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912 Myriad Weighty Stone

"Sir! Sir!"

Li Xiao's voice came from afar, sounding excited. The Giants and Shi Yan were all depressed because they couldn't dig up the Thousand Fold Lotus. Hearing Li Xiao's voice, Shi Yan frowned while contemplating. He decided not to overthink about the Thousand Fold Lotus at the moment, walking towards Li Xiao.

Na Xin and the Giant soldiers surrounded the massive pit with a worried frown. They didn't mind Li Xiao much, because they were busy figuring out how to obtain the Thousand Fold Lotus.

Crossing several li, Shi Yan walked to Li Xiao while frowning. "What's happened?"

"I found something!" Li Xiao was cheered up, pointing at a dark stone by his feet. "Myriad Weighty Stone! It's the Myriad Weighty Stone!"

That stone was ink black, around fist sized. It wasn't eye-catching, mingling with the other stones in the pile. It didn't look odd or have any beam of energy.

Shi Yan was surprised. "Is that stone suitable for building the city?"

"Sir, if you don't mind, please pick it up," Li Xiao smiled.

As Shi Yan was skeptical, he reached and grabbed the Myriad Weighty Stone, releasing his energy while trying to pull it up.

"Eh?" Shi Yan changed his visage.

At his realm, when he released energy, it was enough to pick up a small-sized mountain. However, that fist-sized stone didn't move even inch.

Shi Yan's interest arose. He walked to the stone and didn't draw it into the void using energy anymore. He extended his hand, touching that Myriad Weighty Stone.

It felt firm and cold in his hand, but there was nothing else special about it.

However, when he tried to lift up the rock, his face changed.

Heavy! Too heavy! 

It was just a small rock, but it was as heavy as a small mountain. Shi Yan had to use his Essence Qi to lift it up. His arm shook as he hardly endured it.

Shi Yan's eyes brightened up, "That stone's too heavy!"

Li Xiao nodded continually, looking strangely happy. "The Myriad Weighty Stone is extremely heavy. In a normal situation, it's thousands of times heavier than the rock of the same volume. This fist-sized Myriad Weighty Stone can compare to a small mountain!"

Shi Yan was shocked. "It's strange, indeed! Can we use it to build the city?"

"The best material to build the city! It's tough enough to resist almost all kinds of attacks. It's immune to weapons, strong impacts, fire, or water! It's the top stone material to build a city!" Li Xiao stressed on the stone's features.

"Alright!" Shi Yan was excited. "Where did you find this Myriad Weighty Stone? How much of it can we collect?"

The smile on Li Xiao's face faded. "I found only that stone. I've checked around, but I couldn't find more. I don't know where it's from."

Shi Yan was surprised, pondering for a while, then said, "There should be more around. We'll scatter and search then."

"Okay," Li Xiao was really excited. He immediately moved towards another stone pile, trying to find more Myriad Weighty Stone.

The two of them then focused on searching for more stones. They forgot the time, just raking through the stone quarry and checking each pile of stones.

After waiting for Shi Yan for a long time but not seeing him come back, the Giant clansmen became curious. Na Xin contemplated, then took his fellows to search.

Afterward, Jester also came to their area. Seeing Shi Yan and Li Xiao burying their heads into piles of stones, he couldn't help but ask skeptically, "What are you looking for?" 

Shi Yan turned to him. He had many crushed stones sticking on his face. He threw the stone in his hand to Jester. "This. Alchemist Jester, have a look and tell me if you're familiar with this kind of stone."

Jester extended his hand to catch it. At the moment the Myriad Weighty Stone fell into his hand, his body was blown backward. Half of his body was pressed into the ground, and he almost got his wrist strained.

He was scared, screaming continually. "Oh motherf*cker! What the heck is this stone? How could it be so heavy! Oh damn!"

"It's called Myriad Weighty Stone. Alchemist Jester, you don't know about it?" Shi Yan was surprised.

Jester still had half of his body underground, forcing a smile while shaking his head. "Never heard of it before."

Shi Yan was bewildered, and couldn't help but look at Li Xiao. Now he knew that perhaps alchemist Jester wasn't better than Li Xiao in terms of knowledge of stone materials. Although Li Xiao didn't have a high realm, his knowledge of stone materials wasn't shallow.

"We're trying to find that kind of stone. If we can find enough, it will be the main material to build our city. Alchemist Jester, please come and help us," Shi Yan smiled inaudibly.

Jester was surprised, then nodded and smiled. "That's good. I'm on it."

Not long afterward, Na Xin took some brawny Giants coming from afar. Seeing the strange operation of the other threes, he got suspicious.

"Little Yan, what are you doing?"

"Finding a stone material which is very weighty." Shi Yan pointed at Jester's. "That black stone on the ground is what we want to find. Have you ever seen it before?"

Jester had put that Myriad Weighty Stone on the ground.

Na Xin jumped over there, touching the stone. He picked it up easily while hissing, "My, it's heavy!"

