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911 Thousand Fold Lotus

Shi Yan didn't know why the two Giants were so excited, as if they were about to go crazy. However, he could confirm one thing: the thing that could resonate with his Sea of Consciousness must be extremely marvelous!

Jester and Li Xiao also heard the Giant's earth-shaking call. They were astounded for a while, then got back to their work of sensing the stone materials. They didn't pay much attention to them.

Shi Yan hesitated for a while, then returned to that gloomy, passive pit, waiting in silence.

After two hours, he was dumbstruck.

Clansmen of the Giants emerged from the mountain, led by their Tribal Oldie – Na Xin.

He took a dozen brawny Giants, running at their max speed towards Shi Yan. They looked so happy that they couldn't hide it.

Shortly, the Giants arrived, looking at him with complicated eyes.

Na Xin's voice trembled as if he wanted to confirm something, but he was afraid it would only disappoint him. "Little Yan, did you... did you find something underground within one thousand li that could resonate with your Sea of Consciousness? Are you sure?"

"I'm sure," Shi Yan nodded, asking curiously, "But, what is that?"

"Ha ha ha! Turns out it's real!"

"The rumor's true!"

"Rich! We're going to be rich!"

"So good. With that thing, we can exchange for many goods! It's a big surprise, it is!"

"Shi Yan's our lucky charm! He took us to ancestral land, and we found the ancient inheritance there! Now, he found that thing. He's the lucky charm of our Giant Tribe! A real lucky charm!"

"True! He's our best friend!"

"Best friend forever!"

Soldiers of the Giant Tribe looked at him, expressing their most sincere affection. Na Xin was trembling in thrill. He was filled with excitement, laughing unceasingly.

"What is it?" asked Shi Yan again after waiting for them to finish their happy time.

"Thousand Fold Lotus!" Na Xin said resolutely. "It must be the Thousand Fold Lotus! If it can resonate with the Sea of Consciousness, no doubt it's the Thousand Fold Lotus!"

"Ouch, please elaborate," Shi Yan forced a smile. 

Taking a deep breath, Na Xin said, "There's a rumor about the Old Orchid Star, which says that the star has the Thousand Fold Lotus. They say that some experts had found it in the Original God Realm. However, we, the Giant Tribe, had never seen it before. Many people have come here to find. Anyway, they got nothing. Gradually, people stopped keeping an eye on this star anymore."

Pausing for a while, Na Xin laughed, "If they knew the Thousand Fold Lotus is actually in the Old Orchid Star, they would regret to death. They would regret that they had eyes but couldn't see. They came to the right place, but they didn't take the precious treasure. Haha. It must belong to our Giant Tribe, our fortune that no one can take away!"

Shi Yan still knew nothing, looking at him begrudgingly. "After all, what's it? What's it good for?"

"You've cultivated Space power. Your Soul Consciousness has space power, which is why you could send your Soul Consciousness more than one thousand li underground. I should have thought about this." Na Xin didn't explain, talking to his fellows. "Even the Peak of Ethereal God Realm experts can't send their Soul Consciousness one thousand li underground. It's because the gravity in that area is thousand-fold stronger than on the surface of the star! Ethereal God Realm experts can't do that, let alone entering the area. No wonder why they couldn't locate it!"

"Of course, they had searched for it on the surface. It's impossible to find the Thousand Fold Lotus! It's deeply subterranean!" said a Giant with his good mood.

Na Xin put on a serious countenance, explaining Shi Yan, "The Thousand Fold Lotus is a material of the Original Incipient Grade. It can be used to refine pellets and weapons at the Original Incipient Grade. It's the rarest item among the strange and precious items that could give a tonic to the soul altar. It's the top precious treasure, indeed!"

"Original Incipient Grade?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"You don't know about it?" Na Xin was skeptical.

Shi Yan shook his head.

"Spiritual pellets, medicines, cultivating materials, treasures, alchemists, and blacksmiths are categorized into grades. Each grade has seven levels. They are Mortal Grade, Mystery Grade, Spirit Grade, Sacred Grade, Divine Grade, and Original Incipient Grade, where the Original Incipient Grade is the top one. You didn't know this?" Na Xin was surprised.

Shi Yan beamed a forced smile. "I've told you, my knowledge is shallow. The ancestral homeland has existed for millions of years, using up energy. It's a really long time since we had a last King God Realm warrior. Of course... I don't know much."

As it turned out, there was the Original Incipient Grade above Divine Grade. It was indeed true that the higher-level star area had higher-level existences.

"Original Incipient Grade Pellets, treasures, and materials in the Agate Star Area are also extreme. They are all the most marvelous treasures. The Thousand Fold Lotus is an Original Incipient Grade material. We can use it to refine soul class treasure, or Original Incipient Grade pellets that could boost the soul altar!" Na Xin took a deep breath. "The Thousand Fold Lotus has its sets of petal piling up on each other. It looks like a wave expanding outward continually. They connect to each other too. After the flower has one thousand sets of corollas, it's considered mature, becoming the Thousand Fold Lotus. The Thousand Fold Lotus can enlarge the Sea of Consciousness, refining the Soul Consciousness to the point that it can become a real, sharp object like a sword!"

