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888 Are You the Tiny Beasts?

He was just a teenager, but he was ten meters tall. Gold light radiated all over his body like a golden, angelic armor.

Fei Lan, Leona, Zi Yao, Carthew, and the warriors from the Raging Flame Star Area had never seen this race before. Seeing the Giant teenager, they were so scared that they instinctively wanted to attack him.

"Don't do anything!" Shi Yan gave a low shout, preventing everyone from acting blindly. He spoke with a heavy countenance. "Don't be wanton. He hasn't shown any bad intentions. Don't provoke him first."

Shi Yan could see that this big boy of the Giant Clan wasn't at a high realm. This gold Giant had only the King God Realm.

At most, this teenager was at the Third Sky of King God Realm. If they had to fight him, he wouldn't be able to beat Fei Lan and Leona.

The Giant teenager looked naive. His black eyes were filled with curiosity. He stooped to look at them as if he was watching some peculiar creatures. Slowly, he crouched, craning his round head. His voice was like the noisy sounds from a giant bell. "Ah, are you also beasts? I have never seen such tiny beasts. You look so cute."

Since he was ten meters tall, even when he was crouching, he looked like a dazzling gold cloud, which pressured everyone.

He studied Shi Yan's group like how people observed mice on the ground. Compared to the giant boy's physique, Shi Yan's group looked really tiny.

So cute...

All of the warriors gawked.

No matter how hard they tried to imagine, they would have never imagined that the first creature they had ever met in this area would tell them that they looked cute.

"Are you the tiny beasts?" The Giant teenager asked curiously, "Will you be my pets? I will find you good food."

All the warriors felt very awkward.

This Giant teenager seemed to have never met any small creatures. Perhaps he was living in a closed area where he only saw the massive beasts. All of a sudden, meeting a much smaller race must have felt exciting and adventurous.

"We aren't beasts," Shi Yan smiled forcefully. He lifted his head, feeling very pressured. "We are like you. We have blood and flesh. We're also humanoid creatures. However, we're smaller than you. Hey... why are you here?"


The teenager's stomach made a funny sound, but it was as loud as a thunderclap. He didn't feel embarrassed. He just rubbed his tummy and ruffled his hair. "I'm hungry. I'm going to get some food. Do you want to come with me?"

Shi Yan was astounded.

Fei Lan and Leona exchanged looks. They didn't know what to do since they didn't couldn't access the situation very well.

. . . They had never heard about the Giant Clan before, let alone met with one of its kind. They were frightened to see the Giant abruptly. And Shi Yan was trying to be close, forming a relationship with him. People couldn't make head or tail out of it. They didn't know what he really wanted to do.

"Sure," Shi Yan agreed frankly.

"Follow me. I'm going to find you food." The teenager was so excited, clapping his hands. "You guys are so tiny. I guess you don't eat much. The beast I hunted down is massive. I think it'll be enough for you to eat for a long time."

Then, he walked happily towards the fire sea. While he was sauntering, the earth-shaking noises arose for the second time.

"Shi Yan, what is that?" Fei Lan frowned, "Do you know what clan he belongs to?"

"He's from the Giant Clan. You have never seen this clan before?" Shi Yan asked skeptically.

"Never heard of it before," Ka Tuo's face looked odd.

"Really," Shi Yan was surprised, smiling. "There's a rumor about this clan in my homeland. This clan is a friendly and hospitable clan. Although they are intimidating, they don't have bad intentions. I think our fortune isn't bad since the first creature we've met here is a Giant."

". . . So, your homeland has the Giant Clan? Is this place your homeland?" Fei Lan's eyes brightened.

Shaking his head, Shi Yan wore a sad countenance. "If it were my homeland, I wouldn't have to go to the Raging Flame Star Area. I told you before. The energy in my homeland is exhausted. It won't be a suitable place for warriors soon."

"So why is the Giant Clan staying here?" Feng Rao was curious.

"God knows," Shi Yan smiled miserably. "Let's go. We should talk to our "little" buddy. Folks, please remember this. We shouldn't provoke him at any cost. Although the Giants are nice, they aren't afraid of fighting. And when they define you as their enemies, they won't let you live any longer!"

People discolored.

Fei Lan hesitated for a while then nodded, "Listen to him. If someone dares to antagonize them, don't blame me for being heartless."

Shi Yan took the lead, walking in the direction the teenager had gone.

Everybody was baffled. They put aside the thought of attacking the giant and followed him silently. They wanted to see how Shi Yan would deal with that big boy.

Shortly after, they arrived in a place shrouded by fire.

It was a massive fire that used around ten logs that were the size of humans. A ten-meter beast was being roasted on this fire. The delicious fragrance filled their nostrils.

The Giant teenager sat by the giant fire. He was using another spear made of white bone to rotate the beast on the fire.

The roasted beast cooked into a delicious yellow-red color. Oil and fat oozed out with a great aroma. The teenager didn't care about how hot the roasted meat was as he tore a big chunk of meat. He then chewed it happily. Seeing Shi Yan and his team arrive, he smiled kindly. "Here. It's for you guys."

