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885 The Hollow Channel

Shi Yan floated in the void in front of many space slits. He looked calm while his soul energy was entering the space slits, moving towards the Earth Flame and the Vermilion Bird True Flame like cotton threads.

After the Earth Flame and the Vermilion Bird True Flame had received his soul energy, their powers started to rise. They could incinerate the demonic flowers more smoothly.

However, Shi Yan couldn't see with his own eyes. He could only use the connection with the heaven flames to touch a magical point.

The four-tiered soul altar had jumped into his space slit at maximum speed. When Shi Yan noticed the commotion, it had disappeared.

That four-tiered soul altar seemed to be the distinctive feature of the Ethereal God Realm, which hid endless mysteries. After it had stormed into the space slit, its aura didn't remain. Shi Yan couldn't sense anything.

He could hear Ka Tuo and Leona talking, but he didn't participate.

Ka Tuo reminded Shi Yan that it was possible. He didn't consider much, immediately sending his thoughts to the heaven flames and asking them to be cautious to not let the Ethereal God Realm expert find them.

The cluster of corrosive air faded in the void. Fei Lan had disappeared for a long time. It seemed like she was gathering herself piece by piece.

After a while, Fei Lan stooped to watch. She frowned, slowly landing and speaking to Fan He from a far distance. "I heard you came to the Heaven Punishment City for me. You want to take revenge for your little brother?"

Fei Lan killed Fan Ye. After Fan He found out about this, he had crossed thousands of miles to take revenge against the attacker hiding in Heaven Punishment City.

However, at this moment, Fan He grimaced as he realized Fei Lan's formidable realm.

"I think you want to do it but you don't have the required competence." Fei Lan's face was indifferent, her eyes still cloudy as if she couldn't see too far.

While she was talking, she slowly landed near Shi Yan and Leona, speaking deliberately. "We don't need to worry about that God Clan man. He doesn't have extra strength to mess around with. I've integrated my corrosive power in his soul altar. He will need to use all of his energy to protect himself. He won't be free to do anything else."

Fei Lan's words sounded easy and deliberate. It seemed like the corrosive air would trouble this God Clan expert a lot.

Her confidence was completely reflected in her relaxed bearings.

Leona and Ka Tuo calmed down after listening to her. They were no longer restless.

"Anyway, he's at the Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm, and he has formed the four-tiered soul altar. It can't be broken easily. I can't do it." Fei Lan sighed. "I've spent several thousand years to enter the Ethereal God Realm. This realm is profound and mysterious. If you don't have a great deal of patience, a great mind or amazing luck, it'll be very tough to enter the threshold. That man is just an anonymous member of the God Clan, but he's at the Ethereal God Realm. This clan is intimidating, indeed."

Leona's team wore heavy visages.

"Thank you, precursor. Thank you for protecting Heaven Punishment City for so many years!" Feng Ke led his Pirates and kneeled down to conduct their grateful ceremony towards her. "We look forward to receiving your leadership. Please lead us to a brighter future!" Feng Ke gave a low shout, his face incomparably sincere.

The reason why the Land of God Punishment and the Heaven Punishment City were able to stand tall for several thousand years was that of Fei Lan. Seeing her formidable realm today, all the pirates had admiration and respect for her.

Although the God Clan couldn't threaten them now, Fan He, Ao Gu Duo, Bi Tian, and Monica were all the Second Sky of Original God Realm warriors. If they wanted to attack the pirates, Feng Ke knew they wouldn't be able to fight Fei Lan.

As long as Fei Lan nodded and agreed to protect them, no threat could actually threaten them. Fan He and the other experts of the three big forces couldn't do anything.

Destroying people of the three big forces was the wish of Feng Ke and the pirates. If Fei Lan helped them now, their expedition would have no obstacles anymore.

Thus, they waited for her answer.

Seeing Feng Ke lead the pirates to beg Fei Lan, Fan He's team were frightened, their faces grimaced.

Fei Lan was too strong. She was at the Ethereal God Realm!

She could chase away the fellow of the God Clan. She had made the man run away with only the soul altar. If she wanted to kill them, who would escape alive?

Fan He didn't have this confidence!

"I have nothing to do with your dispute. I protect the Heaven Punishment City because I don't want to see the city collapse. My devil of a man had built this city. I have to protect it. It's not because of you Pirates." Fei Lan snorted. It was obvious that she wasn't interested in handling their business. "This place isn't the Heaven Punishment City. I don't care about your rotten plans. If you want to finish your grudge, manage it yourself."

She didn't care about it.

A vague, giant shadow slowly approached in the void. A pungent smell slapped their faces. It smelled like the saliva of wild beasts.

A heavy pressure immediately covered the warriors. Gradually, more and more shadows emerged from the thick, dark mist. Dozens of them had blocked the exits of the broken Soul Confining Platform.

The threatening force filled the void and reflected in people's soul. All felt extremely anxious.

Savage beasts!