Shi Yan was moved, and couldn't help but exclaim, "Awesome!"

In any inhabited area of a star area, materials or items that could nurture the soul would always be the top-selling items. If the Thousand Fold Lotus could expand the Sea of Consciousness and make the Soul Consciousness as refined as a real matter, it would absolutely be the top treasure!

"The Thousand Fold Lotus and the Sea of Consciousness have something in common. No one knows how it's formed to have layers of folds like that. It's marvelous and precious, indeed!" Na Xin took a deep breath while smiling. "The Thousand Fold Lotus is the rarest thing in the Agate Star Area. Yeah, it's like this. A Thousand Fold Lotus can be compared to the value of a whole life star, at least a level 6 one. Of course, in many cases, even a level 6 life star couldn't be exchanged for a Thousand Fold Lotus!" 

Shi Yan was thrilled.

From Na Xin and the Giants' excitement, Shi Yan could guess that the Thousand Fold Lotus was really precious. However, he had still mistaken its value.

A Thousand Fold Lotus could be exchanged for at least a level 6 life star? What kind of logic was that?

It was unimaginable!

"Can you certify how many lotuses are there?" Na Xin asked seriously, "One or two flowers, you think? Oh, I forgot to tell you that the Thousand Fold Lotus is huge. With one thousand sets of corolla, it is at least one mu large. Can you return there and check out their number?" 

Many Giants were looking at him with hope in their eyes.

Shi Yan nodded. "Okay, I'll try."

He condensed his Soul Consciousness, entering the deep place underground. He quieted down his mind to sense.

After a while, his Sea of Consciousness resonated. He didn't hasten to retrieve the Soul Consciousness, continuing to explore. As Na Xin had told him, he identified the area and dimensions to certify the number of the lotus.

The Giants looked hopeful and excitedly. Their eyes were glued on him without blinking, while they were smiling like the blooming flowers.

Na Xin was stirred up. He had to take several deep breaths to calm down his seething mind.

The Thousand Fold Lotus was critical. Each flower was a real fortune. To the Giants who lived humbly and poorly, it was so important that nothing could compare with it.

Anyway, it was not just the earth and heaven energy they depended on to cultivate. They had to use more materials, treasures, and pellets. The Giants were poor in those terms. Besides the Old Orchid Star, they didn't have much to exchange for the goods. Compared to other clans, they were inferior.

If they had the Thousand Fold Lotus, everything would be much easier. They could solve the troubles they had had for so many years.

After a while, Shi Yan retrieved his Soul Consciousness, looking at Na Xin. "I feel like there're at least twenty Thousand Fold Lotuses..."

The Giant clansmen cheered loudly, hugging and bumping each other's shoulder. They had shaken the mountainous area, sending rocks everywhere.

Na Xin faced the sky and laughed crazily. However, his eyes were watery. "God still favors us! Our time has finally come. Our soldiers can have better conditions for their cultivation!"

"Ha ha ha!"

More than ten Giants were laughing and cheering, their voices shaking the sky. They were so happy they almost cried.

"Who can take them?" Shi Yan was surprised. After being baffled for a while, he asked.

All members of the Giant Tribe were dumbstruck, darkening their faces.

Na Xin was embarrassed, pulling himself together from his crazy happiness. He scratched his head, giving a forced smile. "It's trouble. The gravity at the elevation of one thousand li underground is also one thousand times stronger. I don't dare to get underground that deep."

"Then what should we do?"

"The treasure is down there but we can't take it out. Isn't it different from getting nothing?"

"Damn it! God, are you kidding us? The heavenly treasures are down there but you guard it with a natural gravity shield. How can we get in there? Damn!"

Many clansmen were pounding their chest, stomping their feet as they were so enraged.

"If you can't get it, why don't you hire someone else to do it?" asked Shi Yan.

The Giant clansmen quieted down, their countenance strange.

"No," Na Xin forced a smile, "Our Giants are straightforward, but we aren't fools. If we can get the Thousand Fold Lotuses, we won't sell them out under our name. We will do it through many brokers. If someone could spot that we have the Thousand Fold Lotus in our land, we would have a lot of troubles. I'm afraid we won't be able to keep the Old Orchid Star. We Giants aren't really strong. We can't protect the Old Orchid Star from invasion all the time."

Listening to him, Shi Yan sighed inwardly. "What kind of existence could get one thousand li underground?"

"The legendary Incipient God Realm warriors." Na Xin suddenly felt displeased. "We can count the Incipient God Realm experts in the Agate Star Area with our fingers. They are hiding like ghosts in the mysterious lands, and don't go out often. Maybe they would go out after several hundred years. It's easy to hire those people to take the Thousand Fold Lotus. However, if they want to rob us, I'm afraid..."

Shi Yan became dumbstruck on listening to him. This Old Orchid Star was marvelous. In this life star, only the Incipient God Realm warriors could get underground.

So, the Thousand Fold Lotuses were subterranean, but they had no option? They were sitting on the treasures but they couldn't take them?

The Giant clansmen frowned, stooping in distress. They felt so annoyed.