critical. I think we should report this to the Master. Those four have a mysterious origin. They aren't like Agate Star Area's warriors. The man who cultivated Death power Upanishad used to visit the Agate Star Area. He rose the blood rain and stinky wind wherever he passed by. He was so formidable." The old man suggested seriously. "About that blood mark, no one knows which force it represents, but if Shi Yan and his people have it, it should relate to some force for sure!"

The old man felt terrible. As he realized something wrong happened, he was extremely restless.

Pulling himself together, he took another deep breath and continued, "Young Master, we shouldn't act rashly. If they belong to a mighty force, we... I'm afraid that we shouldn't provoke them. When the Incipient God Realm expert's subordinates are killed, he would know immediately and he would hunt the murderer down. I think... we shouldn't mess with them. It is better. Or else, we could bring trouble to our Master."

The gloomy shadow had the same idea. "I also feel that they're really intimidating. If they belong to a force, that force should be unimaginably strong. Being their enemies isn't a good move."

Ai Fu furrowed his brows tightly. What the others said had silenced him for a long moment.

He pondered for a while, sighing begrudgingly. "Report to my Grandfather immediately. Let him decide. And as for you, you should notify Old Han and tell him not to act rashly. If Blood Halberd wants to die, just let them go. We won't get involved."

Old Han was the other Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm he had sent to save Shi Yan to ask for the Thousand Fold Lotus in case Tu Fei wanted to kill him.

However, after that gloomy shadow saw what he shouldn't, Ai Fu was scared. He wasn't an impulsive guy. He knew how to protect himself. That was how he was able to live comfortably in Broken Star City.

"And I got something else. I saw people of Blood Devil in Broken Star Field." The shadow hesitated for a while and then added, "Seems like they were collecting materials for Blood Devil. They had a short encounter with Shi Yan. Now, they are looking for him."

"Blood Devil? The Immortal Demon Tribe of Agate Star Area?" Ai Fu was panicked.

"Yeah, I guessed. They thought that Shi Yan and Blood Devil have some relationship. They are finding him and they aren't far from him. I guess they're going to see him soon," said the gloomy shadow.

Ai Fu and the old man exchanged looks. They saw fear in each other's eyes.

"People of Blood Devil have never operated in the Far West region. Why are they here?" Ai Fu took a deep breath, beaming a forced smile. "Broken Star Field is so lively lately. Even Blood Devil has sent his fellows here. Did they verify Shi Yan and Blood Devil's relationship?"

"Probably," nodded the shadow.

"You should be more careful. Blood Devil's troops can feel your existence. You just need to peek a little bit. Don't let them catch you at any cost." Ai Fu stood up from his couch. "Notify my Grandfather immediately. Tell him everything. I can't understand the whole picture. Blood Devil is a tyrannical, arrogant expert. He hates tiny areas, but he still sends his men to Broken Star Field. What kind of vandalism is that! Does he have mercy to spare us, local warriors?"

Although Ai Fu had a foul mouth, his mood was so bad. He picked up a jug of wine, drinking crazily.


Wu Lan was hovering above a blue lake, closing her eyes to sense. The two Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm muscular Black Scaled men were so bored, watching here and there.

More than one hundred warriors were hiding inside a deep pit next to them. They didn't dare crane their necks to watch.

A thin and small Dark Spirit old man stooped his head in distress. He was holding a Fantasy Sky Ring, offering it sincerely, "Precursors, this ring stores all of our harvest in Broken Star Field. Please take a look."

More than one hundred warriors staying in the dark pit not far from them had sent him to talk on their behalf. Ten days ago, they had killed around ten experts to occupy this mine. They were happily exploiting a strange metal when they found Wu Lan's team.

They became reluctant. Although Wu Lan was finding something and she didn't want to see them, they were still panicked.

Thus, we have this situation.

This man who came here to talk to Wu Lan's team wanted to offer their harvest so Wu Lan would show them mercy and not kill them.

In Broken Star Field, people would rob and snatch the harvest of the weaker warriors. If they were in a good mood, they would only take the materials. If they were in a bad mood, they often killed all of the poor warriors.

Wu Lan opened her eyes unable to help but glare at the Dark Spirit old man. "Get lost. Do you think that we want the toys that you're exploiting here?"

"We have only these things," the old man discolored, trying to bend his body lower. "If you want anything we have, just say so. Please, you don't need to be polite to us."

"Haha, people in Broken Star Field are interesting, indeed. As they are thugs, they think that everyone else is a thug like them," mocked one of the Black Scaled warriors.

"Yeah, since we've come here, we've met a lot like him. They offered us things as if they're our grandchildren," the other brawny man said. "Sh*t, I didn't think that a remote area like the Far West region could be that chaotic. Seems like everywhere in this place will be the same. No place can have peace."

"I said get lost. Didn't you hear that?" Wu Lan was annoyed. A shiny light emerged from her palm. Shortly, she remembered something. The light dot on her finger turned into Shi Yan's image. "Have you ever met this man?"

"Yeah, several days ago, he crossed this place. He went in that direction." The Dark Spirit old man clarified with a stern face. "They're a group of five. They have a teenager guide and an old woman..."

This man said in detailed, as though he was afraid that Wu Lan wouldn't feel satisfied with his answer. He gestured, funnily swinging his arm.

"Alright," Wu Lan snorted, didn't bother to look at him, nodded to the two muscular Black Scaled men. They jumped and disappeared shortly.

More than one hundred warriors hiding in the deep pit sighed in relief as they saw the three disappear. They thought they had good luck today.