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Opening his eyes, Shi Yan smiled, seeing his friends.

His condition was now perfect.

His God Body was refined one more time. Each of seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points in his body had become a new world with territory several times bigger!

His Soul Consciousness checked his body's condition.

The massive vortexes were revolving unceasingly in the acupuncture points according to the miraculous rules of Nature.

Crystal lines crossed the world inside the acupuncture points like gorgeous rainbows in the void. They elongated to extremely far areas, creating some unknown, magical spirit chart.

Although the God Body was as rigid as the purest iron, once the energy circulated, it was extremely flexible. Shi Yan could do anything he pleased.

The soul altar had two areas in the tier of Upanishad and heaven flames above the Sea of Consciousness. The two souls floated above that tier. One was his original soul, controlling the important functions of the entire body. It connected the vortex in his abdomen and the luxuriant God power Ancient tree. The fountain of the enormous energy glowed radiantly.

Near there was an immense nebula with countless stars. A massive diamond-like star was still moving in that nebula.

His thought flickered. The newly generated God power flowed like a stream of stars, rolling in his vessels and creating the immense energy fluctuation.

Original God Realm!

He had finally crossed the threshold. After countless times of ascetical cultivation, he had finally reached this realm today.

Although they were all at Original God Realm, he believed his real competence had far surpassed Ka Tuo and Zi Yao's, the two warriors who had just entered the Original God Realm too. If he had to risk his life against them, he was definitely sure that he could easily kill those who had just entered the First Sky of Original God Realm like Ka Tuo and Zi Yao.

And it was highly possible that he could defeat Ao Gu Duo, a Second Sky of Original God Realm, as well.

A challenge of skipping level wasn't really a matter to him. Quite the contrary, it brought him more confidence.

Na Xin, the Giants, Fei Lan, Leona, and Carthew were eyeing Shi Yan. They wanted to know how tremendous he had become.

Fusing with the Origin was something that only the luckiest man in legends could do.

His luck was amazing; he had the God power even before his right time!

"Such a lucky champ," Na Xin appraised. "He has the Origin and fused it with his soul. Haha, this time we got to our ancestral land. Nobody could get a bigger harvest than yours!"

Carthew's group was envious.

The Raging Flame Star Area didn't have any ancient continents. The description and explanation of the Origin were just legends. They didn't know about its profundities.

The legends of the Origin were mysterious and unclear. Still, their unclear knowledge of the Origin didn't mean that they knew nothing about its magical effects.

"My fate has always been good," Shi Yan chuckled.

The ten heaven flames were born by a beam of the Origin's purest energy. After they had been fused with the Origin, which then perfectly combined with Shi Yan's soul, the experience of each heaven flame had become a trace of a memory deeply carved in his mind, becoming part of his soul.

The spherical soul was the Origin, the heaven flames, and the real Master of Grace Mainland.

The continent was divided into many pieces, projected in his Sea of Consciousness. When his thoughts flickered, no area on this continent could avoid his soul sensing.

He was the sole God of this continent!

Shi Yan was like an audience member watching the birth of a continent, observing it thrive to the peak and then decline. He saw all the events that had happened in the billions of years.

His familiarity with this continent was greater than any other existence. His soul was the inner core of the continent, which used to be the fountain of energy.

"Have you found what you wanted to see yet?" Shi Yan stopped smiling, glancing at Na Xin.

"We haven't located the target yet." Na Xin shook his head, forcing a smile. "The ancestral land that year and what we see today are different. We need more time."

"Let me help you," Shi Yan pondered for a while and then grinned.

He touched the air. Space power Upanishad changed at his fingertip. A ring of light suddenly enlarged, creating a light passage. People could see a vague area through that light passage.

"The ancient continent is divided into several pieces. Due to the change of seas, many areas were relocated. I can find what you can't search as easily as flipping a hand." Shi Yan said seriously. "Go. At the end of that light passage is a piece of the barren continent. It used to be the cradle of your Giant Clan and it is also the ancestral land you've mentioned. There's a strange area one thousand meters underground. It should be the forbidden land that the Giant Clan protected."

He was now the master of the ancient continent. After he had fused with the Origin, he had all things of the continent projected in his mind. None of those areas could avoid his sensing.

Shi Yan would be the first one know any warrior regardless of his profound realm or power, once he descended on this continent.

Many holy lands of the original areas of the ten clans had sunk underground or were sealed with many barriers and restriction. It would be tough for other people to search and access the place.

However, it was easy to him.

His Soul Consciousness had sensed the birthplace of the Giant Clan underground. It was a large area of stone buildings and palaces. He could even see statues of the Giant ancestors. It was the homeland that the Giants had protected with their history and inheritance...

