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873 Terrifying speculation

Out of the two King God Realm pirates, one touched the ice crystal stone platform and was turned into a broken ice sculpture, while the other stepped on the rusted chain and had his flesh and blood disappeared, leaving only the skin bag.

Everybody felt their hair raising on the back of their nape!

If this place were the prison of strong experts, how strong would an expert be who got thirteen chains tied to his bones and flesh that year?

When a warrior was confined in this place, the ice crystal platform would release the cold energy to confine him while the chains would constantly be taking his energy. How long could that warrior endure? How abundant could his energy and Blood Qi be to support him until the day he got rid of this imprisonment?

How long had he been confined in this place?

The pirates didn't dare to imagine further!

An icy cold flame flew out, entering the ice crystal stone platform immediately. It was indeed the Ice Cold Flame.

This icy cold living being was one of the heaven flames. It didn't need Shi Yan's thought to land on the ice crystal stone platform. It seemed to take in the energy, dancing over there.

"Is it good for you?" asked Shi Yan.

"It's the purest cold energy! Although the power in this jade is just one percent of its original, it's still huge for me!" The Ice Cold Flame was so happy. "The remaining energy in this jade stone is enough for me to break through one level!"

"I think you struck it lucky this time. There're some similar ice stones over there," Shi Yan frowned.

"No no no, not all of them. Many of them have no cold energy left, while the others have just a little bit. This one has more energy!" said the Ice Cold Flame.

Shi Yan was surprised.

While he stood baffled there, the pirates had crept around the rusted chains on the ground, following Jie Nong forward.

After two hours, they made a circle around this area.

"Not every prison has thirteen steles and thirteen chains. There are only two prisons made of thirteen steles. The other places have only twelve or eleven. There are thirty-two prisons in total." Jester walked to Shi Yan, who stood still at his spot. "I think you should come to check the other prisons. It's similar to this place with thirteen stone steles of one hundred meters tall. Ka Tuo... is there."

"Ka Tuo?" Shi Yan was surprised, "What happened to him?"

"He found... something," Jester was shivering. He had an idea, but he couldn't confirm it. It seemed he was still checking up something.

Shi Yan nodded, sending his thought to the Ice Cold Flame before walking with Jester towards Ka Tuo's.

He saw more stone steles on the way. Those grand stone tablets had complex drawings that looked like a flower whose center was connected with a chain. On his way, he found more similar prisons.

Most of the prisons had only twelve or eleven steles surrounding them. At the furthest area from the first thirteen-stele prison was another prison with thirteen stone tablets. These two prisons were pretty far from each other, as if they were designed to keep the two prisoners from communicating with each other.

Ka Tuo was standing near a similar ice crystal stone platform. However, the platform was shattered, and ten out of thirteen chains were pulled off their steles. Pieces of chains were scattered on the ground. Many pirates were standing between the chains, trying not to touch them. 

"Senior!" Seeing Shi Yan, Ka Tuo shouted with astonishment.

"What did you find?" Shi Yan frowned.

"It's him! He was the one who got chained here!" Ka Tuo shivered in thrill, looking so shocked.

"Who?" Shi Yan asked as he couldn't react properly at this moment.

"The one who gave me the inheritance! I'm sure it's him!" Ka Tuo took a deep breath. "Chaotic energy had broken the chains and the ice crystal platform here. I'm 100% sure!"

Jester was scared.

Feng Ke, Jie Nong, Barrette, and Russell gawked, dropping their jaws.

"It's really him?" Shi Yan's eyes brightened, his face disbelieving.

Nodding continually, Ka Tuo's face was a little savage. "Damn it! Who was so morally corrupted to confine him here and make him endure such torture? The soul altar must have been suppressed, unable to move even a bit; the body was drawn by the iron chain, not to mention that freaking cold energy. This torture wasn't designed for humans!"

As Ka Tuo took the inheritance from that man, he had considered him his teacher from the bottom of his heart.

All of a sudden, he found that his teacher had been imprisoned and tortured for years. Ka Tuo was enraged, as if he had experienced the torture himself. He hated that he couldn't find the one who made all of these and make him suffer the same things.

Listening to him, Shi Yan's face darkened, getting colder. Looking at those imprisonment areas, he was furious.

The founder of this place was extremely harsh and malignant. To subdue the prisoner's soul, he had used the stone tablets and the chains, which pierced through the prisoner's bones, and the ice crystal stone platform to torture the prisoner, making him suffer an unimaginable pain.

Once the prisoner was confined, it would take so many years. Unless the energy of his God Body was drained, it would never stop.

Although he couldn't see it with his own eyes, thinking about what used to happen here made him feel anger flooding his mind.

