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857 I Think I Can Destroy You Now!

It was much smoother entering the sea. Shi Yan didn't encounter any enemies. He continued to fly quickly. After an hour, he landed on an islet.

The land of this islet had dark brown soil. Giant, withered trees were everywhere. The terrain was rough with many deep cracks.

Situated in the middle of the islet was a relatively flat area. Ka Tuo's tiger shark war chariots were parked there.

Shi Yan arrived, releasing his Soul Consciousness. Ka Tuo felt his presence immediately.


Ka Tuo raised his voice and called for Shi Yan from a tiger shark chariot. There were more than ten war chariots parked there. The crews were all part of Ka Tuo's entourage. Most of them were warriors at the King God Realm and True God Realm. They were not exactly the most capable warriors.

More than two hundred warriors under Ka Tuo's commands curiously watched Shi Yan. They all stared at him as they had always wondered how the prodigy whose fame had accelerated in the Heaven Punishment City looked like.

Ka Tuo and Ka Fu welcomed him happily. "How did you get here?"

"I sensed the movement of your power Upanishad," Shi Yan fabricated an excuse. He landed next to Ka Tuo, observing his warriors and smiling. "They are your brothers, right?"

Ka Tuo nodded, his face embarrassed. "Among the pirates around the Land of God Punishment, I'm not really strong. I don't have many members in my organization. Not many of them have a profound realm. It's shameful really."

When a leader was under the Original God Realm, it would be hard to recruit high-realm warriors. Ka Tuo was one level lower than Barrette, Jie Nong, and Russell. Among the other Third Sky of King God Realm leaders, he was only a little more famous.

Strong experts like Feng Ke had around one thousand subordinates. Most of them were at the King God Realm. It was rare to see True God Realm warriors in their crews.

And because Ka Tuo had only the Third Sky of King God Realm cultivation base, his crew consisted of many True God Realm warriors. Naturally, his force consisted of weaker soldiers than that of Feng Ke and Barrette.

"It won't be like this in the future. I believe in your competence. As soon as you break into the Original God Realm, your force will leap and surpass the forces of Barrette, Jie Nong, and Russell," consoled Shi Yan.

"Yeah, I think I'm about to surpass the bottleneck. My God Soul had strange fluctuations recently. I think I just need a marvelous encounter to cross that threshold," said Ka Tuo excitedly.

Having the complete power Upanishad Inheritance, Ka Tuo had been wholeheartedly cultivating lately. He did make some progress.

He was at the Peak of King God Realm. When his power Upanishad enhanced, it was natural to advance soon after. However, the chance to break through was hard to meet. Rarely, it was just a step away so that the warrior could break through almost instantly. But most of the time, it came very slowly and could take one hundred years.

"When we got out of the Heaven Punishment City, Bi Tian of the Underworld League chased after us. Most of the people who came with us were killed. But Bi Tian spared us. He asked me to send his regard to you." Ka Tuo suddenly remembered this event and asked Shi Yan suspiciously. "Do you have any relationship with Bi Tian?"

"Oh, yeah, just consider it like that. I didn't expect that man to care. Okay, I remember it." Shi Yan was surprised.

Shi Yan didn't expect that Bi Tian would show him his goodwill that way. To recruit Shi Yan, he didn't just agree to let his daughter marry him. He also gave him face. For Shi Yan, he had spared Ka Tuo's crew.

Although this man wasn't as strong as the Hegemon of the Underworld League, his schemeful and clever nature made him a powerful person that should never be underestimated.

"I broke through the new realm," Shi Yan pondered for a while then grinned.

With his understanding of Star power Upanishad, he broke the chrysalis and condensed many drops of Immortal Demon Blood. He was near the moment of replacing his blood with the Immortal Demon Blood. Entering the Third Sky of King God Realm, his God Body had refined the second time and reached a level he never imagined of achieving.

In the moment of his breakthrough, he felt his Immortal Martial Spirit and the Petrification Martial Spirit undergo a complex transformation. He believed that his body was super strong with a marvelous recovery ability. He was capable of using powers to resist any expert at the First Sky of Original God Realm.

Using his powers to release three powers Upanishad would allow his fighting competence to leap to a formidable level.

Ka Tuo and Ka Fu's eyes brightened.

"I think that if I meet Barrette and I have to risk my life by fighting him, the one who has to run for his life won't be me," said Shi Yan affirmatively.

Ka Tuo and Ka Fu were very happy.

"Where will you meet Feng Ke?"

"It's a little further away from this place. It's also a forbidden land. It's more dangerous than this place. People who don't know that place but attempt to intrude can hardly get out alive. Our pirates had to pay a lot of lives to explore that area."

"What happened to the barriers and restrictions in this area? Why do I have a feeling that they are fragments of an ancient continent? Is it true that the Land of God Punishment used to have many stars around? A life star perhaps?"

"Senior, how did you know that?"

