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937 Broken Star Field

When people have someone on their side, they would sometimes not treasure them. Only when that person wants to leave do they feel reluctant and bitter inwardly.

Shi Yan now felt bitter and regret.

Zi Yao left. She decided to leave for the advancement of her realm.

Standing in front of the training court, Shi Yan watched Zi Yao, Carthew, and Na Xin leave. It was the first time he found that he didn't want her to leave. Reflecting by himself, he realized that he didn't pay enough attention or take care of her well enough.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo didn't say anything, standing indifferently by his side.

After a while, Shi Yan pulled himself from sorrow and gave a faint smile. "We should go too."

His mind flickered, connecting his Soul Consciousness to another beam in a direction. He told Ka Tuo, "Bring that boy here."

Ka Tuo nodded and left.

After one hour, he brought Ji You back.

Ji You's eyes were dim and gloomy. He stooped in distress. Seeing Shi Yan and Fei Lan, he bent his body to greet them, muttering, "I'm ready. We can go at any time."

Shi Yan smiled, nodded to him, "Why do you look like this? How is your father?"

Ji You had sold his news for one hundred thousand divine crystals saying that he had to save his father. Shi Yan didn't pay much attention to his father's case. He didn't ask him more or discreetly investigate. However, seeing Ji You with his gloomy countenance, Shi Yan felt skeptical as he asked.

"The same. However, as we have one hundred thousand divine crystals, he should be safe for a while." Ji You was a little bit touched, explaining carefully. "My father's at First Sky of Ethereal God Realm. He used to be awesome. But now his soul altar is damaged. He's on the edge. His soul altar is about to break down. I've used one hundred thousand divine crystals to buy medicine and pellets. However, they could only slow down the damaging progress. They couldn't heal him."

Ji You's eyes reddened, balling his fists. He bit his lower lip, muttering, "My father has taken care of me since I was a little boy. For my development, he'd gone to Broken Star Field to find rare materials to exchange for divine crystals. He helped me reach my current realm. However, Broken Star Field isn't a safe place. Although my father's at Ethereal God Realm, he couldn't help himself. He fought for materials once and got wounded badly... until now..."

Staying in Broken Star City for several months, Shi Yan knew a little about Broken Star Field. Many races lived around the area and many powerful forces had come to Broken Star Field to find cultivating materials.

The Broken Star Field had many types of materials, which attracted experts from the entire Agate Star Area.

Broken Star Field was always chaotic and unsafe. With low realms and insufficient competences, warriors couldn't live there with ease. For example, Zhen Gu and his fellow Giants were beaten up by the Mi brothers. They had almost been killed.

"You seem very familiar with Broken Star Field?" Shi Yan was bewildered. "You can survive even though you only have King God Realm?"

"I have my surviving methods," Ji You lifted his head, speaking honestly. "Every time I go to Broken Star Field, I accompany some people. Since I'm familiar with this place, people hire me to be their guide. And although my realm's low, I have knowledge and I'm not greedy for what I can't keep. Thus, I can survive. People won't target me."

Shi Yan exchanged looks with the others, their faces strange. This teenager had been living in difficulties. His realm wasn't high and he wasn't old enough, but he had survived Broken Star Field many times. He had to endure many things, living in people's disdain and neglect...

He's done so many things just to save his father's soul altar...

"I've promised you. I will never change my mind. When will you want to depart?" Seeing that they say nothing, Ji You took the initiative and asked.

"We'll depart now," Shi Yan said faintly.

"Good, let's go." Ji You mumbled, "I bid farewell to my father anyway. Let's go."


Blood Halberd's headquarters, Broken Star City.

Today, a middle-aged man wearing a long white robe took his subordinates to this place.

Tu Fei and more than ten warriors of the Blood Halberd stood by the door to greet him, bending their bodies. "Greeting, Sir!"

The middle-aged man wore a cold face. He nodded, walking directly to the main hall. He sat on the chairman's seat, which showed his status, waving his hand.

Tu Fei and the Blood Halberd's warriors now sat down on his two sides.

Da Feng, Master of Blood Halberd, and a Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm warrior, was a famous expert in the Far West region and the entire Broken Star Field. His origin was mysterious. One day, he came to Broken Star Field and built Blood Halberd. He had spent hundreds of years to make Blood Halberd a potent force in Broken Star Field to the point that people didn't dare to provoke them.

Many people had guessed that Da Feng wasn't a warrior from the Far West since they had never heard about this expert in the Far West region before. They deemed Da Feng a warrior of some mighty force in Agate Star Area. He had come to Far West region and built a force on purpose.

Of course, Da Feng had never admitted anything. No one knew if the rumors were true.

