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869 The Remnant of Chaotic Energy

Feng Ke and the others stooped to observe the Easygoing King of Heaven Hall down there. They were astounded by what Jester had told them, staying silent for a long time.

This Hall belonged to the Easygoing King of Heaven of the God Clan, the one who had imparted martial path to the warriors in Raging Flame Star Area. He was deemed the ancestor of everybody here. The Easygoing King of Heaven Hall was also his moving palace where he hid magical things.

If they could get this Easygoing King of Heaven Hall, it would be a big help for them on the way to explore the forbidden land. In the battle with the three forces, they would have a far greater power.

However, no matter how big their greed was, looking at the Easygoing King of Heaven Hall, none of them dared to act rashly, and Shi Yan was no exception.

Shi Yan was a little afraid of the clan who called themselves Gods. Instinctively, he didn't want to get inside and check.

While people still kept silent, the floating mountains in the four directions of the King of Heaven Hall moved again! Each mountain released a surging energy like the vast sea, pouring into the Easygoing King of Heaven Hall.

The silent palaces suddenly echoed an explosion, as if an energy core was activated.

Everybody was startled.

Under their gazes, the palaces floated up to the sky slowly. The mountain range then pressed down, becoming a part of the palace.

A light ring expanded from the mountain and from inside the palace. With a series of explosions, the palaces and the mountain flew out, disappearing deeper into the forbidden land.

"It moves!"

 "It's restored, indeed!"

"The energy of the palace is still there. It has activated again and flies the palace deep into the forbidden land! My my! What's going on?"

The pirates were frightened. As they didn't know what was going on, they dodged instinctively.

A beam of energy emitted from the Easygoing King of Heaven Hall under a tremendous force. The massive palace flew out rapidly, crushing barriers and restrictions along its way as easily as breaking the dried tree branches. The grand palace flashed then disappeared shortly like a glorious curtain fading away.

At the moment the energy exploded, a chaotic aura arose, creating a fierce suction force, dragging so many pieces of crushed stone, trees, and dregs of energy in outer space.

Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo's eyes shot out a fierce light, his lips trembling. He jumped into the center of the chaotic energy immediately.

It was a remnant of energy which seemed to bind the Easygoing King of Heaven Hall. At the moment the hall got rid of its constraint, it shot out.

However, since that energy remnant had sealed the Easygoing King of Heaven Hall for so many years, it had constantly been used up. When the Easygoing King of Heaven Hall wiggled off its restraint, this energy remnant had no choice but to burst off, which created the chaotic intent domain.

Shi Yan's eyes were gloomy, his eyes complicated. Actually, a storm was raging in his mind.

If the Easygoing King of Heaven Hall of the God Clan was restrained by a flow of chaotic energy, would the one who did that be one of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight? The one who cultivated the Chaotic power Upanishad?

How strong that existence, which was buried in the Lonesome Dead Territory and Ka Tuo got his inheritance from, used to be?

It was only a flow of his energy remnant, but it was enough to bind the Easygoing King of Heaven Hall and keep it here for countless years. How formidable was this person when he was still alive and at his peak?

How could the existence at such level die? How did he leave his inheritance in the Lonesome Dead Territory?

Who had destroyed him and his soul altar?

God Clan?

Thoughts flashed through his mind like lightning. However, he couldn't make head or tail of it. He could only think that an earth-shaking disaster had happened at some point in the past.

Feng Ke, Russell, Jie Nong, and Barrette could only stand and stare at the Easygoing King of Heaven Hall flying rapidly towards the deeper area of the forbidden land. They had neither an option nor power to stop it. They felt so lost.

The most awesome battleship!

The moving palace of the man who had imparted his inheritance to the Raging Flame Star Area, the dwelling of the God Clan's King of Heaven... It was such a top unimaginable treasure, but it had run away right in front of their noses. How much grief they should have?

None of them knew about the Chaotic power Upanishad. When that energy remnant shot out, people were busing gazing at the disappearing Easygoing King of Heaven Hall. Nobody noticed Ka Tuo's abnormal situation.

By the time they reacted and turned around, they saw Ka Tuo was now the center of a massive magnetic field, which gathered all kinds of outer space energy dregs and debris. Countless crushed stones, dried tree branches, even muddy water, and pieces of corpses were floating around him. 

Ka Tuo's face was ferocious, his eyes blood red. He looked like a bloodthirsty beast. Popping explosions echoed from his body while blood trickled down the corner of his mouth.

However, his eyes showed that he was quite thrilled. He couldn't help but face the sky and laugh madly. His voice could even shake the high sky.

"What has happened to Ka Tuo?"

"I don't know. He stomped there like crazy. Oh, the energy remnant was there!"

"Perhaps the subtle magic of the Easygoing King of Heaven Hall has stunned him."

"Who knows?"


People became clamorous. The leaders of the Pirates frowned, looking at Ka Tuo inexplicably as they didn't know what had just happened to him.

Feng Ke observed Ka Tuo for a while, his face strange. Suddenly, his eyebrows twitched as he shouted, "Ka Tuo's about to break through!"

