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891 The Giant Tribe

The Giant teenager, Xiao Man, took Shi Yan's group at the foot of the grand mountain. This mountain was so massive that its peak pierced the sky. Even if they lifted their faces, they couldn't see its summit.

Extremely magnificent, big stone buildings were situated on the grand mountain. They were much bigger than the largest structure they had seen. They looked like small mountain ranges, intimidating everyone.

Lifting their heads to observe the grand mountain, they all felt so small. Compared to the Giants, they were just minute mice. They couldn't even reach the giant's calf. They could only admire the hugeness of the giant.

The mountain ranges in the sky were covered by a strange, invisible energy. Even Fei Lan couldn't use her Soul Consciousness at the Ethereal God Realm to pierce through the protection layer and sense the living beings behind the layer.

Xiao Man stood at the mountain foot, opened his mouth and screamed. "Uncle, I'm back!"

His sound was like a thunderclap.

A forthright voice came from the mountain. "Well-done! You completed the Coming of Age Challenge that quickly. You're just like your Dad when he was young. Haha!"

A louder voice reverberated everywhere. A strong, earth yellow light burst out from the mountain foot. The invisible barrier cracked a slit.

An extremely robust Giant with only a snakeskin-patterned sheet covering his lower body appeared. Muscles bulged under his skin. His veins were as big as a child's arm. However, his body was like jewels, not gold.

Fei Lan's pupils shrank. Her senile body shivered as she said in a low voice. "Ethereal God Realm!"

Although Shi Yan's group had predicted this, they were still astonished. They couldn't help but be worried and restless.

A level 7 life star had incomparable abundant earth and heaven energy. It could nurture countless miracle creatures and spiritual herbs. If creatures trained hard on their martial path here, their realms wouldn't be low.

This muscular adult Giant had confirmed everyone's assumptions. Indeed, the creatures here were very powerful. The second member of the Giant Clan they met was at the Ethereal God Realm.

The brawny Giant that Xiao Man called Uncle craned his neck from the mountain foot. He happily acclaimed, rubbed Xiao Man's head and spoke tenderly, "Our Xiao Man is grown up now. You will be an adult soon."

He was a little bit whiny and excited as if he was happy for the young man but he actually didn't want it. Because when Xiao Man grew up, he had to bear some responsibilities. He couldn't be carefree anymore.

"Uncle, I brought my friends with me," Xiao Man was happy, pointing at his foot. "Little beasts. They are so tiny!"

When the robust Giant heard that, he stooped to observe. His eyes were as big as an adult's fist. They were glorious like sparkling jewels with divine light. His face gradually darkened. He nodded and said nothing else. He just let Xiao Man lead them.

Xiao Man walked to the mountain foot and then turned around to watch Shi Yan's group.

The Giant was hesitant. He pondered for a while before swinging his hand. "Get in."

Shi Yan's group was shocked. They followed the giants gingerly into the grand mountain.

The muscular Giant assessed them, frowning. After a while, he sighed, speaking to them, "I don't know where you are from, but we Giants won't let guests stay out when they are at our door. As you are here, I hope you wouldn't bring trouble to our tribe."

Shi Yan's group was very surprised.

The Giant didn't explain more. He nodded to Xiao Man, speaking to him lovingly, "Your Dad went out. He will be back after a while. He can't know that you've finished your Coming of Age Challenge right away. You can take your friends to walk around."

"Alright," Xiao Man laughed cheerily, waving at Shi Yan's group. "Come, we're going to my house."

Shi Yan and the others didn't dare to utter a word. They were all vigilant, following Xiao Man silently.

There was no big stone house in the mountain foot. That beefy Giant seemed to in charge of opening the barrier that protected the mountain only. He didn't accompany them.

They were walking on a one-hundred-meter road leading up to the mountain peak. Xiao Man led the way, speaking deliberately. "My house is up there. You guys follow me. Don't mess around."

There were many stone columns along the way. These stone columns were around a hundred meters long. Sometimes they were round, sometimes they had a shape of a lozenge or even a square.

The materials of those stone columns weren't similar. Some looked like they were made of iron while others looked like they were made out of gems. However, each of them was carved with many plain and rough symbols. They looked clear, simple, and ancient like pictographic characters. Some symbols looked like the rolling sea, and some were as sharp as weapons. It seemed to be easy to guess their meanings.

Those stone columns stood along the road to the mountain.

"Don't try to investigate," Shi Yan gave a low shout, warning people. "We won't receive any nice things if we irritate them."

Jester, Ka Tuo, and some other warriors wanted to release their Soul Consciousness to sense the stone columns. After being warned, they were all embarrassed, nodding their heads to tell him that they understood.

