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918 A Long, Lonely journey

In this galaxy, twinkling stars as gorgeous as pieces of broken diamonds shined beautifully in the dark universe.

A group of ten people was moving quickly like shuttles heading to the Far West of the Agate Star Area, the Broken Star Field, created by countless broken stars.

Long Zhu closed his eyes, still condensing his God Body. Just like most of the warriors, he didn't have anything strange happen to him.

Yang Tian Emperor was also breaking through the new realm, but he was very different. Right from the start, he had many unique things happen. The commotion he created was also more significant.

Shi Yan and Na Xin didn't pay much attention to Long Zhu as they were busy watching Yang Tian Emperor.

Time flew hurriedly. Five days passed.

The Despair Intent Domain Yang Tian that Emperor had released had never decreased. It became more refined and powerful. The energy of his power Upanishad was constantly increasing.

People inside his God Domain had their soul altar covered with a dim layer. It was like a ghost peeping on their souls, bringing them despair. They wanted to kill as their minds were all confused and hazy.

Warriors with a lower realm would have their soul shaken. They would carry that imprint of fear and confusion for the rest of their lives.

His God Body had recovered under the power of Immortal Rebirth Secret, which was genuinely terrifying, indeed...

His broken vessels reconnected. Flesh and blood grew on his healed skeleton. From a bloody skeleton, after several days, he recovered. He didn't look too different from himself before the breakthrough.

Except for Shi Yan, everybody was chilled seeing this.

Undying Body!

This tremendous recovery ability was scarce in the Agate Star Area. No race could reach such level or recovery.

This made people dispirited and hopeless. They thought that Yang Tian Emperor had received favors from God but they didn't know what he had experienced or what he had paid to gain his today's attainment.

Yang Tian Emperor's body refining was finished, but his realm was still progressing.

He stood neatly, as his soul altar quietly spun. The energy of his power Upanishad rolled massively and became more intimidating.

Gradually, Na Xin and Fei Lan felt like they were witnessing something unbelievable. They thought that it was so unreal.

Usually, when the warrior broke through to the new realm, it was hard to grow. However, Yang Tian Emperor had broken this chain. While he was breaking through, it seemed like his realm was increasing unlimitedly. He still slowly and steadily walked forward.

After ten more days...

Yang Tian Emperor's soul altar gradually calmed down. His terrifying God Domain quietly dispersed. People finally felt relaxed a little bit.

Then, Yang Tian Emperor woke up. His visage was calm and natural, his eyes peaceful and quiet.

Although the desperate intent domain that frightened people had disappeared, the feeling that it brought to them was still winding around their Sea of Consciousness. They always had an unknown pressure that they couldn't describe.

"Great Grandfather, how do you feel...now?" Shi Yan was smiling, asking seriously.

Yang Tian Emperor had something different in his eyes. He nodded, speaking coldly, "Not bad. The Second Sky of King God Realm. Yeah, I've lacked a little bit. Or else, I would have entered one level further."

Listening to him, people had their eyes sparkle strangely as they were perplexed.

"Shi Yan, I'm not going with you guys more," Yang Tian Emperor pondered for a while and then spoke all of a sudden.

Shi Yan was surprised, "Why?"

Yang Tian Emperor turned his head, looking at a place deep in the Agate Star Area, his eyebrows twitching. He spoke faintly, "I don't know why something in this star area has attracted me. While I was breaking through, a vibe came to my soul altar. I think I should go there alone and check it out. Also, I need time to stabilize my realm."

"... Something attracted you?" Na Xin's voice was dry as he had a strange thought. He shook his head to clean that thought away. "Can you tell me more details?"

Shi Yan, Fei Lan, and Leona looked at him in astonishment.

"I can't say," Yang Tian Emperor shook his head, "but I'm sure that this is important to me. It can help me and give me more benefits."

"Then Great Grandpa, you have to be careful. The Agate Star Area isn't similar to our Grace Mainland. There are as many experts as trees in the forest. There are many different races here. Although you've reached the Second Sky of King God Realm, you can't always act rashly. Be cautious," advised Shi Yan.

Of course, he didn't oppose that.

Yang Tian Emperor wasn't a man who acted without a clear target. If he wasn't sure, he would never speak about it. If he spoke about something strange, he definitely understood and confirmed it.

The Agate Star Area was a high-quality star area with endless mysteries. If Yang Tian Emperor could harvest something there, Shi Yan would feel happy for him. He wouldn't stand in his way.

"You should also be careful," Yang Tian Emperor smiled, speaking to him softly, "This star area has many strange things. You always cause trouble, but you're a person of discretion. I hope you will always be watchful and know your goals and direction."

Pausing for a while, he glanced at Long Zhu, not saying more. He nodded to other people and then diverged.

Breaking through to the Second Sky of King God Realm, he could walk into the void without worrying about the energy storm grinding him into powder. When he departed this time, people were all looking for the day he came back.