The ferocious beasts had paused their barging. After the fight in the Soul Confining Platform ended, they started to move again.

Fan He and the Pirates were very scared.

Especially the strong experts of the three big forces. They were restlessly uneasy. They had survived those wild beasts in the illusory formation. They knew how strong and savage the beasts were.

They even felt that one of those beasts was even stronger and more intimidating than the God Clan expert!

Fei Lan furrowed her brows, facing the sky and talking coldly. "I know this place is your territory. Just be patient for a little while and give me more time. We have an agreement. Please comply with it."

She was talking to the wild beasts in the void!

And the strange thing was that the flock of strong beasts had slowed down after she said that. It seemed like they were fulfilling what Fei Lan called an agreement.

The tremendous shadows halted in the mist as if they were waiting for something. They didn't move any further.

The largest figure seemed to be the leader. It was very close to Fei Lan, so close that it could snatch her away with only one jump. However, it didn't do that. It seemed like this giant beast was afraid of something. The beast leader was using its magical mind to control the other beasts.

Under the beast's control, the flock of ferocious beast didn't do anything. They were waiting uneasily for something.

Seeing them pause, Fei Lan glanced at Shi Yan, urging. "When will you be done?"

"Fifteen minutes," Shi Yan answered resolutely.

"Hurry up. Those guys can't wait any longer There is a hollow channel in this Body Perishing Land leading to their ancestral land. They've just got out of the God Clan's restraint, which was in place for so many years. They can't stay patient anymore. They won't give us much time," explained Fei Lan.

"A hollow channel?" Shi Yan was surprised "We are bothering them by being here?"

"You will," Fei Lan frowned, nodded, "They couldn't help but eat all the people here to supplement their consumed energy. It's their basic instinct that even their leader can't control them. I think the hollow channel is perhaps the way we need to go to get through the barrier that shields this star area. The place the star map shows should be inside that hollow channel. We must get in there first before the beasts destroy it."

"Why did that God Clan expert not escape through the hollow channel?" Shi Yan didn't understand.

"You talk too much," Fei Lan was impatient. "The God Clan guarded that channel. The Body Perishing Land is established here with an important purpose, which is to control the channel. This channel is the intersection between star areas. Of course, they would face God Clan's enemies. If he got in there, would it be different from courting death himself? The Ethereal God Realm warriors have four-tiered soul altar. Perhaps, he can find a way to survive. He is most confident with that so he dared to go in. He was scared only because the channel leads to another star area which could hold life that can kill him."

Shi Yan smiled embarrassedly, not wanting to speak more. He hurried to gather his pure soul altar, sending into the space slit.

With the power supplied from his soul energy, energy fluctuations of the Earth Flame and the Vermilion Bird True Flame became stronger and clearer. They could burn the Dark Prison Demonic Flowers faster in the chaotic space basin.

The massive shadows in the void became restless. They were constantly moving. Fresh blood scents permeated the area fiercely, irritating people. They felt like they had fallen into the giant mouth of the beast. In the next moment, they would be swallowed.


Some beasts roared from a far distance as if they had found new prey.

Fei Lan frowned. She gathered her spirit to sense for a while, looking at Leona, talking. "It's Carthew."

"Let him come here," Leona replied.

Fei Lan hesitated a little bit before she reluctantly talked to the void. "They are my people. Tell your grandchildren to let them through."

The wild roaring halted.

More than ten savage beasts seemed to get the order at the same time. They quit their aggressive actions immediately. This flock of beasts had a wise leader, obviously.

After the beasts stopped roaring, some people emerged from the thick mist. They were Carthew, Zi Yao, Yalan, and Tie Mu. All of them were very frightened as if they had experienced the most frightful things in their lives.

As soon as Carthew appeared, his eyes brightened, looking at Leona. He didn't say anything, bringing Zi Yao and his team and landing near her.

Zi Yao's soft body was covered in seven-colored divine light. Her pretty eyes sparkled, not leaving Shi Yan for even a second.

"I'm done." At this moment, Shi Yan opened his eyes, giving a faint smile. "I'm lucky I didn't fail my mission. We burned them down. I think... those wounded warriors of the God Clan can't revive again to mess around."

The two heaven flames flew out of a space slit, turning into two small flames and disappearing into his pupils.

At this moment, he saw Zi Yao. He was surprised, revealing a bright smiling face and nodding his head to greet her.

Zi Yao slightly shivered. Her mouth curved into a happy, beautiful smile.

"Let's go." Fei Lan said faintly and then grabbed something in the void. The star map Shi Yan was holding appeared in her palm.

A block of thick darkness shrouded Shi Yan, Ka Tuo, Feng Rao, and Carthew. Leona took them, plunging into a place in the bottom of the broken Soul Confining Platform.

In that area, countless lights congregated, creating a multilayered space passage that looked like an illusion.

"If you don't want to be meat in their mouths, follow us." Fei Lan's voice arose in the darkness.

Everybody was startled. They didn't dare linger, flying towards the vague space passage.