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887 Not Willing to be Mediocre

"I admit that I intended to use you and take advantage of the relationship between you and the man who cultivated Dead power Upanishad. But I have never intended to hurt you."

Zi Yao pondered for a while before speaking weakly.

Shi Yan was bewildered. He chuckled and nodded, "I believe you."

"I didn't know that Ao Gera was going to frame you. I couldn't predict that Ao Gu Duo planned to kill you in the Purgatory Star. Right now, I am no longer on good terms with Ao Gera..." said Zi Yao seriously.

Shi Yan smiled again. "I know that you didn't know anything. Because Ao Gu Duo and Ao Gera were not just targeting me. They aimed at you mainly. I'm sure that Ao Gera and Du Jia have made some kind of agreement. Of course, Ao Gera doesn't want to kill you... He just wants to have you."

Zi Yao's face suddenly reddened. Her beautiful eyes sparkled strangely. "I know of his scheming. I have always known it."

"So why have you kept him next to you?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"I needed to use Ao Gera to compete for the throne against my brother." Zi Yao bit her lower lip and stooped slightly. "I didn't know you before I've known him. If I have known you earlier, I wouldn't have done that."

"Why?" Shi Yan was astounded.

"It's enough to have you..." Zi Yao blushed, not daring to look at the man. She stooped, watching her toes with an anxious and shy face.

Shi Yan's face stiffened. He was baffled and remained silent for a while.

As he was saying nothing, Zi Yao became more restless. She felt very uncomfortable. She just lowered her head and didn't say anything. The curve of her neck was so enchanting.

She used to be the most glorious flower in the Raging Flame Star Area, the most beautiful woman that every man had yearned for. When she was very shy, she looked even more mesmerizing. Men would feel touched when they looked at her in this state.

Although her words weren't clear, Shi Yan wasn't a fool. He understood her...

And because he understood, he didn't know how to reply. Thus, he decided to stay quiet.

Previous interactions with Zi Yao were spinning in his mind like a roll of beautiful snapshots. The astonishment he felt when he first saw her; he felt like he was meeting a fairy. The moment when they both fell into a disaster in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field. All scenes of what they had shared since the time they were together... Everything suddenly revived as if they had just happened yesterday...

However, today, they were different.

Since Zi Yao was the princess of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, the beloved daughter of Du Tian Ji, she would have to put the divine nation as her top priority. No matter what happened in the near future, she couldn't just leave the divine nation behind to run away.

As for Shi Yan, he didn't want to be bound. He didn't want to depend on any force. He had his own pursuits. He had responsibilities that he had been bearing for years that he couldn't ignore just because of a woman.

Today, Shi Yan and Feng Rao were together, and he had a good relationship with the Pirates. Considering the balance of the Raging Flame Star Area, he and Zi Yao were standing as rivals. Unless he gave up Feng Rao and his stubbornness and he decided to consider the divine nation his home, he and Zi Yao would have a boundary that they couldn't cross.

Naturally, he wouldn't do that.

Shi Yan came to the Raging Flame Star Area to find a way out for his friends and relatives. He was the heir of the Blood Vein Ring and he carried an enormous burden. His life wouldn't be peaceful. It was impossible for him to stay in the divine nation, selling himself just because of a woman.

Thus, after pondering for a while, he frowned and spoke faintly, "I have only the King God Realm. I've been struggling for my whole life. In this life, I'm not willing to be mediocre. I will move forward with my blood, sweat, and tears. I am destined to walk along a tough road. Perhaps, tomorrow, I may fall and perish. I consider you my friend. If you are ever in trouble, I won't just stand and stare. But I won't give up my independence for you. It's impossible for me to give up everything for you..."

Zi Yao lifted her head, gazing at him with her beautiful, sad eyes. After a while, she said, "What if... I'm willing to give up everything for you? What would you do if I gave up the competition for the throne? I will ignore the chaotic kingdom and journey through all the ups and downs with you. What do you think about that?"

Shi Yan's eyes brightened as he was touched.

However, at this moment, Fei Lan's figure slowly emerged from the far distance. While people were looking, she landed between them.

Shi Yan and Zi Yao paused their unfinished conversation, moving towards Fei Lan to know what she had seen.

"I couldn't get out of this thick forest. It's really immense, more than ten times larger than the Land of God Punishment." After Fei Lan landed, she was wearing a stern expression. "The area I've checked had so many skeletons of giant beasts. Their level should be high though. I saw a grand mountain more than several thousand meters high. I could see giant houses there. But they are vague."

"Did you see any trace of creatures?" asked Shi Yan calmly.

"Perhaps no. Perhaps yes," Fei Lan contemplated, speaking uncertainly.

"Why do you say so?" Shi Yan was perplexed.

"If it is a creature at the Ethereal God Realm, I can sense it. But if the creature's realm is higher than mine, I can't sense it." Fei Lan furrowed her brows tightly. "I could feel some energy fluctuation on the mountain. But there is some energy that conceals the beings inside. I couldn't sense any signal on that mountain. Anyway, the houses there are so big that we can see them from a thousand miles away. I think... some creatures live there."

