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It was like yesterday.

The familiar sky, the familiar ground, and the endless sea with countless islets. This was the Endless Sea.

Earth and heaven energy there was so thin that they couldn't even feel it without carefully attempting to sense it. This kind of life star had come to the final phase of the energy cycle. Let alone the Giant Tribe, even Fei Lan, Leona, and the warriors coming from the Raging Flame Star Area felt annoyed.

To increase their realm, the warriors needed to use earth and heaven energy as their foundation and initiation. They had to continuously urge and refine this kind of natural energy to turn it into the Essence Qi to nurture their body and soul.

Any life star with tremendous warriors shared the same necessities: thick and abundant earth and heaven energy!

Without energy to support them, warriors couldn't continue their cultivation. For obvious reasons, they couldn't progress towards profound realms or have the chance to understand their powers Upanishad.

The Raging Flame Star Area had many life stars and the Giant Tribe was living in a level 7 life star with extremely abundant earth and heaven energy.

As they had arrived in the Grace Mainland all of a sudden, they hadn't adapted well yet. Staying in this kind of almost-exhausted life star, they felt like they were exploring a desolate mineral star.

Soldiers of the Giant Tribe grumblingly landed on the Cold Wind Island. They tumbled, unable to stand firm. Some Giants who had bad balance fell and their giant God Bodies rolled like a rubber ball on the island.

Compared to the life star where they were staying, the gravity in the Grace Mainland was several hundred times weaker.

As the Giants had gotten used to their land, they felt that their God Bodies here were as light as feathers. They couldn't grasp their balance well, which caused funny accidents.

Immediately, they realized the difference. They sat down on the Cold Wind and started to get used to the gravity like a group of kids learning how to walk.

"Do you need help?" Shi Yan was high-spirited as he walked over to the Giant Oldie. "You guys aren't familiar with this place. Do you need me to show you the direction?"

"Direction?" Oldie shook his head. "No need. Our ancestors have given us the ancient drawing that can lead us to our homeland. I will leave some soldiers here to protect the place. Oh right. What is the highest realm of warriors in this place?"

Shi Yan smiled miserably, "The True God Realm I suppose. We could only have such levels."

The old man understood and nodded, "Seems like there will be nothing dangerous to us in this area. We should get used to the gravity. Then, we will go to the place our ancient drawings show. Do your business. You don't need to mind us."

"It's good then," Shi Yan smiled, releasing his Soul Consciousness to sense.

The Endless Sea had many islets. They had experienced disasters. Many forces were eradicated by the Demon Clan. Many common people had been slaughtered.

With his Teleport Formation, the Yang family, the Xia Family, the Cao family, and a part of the Three Gods Sect had escaped the Endless Sea and entered the Divine Great Land. They could have also avoided the big massacre that year.

However, the Demon Clan had captured most of the people who didn't have the chance to use the Teleport Formation. Many of them became slaves in the Demon Area, living a life without sunlight.

With the Soul Consciousness at the King God Realm, Shi Yan could cover the entire Endless Sea. All the islets were projected in his head.

Most of the islets here didn't have living beings. A very few numbers of islands had a trace of living beings. However, their auras were very feeble. He thought they were so fragile that it was like an ant. Shi Yan understood that they were just ordinary people. They didn't know the mysteries of the martial path.

In the eyes of the warriors, common people were the lowest existence in the food chain. They weren't even as strong as a dangerous beast.

However, when the life energy fluctuation appeared in his head, Shi Yan sighed inwardly, thinking that being a common person in the Grace Mainland wasn't a bad thing at this moment.

Common people didn't need to cultivate ascetically. They didn't need to live a long life. They couldn't feel the changes of the earth and heaven energy either. They would die when their lifespan was over. If they had good luck, they would live a happy, prosperous life without the need to strive or fight.

Each of the islets in the Endless Sea crossed his Sea of Consciousness. Shi Yan couldn't sense any life energy fluctuations of warriors. Some islands, which used to be crowded and wealthy, now had a heavy, deadly atmosphere because the energy was going to be gone soon.

His Soul Consciousness continued to extend further...

After a while, he was very surprised and he frowned. "It's strange."

"Senior, do you need help?" Ka Tuo walked over to him, asking attentively. "If the warriors here have only the True God Realm, it's easy for you to sweep this place out."

"Sweep it out?" Shi Yan shook his head. "This is my homeland. I don't want to see people swagger here."

Ka Tuo was bewildered. He nodded seriously, "I will behave."

After Fei Lan and Leona had landed, they had sent their Soul Consciousness to sense everywhere. After they found that the earth and energy in this place was very scarce, they knew that Shi Yan wasn't lying

This continent would have no beams of usable energy. And this would occur within one hundred years. When that happened, the warriors there wouldn't be able to cultivate anymore. Their realms would decrease, and their powers would slip away. The strong living beings would become weaker and weaker.

It was no wonder that Shi Yan had to find a life star at any cost.

"Do you need our help?" Carthew walked over, smiling.

A part of the warriors from the Raging Flame Star Area stayed in the life star where the Giant Tribe lived while their leaders came to the Grace Mainland.

