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889 The Eight Great Inheritances

The teenage Giant named Xiao Man wasn't vigilant. He seemed to be so naive that he didn't know how cruel people could be. After drinking almost one hundred bottles of strong liquor, he fell and slept on the ground.

Jester and Carthew had put up guard, thinking that this giant would have the same mindset as them. They got embarrassed seeing that he was innocent and nice. He wasn't afraid of the others since he just blacked out like that. All the warriors were surprised by his innocence.

The warriors of the Raging Flame Star Area had been hungry for a long time. Seeing the Giant sleeping, they didn't think much. They started to dig in the roasted beast. They quickly finished several hundred kilograms of roasted meat.

Rubbing their tummies, everybody felt so good. They scattered leisurely, temporarily forgetting the possible dangers in this area. Looking at the starry sky with the moon and sun absent, they felt cozy and relaxed.

At this moment, Fei Lan suddenly got up, throwing a glance at Shi Yan and Ka Tuo. "You two, follow me. I have something to tell you."

Shi Yan and Ka Tuo stood up silently, walking together with Leona and following Fei Lan.

Carthew, Jester, Zi Yao, Feng Rao contemplated following them and decided not to eavesdrop. They remained where they were.

They understood that these four people had some secret. Otherwise, how could Shi Yan, a man of unknown origin, and the pirate Ka Tuo be related to high-level experts like Fei Lan and Leona?

Fei Lan and Leona: one was the protector of Heaven Punishment City and the other was the leader of the five feudal vassals of Dark Firmament Divine Nation. Why did they act as if they've known each other for quite a long time?

In the thick forest, everywhere was under the shade of big, ancient trees. Shi Yan and the other three stopped by a tree. An unknown barrier covered them, preventing people from eavesdropping.

"You tell them," Fei Lan mused for a while then looked at Leona.

Leona nodded, turning to Shi Yan and Ka Tuo. "I'm sure you guys are full of doubts."

Shi Yan and Ka Tuo nodded. They were very curious, indeed.

"In fact, we haven't figured out everything yet. I'll only tell you the things that I think you should know as of now." Leona contemplated for a while then continued, "A long, long time ago, we were just common people living in a small life star of Dark Firmament Divine Nation."

"Common people?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"Right, common people," Leona nodded, "our ancestors lived by the shore of that life star. They were fishermen. They didn't know power Upanishad. We didn't have any warriors at that time."

"Until one day... my ancestors found a floating man on the sea. He was wounded and in a fatal condition. He was going to die at any moment."

"My ancestor brought him home, trying his best to take care of him. Gradually, he restored his consciousness. When he woke up, he hastened to leave. However, he was grateful to my ancestor. For the assistance, he left his inheritance to us. It was the Dark power Upanishad inheritance."

"Before he left, he told my ancestor that he would go to an ancient continent, his homeland, to impart the inheritance of his Master. He said that he couldn't live any longer and that he would possibly die soon. He asked us to cultivate the Dark power Upanishad and maintain his inheritance. He didn't tell us his name, but he bestowed a name to our family. We are a line of the 'Dark Sky.' He worried that the chasers would find him here. Not long after he had woken up, he tore the sky and left."

"At that moment, my ancestor was frightened. He found that he was the most intimidating warrior in the world. Since he'd seen his powers, they had an admiration and desire for powers. My ancestor memorized his advice and lived it through. We've considered the Dark power Upanishad our foundation. We have always consistently cultivated it intensely."

"The Dark power Upanishad is strong and subtle. With this power, my ancestor had become the overlord of that life star. With another lucky encounter, my ancestor became the First Imperial Master of the divine nation. He gained fame and high ranks. The power of the Dark Upanishad threatened the entire star area."

"However, due to his innate endowment, my ancestor couldn't reach the peak. He passed away. However, he still memorized the advice from that person. The Dark power Upanishad is our family's foundation. He knew that this Upanishad was the core for our family to strive. Every generation received and will continue to receive this inheritance."

Then, Leona paused, looking at Shi Yan. "I can confirm that the expert who had taught us the Dark power Upanishad was the man you've mentioned: Lao Luo."

Shi Yan knitted his brows and nodded, "It could be true. Before the energy in my homeland was exhausted, it was an ancient continent, a life star with Essence. My inheritance also came from that."

"Anything related to him, we hadn't shared with anyone. Never. Because we knew one day, someone would ask us about it." Leona hesitated.

"Who?" Shi Yan's eyes brightened.

"Many years later, a mysterious expert appeared in the Raging Flame Star Area. He cultivated Dead power Upanishad. He had cleaned up many life stars, turning them into barren and desolate areas." Leona took a deep breath, looking at Shi Yan. "You've heard about the legend of that man from Zi Yao, I suppose?"

Shi Yan was shocked. He nodded a second time.

"After he had appeared in the Raging Flame Star Area, he was wanton, not afraid of anything. He destroyed dozens of life stars just to recover from his wounds. Forces from everywhere gathered experts to kill him. Another ancestor of mine, also an Imperial Master of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, had joined this operation..."

"You all know the results. After the hotshots of the entire Raging Flame Star Area saw that man, they immediately knew the difference between their realms. They weren't strong enough to even have a chance to defeat them. They thought they were going to die immediately."

"Why didn't they die?" Ka Tuo intervened.

"Because my ancestor had used his Dark power Upanishad..." Leona looked at Shi Yan.

"Since it was from the same line, he recognized it, right?" Shi Yan understood immediately.

"Yes, that is correct. The invader recognized it and stopped attacking. That is why the warriors of the other forces were saved. And then, he talked to my ancestor, the Imperial Master of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation..."

