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The thunderbolt flood dragons were flying, fully aware of what they were doing. The two one-hundred-meter long dragons had electric strikes wind around their bodies, moving with an intimidating intent domain that frightened people.

Ka Tuo and Feng Rao stood close to Shi Yan. Their expressions changed dramatically. Seeing the attack of the two dragons, they were very afraid and subdued as if they were facing the original power of the purest thunderbolts.

Shi Yan brought out his Divine Sword, his face stiff and cold. He instinctively released all of his power.

A strange phenomenon occurred.

The Divine Sword cut the void. Space slits appeared long and narrow like blades. They gathered thickly in front of him.

This was the only counterattack he could think of at this moment.

Against the God Clan man, Shi Yan didn't know if his other tricks would work. Tuo Hai and Li Yue Feng had died tragically at their spots. If Shi Yan used force to defend himself from the incoming attacks, his death would be instant.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The thick space slits became chaotic in a blink, bringing layers of strange illusions.

Shi Yan's figure flashed continuously as he was moving between the space slits. His aura flashed on and off aimlessly.

The two thunderbolt flood dragons soared up into the sky since they had lost track of him in those space slits. They couldn't smash him with just one strike as they initially intended.

Fan He's group kept their eyes on the situation to seize the chance. Seeing the God Clan man attack Shi Yan, they hesitated. Still, they released their powers Upanishad one more time.

These five Original God Realm experts knew that if they couldn't kill this man, they would never live another day in peace. It was possible that the entire Raging Flame Star Area would sink into a disaster.

They joined hands again as they knew they had to do it.

Different powers Upanishad emerged in the void, creating a glorious light current. By controlling their soul altars, the light curtain expanded towards the God Clan man.

"You don't know your strength," the God Clan man wore a cold countenance, but his voice was tender. He calmly grabbed something from the void.

An unknown power gathered pieces of iron chains on the ground. They formed a one-hundred-meter chain with moving flames on it. At this moment, the iron chain seemed to be bestowed with an endless power.

He waved his hand and the iron chain straightened like a black sword, stabbing forward.

The iron chain pierced through Feng Ke's gusts and Fan He's metal powers easily. The power Upanishad that accompanied the attacks were solved easily.


Feng Ke spat out blood. His face paled the color of a sheet of paper. He got hurt after this strike, his face exhausted.

Even Fan He who was at the Third Sky of Original God Realm was shaking. The explosion echoed through his body. A strange force had pushed him backward. Blood splashed his chest.

The three warriors at the Original God Realm, Ao Gu Duo, Bi Tian, and Monica, were also affected by the sharp aura of the iron chain. Their God Domains vanished as their God Souls couldn't control it anymore.

Swish! Swish!

A Dark Prison Demonic Flower turned into ashes in the air, leaving nothing after the Earth Flame and the Vermillion Bird Flame had burned it down.

Rage filled the God Clan man's eyes immediately. The fact that one Dark Prison Demonic Flower got burned down meant that one of his fellows had perished completely.

The two heaven flames were covering several hundred Dark Prison Demonic Flowers and each of those demonic flowers contained a wounded member of the God Clan. They were all his fellows. As they had been hurt severely after years of battle, they couldn't gather their consciousness to get out of the stone steles. They hadn't woken up yet.

That was why they couldn't escape the heaven flame's incineration. After a certain time, they were going to be reduced to ashes.

The Yang and hot heaven flames were the nemeses of the demonic flowers. They were the rare living beings in this world that could kill the demonic flowers. Seeing many flowers wither and be about to be burned, the God Clan man snorted and moved towards the two heaven flames. He temporarily left Fan He and Feng Ke aside.

Dots of divine light filled his eyes and then showered like rain. Divine light shelled on the center of the heaven flames.

The Earth Flame and the Vermilion Bird Flame became stagnant after those light dots attacked them. Their seething flames and scorching powers were reduced massively.

A light sphere condensed with countless gorgeous light dots emerging in his palm that slowly expanded. Thoughts of destruction and an energy wave that would destroy the soul arose clearly and continually.

His eyes were cold and disdainful as he looked at the area where heaven flames were circling. An icy cold smirk hung on the corner of his mouth.

The Earth Flame and the Vermilion Bird True Flame felt the energy wave that could potentially destroy their life forms almost at the same time. They became fearful, retrieving their powers. They didn't wait for Shi Yan's orders, turning into dormant flames and disappearing into his heaven flame soul altar.

"The light sphere that he releases can erase our life forces. We can't resist it."

The Earth Flame and the Vermilion Bird True Flame sent their thoughts. They were very cautious.