It was unknown why they all felt that when they saw him again, he would surprise people again.

Yang Tian Emperor's lonely body flashed, dashing into the void and disappeared. Gradually, he became a black spot that blended into the dark universe.

Shi Yan silently looked at him disappear until he couldn't see his Great Grandpa anymore. Then, he turned around, murmuring, "Let's go."

Na Xin and Fei Lan looked at that lonely but brave figure merging into outer space. They nodded, saying nothing more.

However, they had the same thought in their mind...

This extreme man would become another legend of the Agate Star Area. He was destined to ascend to a high position. From that, he would tower over most of the experts, his light shrouding them.

This feeling had no cause. Thinking about it further, they found that it was almost unimaginable. Anyway, Yang Tian Emperor was just a small warrior at the Second Sky of King God Realm.

Still, both Fei Lan and Na Xin had the same thought. They thought that it was evident that he would reach such height.


The journey from the Old Orchid Star to the Broken Star Field was going to take several months at the speed of the Giants.

Shi Yan's team flew together with Na Xin toward the direction he had told them in the dark, gloomy outer space.

"Precursor, why don't you have a battleship? Isn't it faster to travel using the battleship?" One day, Ka Tuo couldn't help but ask. "In our Raging Flame Star Area, battleships are everywhere. Big and strong battleships could activate the power of the divine crystals to move at breakneck speed. It's more comfortable and the warriors can cultivate inside the battleship. They don't need to consume energy. It's much easier right?"

When Jester and Zi Yao heard Ka Tuo say that, they couldn't help but turn to Na Xin.

Na Xin beamed a forced smile, sighing, "The battleships are the main vehicles in the Agate Star Area. High-level battleships are very dangerous and famous. However... our race is special."

"Why do you said so?" Ka Tuo was curious.

"Most of the battleships in the Agate Star Area aren't suitable for our tribe," Na Xin was a little bit embarrassed. "Our physiques are too huge. There are no suitable battleships for us unless we got it customized. However, the cost would be very high. We don't have much you know."

Ka Tuo understood, "Oh, that's why."

The Giant Tribe were all Giants so they would need a particularly customized battleship. However, it would cost a lot of divine crystals. The Giant Tribe wasn't wealthy enough to afford a battleship like that.

That was why their Tribe had never had a battleship. They had to use their physical power to move in the void.

"How many divine crystals is equivalent to lumber of the Life Ancient Tree? Is it enough to redeem your fellows? And with whom do you do business? Is it safe?" Shi Yan thought and then asked seriously.

Na Xin smiled, "The lumber of the Life Ancient Tree of the Wood Clan is absolutely priceless. I can't assess how much we can exchange for it, but I'm sure it's not just seven hundred thousand divine crystals. And to who we would exchange with, you will know when we arrive at the Broken Star Field. That area has a large-scale exchange market, which is safe and fair."

As he said that, Shi Yan eased his mind and spoke, "Seems you do have a plan, precursor."

"Yes, I have a target," Na Xin didn't conceal anything, "He's called Ai Fu. He's at Second Sky of Original God Realm cultivation which is not really strong. However, he's the owner of the most modern and official exchange market. It's also the safest and fairest market in the Broken Star Field."

Shi Yan was surprised, "If he has only the Second Sky of Original God Realm cultivation base, how can he guard the Broken Star Field? What does he depend on?"

Everybody was curious, but they couldn't explain why.

The Broken Star Field was unique. It was formed by countless pieces of broken stars. It was incredibly vast, hiding magical and dangerous things. It even had some Original Incipient Grade materials.

Explorers of other races who came to this place could even be at Ethereal God Realm. If Ai Fu had only Second Sky of Original God Realm, how could he stand firm and become the owner of the biggest exchange market?

"He depends on his grandfather who is at the Incipient God Realm," Na Xin said faintly.

People then fell into silence.

"Ai Fu's grandfather has First Sky of Incipient God Realm. He secludes and cultivates somewhere in the Far West region of the Agate Star Area. It has been so many years since he's shown himself. Anyway, in this Far West region, all know about him. As long as he's alive, no one dares to provoke Ai Fu," Na Xin said solemnly. "Moreover, even though Ai Fu's realm isn't high, his entourage isn't bad. They are his grandfather's subordinates. All of them have reached the Ethereal God Realm. One is even at Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm."

"Oh," Shi Yan nodded, "He has a powerful background. That's why he isn't afraid of bandits. No wonder why he can still stand in the Broken Star Field."

"But I don't like this man. He is too cunning," Na Xin sighed. "If we do business with him, he will definitely skin us. I have a headache thinking about this. Sigh."

"How about you let me do business for you?" Shi Yan contemplated for a while and then said seriously, "You Giants are famous for your natural characteristics. It would be better if you let us do the business on behalf of you."

Na Xin's eyes brightened. He pondered and then nodded.