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906 Original God Realm!

Cold Wind Island, Endless Sea.

Shi Yan looked like a small mountain built of divine crystals, floating in the center of this island. Divine crystals of different sizes stuck to his body. The light was moving as the massive energy of the divine crystals continued to pour into his God Body.

Fei Lan, Leona, Zi Yao, Feng Rao, and Ka Tuo circled him, their faces strange.

Around ten Giants who were around ten meters tall also stayed nearby to watch him. They were very curious and excited.

Seven days passed quickly.

During these seven days, Shi Yan didn't move. His eyes were still closed. It seemed like his soul had wandered to the divine land. However, his God Body had continued to absorb the massive amount of energy from the divine crystals. This process seemed to never end.

Today, Na Xin took Ouyang Luo Shuang and they arrived in Cold Wind Island from Dead Soul Mountain Range. At first glance, they saw Shi Yan floating there.

Na Xin's eyes brightened like diamonds. He couldn't help but cry, "Indeed!"

Ouyang Luo Shuang shivered slightly as bright light sparkled in her eyes. She whispered loudly. "He must have fused with the Origin."

Na Xin nodded, giving compliments. "I can't believe it. This kid is supernatural! He dared to fuse the heaven flames with the Origin. When he breaks into the Original God Realm, it will be a big happy surprise!"

Seeing Na Xin arrive, Fei Lan's team came forward, bending their bodies slightly to thank him for his generosity.

Na Xin waved his hands, smiling. "Just the divine crystals. No need to mind them. We're also happy to see that our ancestral land could have such a genius."

"Tribal Oldie, what's going on?" asked a muscular Giant.

"He has fused with the Origin. He's breaking through to the Original God Realm. When he wakes up, his Original Spirit will be formed," smiled Na Xin.

"Fused with the Origin?" Fei Lan's wrinkled face shivered as she was astounded. "This place has an Origin?"

"Of course," Na Xin confirmed, smiling. "Although the Origin is small, it does exist. He has such a fortune. He has fused his soul with the Origin. Perhaps, when he wakes up, he will be the sole God of this continent. Every single thing in this continent won't be able to avoid his soul's extent."

Everybody was dumbstruck.

"How much do you know about the Origin, precursor?" Fei Lan chose her words gingerly, speaking in a low tone. "Our Raging Flame Star Area doesn't have any ancient continents with an Origin. I've heard from my precursors just a little bit about them. Please enlighten us about the profundities of the Origin."

Leona, Carthew, and the others also looked at him yearningly.

"Ouch," Na Xin was bewildered. He looked a bit embarrassed. "I don't understand its mysteries thoroughly... Anyway, all we know about the Origin are told through generations. However, no one has ever seen it. I can confirm one thing though. The one who has the Origin will become the master of the ancient continent. He will be able to connect the entire continent using his soul."

After pausing for a while, Na Xin continued, "Anyway, there's something different. The Incipient Extent is generated by the soul altar of the warrior, which can be easily controlled to perform different abilities. A warrior with the Origin can't do that. However, we have to use millions or billions to count the number of years an ancient continent has existed. The Origin is the witness of the long river of history. A warrior with the Origin can see the birth, the peak, and decline of the said ancient continent. Through that sequence, he will be able to understand some deep meanings of earth and heaven. This kind of encounter helps the warrior in progressing his realm a lot."

As soon as he said that, everybody admired while discreetly being surprised.

"Anyway, he doesn't look... like what I said," said Na Xin.

Everybody was stunned, waiting for his next explanation.

"Although he has to fuse with the Origin, I don't think he has to use so many divine crystals like that, right?" Na Xin wasn't sure. "Look at that amount of divine crystals. Even I can't estimate the pure energy in there. He's just breaking to the Original God Realm from his King God Realm. Why does he need a lot of dense energy like that? What is that light emitted from his acupuncture points?"

Apparently, he couldn't see what was happening either.

The Giant didn't know it, so everybody else could only force a smile and observe the situation.

Na Xin was bewildered for a while before he smiled and relaxed. "Seems like this boy knows something beyond our knowledge. Otherwise, we wouldn't see such a phenomenon. Haha, just keep it low and watch the changes."

Everybody didn't know what to say. Also, they knew they didn't have any better solution, so they continued to watch Shi Yan.

Several days passed.

The divine crystals lost their energy and fell off Shi Yan's body. They turned into normal rocks. Some even scattered into dust, scattering away.

Gradually, all the divine crystals stuck on his body fell.

In the end, dozens of remaining divine crystals still had a little amount of energy.

Shi Yan's God Body couldn't absorb all the divine crystals, which meant his need of energy had been saturated.

Although Shi Yan's God Body didn't take more energy, the light projected from his acupuncture points was still dazzling.

Seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points were spread around his muscles. They were blindingly bright just like marvelously twinkling stars.