"On my way here, I've investigated Tu Feng's murder case." Da Feng's countenance was cold while icy mist swirled around his body. His eyes were like chilling snowflakes.

Tu Fei jolted up, asking in a low voice. "Sir, what was the result of your investigation?"

"Apparently, it was not Mi Ge and Mi Lou." Da Feng snorted coldly. "You were too impulsive. That kid has fooled you. You let your anger blind your mind."

Although Tu Fei was called a madman in Broken Star City, he didn't dare to retort when the man shouted at him.

"When Tu Feng was murdered, Mi Ge and his brother were in Broken Star Field. I've had someone confirm it. Unless Mi Ge and Mi Lou cultivated Space power, it was impossible for them to get out of Broken Star Field and kill Tu Feng." Da Feng's face was cold as he talked, "Although the Mi brothers were harsh and despicable to the weak, has anyone of you seen them provoking Blood Halberd? Don't they only mess with us? When they did do that, wouldn't they clean it up? How could they let people figure out their crime? An Original God Realm kid could avoid them, witness the case and leave safely?"

Tu Fei and the two Ethereal God Realm experts that had joined the attack were embarrassed, bending their heads. They didn't dare to say anything to defend themselves.

"You've lost your mind because of anger. You didn't verify the provided information. That was how he could fool you." Da Feng explained everything and then continued indifferently. "That kid is the suspect now. You capture him and use the Search Soul Technique to search his memories. You can find the truth. You fool! You even lost one million divine crystals!" Da Feng hissed.

Tu Fei discolored. A fire was about to ignite in his eyes. "I'm going to capture him now! That damn kid dared to deceive me!"

He roared, flying away.

One minute later, Tu Fei returned with red eyes. "They left seven days ago to Broken Star Field. Damn it!"

"Do you need me to teach you what to do now?" Da Feng's face was icy cold.

"I'm after him!" Tu Fei put on a malicious face and bowed to the man. He then said, "Thank you for reminding me." Then, Tu Fei took several warriors, leaving Broken Star City and jumping into Broken Star Field.

"Da Feng sent a message, saying that we don't need to find Mi Ge anymore. Seems like they know that the Mi brothers didn't do that. Tu Fei is after Shi Yan. He's confirmed the news. He's flying to Broken Star Field now," said an old man under Ai Fu's command.

Ai Fu frowned, contemplating for a while. "Da Feng's much smarter than Tu Fei. Yeah, seems like that boy's going to have a lot of trouble."

"Young Master, should we notify him?"

"Remind him?" Ai Fu rubbed his chin. Light sparkled in his eyes. He talked after pondering for a while. "Now that Da Feng has joined this mess, it's more difficult. This man is mysterious and wicked. It's not good to turn our back to him. Okay, you go there yourself. When Tu Fei encounters them, you seize the chance and capture that kid before him. We must know where the Thousand Fold Lotus is. We can use the Thousand Fold Lotus to exchange for his life. I think it's worth it. Yeah, work on it."



Broken Star Field.

Shi Yan's team hovered in the air, moving slowly. Ji You led ahead of them. Sometimes he gave them descriptions. "Rumor says that Broken Star Field is formed by countless pieces of broken stars. I believe it's true. Moreover, I heard that the core of Broken Star Field has a mysterious force that could attract broken stars. As far as I've known, throughout recent history, there are still many pieces of broken stars flying here and becoming new parts of Broken Star Field."

It was true that Ji You was much more familiar with this area. With his guide, Shi Yan's team didn't need to do anything. They hadn't met any danger yet.

"Broken Star Field is indeed vast. At least, I can't travel through it. It seems like the area has tens of thousands of broken stars congregating here. Some pieces are very old and they hide rare materials. They even have Original Incipient Grade materials. That is why Broken Star Field attracts so many experts.

"I've scouted the route we are traveling. Not many people will choose this route. Thus, we won't meet many experts on this way for quite a long time. Also, we can make sure that we won't be ambushed or have conflicts with others." On their way, Ji You continually told them the wonderful features of Broken Star Field. He knew the place as if it was the back of his hand. His descriptions were clear and easy to understand.

Shi Yan listened to him and widened his knowledge of Broken Star Field. He thought that his one hundred thousand divine crystals were well spent.

Half a year later.

Ji You stopped by a place where disorderly stones made up the mountains. The atmosphere was cold.

"From here onward, we will travel through many places with the possibility of finding rare materials. We will meet a lot of people from different races and forces," Ji You said with a stern face. "From now on, we should be prepared to counter dangers, which can happen at any minute."

Shi Yan squinted his eyes, nodded, and put up guard.