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920 Today, I Come to Fulfill My Pledge!

More than ten years ago in Purgatory Star, he used to exaggerate that he would kill Ao Gu Duo in one hundred years.

That year, people thought he was crazy. They felt that he didn't care about logic and that his bragging would never be fulfilled.

Today, he'd reached Original God Realm. Although he was still one level behind Ao Gu Duo, he believed that he had the competence to hunt Ao Gu Duo down.

It was time to fulfill his pledge.

Tribal Oldie Na Xin asked his Giant fellows to leave this scene. They silently moved pretty far from the battleship so that people there wouldn't see them.

Then, Na Xin closed his eyes, spinning his soul altar. The Ethereal Extent flew out from his Sea of Consciousness, slowly shrouding the battleship.

On the battleship, Tu Feng was teasing Monica, thinking of finding a quiet place to have a better talk with this inviting woman.

All of a sudden, Tu Feng changed his countenance slightly, lifting his head to watch the sky. Flames of anger sparked in his eyes.

"Damn Giant! He dares to mess with me! You don't know how to live well, right!" Tu Feng snorted, pushing Monica aside and then sitting down cross-legged.

His Ethereal Extent was also released, flying up. It was a vast forest with thick Wood energy fluctuation. Huge trees grew fast. In just a blink, they filled the space on the battleship.

When Ethereal God Realm experts fought, they depended mostly on the Ethereal Extent. These two weren't an exception.

Tu Feng's Ethereal Extent pushed Na Xin's Ethereal Extent. Trees and vines in the forest wanted to entangle Na Xin's Ethereal Extent like countless tentacles.

Mountains appeared in Na Xin's Ethereal Extent from thin air. They heavily pressed down little by little.

Boom Boom Boom!

Giant trees exploded in Tu Feng's Ethereal Extent. The Ethereal Extent seemed to collapse simultaneously. The forest he had created was reduced instantly.

He put on a cold countenance and couldn't help but hiss. "You are the one and only Tribal Oldie of the Giant Tribe! Damn! You dare to attack me!"

The Ethereal Extent pressed down, subduing his soul altar. The mountain ranges fell with a grumble on his head. They acted like a magical formation subduing Tu Feng's God Body, preventing him from retaking action.

On the battleship, Feng Ke lifted his head, dully looking at the sky with a strange face.

Many pirates also had hope while being tied to the bones. They were waiting for something discreetly.

Once they entered the Broken Star Field, they would become mine slaves of Blood Halberd. They would never see hope for the rest of their lives as they were now little pawns in the most dangerous areas. They would die one by one.

No matter who the attacker was, that person had brought them a good chance to escape.

Ao Gu Duo was also startled. He shivered inwardly while looking at the sky above his head. "An Ethereal God Realm expert... who is that?"

As he was at Second Sky of Original God Realm, he knew that the battle between Ethereal God Realm warriors had things to do with the Ethereal Extent. However, he couldn't resist the power of Nature to recognize Na Xin's existence.

He couldn't see Na Xin, but he saw a man he knew. Ao Gu Duo's face darkened, unable to hold down his fear, shouting. "Shi Yan!"

A shadow emerged from the dark place. He was moving at breakneck speed with a huge sword and torrential Blood Qi. He brought with him a vast sea of blood, slashing down on Ao Gu Duo directly and coldly.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Carthew also showed themselves. They all urged their power Upanishads.

Due to their low realms, Feng Rao and Long Zhu didn't join this battle. The other three Giants protected them, keeping them far away from the fight.

While Fei Lan was moving, thumb-sized flows of gray air, which was corrosive air, fell on the battleship. They moved, searching targets proactively as if they all had intellect.

The warriors who were attacked by the corrosive air became baffled. As their bodies were eroded from the inside, their soul altars slowed down. They couldn't escape.

Leona had ruthless, slaughtering eyes. When she came, her God Body engulfed all the light.

She waved her hand and a dark vortex descended like a massive black sun, covering some warriors. In the absolute darkness, the warriors became perplexed. Their soul altar and the Sea of Consciousness had fallen into the dark. They couldn't sense or recognize anything.

In the absolute darkness, Leona was like a fish swimming in water. She took lives as if she was a Dark Death.

Zi Yao, Carthew, and Ka Tuo also joined this attack. They were lucid, slaughtering some warriors at Second or Third Sky of King God Realm. Their operation was resolute and heartless as they didn't have a bit of hesitation.

"Shi Yan! It's Shi Yan!"

The pirates shouted in thrill.

Feng Ke heard that, shouting as he was very excited. "I'm here!"

Holding the divine sword, Shi Yan moved like a blood light. He appeared next to Ao Gu Duo, speaking calmly. "You almost killed me in the Purgatory Star. I used to pledge that I would take the head on your neck in one hundred years. Today, I have come to fulfill my pledge."

Ao Gu Duo's face was savage, his body trembling. "You think it's enough to kill me when you've reached Original God Realm? Funny!"