His breathing gradually calmed down. It was like his breathing had magically matched with some movement of this archaic continent.

It was unknown why people could feel the aura of the earth under their feet from him. It seemed like he had turned into a part of this ancient continent.

The most important part.

At this moment, everybody now knew that Shi Yan's breakthrough had passed the critical point. He just needed time to finish it.

"The warrior who fuses with the Origin has to condense his Essence Qi several times more. It should be like a ribbon in the galaxy. It's the God power!" Fei Lan took a deep breath, turning to Na Xin and asking for his opinion. "So after Shi Yan has broken through, his Essence Qi will automatically transform into God power?"

People here had never heard about the God power. Listening to her question, they all turned to Na Xin.

Na Xin smiled and nodded. "True. He can control the God power in advance because his Original Spirit has the Origin." He paused for a while, looking at Carthew, Zi Yao, and Ka Tuo, speaking sincerely. "Although you guys are all at the Original God Realm, the Original Spirit he has condensed should be much more magical than yours. I don't know much about it particularly. I just heard some rumors, so I don't dare say this is certain."

"God power?" Feng Rao's knitted her bold brows. "What's the difference?"

"It's the purest form of earth and heaven energy," said Fei Lan. "Before we've broken through to the Ethereal God Realm, the energies in the warriors' bodies are also different due to different races. For example, the Demon Clan cultivates earth and heaven energy in the form of Demon Qi. After they've refined it, it will turn into the Demon Origin. And the Ghost Mark Clan accumulate Mysterious Yin Qi in your body; it's the Yin power. The Dark Clan cultivates Nine Serenities Qi; it's the Dark power. And the Monster Clan has the monstrous power.

"Different races have different body structures. Although they are different forms of energy, they originated from the same earth and heaven energy.

"This condition will last until the warriors have reached the Ethereal God Realm. Their energies then will be converted to God power. The mighty God power can break the chains of limitation. Warriors with God power can seize any kind of energy. They can absorb Demon Qi, Nine Serenities Qi, Mysterious Yin Qi, anything to create the God power.

"God power can become the combination of different energies or the sublimated form of energy. It's the most primal form of earth and heaven energy..."

Fei Lan talked slowly and while she was speaking, she often looked at Na Xin as if she wanted him to confirm that what she was saying was true.

Na Xin smiled and continued to nod to confirm her knowledge. After she finished, he summarized. "Usually, when a warrior is breaking through the Ethereal God Realm, he can convert his energy to God power. However, a few people with amazing destinies who got some mysterious but marvelous encounters can create God power in the Original God Realm. And Shi Yan is this sort of person."

Everybody put on a longing face.

"He's worth the name of my senior," said Ka Tuo.

"My man is that marvelously unique." Feng Rao smiled proudly and charmingly.

"He's Shi Yan alright," nodded Carthew.

Fei Lan and Leona expressed that this was inevitable and right.

While they were talking, the light on Shi Yan's seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points dimmed out. Eventually, all the light disappeared.

Those glorious beams of light seemed to be retrieved into his God Body. After a while, a surging wave of energy emitted from his God Body...

Tiny contaminants oozed out from his pores. Then, a sour smell diffused.

Those were dregs generated by the God Body, one of the barriers of the warriors' cultivation. While the God Body took in energy, contaminants and dregs would settle in the veins and pores.

They would hinder the circulation of energy, which reduced the performance of a tenacious God Body.

When those dregs oozed out, it meant Shi Yan's God Body had been quenched to another level.

A flame ignited and those dregs and contaminants were burned down, leaving no trace.

Shi Yan's God Body was dark red, emitting radiant light. He looked like the perfect saber. Each of his muscles was lean and tight. They didn't look too big but they astonishingly matched with each other.

Everybody was surprised. Looking at his body, they could see the bursting energy within his muscles.

"That God Body is so strong that its tenaciousness could compare to our Giant Tribe! He seems to have something magical," Na Xin appraised. His body contains Blood Qi that is much more than the Giants at the same level and his body is dozens of times smaller than ours!"

A Giant at the Original God Realm looked at Shi Yan and then closed his eyes to sense. After a while, he became dispirited. "How could it be? He's just... a human. He looks fragile and small. How could he have reached such intensity?!?"

He couldn't explain it and neither could the others.

"Is it because of the Origin?" Carthew asked.

Na Xin shook his head, "No. The Origin could help the soul altar only. It has no effect on the God Body. His wonderful changes in his God Body could be because of something we didn't know."

They didn't know the reasons, and they were very suspicious. They thought that everything about Shi Yan was completely different from normal people. He was simply a freak.

While the others were still dumbstruck, Shi Yan's brows twitched. He had been quiet for so many days. It seemed like he was about to wake up as he had finally finished his breakthrough.

Seconds later, Shi Yan woke up, chuckling.