"Yeah, pretty heavy. We need this kind of stone to build the city. As you live in the Old Orchid Star precursor, do you know any place has this kind of stone?" Shi Yan smiled and asked.

Na Xin was a little bit embarrassed. "I don't pay much attention to these things."

He turned around, hurling the Myriad Weighty Stone to the Giants coming with him. "Have a look at it. Do you know where to find this kind of stone?"

The Giant clansmen looked at the Myriad Weighty Stone, shaking their heads while responding in negative.

After a while, some other Giants came. One of them was an ugly Giant. As soon as he arrived, he screamed, "Tribal Oldie, I know where to find this kind of stone."

People had their eyes brightened.

"Take us there," ordered Na Xin.

That Giant didn't say anything, striding in a direction. People followed him immediately.

After two hours, the Giant led them to a one-thousand-meters-high bleak and barren mountain. However, when they approached the mountain, they found that the gravity in this area was even several hundred times stronger.

Jester was hovering. However, when they arrived at this area, he fell onto the ground immediately, rushing into the pile of crushed stone in a sorry state.

Shi Yan staggered for a while before he could steady his God Body in the air. He didn't fall like Jester.

"This mountain has the same kind of material. When I hunted near here, I used to see it," said the Giant honestly.

Shi Yan was moved. He didn't talk more, hauling the divine sword out a nd slashing the mountain.

The surface rock of the mountain wasn't Myriad Weighty Stone. It was just a typical one. When his divine sword slashed down, blocks of rock fell like tofu cubes.

Clink Clink!

Digging dozens of meters deep into the mountain, the clinking noises of metal on metal echoed. The massive sword that was still working effortlessly met an obstacle for the first time.

Shi Yan stepped forward while glancing, and couldn't help but smile. "Indeed, inside the mountain is this very kind of material, the Myriad Weighty Stone."

People could see a dark area inside the cave Shi Yan had just dug up. The black stone had a deep scratch, which was left by the divine sword.

The sharp divine sword that had cut the stone steles in the God Perishing Land as easy as cutting tofu couldn't break the Myriad Weighty Stone. Thus, it had proven how tough the Myriad Weighty Stone was.

Rattle Rattle Rattle!

Shi Yan swung the sword, breaking the typical rock by the cave to enlarge it.

After a long moment, the entrance of the cave was now dozens of meters large, enough for two Giants to enter and check the special things inside.

"It's the same stone material inside," Li Xiao stood in the distance, pondering for a while. He didn't dare to step forward as he just muttered.

Shi Yan nodded, "It's true. The inside of this mountain is the Myriad Weighty Stone. It should be enough for us to build the city."

"Too heavy. I'm afraid we can't move them out," Li Xiao forced a smile. "The amount of Myriad Weighty Stone in this mountain is even heavier than a medium sized life star. Perhaps, even the Giant precursors can't move it." 

Na Xin nodded, talking seriously. "Based on the weight of that fist-sized stone, and with the entire inside of this mountain being made of it, we really can't move it. It is going to be too heavy. We don't have a solution."

Shi Yan couldn't help but smile miserably.

The Thousand Fold Lotus was deep underground, so they couldn't touch it. And now, they found a special material to build the city that they couldn't move. He suddenly felt that God was playing with him. He could see them but couldn't touch.

This was much harder to endure than not knowing anything.

"I'll try to use space power to move it." Contemplating for a while, Shi Yan took a deep breath, making up his mind. He didn't want to leave empty handed.

Holding his breath and concentrating his mind, Shi Yan condensed beams of Soul Consciousness, seeping into the mountain made of Myriad Weighty Stone.

His Soul Consciousness found it difficult to move further.

The Myriad Weighty Stone was unique. His Soul Consciousness could pierce through the normal stone, but it felt like countless of ropes were tying it down when he attempted to pierce through the stone. He had to use a lot of soul energy.

He didn't give it up, gritting his teeth to get through the stone.

After a while, his brain was shaken, his face showing an expression like he had found something wonderful!

His Soul Consciousness found something inside the Myriad Weighty Stone mountain. It had thousands or even tens of thousands of thick lines! Those thumb-sized lines glowed brilliantly, spreading in the center of the mountain like a big spider web. Shi Yan could see them in every corner.

Those glowing lines looked like a mysterious spiritual formation!

However, that formation was shattered. Many thumb-sized lines were broken, which had stopped the energy circulation of that formation, making it incomplete.

Retrieving his Soul Consciousness, Shi Yan's face was stern. He took a deep breath and then talked, "There's a formation inside the mountain, but it's damaged."

The Giant clansmen were shocked, unable to believe what he had just told them.

They'd been living in the Old Orchid Star for so many years, but they had never found this magical area. No one had ever thought that their homeland could have something so wonderful. This information had them baffled.

"I can fix it," Shi Yan pondered for a while before speaking up again, causing everyone to have their eyes brightened.