"What did they talk about?"

"He asked how my ancestor got the inheritance. And then, he told my ancestor that the man who had imparted our family the Dark power Upanishad was like him. He was one of the Eight Great Inheritances. And that man was going to give the Dead power Upanishad inheritance. He came to the Raging Flame Star Area to rescue his brother who was another Inheritance. His brother cultivated Chaotic power Upanishad. He was imprisoned in the God Perishing Land inside the Land of God Punishment."

Ka Tuo's eyes brightened, looking at her without blinking.

Leona nodded, continuing, "He also said that he had a brother who cultivated Corrosive power Upanishad. But that man was dead. He said that he wasn't sure that he could survive after this rescue mission. He wanted to impart his brother's inheritance. So, he gave another inheritance: the Corrosive power Upanishad, which is what my Big Aunt is cultivating. He wanted my ancestor to impart and maintain this power Upanishad in our family, and keep it from extinguishing."

"He gave him a Blood Shield and said that it was one of the Master's precious objects. He advised that if my ancestor's grandchildren had a chance to meet his Master's heir, they should give him that Blood Shield. From that man, my ancestor knew that people from the Eight Great Inheritances had a blood mark and the Master that the Eight Great Inheritances serve possessed a ring. His heir would also have that ring. It's a sign."

Upon her words, Leona looked at Shi Yan and the Blood Vein Ring on his fingers.

Shi Yan was shaken. His eyes brightened up.

"He left to save his brother in the God Perishing Land. My ancestor stayed in the Raging Flame Star Area to impart the Corrosive power Upanishad that he'd just received. We are eternally grateful for what he did. We always wanted to go to the God Perishing Land to solve the riddle of the Eight Great Inheritances.

"My ancestors held the title of Imperial Master of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation for several generations. Because of the intimidating Dark Upanishad and Corrosive Upanishad, we had thriven. And then, my ancestors had been able to manipulate the King of the Divine Nation. We were the real owners of the divine nation. My family had become stronger and stronger. We controlled endless sources. Our wild schemes had increased accordingly. Until one day, when the seniors of the family felt that they were equipped enough to explore the God Perishing Land, they went there to reveal the secret of the Eight Great Inheritances.

"That was why we got the star map after years of exploring that area.

"Until the last generation of the family, my father cultivated the Dark power Upanishad, and my Big Uncle cultivated the Corrosive power Upanishad. They were really powerful. At that time, no one in the Raging Flame Star Area could resist them. My father was the hidden hand that manipulated the divine nation. He held the true power of the divine nation. My Big Uncle stayed in the Land of God Punishment to conquer all the Pirates. The powers and forces they had controlled were enough to defeat the entire Raging Flame Star Area. One day, when my father and my Big Uncle had broken through to the Ethereal God Realm, they couldn't hold it anymore. They used the star map made by my ancestors to explore the God Perishing Land.

"At that moment, I was just a little girl. But I had mastered the true meaning of the Dark power. My Big Aunt had inherited the Corrosive power Upanishad from my Big Uncle. My father and my Big Uncle knew that they could encounter fatal dangers. Thus, my Aunt and I didn't join their expedition. We stay to maintain the inheritance of the Dark power and the Corrosive power.

"They haven't returned yet.

"When my father and uncle left, they brought many hotshots of the family. They all disappeared. My family then declined. Since our power had decreased tremendously, the Dark Sky couldn't control the divine nation anymore. Then, the hotshots of the Raging Flame Star Area joined hands to destroy the remaining warriors of our Dark Sky family. Finally, we were uprooted. Big Aunt had taken me, a little girl at that time, to the Land of God Punishment to avoid this coup. The large Dark Sky family, which used to be the real overlords of the Raging Flame Star Area, was reduced to only me and my Aunt. The only thing here to celebrate is that my Aunt and I have survived. The inheritances of Dark power and Corrosive power haven't been extinguished yet."

At this part, Leona became sorrowful. Her voice lowered.

"When I saw you that day, I knew that the man who imparted the Dead Upanishad failed. The experts who cultivated Chaotic power Upanishad had also passed away. That was why you have the luck to inherit his Chaotic power Upanishad. That was why I've been protecting you for years," said Fei Lan to Ka Tuo with an indifferent visage.

"I will memorize it in my heart," Ka Tuo was so grateful.

"Yeah, so that's how it has happened," Leona simply briefed, "Precursor Lao Luo and the one who cultivated Dead power Upanishad met my ancestors and left the Dark and Corrosive power Upanishad inheritances. My family had used those powers to rule the Raging Flame Star Area. Since my father and my Big Uncle wanted to reveal the riddle of the Eight Great Inheritances, they had entered the God Perishing Land. We don't know whether they are still alive or not. But my family has declined ever since. Now, there are only my Big Aunt and me."

"Why didn't they bring the star map with them?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"My father knew where the star map leads to, so he didn't need it. He left the star map so future generations could continue his expedition. The star map was always in the Extreme Purgatory Field in the Purgatory Star. My ancestors had built that place. However, I didn't expect that you could take it. Seems like God's will is somewhere in the dark," Leona was a little bit touched.

"You've cultivated the Dark power Upanishad, and Du Tian Ji still wants to employ you to work for the Dark Firmament Divine Nation?" Shi Yan asked suspiciously.

"I can't deny that Du Tian Ji does have the mindset of an overlord. He knows my background and origin pretty well. He has given me important roles. He cleaned up critics' opinions of me and made me his feudal vassal. Compared to his precursors, he's more valiant and cunning. He has the characteristics of a hero. He does this because he thinks that he can always subdue me," Leona appraised the man honestly.