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942 Consequences of Having a Lousy Mouth

Ka Tuo and Shi Yan couldn't see any anomaly or sense any energy in that area shrouded by the endless darkness.

They stood sternly by the edge of the dark area, their face serious, frowning.

They knew that Fei Lan and Leona were powerful.

However, they were confronting a couple, which wasn't weaker than them. Their realms were even higher. Although they were wounded, Fei Lan and Leona weren't so sure about their victory in this death-or-life battle.

Thus, Ka Tuo and Shi Yan were anxious.

"Senior, do you think precursor Fei Lan and Leona da-jie could win?" Ka Tuo kept silent for a while. He couldn't help but ask.

Shi Yan frowned, contemplating for a while. He answered Ka Tuo with a question. "Ka Tuo, if you fight with a Third Sky of Original God Realm warrior, do you think you could win?"

Ka Tuo pondered.

After a while, Ka Tuo guffawed evilly, "Possibly. I don't know why but I always feel my Chaos power Upanishad is much stronger after I have had it complete and got it back on the right track. I'm confident I can skip a level and fight with the opponent." He said confidently and affirmatively. He was much proud of his power Upanishad.

Shi Yan nodded, smiling. "The power Upanishads of precursor Fei Lan and Leona da-jie aren't worse than yours. In other words, they should have the same ability."

Ka Tuo's eyes brightened.

"Precursor Fei Lan's at the First Sky of Ethereal God Realm. As far as we're concerned, if she has to fight for her life, she could resist a Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm expert. And Leona, she has the competence to fight against a First Sky of Ethereal God Realm expert. And, that couple got hurt before..."

Ka Tuo laughed out loud, nodded continually. "Listening to you, I suddenly feel that they will win for sure!"

"I think so," Shi Yan suddenly calmed down. "Our powers Upanishads are unique. They're much different from the popular ones. Rare powers Upanishads guarantee stronger and more bizarre powers. If you can skip one level and fight, they can, too. They won't be defeated."

"... Senior," Ka Tuo was astounded for a while, looking at Shi Yan as if he suddenly recalled something, "if you fight with the other, which is the highest realm you can resist? Your powers Upanishads are even more peculiar than ours. You have three powers Upanishads at the same time. You've fused with the Origin. Which level of the opponent you can resist without falling into a disadvantaged situation?"

Shi Yan was startled. "I've never tried. I'm not sure. However, I think I won't be damaged much if I fight with a Third Sky of Original God Realm warrior. Perhaps, I could win."

Ka Tuo was shaken. After a while, he beamed a forced smile. "Senior, you're worth your name."



A blood-soaked figure flew out from the darkness while they were talking.

Along the way she gliding, the ground was turned into a bloody deep ditch.


She halted right in front of Shi Yan and Ka Tuo. The Ghost Mark woman was blown through the ground for hundreds of meters.

At this moment, the Ghost Mark woman was blood-soaked. Her clothes were torn, revealing her skin. On her exposed skin, there were many cuts as if someone had used a sharp knife to scratch her body. Hundreds of deep-to-bone cuts were still bleeding.

Her face, neck, breasts, legs, and shoulder were bleeding as if she was executed by dismembering. She looked so pathetic they felt it hard to look at her. 

Too pitiful!

Shi Yan shivered inwardly. He couldn't help but gave a forced smile.

Just one comment saying you look ugly and you get it done this way? If you mind your appearance that much, why won't you find a solution to recover your face? It's obvious, but you don't let people talk about it. Such a stubborn, madwoman!

Shi Yan shouted in his mind.

Ka Tuo shivered. He instinctively lifted his head.

A ghostly shadow with darkness swirling around her arose then flew toward them.

Tok! Tok! Tok!

Blood dripped from the fingertips of her relaxed hands... Apparently, it came from the Ghost Mark woman.

Shi Yan observed. He could see pieces of flesh...

Leona grabbed the Ghost Mark woman who had insulted her then used her fingernail to cut bleeding every inch of that woman's attractive body. She had cuts hundreds of times, not even spare the area between the woman's thighs!

Too wicked!

The Ghost Mark woman was dying. Looking at the crazy resentment in her dim eyes, Shi Yan and Ka Tuo felt sorry for her, thinking that she had terrible luck. 

Because of her lousy mouth and some insulting words, she bought her self a death sentence. She got so many cuts on her body, which made her more pathetic. Why didn't she do that?


The water blue soul altar floated up from the woman's head. Her Ethereal Soul and her appearance were the same with her real body with deep-to-bone resentment and wild, bloodthirsty desire. It glared at Leona.

