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Many heaven flames were bound under rules of Nature. They were brought into a mysterious, unknown area together with the Immemorial Demonic Flame. Nobody could enter or sense the mysteries of this place.

Shi Yan had a soul connection with the heaven flames so he could use the heaven flame's soul energy fluctuation to sense that something strange was happening in that place, something that the naked eye couldn't see. He could use his Soul Consciousness to grab something for a while...

Earth and heaven energy in that place was strange and had clear movement. It seemed that if a warrior cultivated there, he would simply receive the true meanings of a power Upanishad.

In that place, powers Upanishad could explain themselves in magical ways. If the soul of a warrior could get in there, that warrior could use this method to explain their powers and study further. He would eventually reach a profound level of understanding his power Upanishad. 

The best place for the warriors to cultivate...

Shi Yan's eyes brightened. He couldn't press down the hope in his heart and he couldn't thank the Ring Spirit enough for its wide vision.

"It's hard to join the battle between the heaven flames. You can't do it." Na Xin glanced at him, speaking sincerely. "However, I heard that you could use your soul energy to strengthen the heaven flames. If it's true, I advise you not to hold it back. I think... you will receive a great benefit from this."

"Why do you seem to be so familiar with heaven flames?" Shi Yan didn't understand this. "You had never returned to the ancestral land. According to legends, only the ancient continent with an Origin could have such strange living beings like the heaven flames. How do you know about them that well?"

Na Xin contemplated for a while, his face complicated and inexplicable. Then, he said faintly, "I was once close to a heaven flame..."

Shi Yan gawked.

Ouyang Luo Shuang put up her guard.

From the conversation between Shi Yan and Na Xin, she knew that Na Xin wasn't a native warrior of the Grace Mainland. She was too curious. And now, Na Xin said that he used to be close to a heaven flame, which made her listen to them more seriously.

"It's true that only the ancient continents with Origin can generate the heaven flames," Na Xin looked at Shi Yan, explaining, "but only our ancestral land was not the only ancient continent with an Origin. There is a life star with an Origin in our star area. When I was young, I had traveled there. That place was hazardous, totally different from our ancestral land. I found a strange flame there. It has its own consciousness. I wanted to capture it. Too bad, someone had attacked me at that time. My soul altar was almost broken. Sigh..."

Na Xin sighed, shaking his head begrudgingly. "I was too young at that time. I knew nothing about the heaven flames and I was impulsive. If I had gone with the knowledge I had today, it would have been different."

"Why?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"I wanted to force it to fuse with me. However, I underestimated the grade of that flame. It tricked me." Na Xin forced a smile. "While the heaven flame and I were battling with our souls, someone ambushed me. I got hurt badly. He took the heaven flame and left me almost dead..."

Na Xin didn't want to continue. At this point, he proactively switched the topic. "You do have good fortune. I can't believe you can gather so many heaven flames..."

Shi Yan chuckled, "My fortune isn't bad, indeed."

Grace Mainland had ten heaven flames. Today, Shi Yan had seven out of ten staying together with his soul in his soul altar, becoming part of his powers.

Shi Yan had more than one heaven flame, something that ordinary warriors had yearned for their whole life. If it wasn't destiny, what was it?

"I hope you can succeed." Na Xin nodded, lowering his voice. "You and your heaven flames aren't in its combined form. Even if your heaven flames fail, your soul won't perish. However, getting hurt is unavoidable. You should be careful and find a countermeasure."

"I will," Shi Yan didn't say more. Right next to Na Xin and Ouyang Luo Shuang, he sat down quietly, closing his eyes and using his Soul Consciousness to travel between spaces.

He was a little bit confused.

The Earth Flame hadn't returned.

In this critical moment, if the Earth Flame had received his message, it would have answered, wouldn't it have?

However, Shi Yan couldn't feel the Earth Flame's aura.

Has something unexpected happened to it?

His thought flickered and a drop of jewel-like garnet blood seeped through his fingertip and exploded. A space of faint blood suddenly turned into only one beam shooting toward a space slit ahead of him.

He had consumed one drop of Immortal Demon Blood to search for the Earth Flame based on the subtle and miracle connection between their souls. Shortly after, an exploding halo was reflected in Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness.

Shi Yan's face was cold but serious. However, he was shuddering inwardly. His power Upanishad changed, creating the Space God Domain.

Different abilities of space power were crossing his Sea of Consciousness. Then, he found a signal, reaching his finger to touch the void in some direction.

Space energy fluctuation suddenly surged from his fingertip. A space partition covered by his God Domain slowly projected an upside down image. It became visible shortly.

Space Inverted Image was an ability of Space power Upanishad.

That image became brighter and clearer. They saw clusters of red flames moving in the image.

In the next moment, the image stopped shaking. They saw that it was a place full of lava and fire. The Earth Flame flew through scorching lava, heading to the deepest part of earth's core. It seemed like it had found something magical there.

The earth's core wasn't watertight. It had slits and cracks.

Shi Yan's Space Inverter Image in his God Domain was showing layers of law going through many fine slits and cracks in earth's core. Along the way, he could see many massive chunks of crystal. However, they didn't have any bit of energy remaining.