Na Xin's eyes brightened.

Taking a deep breath, he smiled and nodded. "Thank you. You helped us save a lot of time and efforts."

"I want to thank you for your heavy gift. If you didn't give me so many divine crystals to break through, I couldn't have gotten through it safely," said Shi Yan honestly.

"With your innate endowment and competence, your future... is immeasurable." Na Xin appraised. Then, he didn't say more. He just nodded to the Giant clansmen standing next to him. "Let's go. We're going to the ancestral land."

The Giants agreed grumblingly, their faces thrilled as their giant bodies shook slightly.

Members of the Giant Clan entered the space passage created by Shi Yan as guided. They started to move to the most mysterious land of their Clan.

After the last Giant disappeared into the passage, Shi Yan arched his brows, asking Fei Lan. "Fusing with the Origin is just accommodating the soul, right? Could it be... two souls co-existing?"

Fei Lan was baffled. She carefully remembered the legends. After a while, she spoke up, "Never heard of such a strange phenomenon."

Shi Yan's heart shivered. His face darkened, but he didn't say anything.

He also knew it wasn't normal.

Both Na Xin and Fei Lan's explained that once fusing with the Origin, the soul would be merged perfectly with the Origin. They would become one.

But Shi Yan... had two souls. His soul seemed to be split... and they seemed completely different.

Since Na Xin and Fei Lan were precursors with profound knowledge, if they didn't know it, Shi Yan was afraid that the others couldn't. This planted a seed of anxiety in his heart.

However, when he circulated his soul altar, he found nothing wrong with the two souls. They had even supported each other, and Shi Yan didn't feel anything annoyed.

Between the two souls, his original soul was in charge of everything as if it was the host soul. It controlled the God Body and all powers, urging the powers Upanishad.

The ball-shaped soul could urge and use the powers of the heaven flames. It was familiar with all abilities of the ten heaven flames.

His thoughts moved, and the icy, scorching auras could perform naturally and strongly. The fountain of these energies stayed deep in his soul. It didn't need the other energies in his body.

The heaven flame tier in the soul altar had the auras of ten heaven flames. Just like the powers Upanishad, they were interlinked with his soul. The abilities and energy of the heaven flames in the heaven flame tier could run into the Sea of Consciousness and expand to the entire body from there. He could activate them in any minute.

Shi Yan sensed carefully for a while. He found no conflict between the two souls. Although they were distinctive, they were actually matched without any gap.

Currently, he found no abnormal signals or aftermath of the fusion.

Although he was suspicious, before he could find an answer, he didn't want to explain it to everybody. Thus, he decided not to say anything.

"I think you will feel bored staying in this place," smiling, he spoke to Fei Lan and the others, "Give me a little time. After the Giants have done their stuff, we will get back immediately, returning to that level 7 life star."

"Yeah, earth and heaven energy in this place are almost exhausted," Fei Lan nodded, "After you've fused with the Origin, earth and heaven energy in this area had been running out faster. In several years, there will be no beam of energy left. This place isn't suitable to cultivate or understand realms."

Everybody nodded.

Shi Yan understood. He didn't say anything and just took a deep breath. Space energy fluctuated around him.

He extended his arms, tearing the void. A new passage appeared by him, leading directly to the Perpetual Night Forest in Divine Great Land. He could vaguely see Utmost Eight Purgatories City at the end of the passage.

In this archaic continent, his Space power Upanishad wasn't limited. The abilities he couldn't use in other areas would be much easier here due to the Origin.

In the past, if he wanted to connect two areas in the Grace Mainland, he must use the formation and some other materials.

However, he directly carved the formation in the void using his Soul Consciousness with the energy supply from the magical energy fluctuation of the Origin. He could simply and easily connect different areas.

In the ancient continent, he was the master. With his understanding of space power, he could connect two poles of the continent as he pleased.

However, this ability was only effective in the ancient continent. When he wasn't in this area, this ability wouldn't work.

Moving like an electric rainbow, he entered the passage. After a flash, he appeared inside Utmost Purgatories City.

Many warriors had realized the passage in the void. They lifted their faces to observe. Seeing him emerging, they were all startled.

"Shi Yan!" Yang Mu couldn't help but shout.

The youth of the Yang family including Yang Xue, Li Feng, and Yang Meng were perplexed to see him. They were astounded discreetly.

"Da-ge," Shi Yan smiled, talking right after he landed. "How is your preparation?"

"Almost done," Yang Mu answered and took a step forward to hug him. He didn't know why he suddenly felt uneasy.

Shi Yan was very different, while Yang Mu had just the Sky Realm. Because of the big gap between their realms, he felt a little bit embarrassed.