Xiao Man walked ahead, and the warriors followed behind. They headed to the mountain flank.

Along the road, the stone columns stood thickly. They saw a new column every ten meters. After walking for a while, they saw many magnificently, massive houses. Many Giants who lived inside those houses craned their heads out of the house to observe strangers coming to their mountain. All looked curious.

Most of them were Giant teenagers. They seemed to have not experienced the Coming of Age ritual yet. They looked naive and curious as if they had never seen any people visiting from outside.

Walking furthermore for an unknown time, people came to a turn in the rumbling sounds of Xiao Man's footsteps. Xiao Man took that turn. They continued to walk before they reached an area of impressively huge buildings. Situated there were more than ten connected stone houses. They looked like small mountains jutting out from the grand mountain flank. Those houses were majestically massive.

Xiao Man led the warriors to the biggest house, much taller than the surrounding houses.

Gradually, adult members of this Giant Tribe emerged from their houses. They were astounded, stooping to observe Shi Yan's group. Some of them frowned as if they were worried, while others were indifferent. However, most of them wore a strange countenance.

Xiao Man was still naive so he didn't know whether he did a good thing or not. He was so excited, walking to the biggest stone house. "This is my home."

A white-headed old Giant walked to them from an area farther away. Wherever he passed by, adult members of the Giant Tribe showed him their honest respect. They greeted him, "Tribal Oldie."

This Giant looked lanky like an ancient tree, which was about to wither and die. He didn't have divine light moving on his shriveled body. He gave people a feeling of an aging man or a tree which was about to enter reincarnation.

"Grandpa Shan (lit. mountain – TL)." Seeing Oldie, Xiao Man smiled brightly. "I have completed my challenge." He rattled the necklace on his neck, speaking contentedly. "Am I faster than my Dad that year?"

"Good boy," the Giant Oldie rubbed his matted hair that looked like a birds nest, speaking to him lovingly, "You're more excellent than your Dad. You will surpass your Dad soon."

Xiao Man clenched his fists, talking resolutely. "I can help my Dad soon!"

"Yes. You are a real fighter now," the Giant Oldie sighed then nodded. "When you become a real fighter, you can't be carefree anymore. You can't stay on the mountain forever. Sigh."

"I want to protect my little brothers in our tribe!" said Xiao Man solemnly.

The Giant Oldie sighed again. He looked dreary and helpless, speaking to Xiao Man all of a sudden. "Your mother is behind the mountain. You should go tell her your good news. I'm going to talk to your friends here."

"Alright, I'm going now," Xiao Man was obedient. He turned to Shi Yan and said seriously. "You guys wait for me. I will take you around and have fun. We are all good people here. We won't harm you."

Shi Yan smiled at him. "I know you are all good guys."

Xiao Man laughed contentedly and left.

As soon as he left, the warriors of the Giant Tribe slowly gathered, surrounding Shi Yan's group. They were like huge trees that shielded all the light.

Shi Yan's group suddenly felt a lot of pressure. They felt so uncomfortable.

Even Fei Lan had become silent in this area. She just frowned, looking at these magical, huge creatures, waiting for something.

"Where are you from? Why are you here?" The Giant Oldie finally asked them. His voice wasn't thundering but calm, low, and powerful.

"We are from Agate Star Area. We came here through the hollow channel," answered Fei Lan.

"I have never heard about this star area," the Giant Oldie was surprised. "Where is that hollow channel? Is it in the forest?"

Fei Lan shook her head. "After we went through the hollow channel, we landed in the forest, but we couldn't find the hollow channel afterward."

The Giant Oldie furrowed his brows. "How much do you know about this place of ours?"

"Absolutely nothing," answered Fei Lan.

"So why did you come here?" He asked the second time.

"I'm looking for someone," Fei Lan contemplated for a while then pointed at the group next to her. "They wanted to find a better place to cultivate."

"Elder, besides your tribe in this area, do we have any other creatures?" Shi Yan suddenly intervened.

"Which are the other creatures you've mentioned?" The Giant Oldie didn't answer but instead asked another question.

"For example, the God Clan, the Demon Clan, the Monster Clan, the Dark Clan, the Corpse Clan..."

Oldie's face darkened.

Shi Yan stopped midway, looking at him gingerly.

"You have these races in your star area?" Oldie took a deep breath, frowning, his eyes sharp and dangerous.

Shi Yan looked at Fei Lan.

Fei Lan explained, "Our star area has almost all of the races he's mentioned. But we don't have your race there."

"My homeland had the members of the Giant Clan. I saw...a corpse," Shi Yan exhaled.

The Giant Oldie was shaken. He didn't look at Fei Lan anymore, shifting his gaze to Shi Yan. "What is your homeland called?"

"The Grace Mainland."