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880 Summon the Divine Sword

I have come to lend a helping hand."

The Blood Vein Ring sent him an affirmative message. "I can free you from the constraint in this place for thirty seconds. You can use your power Upanishad to summon the Divine Sword and slash all the stone tablets here."

Shi Yan's eyes brightened while a storm swirled inside his mind. He didn't dare to believe it.

"I can resist for thirty seconds only. Then, my power will run out. If you can't summon the Divine Sword, the remaining evil of the God Clan will kill you all."

"Summoning the Divine Sword from so far away within thirty seconds. You evaluate me highly," Shi Yan beamed a forced smile.

"I believe you can. You've mastered Space Power and Star Power as well. You own the star map now. It's not much struggle to summon the Divine Sword. The star map can activate your Star energy. In just a blink, it will show you the shortest route. You just need to tear a space slit. The Divine Sword isn't an entity. Once you can form this spiritual bridge with it, you don't need to consume energy then. It will proactively fly to you," explained the Blood Vein Ring.

"Can I? Can the Divine Sword break the steles in this place?"

"Piece of cake."

Shi Yan was astounded. He hesitated for a while then said, "I will give it a try. If it doesn't work, we just can say we have short lives."

"You can," the Blood Vein Ring confirmed for the second time.

While Shi Yan and the Blood Vein Ring were talking, more and more people died in the Soul Confining Platform by the soul-taking iron chains. The rumbling roars and growls outside the illusory formation and the barging force by the savage beasts became more terrifying.

Feng Ke, Fan He, and the others were worried as if they had a flame in their hearts. Since their powers were restrained, they could only see their subordinates getting killed. They had witnessed the iron chains coil around their fellows, taking their blood and flesh away.

Whether they were the strong warriors of the three big forces or the Pirates, they were all trying to dodge the iron chains moving around. Sometimes they peeked at Shi Yan with longing eyes, as they were all waiting for his next actions.

In people's hearts, Shi Yan had become their only hope. They thought that only his realm and power could release them from the restraint and bring them out of the Soul Confining Platform.

At this moment, the opposite parties shared the same enemies. They now united to reach the same goal.

"Do it now." Shi Yan sent his thought, trying to prepare himself. "I'm ready."

The star map slowly fell into his palm. Starlight shot out like raindrops gathering in his palm, giving him a cool and fresh feeling.

The Blood Vein Ring didn't send him messages anymore. Shortly after, a rainbow light shot out from the ring, which seemed to be able to ignore all kinds of rules of powers Upanishad as it ripped through all kind of restrictions. The rainbow light covered his entire body. Very quickly, all pure energies in his body were freed from the stagnant condition.

The restrained soul altar slowly untangled itself from the ropes that had tied it down, starting to revolve. The powers Upanishad now appeared clearly in his head.

The Blood Vein Ring released the magical energy, which had temporarily cut off all of his restrictions. This damn place couldn't control him anymore as his soul altar spun as usual.

Without a bit of hesitation, Shi Yan knew that the Blood Vein Ring was using its scarce remaining energy to give him half a minute.

In this chaotic situation, Shi Yan suddenly sat down cross-legged, his face as calm as water. Starlight bloomed gloriously around his body, while the countless starlight dots gathered around the star map, the most magnificent star. A star chart formed above his head.


Immortal Demon Blood in his body was urged due to a thought in his head. The Immortal Demon Blood in his body was trying to contact the Sky Destroyer Divine Sword in a faraway area.

An electric flash occurred. A slit cracked in his chest. Blood flew out like lightning through that slit.

The Immortal Demon Blood and Shi Yan had interlinked, moving through layers of spaces at a speed that normal people could never imagine, heading towards the Grace Mainland.


The sound echoed clearly in his head as if the Demon Blood had barged into something metal.


Deep in the Perpetual Night Forest, Grace Mainland.

The Utmost Eight Purgatories City stood firm in earth and heaven. Inside the luxuriant forest, this city was magnificently grand with many warriors dwelling.

At this moment, the Grace Mainland had run out of energy. Many humans, monsters, and pagans were living together in harmony. They didn't dispute or battle against each other anymore.

The glorious silver Utmost Eight Purgatories City stayed inside the Perpetual Night Forest as if it was the master of the entire forest that was the home of the experts of Human Clan, Dark Demonic Clan, Winged Clan, and Monster Clan. As earth and heaven energy were running out, they were struggling here to find a way to survive.

Today, Yang Tian Emperor took a team to journey somewhere, leaving the city.

A silver halo bloomed from the beautiful city wall. The entire Utmost Eight Purgatories City was filled with silver light. The thick mist that hovered in the Perpetual Night Forest for so many years was torn in just a blink.

The starry sky appeared again.

Marvelous starlight dots that looked like diamonds shone above their heads. Those starlight dots suddenly enlarged and approached them.

A star area hung above the edge of the starry sea. It became outstandingly glorious as if it was about to fall into the Utmost Eight Purgatories City.

