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890 Living in Harmony

Shi Yan's group of four discussed the Eight Great Inheritance and matters related to the blood mark.

Leona explained everything she knew. She didn't conceal anything. Then, she turned to Shi Yan, "How about you? What did you encounter?"

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo also looked at him.

This was the topic that all of them wanted to know about.

From what Leona had guessed, after Lao Luo left the Raging Flame Star Area, he must have gone to Shi Yan's ancient continent to leave his Master's inheritance.

Apparently, Shi Yan with the Blood Vein Ring had received the inheritance of the Master of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight. He was now also the... Master.

They really wanted to know why this young man received the most mysterious inheritance and how he got to the Raging Flame Star Area.

"Me?" Shi Yan was reluctant. "It isn't too complicated. I was lucky that I got this ring. I'm still baffled to this day as to why I received this. Compared to you, I don't even know the Bloodthirsty's Eight Great Inheritances. At this moment, I can't discover the mysteries of this ring."

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo were astonished.

"When that precursor left, he told us that he wanted to go to an ancient continent, which should have an Essence. I think he must be implying something. Otherwise, he wouldn't have needed to make it so complicated. I think there is something hidden." Leona looked at him, hesitating for a while before she continued. "You must have something strange on your body. Otherwise, you couldn't have received the inheritance. It's the most important inheritance after all!"

". . . something strange," Shi Yan frowned, musing on that idea. ."

Talking about strange things, he did have one: he wasn't from this world. Perhaps, he could be from another universe!

Concealing light sparkled in his eyes. He changed his face slightly as he thought of a possibility...

Perhaps, the inheritance of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight could summon souls from another universe through that Blood Pond?

Science and technology in his previous world had developed to the peak. Their trends weren't similar to this place, where warriors ruled all. His previous world didn't have any life star that still contained earth and heaven energy. They didn't have power Upanishad cultivation techniques either. People there just depended on machinery.

If that Blood Pond had the power to attract and guide souls from another universe, did that carry any deep meaning?

Was it true that only a soul that didn't belong in this universe, could inherit the Blood Vein Ring's Master's legacy? Does he now have the choice to lead the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight to a hopeful and glorious future?

Shi Yan furrowed his brows. The more he thought about it, the more possible it seemed.

Perhaps, only the ancient continent on a life star with an Essence could do that...

Was this why Lao Luo didn't mind traveling countless miles across the universe with his wounded body to leave the inheritance, guiding the soul from another universe to receive his Master's inheritance?

This was the ultimate secret that he would never share with anyone.

Thus, he pondered for a while, shaking his head with forced smiles. "I'm just simply a foolish boy who had the best fortune. It's not as complicated as you think."

Fei Lan and Leona were the characters who had almost become legends. How could they not notice his lie? However, they knew how to behave in such a situation. They didn't pry him for more information.

"I've kept this Blood Shield. Now, I'm going to hand it to you as our ancestors had asked us to do." Fei Lan pondered for a while before begrudgingly taking out the small shield. She handed it to Shi Yan. "I suggest you not to use this shield before you reached the Original God Realm. This shield is really bizarre. Before you get its approval, you should treat it well."

The simple shield flew to Shi Yan's palm. It had a heavy cold Yin Qi, but Shi Yan couldn't see anything strange on both sides of the small shield.

Holding the shield, Shi Yan triggered his mind. The blood mark in the glabella of his God Soul emerged clearly. A strange seal energy seeped to the shield.

Instantaneously, the shield emitted thick blood light. A mark of blood clouds appeared on one side of the shield. Shortly after, it turned into a bunch of blood light, disappearing into the Blood Vein Ring. The shield now stayed in a large space together with the Sky Destroyer Divine Sword inside the Blood Vein Ring.

Leona and Fei Lan's eyes brightened as they nodded.

Shi Yan also smiled, caressing the Blood Vein Ring. "Seems like I can control it."

The Blood Vein Ring on his finger wasn't similar to the normal Fantasy Sky Ring. It couldn't store most matter. However, it could keep magical creatures like heaven flames, beasts, or the Holy Spirit God, but not cultivating materials or pellets.

The objects it used to store was only the divine sword but now a small shield was added.

It seemed only objects that had a close relationship to the previous master could enter the ring. The others miscellaneous items couldn't find room in there.

It was a strict requirement.

"You're the owner of the ring. Of course, it belongs to you," Fei Lan frowned, snorted and said, "I don't care about the Eight Great Inheritances or whatever. I won't worship you as my lord. I'm here to find my devil-like man. I don't care about anything else. What you want to maintain or intend to do has nothing to do with me. Also, I won't listen to your orders."

Fei Lan was at the Ethereal God Realm and she wasn't a member of the Dark Sky. Since she was Leona's Big Uncle's spouse, she had studied the Corrosive power Upanishad. In her heart, she didn't have much respect or recognition for the so-called Eight Great Inheritances.