"I guessed. Although those mountains, lakes, and islands are detached, they used to belong to a star."

"There are rumors about it. Just like what you said, the area around the Land of God Punishment used to be bustling. It had a tremendously massive life star at a pretty high level. It had invincible experts that guarded the area. However, it is unknown why it exploded. The lands on the life star were detached, creating many fragments that hovered around the Land of God Punishment. Many warriors died. Many secrets were buried. Many mysterious areas are vast lands that float around the Land of God Punishment. The pirates haven't explored all of them," explained Ka Tuo.

Shi Yan listened to him and nodded. "I see."

"We should go to the gathering point to meet Feng Ke. Brother, come with me. I know this place. We won't be in danger," said Ka Tuo smilingly.


Then, Shi Yan, Ka Tuo, and Ka Fu sat in the same war chariot. They moved quickly, crossing the immense ocean and gliding above many islets.

After a while, they entered a thick misty area with the wind howling violently which implied some invisible dangers.

Ka Tuo knew this place well. His tiger shark war chariot maneuvered around, not moving in a straight direction. The war chariots seemed like it was dodging all the hidden dangers. They had crossed the foggy area safely. They now entered another forbidden area.

In this area, Shi Yan couldn't do anything to help them. He was also lazy to put in some effort so he let Ka Tuo arrange everything.

After five days of flying, they had crossed many perilous areas with thick barriers and restrictions to land on another forbidden area where they had planned to meet up with Feng Ke.

It was a floating mountain range covered by a furious thunderstorm. This kind of natural energy had the potential to kill everything that passed through.

When Shi Yan's team arrived, they saw many battleships and war chariots harbored inside the mountain range. They saw the pirate flags of Russell and Barrette together with some smaller forces. However, they didn't know why Feng Ke and Jie Nong weren't there yet.

The tiger shark war chariots found their parking places. Not long afterward, Shi Yan saw Barrette, Russell, and Jester the alchemist. These three Original God Realm experts were discussing something. Seeing him, they frowned and approached.

Barrette wore a dark expression. Seeing Shi Yan, his anger rose immediately. He shouted, "Boy, why are you here? Are you a pirate? What right do you have to come here?"

Black Horn and some other Third Sky of King God Realm arrived. They were equipped with heavy armor. Murderous intentions arose as they grinned fiendishly.

Shi Yan was cold and calm, looking at Barrette's team. He said oddly, "I brought the star map to the Heaven Punishment City. If we are talking about what rights I have, who can properly judge than I can't join this expedition? Haha. Without my star map, you guys wouldn't even have the chance to be in this position!"

Barrette snorted. "Kid. You have someone in the Heaven Punishment City looking after your back. In this place, let's see who dares to stop me from killing you."

"You want to kill me?" Shi Yan laughed maniacally. "Barrette, Barrette. Since you couldn't kill me in the Heaven Punishment City last time, you're never going to have that chance for the rest of your life. I'm here. Let's see who will die first!"

As soon as he finished, a bloodthirsty and ruthless aura shot out from behind his head. He used the Dead Upanishad to expand the God Domain. Negative moods swarmed over like the crying and wailing of ghosts. Emotions of cruelty, desperation, craziness, and hatred gushed out as if they wanted to destroy the fighting will of everybody.

Inside the God Domain, Shi Yan's face was still cold and calm. His eyes sparkled brutally as he said, "Barrette, try to defeat me."

"Third Sky of King God Realm!" Russell and Jester acclaimed in unison.

"Hey, Barrette. You should stop for now. It's not that I don't appreciate your effort. I just don't think... that you can kill him," Russell was astounded for a moment. He beamed a forced smile, trying to advise Barrette, "Don't mess up. It's not worth it if both of you guys got hurt. You guys are fighting over just a woman. Don't risk your lives. Moreover, Feng Rao has given her decision. You lost the game..."

"Let it go. You can't kill him," Jester also stopped him.

Right when Shi Yan released his power, Ka Tuo, Ka Fu, and their men came closer and put up guard against the experts of Barrette's crew.

More pirates from other organizations gathered and advised Barrette not to take action.

"Do you think that you can resist me at the Original God Realm just because you got the Third Sky of King God Realm?" Barrette was hot-tempered. Flames burst out of his body, floating in the air. A sea of fire was formed behind him as he walked towards Shi Yan.

"It's not just resisting," Shi Yan looked at him seriously, shaking his head. "I can... I can destroy you!"

Everybody else discolored. Barrette halted his steps.

Right at this moment, Shi Yan suddenly stormed over. He took action first. His hands tore the void, and starlight ribbons bloomed out. It created a massive, glorious sword with stars moving on its blade that hid the mysteries of the infinite sky.


At the moment the massive starlight was formed, the ear-piercing noise of hissing also arose. The shockwave struck people's eardrums, but they didn't know the locations of the three Bone Thorns.