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874 We have many people here!

If alchemist Jester's speculations were true, it would mean this place used to imprison two Incipient God Realm experts, ten Ethereal God Realm experts, and twenty Original God Realm experts!

What kind of a concept was that?

Let alone the Incipient God Realm experts, any expert at the Ethereal God Realm could have enough power to terminate the entire Raging Flame Star Area!

Ten Ethereal God Realm experts plus two Incipient God Realm experts was an earth-destroying power, which was beyond people's imagination.

Thus, all of them gawked, as they were so stunned that they didn't know what to say.

After a while, Jester talked with a bitter face, sniveling, "Of course, it's just my assumption. I don't know if it's true or not. Anyway, if it's true, how strong would the jailors have been who had confined those warriors?"

Everybody was frightened, sinking deep in fear again.

Swoosh Swoosh!

A flame flew towards them from a far distance. It turned into a flash, crossing by Shi Yan and disappearing into the ice crystal stone platform next to Ka Tuo. 

Although people were sinking in their fears, they were sensitive enough to catch that glimpse.

Shi Yan beamed a faint smile. "The ice crystal stone platforms in this area has an extremely cold energy that is a tonic to my little buddy over there..."

As people were familiar with his strange performance, they didn't consider it bizarre. They just nodded and said nothing else.

"Shi Yan, did the star map show a new location?" At this moment, Feng Ke couldn't help but ask. He didn't ask Shi Yan to hand over the star map, since he understood that him holding the star map wasn't really a wise move.

"Let me check." Shi Yan took the star map out of his sleeve while frowning, and his face went stiff immediately after. He shook his head begrudgingly. "I am unable to check it."

"How is it?" Russell's pupils shrank.

"This area restrains the soul altar. I must use energy of the soul altar to read the star map. Thus... I can't see the route in there." Pausing for a while, he threw the star map to Feng Ke. "You should give it a try."

Feng Ke caught the star map, closing his eyes to sense. Then, he shook his head begrudgingly. "I can't check out the mysteries of the star map."

"Then, what should we do?" Jie Nong wore a dispirited face. "If we can't check the star map, how could we find the direction to the new star area? Are we left with only one option of returning using the previous path to the illusory formation?"

"I think outside this forbidden land is also an illusory formation. As long as we leave this area, we will get into the illusory formation again," Feng Ke pondered for a while and then shifted his look to Shi Yan. "What do you think?"

"Maybe... Anyway, I want to stay here for a while to wait for my buddy to finish his absorption." Shi Yan shrugged, talking deliberately. "If you can't wait, just leave then."

People darkened their faces.

Without him pioneering, once they got into the illusory formation one more time, they would be lost again. Although Feng Ke's realm was high, he didn't know the Star power Upanishad, so he couldn't reflect on the trails of the star map in his head.

If Shi Yan didn't lead them, no one was sure they could find a new star area. Thus, even though they were annoyed, they had to wait here as he didn't want to leave yet. No one dared to take even one step.

"What a pity! Our realm is too low, or else, we might have been able to solve the mysteries of this area. At least, we could have known something from the ancient patterns on those stone steles."

Jester shook his head with regret. Although he was at the Original God Realm and understood formations, he couldn't endure studying the patterns on the stone steles for a long time. Otherwise, his soul would feel exhausted, and hallucinations would happen.

Swoosh swoosh!

An ear-splitting hissing and screaming echoed through the area they had landed before, as people started to appear. 

Feng Ke discolored, shouting. "Strong experts from the three powerful forces!" Everybody was frightened. They paled, shivering like leaves. They burst out in panic, wanting to flee away.

Barrette, Russell, and Jie Nong couldn't keep their mind clear anymore. Fear flashed in their eyes.

"It's not a bad thing meeting them here..." Shi Yan said in a light tone, his face calm as if he weren't worried at all.

Many pirates were fluttered uneasily. But listening to him, they were so surprised, looking at him as they didn't get what he meant.

Feng Rao was astounded for a while, but she managed to pull herself together. She was the first one to react. Her beautiful face looked touched as she shouted, "Our soul altar is restrained, and it will be the same for them. Nobody can use powers Upanishad now. We can only use the energy in the God Body to attack and defend. We won't be hurt. At least, we have many people here!"

People had their eyes brightened.

Russell's face was ferocious. The corners of his mouth stretched into a wicked curve as he laughed. "Oh yeah, we don't need to be afraid of them in this area. Perhaps, it's our chance today."

Feng Ke's face became cold as veins on his neck convulsed. Crispy cracking sounds echoed from his body, as though he was urging the energy of his God Body. "Indeed, we don't need to be afraid of them."

As the pirates heard that, their God Body started to diffuse the wicked, murderous intention. They were filled with fighting spirit immediately. They not only pulled themselves together, they also stopped running away and started to approach the others.

They were the most combative force in the Raging Flame Star Area. All of them had a life of licking blood from their sabers. They weren't afraid of battle. Quite the contrary, when they knew death might be not their only consequence, they had the guts and excitement to battle at least once.

The three big forces had pressed them for years. They always sent hotshots to clear the pirates. As they didn't have good feelings for them, when they had a chance, they would try to have a big, furious bite for sure!

