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884 The Four-tiered Soul Altar Runs Away

When Fei Lan's voice arose, endless magic seeped into the place and broke the restraints on everyone's souls.

The pressure on Shi Yan faded away.

All the warriors of the Raging Flame Star Area could finally relax now. It was like a giant rock that was pressing down on their chest was lifted.

Some intent domain that the God Clan man released had been ripped apart instantaneously.

"Fei Lan!"

"It's Fei Lan!"

"It's her!"

"How could it be?"

Many pirates who had visited Fei Lan's shop recognized her senile voice.

Shortly after, people burst out noisily. They clamored continually, their faces showing their dumbfoundedness.

"She's the protector of Heaven Punishment City!" Feng Ke was baffled for a while before he could react. He was so happy.

The pirates' eyes brightened up, looking at the sky instinctively, their visages astounded.

The dark light curtain vanished, revealing two people. They were Fei Lan and Leona.

Ao Gu Duo glanced at Leona. He was shocked, his face disbelieving. "You... you've broken through."

Fan He, Bi Tian, Monica, and the others discolored in fright. They all studied Leona with awe.

They all felt the energy fluctuation from Leona. It was the unique feature of the Third Sky of Original God Realm. Except for Fan He, everyone else was affected. Their Sea of Consciousness felt like it was sinking into an absolute darkness.

When the power Upanishad had been cultivated to a certain degree, it could create a subtle pressure on the other warriors.

"Oh, more remaining evils," the God Clan man snorted, his face stiff and cold. "I didn't expect that the lineage of Bloodthirsty had so many members in the Raging Flame Star Area. Alright. This is good then. I can sweep them all at once."

"If you're in your best condition, you do indeed are capable of such. Too bad that this is not the case right now," said Fei Lan with her wrinkled face and muddy eyes. "I came just in time. If we gave you more time, perhaps you could restore your power to the peak. But now, you will die."

As soon as she finished talking, her body twisted, and she morphed into a cluster of turbid air with corrosive power. It expanded towards that God Clan man.

An erosive intent domain that could destroy any kind of powers Upanishad was released from that turbid air. The two thunderbolt flood dragons created by the God Clan warrior dissolved when the opaque air cluster touched it. The dragons' energy became nothing, disappearing into earth and heaven.

"Ethereal God Realm!" The God Clan man changed his visage. He became more solemn for the first time. "I didn't think that the Raging Flame Star Area still has Ethereal God Realm experts. No wonder why you were so arrogant."

When he said that, Fan He, Ao Gu Duo, Bi Tian, Monica, and Feng Ke gawked.

No matter how hard they tried to imagine, they could never imagine that the senile woman staying several thousand years in the Heaven Punishment City to keep a tattered shop was someone at the Ethereal God Realm, a level that was even stronger than Du Tian Ji and the Hegemon of the Underworld League.

The Ethereal God Realm was the realm that Du Tian Ji and the Hegemon of the Underworld League had been chasing for their entire lives. And now they knew that an Ethereal God Realm expert was secluded in the Land of God Punishment, right in Heaven Punishment City.

"Ah!" Feng Rao dropped her jaw as her soft body shivered. Light sparkled in her beautiful eyes. She stared at Fei Lan who was a cluster of turbid air now.

Ka Tuo's eyes brightened. He tried to press down his excitement. His voice trembled, "Senior, Senior, our precursor is... is at the Ethereal God Realm!"

Shi Yan was also shocked. He was astounded by this fact. "Turns out she's at the Ethereal God Realm. No wonder why she was able to erase Fan Ye that easily. She could subdue all the warriors and tie them down..."

At this moment, he finally knew why Ao Gu Duo, Bi Tian, and Li Yue Feng couldn't force Leona to get out even if they had joined hands to attack here.

Ethereal God Realm...

They finally had an answer for everything.

It was the super realm, the intimidating power that has never been shown in the Raging Flame Star Area! It was enough to subdue everybody!

Let alone Ao Gu Duo, Bi Tian, Li Yue Feng, even Du Tian Ji and the Hegemon of the Underworld League couldn't match them. What could they do?

Leona glared at Ao Gu Duo and Bi Tian, her face full of scary scars. She stood firmly next to Shi Yan, frowning and urging him. "What are you waiting for?"

Shi Yan was perplexed for a while before he could react. He gave an embarrassed smile and sat down cross-legged in the void. His soul thought extended through a space slit. "Do your best to burn those demonic flowers and the God Clan members. Don't worry. We have a strong expert here."

Flows of his pure soul energy extended into a space slit from his soul altar, trying to boost up the heaven flames.

Shi Yan and his heaven flames were interlinked. As they had stayed in his soul altar, the only way he could support the heaven flames was to give them his pure soul energy.

Although they were too far away from each other, he could still sense the joy of the Earth Flame and the Vermilion Bird True Flame when they received his energy. They were doing their best to damage the God Clan.