"Haha. What I know best is to kill the one whose realm is a little higher than mine." Shi Yan grinned, his smile icy. The divine sword in his hand had its eyes opened. Radiant blood light moved, sending blood scent to the air.

"Space Imprisonment!"

His power Upanishad changed. The God Domain appeared.

Crack Crack Crack!

Pieces of space were confined, but the blood light released by the divine sword was still brilliant. Its red hue looked so intimidating.

Touching his forehead, another soul of Shi Yan urged its power. Ten bright flames shot out from his glabella and eyes. The strange, mighty flaming power wound around Ao Gu Duo.

Ao Gu Duo was frightened.

He couldn't activate his God Domain and his soul altar was also stagnant.


Ao Gu Duo roared. His bones cracked and exploded. Shortly, his body was covered in blood as he forcefully struggled to get rid of the space confinement.

However, at this moment, the blood sea stretching out from the divine sword swarmed over with wild, savage negative power, shrouding Ao Gu Duo's body.

The blood eyes on the broadsword seemed to have a negative effect on people's souls. Ao Gu Duo had just glanced at them and his spirit was broken. His Sea of Consciousness seemed to become a blood sea. The negative energy affected each of his wisps of Soul Consciousness. He couldn't activate his powers.

Swish Swish!

A massive, bloody hand seal descended from the sky like a grumbling blood mountain pressing on Ao Gu Duo.

Boom Boom!

Ao Gu Duo's skeleton cracked and echoed more explosions. His body was covered in blood, as he looked helter-skelter.


As he swung the divine sword, a blood lightning strike that stretched one thousand meters away crossed the blood sea, drawing a beautiful, deadly curve in the air.

Ao Gu Duo faced the sky, roaring, and hissing. He continually released his power Upanishad to resume his soul altar's rotational movement.

However, under the gazes of the blood eyes on the sword, his soul altar was pressed tightly by an evil force. It couldn't even move.

Ao Gu Duo's God Body stayed put, letting the blood light ribbon of the divine sword cut through it.

Crack Crack!

His God Body exploded!

Shi Yan's eyes were calm. He looked like a numb onlooker, floating in the blood sea and continually swinging the sword in his hand.

Boom Boom Boom!

The cracks and explosions of the bones resounded faster. Ao Gu Duo, a Second Sky of Original God Realm expert, had his God Body like a vulnerable chunk of tofu under the divine sword.

Shortly after, his God Body became cubes of meat that fell on the floor.

Touching his forehead, the black hole in Shi Yan's soul altar emerged. It snatched down like a massive dark bowl, covering a piece of Ao Gu Duo's God Body.

A powerful suction force dragged Ao Gu Duo's soul altar that was emerging from that block of meat immediately. It didn't have a second to resist. It was sucked into the center of the black hole, vanishing.

His soul and body were both extinguished!

Although Ao Gu Duo was at Second Sky of Original God Realm when he faced Shi Yan, he didn't even have the chance to use his power Upanishad. Shi Yan killed him simply.

Feng Ke stood by them, watching the scene. He felt numb as a chill-to-bone air blew his soul.

He was also at Second Sky of Original God Realm, but he wasn't... as strong as Ao Gu Duo. If Shi Yan could kill Ao Gu Duo easily, it wouldn't be a hard task for him to kill him too.

He remembered the first time he met Shi Yan. How long has it passed? When did he become so powerful?

Feng Ke took a deep breath to press down the mess in his head, asking hastily. "Where's Feng Rao?"

"She's fine. Don't worry." Shi Yan chucked, "Let me free you from your bind."

"It's dragon tendon! Can you?" Feng Ke screamed in surprise.

Shi Yan didn't answer. He acted to show him. His wrist flickered, controlling the divine sword to cut the tendon easily.

Feng Ke was startled. "What a sharp sword!"

"Haha. If you are free, would you mind killing all the ones who have jailed you and your brothers here?" smiled Shi Yan.

"Alright!" Feng Ke stretched his body. Thunderbolts flashed around his body. He joined the battle immediately.

Shi Yan chuckled, cocked his head to see the divine sword. "You... should be at Original Incipient Grade, right..."

"Shi Yan! Shi Yan!" A female shrilled, calling for him from afar. She sounded pathetic and hasty.

Shi Yan turned around, finding Bi Rou. She was shivering, looking at Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo. They didn't show mercy to anyone. Their attacks were all lethal. Many warriors she knew were killed in front of her.

Frowning, Shi Yan exhaled. "Spare Bi Tian's people."

That year, Bi Tian had given him face and spared Ka Tuo and his brothers. When they were in Heaven Punishment City, Bi Tian had treated him well. From the beginning to the last moment, he just wanted to recruit Shi Yan. He even wanted to use his beloved daughter to create a relationship with him.

Shi Yan had a good feeling about this man. Thus, he said that to save his people.

He had actually saved Bi Tian and his people from this kalpa.

Fei Lan and Leona didn't kill Bi Tian's warriors. They then became the survivors of this great disaster.