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940 Enemies on a Narrow Road

The grass green fluid of the Immortal Grass seeped into his flesh, vibrating his Immortal Demon Blood.

And a wonderful thing happened...

After that rice-sized drop of Immortal Demon Blood slowly absorbed the fluid of the Immortal Grass, it enlarged! The Blood Qi stored in that drop of blood became strangely abundant!

Shi Yan was baffled.

Ji You couldn't help but hiss, "What's going on?"

He jumped and landed next to Shi Yan. While Shi Yan was absorbed in his thoughts, Ji You shot out a light, cutting the grass underneath. However, those leaves he had cut were still vivid green as if nothing happened. They didn't wither and die like the grass in Shi Yan's hand.

Ji You was perplexed, looking at Shi Yan and asking seriously, "Why did this grass wither and die in your hand?"

Ji You threw the grass he had cut on the ground. Those leaves moved like snakes, protectively slithering towards the grass. The cut leaves joined the grass. They looked as vibrant as they were a moment ago.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo were surprised. They stormed over, stooping to observe the Immortal Grass. However, they didn't spot anything abnormal.

Shi Yan was baffled for a while. His eyes gradually brightened up, laughing happily.

Just like a beam of dark light, he moved back and forth between piles of crushed stone, grabbing tufts of Immortal Grass and squeezing them.

Drops of green fluid seeped into his flesh and dissolved. The Immortal Grass leaves he plucked withered and died shortly after as if their fountain of life had been taken away.

After five minutes, all the Immortal Grass around this place looked like they were squeezed. They shriveled and died.

At this moment, Shi Yan stopped, his eyes brighter and deeper. A smile hung on the corner of his mouth.

Immortal Grass and Immortal Demon Blood were somehow similar. They could mingle with each other and help him condense more Immortal Demon Blood. Thousands of tufts of ordinary Immortal Grass brought him at least one hundred new drops of Immortal Demon Blood!

This amount could be compared to Essence Qi from dead bodies of some Original God Realm experts!

Shi Yan was happy, laughing loudly. "This grass isn't bad. Interesting!"

Ji You, Fei Lan, and the others looked at him dazedly. They knew that this kind of green grass had some magical effects on him. However, since he didn't disclose it to them, they couldn't guess anything.

"Is there more Immortal Grass around?" Shi Yan chuckled, asking Ji You. "We can go there if it's further away from this area."

Ji You shook his head with a smile. "No. Only this place. You've consumed them all shortly. I'm afraid that we can't have them later. What's happened after all?"

"Nothing, this grass is good for me," Shi Yan smiled, stretching his body and speaking contentedly. We should go. There's no reason to stay here."

Ji You was so curious, but if Shi Yan didn't want to say it, he couldn't do anything. He nodded and continued to lead.


A long time afterward.

The Black Winged woman who had disappeared from this area returned with two Black Scaled Tribe clansmen of the Demon Clan. The two Black Scaled men looked muscular and rough. Their bodies were covered with fine black scales. They had a naturally imposing aura that people didn't dare to underestimate.

Both of them were at Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm!

The three Demon fellows stood in the middle of the withered grass on the ground, their faces grimaced.

"Something is wrong!" The attractive Black Winged woman shivered in fear. Suddenly, she cried, "The Immortal Grass died! It withered and died!"

The two brawny Black Scaled men reacted when they heard her. Strange light sparkled in their eyes.

"It... Is it similar to our Master when he absorbs them?" A beefy man shouted. He looked shaken, hissing solemnly. "Is he... from the Immortal Demon Tribe like our Master?"

"Impossible?!?" The other man shook his head continually, "Master has been searching through Agate Star Area for years. He hasn't found any member of his tribe yet. Only our Master has the Immortal Demon Blood in Agate Star Area. So, it must be impossible!"

The two muscular men shrilled, looking at the beautiful Black Winged woman. "Wu Lan, you're the smartest. What do you think?"

The charming Black Winged woman was astounded. But then, the shout from the man had woken her up. She shook her head, "I don't know. Our Master has been searching for years in Agate Star Area, but he hasn't found any members of his tribe. It's possible that he couldn't sense his fellows with his realm. A hundred year ago, Master had used a lot of energy to rake through the area. He got nothing. Anyway, the condition of Immortal Grass here is really similar. It looks like some Immortal Demon like our Master has absorbed the grass."

"The last search of our Master was one hundred years ago. What if that person is an Immortal Demon and he has just entered Agate Star Area in the past one hundred years? Could that be possible?" said a Black Scaled man skeptically.