Thick layers of crystals filled each corner of earth's core. The Earth Flame was moving like a shuttle through the glacier. It became harder to dig further.

Eventually, it crossed the crystals, moving into an area of a floating fire vortex. That fire vortex had a warm and tender energy, emitting ivory flames. Clouds drifted and stayed together, making it look more like a dream with countless marvelous scenes.

Inside that flaming vortex, a miniature world was portrayed using light, fire, clouds, and mist.

Concentrating his mind, Shi Yan's eyes brightened.

That miniature world was Grace Mainland!

The Quiet Could Clan, the Divine Great Land, seas, and lands were resized tens of thousands of times. Now it was as big as a rubber ball revolving inside the flaming vortex.

That flaming vortex bound that pocket-sized world, constantly taking in the energy of that world, which made it dimmer and dimmer. Beams of ivory flames shot out, falling into the eye of the flaming vortex.

Na Xin and Ouyang Luo Shuang were baffled, watching that upside down image. They looked attentive as if they were considering something.

"Primal Chaos Sacred Flame!"

Shortly after, a thought of the Earth Flame was sent from a deep place in the earth's core which exploded in his head.

Shi Yan was shaken, his face frightened. He couldn't help but shout, "Primal Chaos Sacred Flame! It's the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame!"

"Is it a heaven flame too?" Na Xin asked bewilderedly.

Shi Yan pointed at the flaming vortex in his inverted image, his visage serious. "It's the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame! In the Grace Mainland, it's ranked first!"

Na Xin was perplexed for a while before he hastened to ask.

"The earth's inner core of Grace Mainland, the deepest place underground!" Shi Yan gave a low shout.

Na Xin was shocked, pointing disbelievingly at that pocket-sized world inside the flaming vortex. "The Origin! It's the Origin of the ancient continent! That heaven flame is absorbing Origin energy! No wonder why earth and heaven energy in this continent has been running out so quickly!"

Shi Yan and Ouyang Luo Shuang were baffled.

"I've never seen the Origin before, but I've heard about it. The Origin is the core of an archaic continent. It looks like a miniature of that continent. It's very mysterious and marvelous at the same time with many powerful abilities. However, the most important thing is that an ancient continent with an Origin can proactively gather energy from outer space. The Origin that had stayed in the earth's inner core of the ancient continent for billions of years of accumulation could gather a tremendous amount of earth and heaven energy for that continent. The Origin of our ancestral land is very small, too small, indeed. But now the Primal Chaos Scared Flame is absorbing the Origin energy. No wonder why the energy here has been running out rapidly!" said Na Xin with a serious face.

"How is the Origin formed? Will it be worn out?" Shi Yan was also shocked.

"No one knows how the Origin is formed. While it's gathering energy, it will also consume some. The Grace Mainland has existed for quite a long time, and the earth and heaven energy used to be extremely abundant. Of course, the Origin has to have consumed a lot. That heaven flame is tyrannical. It knows how to take in the Origin energy. It'll be really tough to deal with it." Na Xin took a deep breath then said sincerely, "It'll bring you a lot of trouble."

"I'll be in trouble?" Shi Yan was baffled.

In the next moment, he knew what Na Xin meant.

The Earth Flame had sent only one thought before it jumped into the flaming vortex. That vortex then dragged it into its core.

Right after that, the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame and the Earth Flame disappeared into an unrecognizable place under the power of Nature's Rules.

The area that warriors could only use Soul Consciousness to sense a little bit now gathered all heaven flames of Grace Mainland!

The Origin was freed from the confinement of the flaming vortex. This fist-sized globe was still spinning, floating in the middle of a thick layer of crystals. Shi Yan's Space Inverted Image could still project it.

"Where did that heaven flame get the Origin?" asked Ouyang Luo Shuang all of a sudden.

Shi Yan was surprised.

Na Xin knitted his brows.

"You don't want to get that Origin? The Grace Mainland's energy is running out. Since that Origin is so small, it doesn't have a significant function. It would be better if we can absorb its magical powers." Ouyang Luo Shuang looked at Shi Yan. "According to what my inheritance told me, when we enter the Original God, with the support of the Origin, the Original Soul to be formed will be very marvelous. We can also transform the Essence Qi... It was also God Power!"

"Little girl, you do have great ambitions." Na Xin snorted.

"You're at the Ethereal God Realm. To you, the Origin is just an ingredient to refine treasures. You can't merge it with your soul anymore. Furthermore, you're from the Giant Clan. You won't do such a thing, will you?" Ouyang Luo Shuang exhaled slightly. Her clear but extremely cold eyes sparkled intimidatingly.

She seemed to have a vehement desire to get that Origin.

"If the Origin fuses with the heaven flame and releases the Origin energy, it can revive the Grace Mainland," Na Xin looked at Shi Yan.

"That is correct," Shi Yan nodded, speaking to Ouyang Luo Shuang. "I'm sorry. If I get it, it will benefit the entire continent. But if you get it, it will benefit only yourself. I'm sorry."

As soon as he finished, Shi Yan tore through space and left.