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879 The Eccentric Smiling Face in the Stone Stele

Three warriors captured by the iron chain died on the spot.

One of them was Li Yue Feng's butler, an expert at the First Sky of Original God Realm. He didn't even have time to react.

The chain had absorbed all of their blood, flesh, and Qi, leaving just a layer of gray skin sloppily on the ice ground. The dead atmosphere hovered in this area.

The pirates and the warriors of the three big forces recognized the lethal attack. Their hearts were pounding fast. This feeling came from deep inside their souls as if a venomous snake was gazing at them, attempting to bite them in any minute.

No one knew what to do.

Instinctively, warriors of the three big forces started to move towards Shi Yan.

They couldn't explain why, but they felt safer when they were close to Shi Yan's fire sea.

However, Shi Yan, the person that people counted on at this moment, was not happy with that. The anxiety in his soul became more vehement.

His eyes gazed at that stone stele.

There were two big drawings of demonic flowers on the stone stele. One of them was so fresh and lively that they could tell its real colors.

That demonic flower was the one absorbing a lot of warriors and disappearing into the stone tablet.

At this moment, a vague face appeared in the center of the flower. It became clearer and people could see that it was a peculiarly handsome face. Although the eyes of this face were closed, it gave people a feeling that the body of this face could jump out of the stone stele at any moment.

Crack Crack Crack!

The ice crystal platforms exploded one by one in the Soul Confining Platform. Pieces of ice shot out like meteors that showered everywhere.

The ice crystals hit many warriors. Their God Bodies got frozen and cracked immediately. This was the remaining power of the ice crystal after it was absorbed. Those ice sculptures would explode into ice that scattered on the ground.

Shi Yan didn't care about the commotion that the ice crystal platforms brought. His eyes still gazed at that stone stele. He was sure that he saw the eyebrows of that handsome face twitch when the ice crystal platforms exploded.

Shi Yan was scared as he immediately got that the God Clan Recoverer within that stone tablet was at the edge of his consciousness awakening.

He had absorbed so many flesh bodies, including an Original God Realm warrior. This man had finally gathered his scattering consciousness.

The ice crystal platforms explosions had killed ten more warriors of the three big forces. It also triggered some anomalies.

Roar! Grrrrr!

The wild roars of the savage beasts came from the illusory formation out there. It seemed that the beasts had been totally enraged, dashing toward the Soul Confining Platform. Their ferocious auras surged, rolling toward the warriors like a tornado.

Rumble Rumble Rumble!

Furious explosions echoed from the Soul Confining Platform as if the beasts were barging into to the areas that were invisible.

The massive stone steles trembled as if they were about to fall.

The handsome face in the stone stele quivered, his eyebrow arching. Although his eyes were still closed, he seemed to give a fiendish, content grin.

Rattle Rattle Rattle!

The chains connected to the steles were activated. They lively moved like the flood dragons flying inside the Soul Confining Platform!

There were thirty-two prisons with stone steles, and each stele was connected to an iron chain. Twenty prisons each had eleven steles, another ten prisons each had twelve stone steles, and another two prisons each had thirteen steles. In total, there were three hundred and thirty-six stone steles together with the same number of iron chains!

All of these chains were now the flood dragons, turning into the long hooks that could take the souls away in the Soul Confining Platform.

Each corner of the Soul Confining Platform was now an extremely hazardous area. No inch of space could dodge the flying iron chains.

In one of those the stone steles, the vague handsome face smiled with closed eyes... It looked even more freakishly evil.

The screeching arose unceasingly. In seconds, more than ten warriors were killed by the chains. Their flesh, blood, and energy had been taken in through the iron chains, pouring into the openings of the demonic flower on each stone stele.

After each of the demonic flowers on the steles had absorbed blood and flesh, they became fresher and livelier. They looked real as if they were about to detach from the stone tablet at any moment.

The pirates gathering with Shi Yan bore their greatest loss as half of the dead warriors came from his team.

The fire sea created by the Earth Flame couldn't stop the iron chains. And the flame had burned the chains, making them the red-hot irons, which increased their lethality. Once a chain touched the pirates, it immediately burned and melted the pirates' God Body.

Everybody was scared out of their wits.

The ferocious beasts were still bumping into the Soul Confining Platform as if they wanted to crush the entire place with the deep-bone grudge.

Inside the Soul Confining Platform, the chains remained merciless, taking lives away. They made the members of the three big forces and the Pirates their raw food.

Most of those poor warriors of the Raging Flame Star Area were at the King God Realm and the Original God Realm. Because of their restrained soul altars, they couldn't use powers Upanishad. They had become vulnerable targets. They were killed continually without any bit of power to resist.

"Scatter! Move! Don't gather in the same place!" Feng Ke reacted first, shouting. "Disperse immediately!"