They wanted to see if there was anything interesting in the life star where Shi Yan was nurtured.

However, as soon as they arrived, they felt totally disappointed.

The Giants were still trying to adapt to the gravity in this place. Shi Yan had his Soul Consciousness ripple for a while. He stayed idle for a moment and then said, "I'm going somewhere."

"Do you want me to accompany you?" asked Ka Tuo.

"No need," Shi Yan shook his head. He made one step and many space waves appeared which rippled, multiplying to create a wavelet passage, which looked unpredictably magical.

His body moved through waves of the passage, flashing on and off. He seemed to stand right in front of them but his life aura was getting further and further away.

This was one kind of ability of space power.


Vault of Heaven Sea Area, Heavenly Demon Mountain Range.

A forbidden land hid inside layers of mountains where countless dazzling light columns stood that pierced the sky. They were vaguely arrayed in a complex but magical demonic formation.

In the center of the demonic formation were seven raised Monster hands, each of which was larger than ten mu of land. The palms were portrayed with marvelous and exquisite monster-like patterns. Some feeble auras were left in the hexagonal formation supported by the Monster hands.

Ghost Hunter, Devouring God Silkworm, King of Demonic Insects, the Holy Spirit God… he could sense the feeble auras of these little things that had parted him in the hexagonal demonic formation. If he hadn't reached the Peak of King God Realm, he wouldn't have been able to sense them.

The hexagonal formation had no light sparkling. It seemed to be losing all of its energy, becoming modest stones.

Shi Yan frowned, walking silently in the demonic formation and watching the drawings on the giant palms. He focused on the complex lines of the hexagonal demonic formation.

There was no strange energy that triggered. This hexagonal formation was just dead. No beam of energy emitted from it. The formation seemed to be broken from the inside.

Shi Yan released his Soul Consciousness to scan any matters in the demonic formation. He got nothing.

Standing in the middle of the formation, Shi Yan closed his eyes, activating the energy of the Immortal Demonic Blood. He wanted to use the magical function of the Demon Blood to sense the auras of the Ghost Hunter and the Devouring Gold Silkworm.

Ghost Hunter, Devouring Gold Silkworm, and the King of Demonic Insects all had his Immortal Demon Blood. At his current realm, as long as they were in the Grace Mainland, he would locate them easily.

The Immortal Demonic Blood shot out, turning into a wonderful light and moving in a special route. Eventually, it shot excitedly into outer space, extending towards an unknown area.

However, after consuming the energy of several drops of Immortal Demon Blood, he hadn't figured out which direction it went or which star area it was at.

However, Shi Yan could confirm one thing. His Ghost Hunter, Devouring Gold Silkworm, King of Demonic Insects, and the Holy Spirit were all alive. Moreover, he could sense that those monsters had comfortable lives. They seemed to be formidable now. Shi Yan got this feeling from the connection with his Immortal Demonic Blood. This was an indescribable, subtle feeling.

Especially the Ghost Hunter... His power was no longer weaker than Shi Yan now!

He didn't know what had happened. However, he could confirm that he was not the only one who had good encounters. Ghost Hunter, Devouring Gold Silkworm, King of Demonic Insects, and the Holy Spirit God also received some marvelous energies to get rid of the chains in the Grace Mainland, entering the unknown outer space.

Shi Yan couldn't help but observe the demonic formation that had lost all of its function while he contemplated.

Pondering for a while, he touched his forehead, summoning the heaven flame soul altar. Looking at the heaven flames, Shi Yan asked, "What level you are now?"

"Level 6," answered the Ice Cold Flame.

"Level 6," said the Earth Flame.

". . ."

Seven heaven flames answered him one by one.

After he had devoured the soul altar in the Heaven Punishment City, his soul received a great tonic, which also benefited the heaven flames and advanced them. The Ice Cold Flame had absorbed a lot of icy energy from the forbidden land. The Earth Flame and the Vermilion Bird Flame had taken in the energy of an expert in a Fire class and underwent their breakthrough. The Corpse Vanishing Flame had the venom of the Venomous Demonic Dragon...

The Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, and the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame were now at level 6. The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, and the Corpse Vanishing Flame were at level 5. And surprisingly, the Vermilion Bird True Flame was now at level 7!

Except for the Earth Flame, there were nine known heaven flames in the Grace Mainland. He had six of them. He needed to gather the Purgatory True Flame, the Immemorial Demonic Flame, and the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame. He remembered what the Ring Spirit asked him to do.

"There are two heaven flames that haven't been seen, the Immemorial Demonic Flame and the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame. If nothing unexpected happened, they should be in the Grace Mainland too. You guys help me find them. We are interlinked. As long as you aren't out of the Grace Mainland when you send your thoughts to me, I can detect your location immediately," advised Shi Yan. Then, he retrieved the heaven flame soul altar into his Sea of Consciousness. "Go, all of you. Search all directions!"

Seven heaven flames departed from his Sea of Consciousness. They turned into seven different color flames, moving in seven different directions.

Shi Yan was still calm. Space energy bloomed. Using Space power Upanishad, Shi Yan traveled to the Perpetual Night Forest in the Divine Great Land. With each step, he crossed one thousand miles.