Shi Yan wasn't different from Ka Tuo, as he had instinctively made the owner of the Blood Vein Ring his teacher. The warrior who had cultivated Chaotic power Upanishad was one of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight, so he would be their family, their precursor in the same school. 

Knowing his precursor had been confined and tortured for so many years, how could he not be enraged?

"That man had escaped by pulling the chains and breaking the ice crystal stone platform. He must have used his physical strength to do that. How formidable was this person!" Feng Ke was astounded.

"Too bad that he left. His soul altar was shattered in the Lonesome Dead Territory... Sigh!" Ka Tuo scratched his hair in sorrow. "If I find out who did it, I will definitely make him endure the same torture! I won't show a bit of mercy!"

"The Lonesome Dead Territory connects to the forbidden land. It should be near here. Anyway, the Lonesome Dead Territory has another entrance. You have good fortune, Ka Tuo. Otherwise, you couldn't have gotten there from here. If you did, you would have been dead by now," said Russell with emotions.

"Of course! If I can break through in this area, I won't be sunk into the illusory formation," Ka Tuo retorted.

Russell just frowned, and didn't comment more.

After Ka Tuo had reached the Original God Realm, his Chaotic power Upanishad had gotten back on the right track. Although it hadn't been a long time, his dangerous aura was one level more intimidating than Russell, Jie Nong, and Barrette's.

As they were at the same Original God Realm, Ka Tuo's confidence was boosted. He knew about the intimidation of his powers, so he didn't need to be careful with his words anymore.

In this group, besides Shi Yan, whom he respected deeply, he didn't put anyone in his eyes – including Feng Ke.

"Ka Tuo, do you know at which realm was the one who you received the Inheritance from? I have a speculation, but I'm not so sure..." said Jester.

"I don't know. His soul altar was shattered at that time, and only a Seal of Upanishad remained. Or else, my cultivation wouldn't have deviated. Since his Seal of Upanishad wasn't complete, I couldn't use his full power," Ka Tuo shook his head. 

"Jester, what speculation do you have?" Feng Ke frowned.

Jester was a top alchemist with a great reputation in the Heaven Punishment City. He had studied a lot of ancient books, and he knew many secrets of the past. Feng Ke always highly valued his opinion.

Jie Nong's team also looked at him.

Jester's face twitched. His eyes were filled with respect as he moistened his lips, talking with his dry voice. "If I tell you guys, maybe you will think I'm crazy."

"We won't," Feng Ke shook his head.

Shi Yan also looked at him. "Tell us... Everybody believes in your knowledge."

Jester forced a smile. "After we got to this place, I found that my knowledge is still shallow. Yeah, let me tell you my point of view. Don't tease me or make jokes. It's just my speculation. I just feel it should be like that. I don't have evidence, so don't chase me. I won't be able to come up with an answer that can satisfy you..."

"Don't babble. Say it quick!" Feng Rao couldn't help but urge him. She thought he was a little bit odd today.

"I think you all notice that there're thirty-two prisons in this area, of which, twenty prisons are made of eleven stone steles, ten prisons are made of twelve stone steles, and only two prisons are made of thirteen steles." Jester took a deep breath, his voice trembling. "I've read an incomplete ancient book. It reads that a long, long time ago, even before the ancient time, the God Clan had classified the realms just like these stones. One stone represented one realm..."

"What do you mean?" Russell couldn't understand his ideas.

"Our realms are ranked from the lowest realm to the highest realm as follows: Elementary, Nascent, Human, Disaster, Earth, Nirvana, Sky, Spirit, True God, King God, Original God, Ethereal God, and Incipient God. Thirteen realms in total. So, one stone tablet for the Elementary Realm. After breaking through, it's two stone tablets when entering the Nascent Realm. As such, one more stone tablet for each time of increase in realm..." Jester explained carefully. 

Everybody was perplexed, looking at him in complete silence. They didn't even breathe.

"Since this place has thirteen stone steles, if we can use the number of the steles to define the realm... The one who got imprisoned here should be... should be at..." Jester couldn't finish.

"Incipient God Realm!" Shi Yan was shaken. He couldn't help but shout his answer, even though he was always calm and cold.

"Yes, if we use the number of stone steles to classify the realms, the one who got imprisoned here should be at the Incipient God Realm." Jester felt powerless, his face pale while sweat was beading his forehead. "The Incipient God Realm, the peak realm that we've ever known! Warriors at this realm could destroy an entire life star with one hand. However, this kind of an existence had only been told about in legends, the Godly existence that no one has ever seen!"

Everyone was silent, their eyes empty. They gasped for their breath as they were so stunned.

Feng Ke and the other three big leaders shivered, their face baffled.

Shi Yan was perplexed as if his soul had left his body. Jester's speculation had scared him out of his wits.