The Pirates were gathered at the same place where dozens of iron chains were attacking. Those chains were burned by the Earth Flame, becoming more intimidating, red-hot chains.

If people gathered, it would make it more difficult to dodge those chains. When the chains swept over, pirates collided with each other and died. They didn't have enough room to avoid the burning chains.

At the same time, warriors of the three powerful forces had been scattering earlier, so they didn't bear much loss. Warriors with profound realms could dodge the chains with their God Body physical strength.

Russell, Barrette, and Jie Nong knew that gathering in the same place will only increase the loss of lives. They shouted at their pirates, asking them to scatter.

All of a sudden, all pirates, who had desperately wanted to stay close to Shi Yan, had run away, not daring to linger.

A few people in Ka Tuo's team and Feng Rao still stayed together with Shi Yan.

Shi Yan had retrieved the immense fire sea by the Earth Flame. Now it was hovering above his shoulder. "Those iron chains are tough. I need several days to melt them down. But several days is enough for them to kill all of the people here."

Shi Yan nodded, his face heavy. "I understand. Things created by the God Clan can't be melted down that easily. It has nothing to do with your abilities."

The Vermillion Bird True Flame also returned. "That demonic flower is really tough. If I use all of my power to burn it, I would need half a month to melt it all. But now, I can't do anything because it's hiding in the stone tablet. I don't know what kind of materials those things are made of, but they are immune to fire. It seems like they were made to protect the demonic flowers as if they knew fire is its greatest weakness. Staying in there, I can't burn the flowers into ashes."

The God Clan deemed themselves the most perfect clan, not only because of their formidable fighting competencies but also because of their excellent and immense wisdom. When they built this forbidden land, they had thought of every possibility. The purposes of the stone steles, the demonic flower, and the layout of this place... everything had been planned and designed carefully. The others couldn't just simply destroy their achievements.

If they could destroy the formation that they had spent thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years to build so easily, wouldn't it be humiliating to the God Clan?

At this moment, Shi Yan suddenly had a great admiration for that precursor.

The precursor cultivated Chaotic power Upanishad and had forcefully escaped his imprisonment. He seemed to have beaten the Easygoing King of Heaven of the God Clan. It was just a wisp of his energy remnant but it was enough to tie down the entire Easygoing King of Heaven Hall. Shi Yan couldn't even imagine such formidable powers.

Jester had guessed that he could be at the Incipient God Realm!

He must be one of the Cortegesc of Eight. And if it was true, how strong was the owner of the Blood Vein Ring?

Thoughts flashed through his head like electricity. Shi Yan took a deep breath as he suddenly realized that he seemed to bear some heavy responsibility.

One of the members of the Cortege of Eight used to be confined here by the God Clan. He was an unimaginably strong expert. Under the special imprisoning conditions, he had escaped and created a disaster, which had wounded or even killed the Easygoing King of Heaven of the God Clan.

From this point of view, the master of the Blood Vein Ring should be on the opposite side of the race that deemed themselves the God Clan.

"So as the heir of the Blood Vein Ring, the meaning of my existence is to resist the God Clan? Do I live to destroy the entire God Clan?" Shi Yan thought.

"Shi Yan!" Feng Ke shouted in fright from a far distance. "Check the star map! We must leave now! We can't stay longer!" He paused then shouted again. "Shi Yan cultivates Star power Upanishad. Only when he uses the star map can give us a way to survive!" He said these words to the three powerful forces.

While speaking, Feng Ke threw the star map to Shi Yan from a far distance.

Russell, Barrette, Jie Nong, and Jester also looked at him worriedly from another corner.

Fan He studied him.

The Pirates and the warriors of the three big forces were all being massacred by the iron chains in the Soul Confining Platform. They had become sacrificial sheep. Their window to survive got narrower as time went on.

The three big forces had proven that the savage beasts in the illusory formation out there were one level more dangerous than in this place. If they returned to the illusory formation, they would be killed even faster than here.

The star map was thrown across space to Shi Yan. However, the warriors of the three big forces, who came here for the star map, just stood and stare. None of them tried to snatch it.

"Let him catch the star map!" Fan He gave a low shout, his eyes gloomy.

The warriors of the three big forces didn't answer. They silently agreed to let Shi Yan catch the star map. Although they were trying their best to dodge the chains, they still kept their eyes on the star map.

The star map made of Undying Wood moved in the air towards Shi Yan.

"My soul altar is restrained. I can't use the Star energy. Even if you give me the star map, I can't find the way out," Shi Yan forced a smile. Looking at the star map, which was flying toward him, he seemed to not want to catch it.

Because he knew he had no solution.

"You can," a thought was sent to him from the Blood Vein Ring. It was the voice of the Ring Spirit. "I have come to give you a helping hand."