He tore another massive block of roasted meat, which was around several hundred kilograms. It was the best fresh and soft sirloin of this beast. The attractive aroma of the roasted meat invaded their nostrils when the meat fell on a rock by them.


The roasted meat fell, sending oil around. A fragrance that intrigued everyone's appetite permeated the place.

It was not true that the warriors didn't need to eat. Their appetite was quite sated. Since they had the Fantasy Sky Ring and were out for an operation, they could use some dry provisions to fill their stomachs.

All the warriors had been hungry for a long time. Since the day they left the Heaven Punishment City, they hadn't had cooked meat. When that giant block of meat fell on the ground in front of them, everybody felt a great urge to eat. Some even drooled.

"It will be...alright?" Alchemist Jester licked his lips worriedly.

Shi Yan snorted, his face cold. He was the first one to tear a large piece of meat, gnawing immediately. With oil and fat all over his mouth, he couldn't help but shout. "Awesome!"

"Hey, drink something," Carthew's eyes brightened up, laughing. The Fantasy Sky Ring on his finger flashed and jugs of quality wine lined up in front of him. People could take as many as they pleased.

Carthew was famous in the Raging Flame Star Area for his sophisticated taste in wine and liquor. His Fantasy Sky Ring never lacked good liquors. When he lifted the seal on the bottle, the sweet aroma of his wine diffused and flooded the area immediately.

Shi Yan casually reached his hands out and a bottle fell into his palm. He lifted his head and drank.

Jester and Ka Tuo hesitated for a while before they extended hands toward the bottles.

Right at this moment, a giant gold hand landed from the sky.

Jester and Ka Tuo discolored in fright. Their energies immediately twirled around their bodies. Brutal light sparkled in their eyes.

"Don't move!" Shi Yan gave a low shout.

Ka Tuo lowered his guard, frowning and saying nothing.

Jester hesitated for a while before he could stand still.

The gold hand slowly lowered down from the sky like a massive cluster of a gold cloud. It avoided Jester and Ka Tuo, pinching a jug of wine.

He just wanted to grab a drink.

The wine bottle was as large as a giant watermelon, but it looked like a pocket cup in his hand. The teenage Giant finished it in one gulp. He said unsatisfyingly, "So good, but too little." Then, he reached out to grab the bottles in front of Carthew.

At this moment, the warriors knew that he didn't mean harm. He was just a kid trying liquor. They smiled oddly, looking at him pick up the jug, finish it in only one sip, and then reach for another one.

Within thirty seconds, he had finished around ten jugs of wine. He seemed to still not be satisfied yet. His longing eyes gazed at Carthew. "Do you have more?"

"Sure," Carthew smiled, stroking his Fantasy Sky Ring. More big bottles appeared, lining neatly in front of him.

The teenager's eyes brightened. He laughed cheerily. "You guys are so nice. I'm Xiao Man (lit. young barbarian – TL). Pleased to meet you. Your juice is really mellow. Much better than what my Uncle makes. But it's too little. Not enough for me."

While talking, he reached out for more bottles, finished them and continued drinking more.

Shortly after, there lay almost one hundred empty wine bottles in front of Carthew.

"Burp . ." The teenager nodded, burped satisfyingly. He rubbed his tummy then sat down. His gold face was red. "Tiny beasts, go home with me. I'll ask Uncle to build you the best cage..."

Carthew, Ka Tuo, Jester and the other were embarrassed, giving forced smiles.

"We're not tiny beasts. Just like you, we are living beings," explained Carthew.

The Giant teenager sat on the ground. He looked so drunk, speaking with a red face. "Ah, right, I got it. You're smart tiny beasts. You can talk," After pausing for a while, he continued, "tiny beasts, come home with me..."

Everyone felt very awkward.

"He's... drunk, right?" Carthew asked Shi Yan with astonishment. "Shouldn't you say something polite to him? I think you can start now, right?"

"Polite words?" Shi Yan was surprised, talking angrily. "Do I have such bad thoughts? To friendly and nice people like him, why do we need to say something cliché? We just need to ask him directly. Whether he is drunk or not, he will answer us honestly. He's just a kid. He won't act as complicated as you think."

"Don't think that all people have bad thoughts like you," Leona scolded him coldly.

Carthew was embarrassed, speaking shyly. "Haha, I just said that without thinking. I meant no harm. You guys think too much..." People could see he was afraid of Leona for some unknown reason.

"Tiny beasts, I'm about to become an adult soon. When I collect enough skulls for my necklace, I will return to the Mountain. Yeah, I just need thirty more to complete my harvest for the ceremony..."

The Giant teenager named Xiao Man was too drunk. He looked at a place far away, speaking as if he was dreaming. "It has been a long time since I saw my Dad. If he knew that I would finish the Coming of Age Ritual this quickly, he would be so excited... Bad guys... After my ritual, I will be able to kill the bad guys... kill the bad guys..."

The boy mumbled. His eyelids twitched as he fell by the fire. Then, his earth-shaking snoring resounded like thunderclaps.

Everybody was perplexed.