Releasing his soul energy, Shi Yan didn't care about what happened around him. With Leona standing right next to him, he knew that no one could hurt him now. He didn't need to worry. He just remained focused on his job.

The Soul Confining Platform was broken into many blocks. The warriors of the three big forces gathered in one place; the Pirates stood in another place, while Shi Yan, Ka Tuo, and Leona claimed a different area.

Although they were standing in different spots, all were facing the sky, looking at the deep place in the void where a cluster of corrosive air was expanding and covering the entire sky.

Under the effect of that corrosive air, all powers Upanishad and intent domains were affected, slowly disintegrating.

The erosive air shrouded the God Body of that God Clan man. No one could see them. They could only sense two soul-destructive energies continually colliding with each other. What generated from their collision could easily erase the warriors here.

Under Fei Lan's complete protection, no extra beam of energy spilled over from the sky. People's soul altars weren't affected so they were able to use the God Soul to sense the earth-shaking commotion in the air.

It was unknown why after Fei Lan spoke, the wild beasts that had been attacking the place had quieted down. They seemed to have lost their intent to jump into this platform.

In the thick mist out there, people could see more than ten vague giant figures. They looked like giant, ferocious beasts. They floated silently in the dark area of the void, watching. They seemed to keep their eyes on the commotion over there, waiting for the results so that they could barge into the place to achieve their priorities.

"... Original God Realm, not bad. You've broken through, too," Leona glanced at Ka Tuo, nodding slowly to recognize his efforts.

Ka Tuo became shy and uneasy under Leona's gaze. "My fortune came. We encountered the Easygoing King of Heaven Hall on the way. I took a flow of chaotic energy..." explained Ka Tuo.

"A flow of chaotic energy?" Leona furrowed her brows, "How about that Easygoing King of Heaven Hall? You took in the energy that restrained it. Did it run away?"

Ka Tuo was surprised, nodded honestly. "Yes, it did."

Leona darkened her face. "The exhausted soul of Easygoing King of Heaven was fused with his King of Heaven Hall. That chaotic energy was killing his willpower slowly, little by little. It has been so long so his energy should be like a lamp without oil. You absorbed the chaotic energy, which had been subduing it. Of course, the King of Heaven Hall could escape, and the Easygoing King of Heaven wouldn't die. He now can restore his power one more time. You idiot!"

Ka Tuo's face shivered as he recognized that he had done a stupid deed. He didn't dare to retort. He just stooped, saying nothing.

"You've reached the Original God Realm due to this encounter?" asked Leona.

Ka Tuo nodded again, his face miserable.

"Forget it. At least it helped you break through to the new realm." Leona pondered for a while. She seemed begrudging. "Even if he escapes, he can't restore within one hundred years. And one hundred years later, you will perhaps be able to match him."

She eyed Shi Yan.

Ka Tuo was bewildered

Leona didn't explain. "What exploded this Body Perishing Land?"

Ka Tuo was shocked. He hurried to give her the details carefully with a remark of Shi Yan's excellent performance.

Leona listened to him attentively without any interruption. After Ka Tuo had finished, she nodded slowly. "Summoning the Divine Sword... not bad. It's the precise solution in those given circumstances. He destroyed the Body Perishing Land without a mistake. He can undertake significant missions then..."

Ka Tuo just smiled begrudgingly. He didn't intervene her, acting like a smart student.

Feng Rao hadn't said anything. She observed Leona, the notorious female executioner. She was scared and didn't feel comfortable. She couldn't act naturally.

Leona didn't bat an eye at her. She just talked to Ka Tuo or looked at Shi Yan, ignoring Feng Rao.

In Leona's eyes, only the ones with the relative inheritance deserved her glance. She wouldn't care about anyone else.

Many experts of the Raging Flame Star Area were watching the sky. They could only see the void get pressed down while the corrosive air was crossing the sky. An unknown energy fluctuation made people want to kneel down and worship it. Their souls didn't have a bit of power to resist.

After an unknown time, fierce explosions echoed, shaking the entire sky. The corrosive air shrank and then expanded and exploded right afterward.

A magnificent soul altar shot out from the cluster of erosive air, turning into an electric light. Before people could react, it flew towards Shi Yan. In people's gazes, it disappeared into a space slit in just a blink of an eye.

All the warriors could see that the marvelous soul altar didn't have three tiers as it used to It had four tiers.

The four-tiered soul altar disappeared into the space slit Shi Yan had torn. It vanished in just a blink, leaving no aura.

The corrosive air in the sky moved as if it had consumed a lot of energy, and it was trying to gather again. Fei Lan didn't have the extra energy to chase after the four-tiered soul altar. She could only look at him leave.

"Still can manage to escape... The God Clan is truly powerful as the legends say." Leona was calm, looking at the four-tiered soul altar disappearing into the space slit. She muttered, her countenance heavy.

Ka Tuo was scared. He bewilderedly looked at the space slit, asking, "Did he jump into the chaotic space basin to save his fellows?"

Leona discolored.