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860 Generous Gifts From The Deceased

Under the threat of the three powerful forces, Feng Ke's group had to make a difficult decision.

The center of the forbidden lands was dozens of times more dangerous!

There were many areas left to be explored. However, if the pirates risked intruding the lands, they could possibly get themselves killed.

However, if they faced the three big forces directly, all of them would definitely be terminated.

While one option gave them a chance, the other option clearly resulted in death. Feng Ke's team knew what they should do.

While they were talking, the flame and magma under their feet seemed to change again. The massive flaming dragons disappeared one by one.

Two fist-sized fireballs were dancing along the magma sea. Whenever they passed by, the surging flames were swallowed up, disappearing shortly after.

Shortly after, everybody noticed the commotion underneath. They all looked struck.

Feng Rao just smiled. Strange light rippled in her eyes. She knew what those two flames were and the reason why that fire sea was disappearing bizarrely.

Besides Feng Rao, there was another person who knew Shi Yan's real conditions. It was Alchemist Jester.

At this moment, Jester was excited. He suddenly recalled something, creeping towards Shi Yan. He then lowered his voice, "You agreed to help me refine medicines..."

"I did," Shi Yan smiled.

Jester felt relieved. He bent his body slightly to show his gratitude. "Don't worry, I won't let your labor be in vain. I will give you a satisfactory payment."

"Good," Shi Yan was also happy, agreeing with this exchange.

People focused on the scorching magma sea underneath. Shortly after, all the flaming dragons had gone away. The two flames had engulfed them all.

Finally, people noticed the two bizarre flames, looking at them strangely.

Some knew the two flames had flown out from Shi Yan's body. Since they were related to Shi Yan, the others were startled and astounded.

This man... How many secrets does he keep? Why can the two flames that flew out from his body devour the giant flaming dragons?

Not all of the pirates knew about the heaven flames. Thus, although they saw what happened down there, they gawked because they didn't know that the heaven flames could absorb the energy of the same class.

Barrette had sunk into the magma and disappeared. They couldn't sense his aura or soul energy.

However, the undying willpower was still there the whole time. It covered the one-hundred-square-meter fire sea, rippling unceasingly.

Each of the warriors who had jumped down had connected his or her soul altar to that undying flame willpower. They used the God soul to sense carefully while their bodies were shrouded in flames. They were actually unraveling the mysteries of Fire power.

Shi Yan's two flames moved around, absorbing the flames. Wherever they passed by, the magma sea disappeared little by little.

People couldn't help but look at Shi Yan.

Feng Ke, Russell, and Jie Nong were both bewildered and skeptical looking at him.

Under their closed eyes, Shi Yan just smiled and explained. "Those two flames of mine have some understanding of Fire power. They can take in the refined fire to strengthen themselves. Haha. Don't be so surprised. There are other objects besides creatures with an entity that can develop such intellect."

"Heaven flames! They are heaven flames!" Russell's eyebrows twitched. He recalled something, looking at Shi Yan with his bright and sharp eyes.

"Yeah, you're right. They are heaven flames," nodded Shi Yan.

"Where are you from? We don't have heaven flames in the Raging Flame Star Area. Only... the oldest life stars could have heaven flame... Are you from a higher level star area?" Russell was baffled.

Listening to him, everybody seemed to understand. They looked at Shi Yan with more surprise and respect.

People all knew that the Raging Flame Star Area wasn't the only star area in the vast galaxy. They understood that there should be higher-level star area somewhere in this starry universe. Warriors came from those star areas were always inexplicably mysterious and had unparalleled realms and powers.

The three major God Realms included the Original God Realm, the Ethereal God Realm, and the Incipient God Realm. In the Raging Flame Star Area, the strongest warriors had only the Peak of the Original God Realm.

Powers beyond the Original God Realm had never existed in the Raging Flame Star Area. They heard that somewhere deep in the galaxy, there existed experts at the Ethereal God Realm or Incipient God Realm.

Those characters had the power to destroy a whole life star directly. They could control massive meteorites in the sky and use them to forge their battleships or their hideouts.

The existences at that level were just legends that had spread in the Raging Flame Star Area. No one had ever met them.

And Shi Yan, the boy of unknown origin, had risen the tide when he had just arrived in the Raging Flame Star Area. He had shown people that he was capable of battling warriors whose realms were higher than his. He had turned people's knowledge of powers Upanishad upside down.

Originally, they didn't know how such miracles could happen. However, when relating all these things to a higher-level star area... everything seemed to be more logical.

If someone from a higher-level star area didn't have any extraordinary features, it would have been strange. People became excited as they thought that they had finally grasped the truth.