"How about going there to check it out?" suggested Shi Yan.

Fei Lan and Leona put on a dark visage, not answering him immediately.

"Did you know the level of the savage beasts in the illusory formation out of the Body Perishing Land?" Fei Lan suddenly asked him.

Shi Yan shook his head.

"Level 12, equal to Ethereal God Realm warriors. They belong to a kind of species that I've never seen before. They are a tribe. When we were traveling through the hollow passage, I left a flow of my erosive air. I can confirm that they are heading toward this place, but the destination is different." Fei Lan took a deep breath, talking simply. "This place should be their ancestral land. They have level 12 beasts though. It's not like the rumor that this place hasn't been exploited yet. Something lives here. This land isn't unowned."

Jester discolored. "How could it be? If this life star has owners, why do they ignore so many precious spiritual herbs like this? Rumors in the Raging Flame Star Area clearly say that the area the star map leads to hasn't been exploited yet. I also think the same."

Fei Lan's eyes were cold as she said disdainfully, "Perhaps they are precious in your eyes, but they are nothing special in the eyes of this land's owners. These ordinary things all grow everywhere. Why should they treasure them?"

Jester was shocked, his face baffled.

He wasn't an idiot. He immediately understood what Fei Lan was saying.

It's true that this place was a level 7 life star, and of course, the spiritual grass and plants here wouldn't be normal in the eyes of the Raging Flame Star Area's alchemists. Anyway, perhaps, they were just ordinary items in this place.

Only rare ingredients never found before could be treasured and valued in the eyes of those who lived in this place.

Because of his limited background, he didn't know enough about this place. He thought that the others would also treasure things that he deemed as precious items.

"I want to tell you that if this place does have living beings, they will be very intimidating. We are lucky that we haven't met them yet. If we encounter them, I'm not sure if it will end well. Fei Lan kept silent for a few seconds then continued, "Now do you still want to check this place? Do you still want to go to that mountain?"

Everybody grimaced, staying quiet.

"I do," after a while, Shi Yan was the first one to speak. "We know nothing about this place. If we don't meet the natives here, it'll be like walking in a maze. I don't like that feeling. If we can meet the natives here, we will know more about this place. About the dangers to be... We're already here and we will continue to be here. Hiding isn't a good solution."

Fei Lan had a gleam of appraisal in her cloudy eyes. She nodded and asked, "Does anyone else wants to go? If you've made up your mind, you can go with us. But I have to make it clear that when we encounter dangers, we can't resist. I won't take care of you guys. You can choose to stay here and find a safe area to cultivate or collect spiritual herbs and other cultivating materials. Perhaps you can break through here shortly. I won't force you. Choose what you will do."

"Of course, I will go with you," Feng Rao smiled and moved to stand next to Shi Yan.

"I also want to see it," said Zi Yao.

"Of course, I will follow my senior," Ka Tuo waved his hand.

"Argh, if precursor doesn't stay here, when we meet danger, we would die faster, right?" Jester was smart. Although he didn't want to take risks, seeing that Fei Lan made her decision, he could only follow them.

His words got the approval of others. The ones who were still hesitant now all wanted to follow her.

Fei Lan was the only Ethereal God Realm warrior here, and Leona was at the Third Sky of Original God Realm. If they didn't go with them, wouldn't it be no different from courting death?

They knew what they should choose.

"Good then. We will go to the grand mountain. Let's go." Fei Lan nodded. She didn't fly but ended up walking in front of them, heading to the mysterious area that they had no idea what was to come.

Several days later, they found many giant skeletons with jade-like bones. However, those skeletons didn't have any skin or flesh. They seemed to be cleaned and cut neatly.

Those skeletons were so huge that they were almost one thousand meters tall. They were obviously the high-level beasts. Seeing those skeletons, people felt lucky that they had chosen to go with the others. If they had decided to stay, they wouldn't have been safe.

Time flew fast. Half a month had passed as quick as a blink of an eye.

Then one day, while they were walking, they saw fire surging massively in front of them. This fire was burning hot in the forest. Fei Lan changed her visage slightly, speaking all of a sudden. "There lives a creature."

Everybody became anxious.

Fei Lan's presumption had come true. This level 7 life star had been exploited. Someone lived here. This place had an owner.

Rumble Rumble!

The tremor expanded from the fire sea in front of them as if a mountain was shaking hard. This rumbling tremor was like the beats of a drum, pounding on people's hearts and shaking their bodies too.

All looked at the area in front of them. They were curious to see what kind of creature was moving towards them.

Crack Crack Crack!

Some small ancient trees were broken as if someone pulled their roots to cut them. After a gust of strong wind swept through, a young male wearing leather garments appeared. He looked ingenious and straightforward, carrying a thirty-meter transparent bone spear. He had a heavy necklace with beast skulls as medallions. His eyes raked through the place to observe the ground.

This man was ten meters tall. He looked like he was made of gold. Gold light radiated from him as if he was wearing golden armor.

The Giant Clan.