The experts of the clans including Yant Tian Emperor, Cao Qiu Dao, Long Zhu, Yun Hao, and Di Shan were scared unknowingly, looking at the sky. A wisp of blood scent diffused from the Utmost Eight Purgatories City. The city walls trembled as if they were about to burst off. In the center of the city where the formation eye lies, a divine sword soared up into the sky like a dragon flying out of the water. It turned into a blood light running deep into the galaxy. It flashed then disappeared.

Boom Boom!

The Utmost Eight Purgatories City suddenly shook. The rumbling noise rose up to the sky. Earth and heaven energy of the Grace Mainland was disordered. Starlight from outer space fell endlessly into the Perpetual Night Forest.

The galaxy floating at the horizon had a dazzling spot, which made people's souls flicker with its endless mysteries.

Barriers, restrictions, and formations of the Utmost Eight Purgatories City became ineffective when the divine sword had torn the sky and disappeared. The massive city was trembling grumblingly for a while before it resumed its normal state.

As Yang Tian Emperor was about to go out, he immediately sent his call. Shortly after, Cao Qiu Dao, Long Zhu, Yun Hao, Di Shan, Yi Tian Mo, and Yu Rou gathered, their faces extremely astounded.

"The Divine Sword flew away. What kind of signal was that?" Cao Qiu Dao was frightened. "Is it true that some Mighty power wants us all to die? Spiritual Qi of the continent is running out. Within one hundred years, we won't have a beam of energy left that we can use. Today, the Divine Sword left us. Is it a sign that we have to bury our bodies here?"

"Shi Yan had arranged that Divine Sword there. He has a relationship to that sword. Did he just summon it?" Long Zhu said uncertainly, even though he had a wide knowledge. His voice seemed hesitant.

"It's impossible. Shi Yan and the top experts of the Demon Clan, the Corpse Clan, and the Ghost Mark Clan have gone missing for dozens of years. They perhaps might have died as well. How could he summon the divine sword?" Yun Hao shook his head, giving miserable smiles.

"He hasn't fallen yet," Yang Tian Emperor's eyes sparkled. "He lives well! I'm sure!"

Everybody was surprised.

"Recently, I managed to smell a faint blood scent. It was his Immortal Blood! Old Long is correct. It's him who summoned the Divine Sword!"

People had their eyes brightened as they were very perplexed.

"If he is still alive, why doesn't he return to the Grace Mainland? Why did he have to summon the Divine Sword?" Cao Qiu Dao couldn't make sense of this reasoning.

"I don't know," Yang Tian Emperor sighed. "I hope he could find a solution. We can't endure this for a long time."

"Headmaster Yang, you're going to break through to the King God Realm, right? Unfortunately, earth and heaven energy in this place isn't enough to help you," Long Zhu admired him. "Headmaster Yang is a genius. You've mastered Desperate Power. During this time, while people are in a despair, your realm improves, day by day. Your realm's stability should have reached the King God Realm's level already, I supposed. As long as you have enough supply power, you will have an earth-shaking transformation. Just one more step and you can reach the peak. Our desperate situation is the best for your realm improvement. Anyway, you just don't have enough luck now."

After dozens of years, a relatively short period, Yang Tian Emperor had broken through the True God Realm and was still progressing well. His speed could be deemed magical.

The Grace Mainland now had a serious shortage of earth and heaven energy. Everybody fell into crisis and despair. Under the erosive torture of despair, Yang Tian Emperor had comprehended the truth of his power in such circumstances. His realm had been increasing fast, beyond people's imagination.

What a pity that earth and heaven energy had become weaker day after day. Although his realm was increasing, he got stuck at the True God Realm. He was held back at the threshold because of the shortage of earth and heaven energy.

"I think that we won't wait for a long time. Shi Yan will be back soon." Yang Tian Emperor smiled. Even though they were sinking deep into a hopeless situation, he still had hope, talking calmly. "What we need to do is to live well. Don't let defeat hold yourself back. Shi Yan will be back one day."

"What if he can't come back? The Grace Mainland isn't the ideal place to survive now. If he comes back here, he will be restrained. Could he find a paradise for us?" Yun Hao beamed a forced smile.

"Yeah, I believe he can return. The magical energy in that Immortal Blood should be at the King God Realm. It's even more than what I've known so far. In other words, at this moment, Shi Yan should be at a relatively high level of the King God Realm!" Yang Tian Emperor made a guess.

After he finished, everybody was startled as they were extremely shocked.

"Earth and heaven energy of the Grace Mainland isn't enough to create the high existence at King God Realm. So I guess Shi Yan has encountered a good chance in outer space. He must have found a new foothold." Yang Tian Emperor grinned, "We just need to wait for him. Don't worry. We will escape this imprisonment. Moreover, I believe that it won't be too long."

"High-level King God Realm..." Long Zhu closed his eyes, speaking as if he was dreaming. "I really want to see Shi Yan at such a level. I want to see how strong he has become. Seems like my decision that year wasn't wrong."

"I just want to leave this damn place!" expressed Yun Hao.

People now had hope. Yang Tian Emperor had stirred up their fighting spirit. Their wills were strengthened again.