Leona acted as if she didn't see it. She strolled toward Shi Yan, throwing him a glance. "Why are you still standing there idle?"

Shi Yan reacted. He touched his forehead, and his soul altar floated out of his head. The black hole on the Upanishad tier of his soul altar enlarged, generating a terrifying suction force. 

The soul and the soul altar of the Ghost Mark's woman swayed violently. She had a deep fear on her mesmerizing face. Her soul shivered, trying her best to wiggle to get away.

Usually, it was hard to destroy the soul altar unless using the Original Incipient Grade weapon or the most terrifying powers Upanishad.

That woman thought Leona couldn't destroy her soul altar, and with the unique features of the soul altar that could get through confining abilities, she could escape this battle site shortly.

Unfortunately, she didn't know Shi Yan, a monster.

Shi Yan had the lowest realm here but his powers Upanishad were the evilest ones. That power Upanishad in the form of a black hole could swallow soul altars! 

At the moment the suction force reached her, she felt something wrong. In the next moment, she had to struggle to get rid of it.

However, it's too late.

No matter how hard she had wiggled, she couldn't get away from the black hole's suction force. That black hole was the nemesis of soul altar. It pulled the soul altar little by little. Slowly, the soul altar disappeared into the black hole.

At this moment, Shi Yan and Ka Tuo understood why the wounded body of this woman shot out from the dark, falling right under their feet.

Leona wanted to let Shi Yan engulf that woman's soul altar.


The woman's soul altar disappeared entirely into the black hole. All of her vital signs vanished as if a sharp knife had cut off all the connection in just a blink.

This world would no longer have that woman's aura. She left no trace as her soul had utterly perished.

Deep in the dark, the Ghost Mark man seemed to get it right away. The painful screech arose from the immense darkness just like when a beast had lost its mate. In his pitiful roar, a sea of fire emerged in the dark, flying away.

"I swear I will use the last days of my life to hunt you down! It's my sole purpose to live! As long as you are still alive! As long as you still exist! Wherever you are, I will skin you and draw your bones alive! I will make you suffer for ten thousand years before you can die! I swear you must die in the most painful ways..." 

The resentful curse of the man reverberated unceasingly within one hundred miles. After his aura disappeared completely, his cursing was still echoing.

Leona frowned, her body sparkling a dark light.

The darkness shrouding the world behind them turned into clusters of black clouds, entering her body. After several seconds, all the darkness had retreated into her body.

Light reappeared.

Fei Lan's lonely, hunching figure walked toward them from the battle area where filled with crushed stone. With only one step she could cross several hundred meters. Shortly after, she arrived.

"That guy has a higher realm. He's about to reach the Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm. As he wanted to get away at any cost, I couldn't stop him." Fei Lan's eyes were dark but her voice cold. "I left the corrosive energy in his body. It will corrode his flesh gradually. He couldn't recover easily. He's not a threat now."

Shi Yan, Ka Tuo, and Leona nodded, listening to her.

Everybody knew how wicked Fei Lan's corrosive power was. Fan Ye got struck once and he died days later as his vitality was corroded to death.

Corrosive energy could caustically wear out flesh and blood energy. As soon as she left a beam of her corrosive energy in the warrior's body, although he wasn't hurt much, as time flies, the terrifying effect of her corrosive energy would become significant. 

This time, Fei Lan had seeped her erosive energy into that Ghost Mark man, as he had wounded before, he wouldn't have the strength to battle with them in a short time.

If he didn't have the magical medicines or pellets to support, his realm could be degraded, while his body was decaying. Although his words were threatening, he didn't have the competence to do that. It would sound like a joke then.

Anyway, Shi Yan didn't feel tense or anxious. Facing a dying expert, what would he be afraid?

Smiling, Shi Yan looked at the blue ice cage behind piles of crushed stone.

After they had found the Ghost Mark couple, Shi Yan had confined Ji You and put him away. On the one hand, it would prevent him from seeing things he shouldn't. On the other hand, it would save him from an unexpected attack. 

Shi Yan released a beam of energy. An icy cold energy poured into the ground, stretching toward the blue ice cage. He smiled and said, "I need to adjust my energy. It a short time, he won't wake up." 

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo were happy. They didn't wait for him to ask them to prepare. They sat down in front of him like the eager students waiting for their teacher. 

Shi Yan laughed, sat down then said cheerily. "We got the power and soul energy of an Ethereal God Realm warrior. Yeah, you guys, prepare to receive your gifts."

"Haha, following senior, we will have meat to eat," Ka Tuo smiled, talking servilely, winking and waiting.