"You guys can't resist it?" Shi Yan frowned, still moving through different space slits to avoid the two thunderbolt flood dragons. Since the dragons seemed to be capable of thought, Shi Yan didn't dare to stop for even a moment.

"Our level isn't high enough. Perhaps if we were level 8, we would be able to transform into a wonderful life form and ignore his lethal powers in that light sphere. However, we can't match him at this moment..." said the Vermilion Bird True Flame.

The Earth Flame added, "This man's competence is above what we can comprehend. His soul hasn't been restored yet, so his power is still limited. If he was in his peak condition, I... I can't imagine..."

Shi Yan was solemn.

Indeed, he wasn't wrong. This tremendous God Clan man hadn't restored his full powers yet.

If he was restored to his peak condition, Fan He's team would have had no room to resist. When they faced him, their soul altars would be shattered instantly with just one look.

He confirmed that this man's realm was definitely much higher than the Original God Realm!

"We should try another approach." Shi Yan was lucid enough to attempt to find a new solution. He urged his power Upanishad, moving the space slits near him.

The thick space slits in the void pressed down like a quiet, giant mouth looming over the Dark Prison Demonic Flowers.

The man from the God Clan understood Shi Yan's plan immediately. He paled for the first time. "You dare!"

"Why not?" Shi Yan mumbled faintly, urging all of his energy and making the space slits grumblingly surround the Dark Prison Demonic Flowers.

Disorderly space energy gushed out from the space slits.

The Dark Prison Demonic Flower buds were pulled by unknown forces, disappearing into the space slits.

Within three seconds, more than three hundred Dark Prison Demonic Flowers had fallen into the space slits, scattering in layers of a perilous chaotic space basin.

"Go! Burn them down! We are interlinked. I can summon you guys later!" Shi Yan gave his order.

The Earth Flame and the Vermilion Bird True Flame didn't linger, turning into two flaming lights that flew into one of the space slits, thanks to the connection they had with Shi Yan's soul. They stayed in the space basin and continued to capture the Dark Prison Demonic Flowers. They didn't give the demonic flowers a chance to resist. The heaven flames would burn all the flowers and the God Clan clansmen that they carried.

Although the God Clan was strong, their population was small, and their breeding was a struggle. When each of them died, it was a great loss to their overall powers. Thus, the God Clan had spent a lot of effort to build the God Perishing Land in this area to recover their wounded fellows.

They didn't care about death or life of the other races. They had confined the existences at the Original God Realm, Ethereal God Realm, and Incipient God Realm to prepare for the recovery of their clansmen. It was significant how much they cared about their clansmen's welfare.

More than three hundred Dark Prison Demonic Flowers each carried a God Clan's member. There could potentially be some warriors that were stronger than the first one who had recovered. Since they hadn't had enough energy to restore their consciousness, they remained vulnerable.

Shi Yan brought them and the demonic flowers into the most magical space basin in this world. The heaven flames incinerated them, resulting in lots of damage to the God Clan.

The God Clan man was so angry he almost cracked crazily. He didn't hesitate, heading towards Shi Yan. He didn't use the thunderbolt dragons as he wanted to crush Shi Yan with his own power right in front of those space slits. Then, he would bring his fellows back from the space basin.

Shi Yan's face grimaced. Seeing the God Clan man coming like an erupting volcano, his spirit fell and he was unable to use his power to resist.

Shi Yan had only the King God Realm. He was facing an Ethereal God Realm. With this vast gap between their realms, how could he resist?

He felt like his hands were tied.

Looking at the space splits, strange light sparkled in his eyes as he was trying to make up his mind.

Perhaps... He could hide into the space slits to avoid this God Clan expert this time...

However, inside the space slits were the most mysterious and perilous areas in this world. As Shi Yan cultivated Space power, he knew the dangers in there better than anyone else. Once a warrior sank in there, it was unknown if he could get out of that damn place before he died.

He was in a hurry and he didn't have the Empty Fantasy Crystal here. Also, it was hard to urge the Immortal Demon Blood to connect to the Grace Mainland. His soul altar was still affected so he couldn't build the space passage through the space slits.

Argh, such a headache.

While he was hesitant, trying to find the best decision, darkness flew over their area from somewhere far away. Absolute darkness pressed down.

Then, a senile voice arose. "I'll handle that God Clan expert. You should try your best to incinerate those demonic flowers."

It was Fei Lan.

Her voice came from the darkness. They couldn't feel her aura as if she was a ghost hiding all living signals. However, at the moment her voice arose, the experts of the Pirates and the three big forces felt the formidable pressure in their souls lift away.

In the darkness, it seemed like there was an invisible hand that had ripped off the invincible might of the God Clan expert.

Everyone was relieved.