She couldn't get over the outrageous concept of her, an expert at the Ethereal God Realm, having to serve Shi Yan, a small King God Realm warrior.

"It's early," Leona nodded, "When that precursor imparted us the Dark and the Corrosive powers Upanishad, he advised us about only two things. The first one was to give you the shield if we have the chance. The second thing was to maintain the Dark and the Corrosive powers Upanishad. We will only keep these two things that we have agreed."

Shi Yan beamed a faint smile. "I understand."

He wasn't arrogant enough to think that he could make Leona and Fei Lan serve him as their master due to the Blood Vein Ring. At least... it was impossible until he got more powerful.

"... Senior, argh, I should call you senior. I can't change your title to master. It's weird," Ka Tuo gave a dry smile uncomfortably. "The precursor that imparted me the inheritance was named Gru. His soul altar had totally collapsed. He didn't leave me any advice. So... I have no obligation. Of course, senior, you've treated me well. If you want me to do anything, I will try my best to fulfill it. However, I can't really consider you my Master to serve you. I hope you will tolerate this."

Ka Tuo was honest. Being the lord of a region among the Pirates, it was hard for him to submit to the other. As he had stated his point of view, going with Shi Yan from the beginning had confirmed his identity.

"Ouch... You guys overthink. Of course, it's impossible for me to treat you as my entourage. Although I have this inheritance, I don't understand it. I don't know what kind of responsibility I should bear. Also, I don't want to bind myself because of this. We should live our lives as we have previously been doing" said Shi Yan with a smile.

Their conversation ended like that.

When they gathered with the others, the Giant teenager was still sleeping. His snoring was like thunderclaps.

The fire was still burning. The roasted beast on that fire had some parts torn off. Carthew, Zi Yao, Yalan, and Tie Mu were eating roasted meat and drinking wine. They all looked relaxed.

Feng Rao, Ka Tuo, and other pirates stayed in another area, also drinking and eating. The atmosphere was harmonious. None of them were hostile.

Alchemist Jester stayed by Feng Rao and Ka Fu. He was concentrating on refining something, his face focused. Sometimes, he smiled as if he was delighted by this strange place. Spiritual grass and plants were all around. He had the best garden here, and he could pick up as many as he pleased.

This area didn't have the sun or the moon, only twinkling stars in the sky. However, the starlight was bright enough for the jungle to not be shady.

After an unknown time, the teenage Giant slowly woke up. He rubbed his eyes, looking at the huge mountain and speaking embarrassedly. "I fell asleep. The wine I drank was so good. Tiny beasts, I'm going to hunt. After I get enough, I will bring you back to the Mountain."

He shook his necklace, rattling the skulls on it. Three-fourths of the necklace was filled with skulls, leaving a small empty area. It seemed like he implied that when he filled his necklace, his Coming of Age ritual would finish.

Rumble Rumble Rumble!

Xiao Man got up, took a deep breath then said with high spirits. "I'm off now."

He didn't mind Shi Yan's team. He just strode into the forest like the most savage beast. Branches and leaves of tall trees shattered, falling on the ground wherever he passed by.

"What should we do?" Ka Tuo looked at Xiao Man leaving and also saw that nobody was going after him. He couldn't help but ask.

"Wait. We should wait until he completes his Coming of Age ritual. Then, we will go with him to the big mountain over there." Shi Yan acted naturally. "We shouldn't try to help him. It is his experience. He doesn't want us to interfere, either. While staying here, we can use earth and heaven energy in this area to comprehend the mysteries of your powers. It will benefit our cultivation a lot. We... we should adapt to the heavy gravity in this area. In case we encounter the enemy, we should prepare ourselves to be able to fight to our utmost."

Fei Lan squinted and nodded. "Listen to him.

"Alright," Ka Tuo agreed.

Carthew, Zi Yao, Feng Rao, and Jester didn't have control here. They couldn't do anything but follow the others' decision.

Xiao Man, the teenage Giant, seemed to know where the ferocious beasts usually gathered. When he got tired, he would come back with a beast, roast it happily and share with the others. Also, he wasn't shy when he took Carthew's good wine and blacked out afterward.

When he woke up, he would leave, full of energy. He jumped into the vast forest, continuing his hunt.

Shi Yan and the others stayed in a certain area. They cultivated safely. In this place with abundant earth and heaven energy, they meditated and studied the truth of their powers in silence.

This level 7 life star had dense earth and heaven energy, which gave a significant boost to the warriors. When they had put aside all the worries to cultivate ascetically, their understanding of powers Upanishad become more profound gradually.

This place was much suitable for warriors to cultivate indeed.

Time flew hurriedly. They didn't know how long they had spent in this area and cultivated. One day, Xiao Man came back with thrill. The necklace on his neck was filled with skulls. "I've completed my Coming of Age ritual. Tiny beasts, come with me to the Mountain. We're going to meet my Dad and Uncle."