"With high realms, although the warriors can't use their powers Upanishad, it will not easy to deal with him even when they use just the intimidating power of their God Body. Remember, we have to use the huge-crowd tactic. We are greater in number here. We can be like the bees when their hive is broken. We have to tear them apart. That's how we deal with high-realm warriors. We're lucky that this area favors us. Since the soul altar is restrained, we can use our number of people to make up the gap between realms. Folks, you have to take this chance and kill more people!"

Feng Ke was very sane. He understood their strengths and weakness well. He knew they could only rely on the number of warriors to hurt their opponent. Before they engaged in the battle, he made the strategy clear first.

Everybody agreed with him noisily.

Several thousand pirates of different organizations packed the place like a cloud of swarming locusts. They came and surrounded the area where the three forces were arriving.

Shortly, they returned to the place from where they had first entered in this area.

The groups of Bi Tian, Li Yue Feng, and Ao Gu Duo were still baffled, watching the marvelous scene of this area.

When the three big forces had entered the forbidden land, they had several hundred warriors. However, most of them were killed by the dangers in forbidden land. At this moment, they had just more than one hundred elite warriors.

Fan He of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce wore a dark green garment. He looked archaic and lanky. He just frowned while talking calmly. "The Pirates have arrived."

"Damn!" Tuo Hai's face was cold. "Our soul altar can't move, and our powers Upanishad are restrained. We can't use any energy. Should we use the God Body to wrestle with them? It's not good!"

They all felt the strange situation here. Hearing Fan He, they immediately knew what the pirates wanted to do under the magical and weird circumstances of this area.

"They are so many. If we fought them normally, we could use our advantageous realms to kill them. But now, as we can use only our physical strength of the God Body, it would be tough." Ao Gu Duo also had a headache.

"It's simple. Just kill the leaders. When the four big leaders are killed, I think those pirates won't be able to endure for a long time. With no commanders, they can't utilize their advantage of having a larger number. They will scatter and go disorderly shortly," said Bi Tian sanely.

Fan He nodded, talking deliberately. "We will do as Commander Bi Tian said. I will kill Feng Ke first. You guys take care of Russell, Jie Nong, and Barrette. The Second Sky of Original God Realm warriors fight with the First Sky of Original God Realm warriors. Even if you can only use the power of your God Body, you can trounce them. You just need to keep in mind one thing... Do not linger!" 

All of them were smart and wicked leaders. They tacitly knew what Fan He wanted them to do, and nodded in agreement.

Shortly, the pirates came and surrounded them. They roared and hissed with ferocious faces to increase their auras. The energy in their body burst out at once.

Warriors who had higher realm would have more energy accumulated in their God Body. The increase of their realm had to be close to the development of their body. Although the three big forces were outnumbered, they had more elite warriors with better God Bodies. As long as they didn't need to fight for a long time, they wouldn't lose.

"Shi Yan!" Bi Tian shouted as he saw a man walking in the front of the pirate team. He frowned while talking. "Don't be stubborn. If you leave with me now, I can ensure your safety!"

Until now, he still wanted to recruit Shi Yan. He didn't want to ruin what he had built.

"I will memorize your appreciation, Commander. However, precursor Feng Ke has offered me a better deal. I'm sorry." Shi Yan grinned.

"You are Shi Yan?" Fan He snorted, his face cold and harsh. "Kid, you have a good innate endowment. However, you don't know how to appreciate favors. You will find it hard to have a bigger room for your development."

While talking, his body echoed some explosions as his God Body enlarged immediately. His arms became like translucent jewels, releasing formidable energy fluctuation.

Crack Crack Crack!

The bones in his body resounded the cracking sounds as his God Body became several feet taller. His lanky physique became strangely muscular. He stomped on the ground, and the hard stony ground under his foot exploded. A furious attacking energy started from him and rushed directly towards Shi Yan.

In this place, their soul altar was tied, so they couldn't urge the power Upanishad. However, Fan He had just used the bursting power of his God Body, soaring up into the sky.

He shouted at Shi Yan and also looked at him, but Shi Yan knew that Fan He's target wasn't him.

It was Feng Ke, who was standing next to him.

'Hit the king first to destroy the army', Fan He was using this strategy. He would try to kill Feng Ke first and make the pirates disorderly when they lost their leader.

However, Fan He was wrong in one point – in this place where the soul altar was restrained, the power of the God Body Shi Yan could use wasn't less than his!


Shi Yan stooped and laughed dryly. His face became cold as a surging energy torrentially shot out of his God Body, and a red nimbus covered him instantaneously.

The power of the Immortal Demon Blood was urged in just a blink.

At that moment, Shi Yan's God Body seemed to be painted with red blood. Under the given circumstances that they couldn't use their soul altar, the wicked negative energy and the Immortal Demon Blood weren't affected. When he activated the Petrification Marital Spirit and the Immortal Martial Spirit, his fighting competence skyrocketed.

The Death and Space powers Upanishad needed the Essence Qi, and the Star power Upanishad required star energy. In this condition where his soul altar, Essence Qi, and the star energy were bound, it was hard to use and explode with his energy.

However, the wicked negative energy in his acupuncture points and the massive energy of the Immortal Demon Blood weren't bound to the soul altar. They didn't require a power Upanishad to control, so they weren't affected.

With these conditions, in the Soul Confining Platform, his fighting competence had totally surpassed Feng Ke!