"It turns out you're from a higher-level star area with better life stars. It sounds logical," Jester expressed his opinion first.

"No wonder," nodded Russell.

"What is strange in the high-level star area where you used to live? Can you... tell us?" Jie Nong asked with a longing face.

"Tell us then," Feng Ke was also interested in this. With longing eyes, he looked at Shi Yan.

People became excited. All looked at him, waiting.

"You guessed incorrectly," Shi Yan sighed under their gazes. "The life star where I come from doesn't have many special features compared to this place. Quite the contrary actually. Its energy cycle will come to an end soon. Earth and heaven energy are almost dried up there. That's why I come to the Raging Flame Star Area to find a way out for my family and friends in my hometown. In the next two hundred years max, my hometown won't have any bit of earth and heaven energy. We won't have any new warriors, and the warriors of the previous generations won't have a chance to advance their powers furthermore.... sigh...."

Everybody was surprised.

"What realm does the strongest warrior in your hometown have?" asked Feng Ke.

"Ah, the Third Sky of True God Realm. We don't have any King God Realm warrior. It seems like we had stronger existences tens of thousands of years ago when the energy was still abundant. However, they were gone for a long time," said Shi Yan.

"Ah!" Feng Ke was surprised as though he couldn't believe it.

After Shi Yan had arrived in the Raging Flame Star Area, he had continually advanced. His realm upgraded extraordinarily quick. He had surpassed any prodigy of the Raging Flame Star Area.

Is that all what he, a warrior with endless potential, had back there?

They couldn't imagine it.

"The reason why I wanted to explore the star map was to find hope for my family and friends in my hometown," Shi Yan took a deep breath, his face appearing solemn.

"Don't worry. As long as the new star area has some life stars, I, Feng Ke, hereby promise that you will have your share!" Feng Ke promised him immediately. "You deserve it."

"Thank you."

Many pirates changed their attitude towards Shi Yan after this talk. They respected him honestly.

For the hope of his fellows, he had come to the Raging Flame Star Area alone, depending only on himself to find a shelter for his friends and relatives. This kind of stubbornness and persistence had touched the heart of many people.

Everybody calmed down. They now looked at Shi Yan with a new attitude. They asked themselves if their hometown had such a disaster, would they have had the guts to go to another star area just to bring hope to their family and friends?

"It's almost done," Jester suddenly yelled.

Everybody stooped and observed.

The fire sea shrouding an area of a hundred square miles lost much of its fire while they talked. The ground was revealed gradually.

The undying willpower seemed to emerge silently from the ground...

"Something is coming up!"

"Right! I see it!"

"What is it?"

People could feel something. They focused and observed the scene underneath.

A scorching skull emerged from a crack in the ground. It looked like heated iron, releasing blazing light.

A wisp of fire willpower emitted from that flaming skull with clear energy fluctuations.

Barrette also emerged. He floated by the flaming skull. There were ten warriors cultivating Fire power Upanishad in total. They all kowtowed to that skull as if they were worshipping it with respect from the bottom of their hearts.

Gradually, that undying willpower divided into many wisps of subtle energy and scattered as if it had finished its work of imparting the Inheritance.

Barrette, the Earth Flame, and the Vermilion Bird True Flame absorbed the light emitted from the flaming skull, carrying their last absorption.

When each of the warriors received the wisp of energy, fire then burst out from their bodies as they tried to combine the energy. They devotedly received some Inheritance. All of them felt grateful for the gift that the deceased had bestowed upon them.

After the God Soul of an expert perished, his God Domain turned into the intent domain field, which kept and preserved the willpower and the Essence of the power he had cultivated. Warriors who did that when they died often wanted to grant the coming generations with knowledge and power they had accumulated for countless years.

Warriors who were lucky enough to receive the last beam of their willpower had a higher chance to break through using that power.

The warrior who left the Inheritance would vanish completely, leaving nothing behind. This sort of person deserved respect from every warrior who had the same class of power.

After the flaming skull had disappeared, Barrette and the others maintained their worshipping positions, closing their eyes to feel the power they had just received. The Earth Flame and the Vermilion Bird True Flame returned to Shi Yan's heaven flame tier of the soul altar.

"I broke one level! I can continue my breakthrough later!" The Earth Flame cracked with joy.

"I also broke one level." The Vermilion Bird True Flame was thrilled. "He was a good guy. He left the thoughts and remnant of his energy for us to take and break through. How kind he was!"

The Earth Flame was now at level 5 and the Vermilion Bird True Flame had reached level 6. They all bowed to thank the deceased warrior for his immense kindness.