Hearing him, people became shocked. They didn't say anything, just staring at Ka Tuo.

At this moment, chaotic energy burst out of Ka Tuo's entire body. It seemed to be able to even squeeze space. His God Domain seemed to have a strange suction force that could take in all kinds of dregs and remnants of things in outer space. As his soul altar was spinning, it shot out everywhere.

At first glance, Ka Tuo was hovering in the middle of an outer space energy storm. However, it couldn't affect him, since he was the one who took control of it.

Flows of his Soul Consciousness slithered, invisible to naked eyes. They meandered and twirled around those outer space garbage and debris, guiding them to start the twisted transformation.

"Will something unexpected... happen to my brother?" Ka Fu quietly approached Shi Yan, asking suspiciously with a heavy face. "Feng Ke, Russell, Barrette, and Jie Nong could take this chance and attack him. Would they ambush him until his soul fades away?" He still wanted to see Ka Tuo break through and reach the Original God Realm. However... it shouldn't be right now!

When the experts were breaking through, they would choose the safest area. They would even ask their friends to guard them so as they could concentrate and not let their enemy have a chance to destroy their cultivation.

Although Ka Tuo was an infamous pirate, he wasn't the strongest. When his power Upanishad was incomplete, his cultivation had made a turn, and he couldn't bring out the best of this power. Thus, even among the Third Sky of King God Realm warriors, Ka Tuo wasn't the top warrior.

Black Horn was the strongest warrior at the Third Sky of King God Realm that everybody acknowledged.

All of that was because of Ka Tuo's incomplete power Upanishad. After Shi Yan had given him the complete and correct power Upanishad Inheritance, Ka Tuo had gotten back on the right track.

"I'm here. Of course, I won't let anyone disturb him," Shi Yan comforted him and looked at Feng Ke. "Precursor Feng Ke, we need more strong warriors. That's the reason why I didn't interfere when Barrette was learning the Fire Intent Domain. I gave you the remnant energy of the Venomous Demonic Dragon in the hope of aiding you to break through. When we fight with the three powerful forces, we could be more sure. Today..."

Feng Ke nodded understandingly. "Don't worry. I will wait until Ka Tuo finishes his breakthrough. Anyone who dares to disturb him will be my dead enemy!"

His warning eyes raked through Barrette, Jie Nong, and Russell, his face cold and harsh.

"I have the same idea." It was strange that Russell expressed himself immediately. He indicated that he wanted to stay on the same side as Feng Ke. He frowned while explaining, "I owe little buddy Shi Yan a favor. Of course, I will give him face."

He meant that it wasn't Feng Ke he wanted to give face.

Feng Ke laughed, peeking at Shi Yan but talking no more.

"Yeah, whoever dares to bother him, don't blame us!" The three leaders of the smaller forces, who had begged Shi Yan for his favor, also stood up. "Ka Tuo's breakthrough will benefit everybody. I hope people will control themselves."

Feng Ke, Russell, Shi Yan, the three leaders of the pirates, and Ka Tuo's entourage, this force was heavy enough. Many people who had different thoughts had to shut their mouths.

Ka Tuo was a combative person. He had many grudges with many leaders. Of course, there would be someone who didn't want him to break through smoothly. Some did have the thought of interfering, but on being intimidated by this force, those people were smart enough to behave.

"Why are you looking at me? Am I that big a scum?" Jie Nong rubbed his chin, talking annoyedly.

"Haha, I hope everybody will calm down. Don't rush. Or else, I don't mind helping you to stay calm." Shi Yan smiled naturally, but his eyes were cold and sharp like sabers. He didn't even try to hide his threat.

Jie Nong gave a dry smile. He knew it wasn't the right time to have a dispute with this man. He said nothing else.

"Why is Ka Tuo breaking through at this moment?" After Feng Ke saw everybody agree with his idea, he calmed down. Then, he remembered this detail. "Ka Tuo has stayed at the Third Sky of King God Realm for years. According to common sense, he wouldn't break through without any given indication like this. Was this place suitable for his power Upanishad?"

Everybody reacted when he reminded them, looking at Ka Tuo with astonishment.

When that twisted, chaotic energy flew out, people had paid their attention to the Easygoing King of Heaven Hall, so not many of them noticed it.

Even if they had noticed, it was hard to identify what kind of power Upanishad that remnant belonged to. Anyway, Chaotic power Upanishad had never existed in the Raging Flame Star Area; it was too rare. Thus, people didn't know what kind of energy it was when they saw it.

"His fortune is coming? Haha, it's hard to say though," Shi Yan just smiled. He wasn't a fool to explain to them everything. Anyway, he was still suspicious.

The intimidating member of the God Clan was beaten up by one of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight, the one who cultivated the Chaotic Upanishad. He had destroyed and sealed the Easygoing King of Heaven Hall for so many years. They would have had a big grudge for sure. Anyway, the Easygoing King of Heaven Hall had been restored, and it was flying very fast towards the deeper place of the forbidden land...

If there weren't something subtle in there, Shi Yan was dead serious that he would never buy it.