"If it's coincident, this possibility exists." The beautiful Black Winged woman pondered and then nodded. "But there's still another possibility. If he cultivates a peculiar power Upanishad, he can still destroy Immortal Grass. Although Immortal Grass is tenacious, it's not actually immortal. Seems like we have two possibilities here."

"If he's an Immortal Demon Tribe's member, I think our Master will be delighted!" said the muscular man.

"Find them! We must identify them!" Wu Lan said in a lower voice.


After the three Demon experts set their target, they immediately took action.


Another area.

Tu Fei was flying madly. Some Blood Halberd followed him closely, not daring to linger.


Tu Fei stopped by a massive pit.

A group of more than ten warriors was working in that pit. They were exploring the depth of the pit. Sometimes, they laughed out loud.

They had killed several warriors to seize this mine, which had a level 6 Divine Grade Serene Moon Wood. At this moment, they were identifying the scope of the area to enter deeper and see if they could find more Serene Moon Wood or not.

The noise when Tu Fei descended changed their countenance. They emerged from the deep pit. All looked ferocious. However, seeing that it was Tu Fei, they behaved. One of them beamed a forced smile. "Oh, Tu Fei dage of the Blood Halberd."

"I want to find a person." Tu Fei snorted. His left eyes projected a light curtain, which formed Shi Yan's appearance. "Have you ever met this man?"

"Oh, we have," that man smiled, Half a month ago, we met him here. Just a small warrior. When we robbed this mine, he watched us. I think he likes corpses. He stayed idle by the corpses for a while. Tu Fei dage, what do you need to find him for?"

Tu Fei's face was icy cold. "None of this matters to you! You just need to tell me where he has gone!"

The man smiled reluctantly. He didn't dare to babble, pointing in a direction and talking firmly. "That way. Yeah. With your speed, you'll catch him soon. I wish you success in advance."

Tu Fei snorted coldly. He had a cold intention, gliding above the mine. He observed the pit for a while and then said, "Give me twenty pieces of Serene Moon Wood!"

More than ten warriors were enraged, clenching their jars.

At this moment, more than ten Blood Halberd's warriors quietly approached, circling this team. They smiled coldly as they were prepared to take action in any minute.

"Tu Fei dage minds the Serene Moon Wood with your wise vision. Yeah, this is our honor." The leader tried to press down his anger, obediently handing twenty pieces of Serene Moon Wood. He stooped and spoke, "Tu Fei dage, are you pleased now?"

Tu Fei nodded. "Well, you're lucky this time. If I had more time, it wouldn't have been easy to talk to me."

Then, Tu Fei brought Blood Halberd's warriors who were going on their journey. Their wanton laughter came from the void.

"I wish you would die soon so you could reincarnate early! You motherf*cker! I've been laboring for so long to get twenty-five pieces of Serene Moon Wood. This mad dog takes more than half! I'm having f*cking bad luck to encounter this man!" After they didn't hear Tu Fei's laughter anymore, the leader spat and then cursed.

"Forget it. We can't cause a grudge against Blood Halberd. Tu Fei's infamous for his madness and sheer wanton deeds. Just think that we got bad luck." A man sighed from inside the pit.

"It's what Broken Star Field is. You have the right if your fist is bigger. We also rob others right? Everybody be prepared. We will find some weaker warriors to vent out our anger on."

"Let's go!"

After Tu Fei's robbery, this group was dispirited. They didn't have the mood to dig further. They flew away, seeking a soft persimmon to squeeze and vent their anger at.


Shi Yan suddenly stopped by an area covered in purple clouds.

Sitting in the dark purple ancient woods were two Ghost Mark fellows: one male and one female. They were exhausted with a pale face, trying to adjust their energy.

They had met these two before. They were the couple who had mocked Fei Lan and Leona, saying that they were too ugly to go around like this and that it scared away men. At this moment, it seemed like they had just finished a battle so they had to use the divine crystals to refill their energy.

Their conditions weren't good either. They had blood stains on their bodies. Evidently, they were hurt but at least their wounds were less intense.

"Guys, long time no see." Shi Yan watched them for a while, chuckled, and swaggered towards them. "We meet again. Seems like we share some destiny. Haha, I wonder if you have time for a little chat."

Fei Lan and Leona were eager to storm over. Their auras became dark and sinister. They followed him, walking toward the Ghost Mark couple.

The Ghost Mark couple was closing their eyes to stabilize their energy. They opened their eyes at the same time and snorted disdainfully. They slowly got up.

They thought that even when they got hurt, it wasn't a problem to kill Shi Yan's team.

"You don't want to live. You want to attack us when we're wounded. Have you ever checked what the heck you are?" The charming Ghost Mark woman wiped the blood trickle on the corner of her mouth, shouting coldly. "Court death!"