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855 Face-to-face killing!

The three General Commanders of the Underworld League had gathered in the back of the Land of God Punishment. They came here for the star map.

Shi Yan was sandwiched. He didn't show that he was scared or fluttered. He just looked at Nita with his cold and wicked eyes.

Although Monica used her Mind power Upanishad, she couldn't enchant Shi Yan. Even after seeing that Bi Tian want to protect him, she couldn't understand Bi Tian's true motive.

"Bi Tian. What do you want? He isn't from our Underworld League. He gangs up with pirates and has an ambiguous relationship with the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. Do you really want to protect him?" Tuo Hai's visage was dark and gloom. He was filled with anger. "Before coming here, our Hegemon has asked us to make the star map our top priority. Anything else shouldn't be a real concern. Do you want to go against what he asked?"

"We must continue trying to take the star map. But I also want to protect Shi Yan. He doesn't have the star map, so it won't conflict." Bi Tian snorted. He seemed to not be afraid of the Hegemon of the Underworld League. "Ao Gu Duo and Li Yue Feng are chasing after Feng Ke on the other side. You can go there. I'm not going to hinder you guys."

"The pirates are running from the Land of God Punishment?" Monica's eyes brightened. "So we can attack them as we please? We don't need to be afraid of the hermit anymore?"

"That person... hasn't attacked yet. I think he only cares about what happens inside the Heaven Punishment City. Once they leave the city, he won't care anymore," nodded Bi Tian.

Tuo Hai and Monica's looks changed as they listened to Bi Tian. They wanted to join the war on the other side.

"Nita, I will kill you sooner or later. I will kill you!" Shi Yan suddenly extended his arm, pointing at one of the alchemists. "I will let you live longer. If you dare come to the Land of God Punishment, expect to meet me here. I won't let you leave alive."

Nita's wrinkled face was shaken. She was scared out of her wits. She looked at Tuo Hai.

"Your tone is wildly arrogant. I do want to see you try and kill Nita!" Tuo Hai snorted and rolled his eyes at Bi Tian, his face dark and harsh. "I invited Nita here. If the boy you're protecting wants to act rashly, you shouldn't blame me for not agreeing to your request. I will kill him myself!"

"Bi Tian, you and I are the members of the Underworld League. You won't go against the Hegemon for this kid, will you?" Monica smiled charmingly, exchanging looks with Tuo Hai. They seemed to share a tacit understanding.

Being the General Commanders of the Underworld League, although Bi Tian was a little stronger than the other two, he still had his own limits. If they fought one-on-one, Bi Tian wasn't afraid of them. But since Tuo Hai and Monica were one team, it would be tough to deal with both of them.

Seeing Tuo Hai and Monica have the same intentions, Bi Tian got a headache.

The other reason here was that until this moment, he couldn't confirm Shi Yan's stance on this yet. He didn't know whether Shi Yan agreed with him or not.

If Shi Yan agreed to come to the matrimony with Bi Rou, his daughter, he could fight the other two to protect him at any cost.

But if Shi Yan didn't want it, then he would be protecting the kid for no reward. People would laugh at his face, wouldn't they?

"It's my business. I will handle it on my own. I won't disturb you, Master Bi Tian," Shi Yan beamed a faint smile then said calmly, "Thank you for helping me, precursor Bi Tian. However, I am not planning to get married for the time being. Please pardon me."

Bi Tian frowned.


All of a sudden, a strange silver flame ignited on Shi Yan's fingertip. A lightning strike struck across space. A narrow space slit appeared in front of him with dazzling five-colored light sparkling inside.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The ear-piercing hissing echoed in the crowd. The dreadful scream was like the crying of ghosts. It was part of the intent domain that could enchant people.

"Not good!"

Monica's pupils shrank. She couldn't help but yell, her eyes gazing at Nita's direction.

Tuo Hai also realized something. His face changed as he gathered his energy.


A pale light flashed at Nita's neck. Blood spurted from the cut in her wrinkled neck.

Boom Boom!

Two more white gusts flashed. Nita's head and heart exploded instantly.

Her soul altar and God Body were also destroyed by three pale lights shortly after that.

Blood showered like rain. The master of the Six Herbal Star, the Divine Grade Alchemist of the Underworld League, had been killed abruptly. She didn't even have a chance to defend herself.

Usually, alchemists weren't good at fighting especially when facing a ruthless and strange warrior like Shi Yan. Nita perished shortly after as the three Bone Thorns added with Space power had destroyed her God Body and soul altar.

Although they had the Second Sky of Original God Realm, Tuo Hai and Monica didn't have enough time to prepare. When they found that something was wrong, Nita was already dead. There was no chance to save her.

"She almost killed me that year. I killed her today to take my revenge," Shi Yan shouted. While he was still talking, he jumped into a space slit.

Tuo Hai and Monica immediately used their powers. However, when they finally mobilized their energy, Shi Yan disappeared into the space slit. His aura vanished into thin air.

That space slit closed slowly, leaving no trace.

The hustle and bustle of the place became so quiet that people would have been able to hear the sound of needles dropping.

A Third Sky of King God Realm had killed Nita in front of the three General Commanders of the Underworld League. He killed Nita and escaped with ease. People sank into an insane fear. They couldn't react.

He feared nothing, deliberately performing his deed and running away easily in front of so many people. This subdued everyone completely.

At this moment, people suddenly realized that what Tuo Hai and Monica had said was a joke.

The two of them wanted to suppress Bi Tian and seize that chance to deal with Shi Yan. In their eyes, Shi Yan could never create any threat. They thought that especially in this circumstance, Bi Tian would be the troublemaker.

However, Shi Yan killed Nita in front of them before they could react. Then, he used the space slit to escape instantly. Simply put, Shi Yan didn't care about them at all.

"What was that about having a profound realm?"

"I wouldn't fight you face to face and hide if our realms were more similar. When our realms are the same, I will come back to slaughter you. What will you do then?

Tuo Hai and Monica grimaced.

This was naked humiliation!

"I think... He doesn't need my protection. What do you say?" Bi Tian was also surprised. Then he forced a smile, shaking his head and exclaiming secretly.

Nita's corpse had no beam of life aura. It fell in the bloody puddle not far from Tuo Hai.

Tuo Hai was at the Second Sky of Original God Realm, but he couldn't react timely because Shi Yan had fooled him by saying he wouldn't let Nita leave the Land of God Punishment alive. He said that he would kill her sooner or later.

Sooner or later... sooner or later... Tuo Hai didn't recognize that Shi Yan's 'sooner or later' means a moment later!

He didn't take Shi Yan's feature of taking revenge for the smallest grudge or his bizarre space power into account. Thus, he didn't do anything to protect Nita. When Shi Yan activated his space power and maneuvered the Bone Thorns, Tuo Hai couldn't do anything to stop them, which contributed to Nita's death.

"He's tougher than before. I believe that if we meet him a second time, perhaps he will no longer be your rival. However, if he wants to leave, you guys can't stop him," said Bi Tian after contemplating for a while. "I'm going to the war on the other side of the Land of God Punishment. What about you?"

"You're familiar with this area. We will follow you." Monica wore a bitter face. This was the first time she tasted failure. However, deep inside her heart, she was really interested in Shi Yan.

The sweet words she had told were just her usual tricks. It wasn't different for different guys. She actually didn't want to put them in her heart. However, facing an obstacle this time, her interest was aroused. She thought that the Land of God Punishment would be a fun place this time.

"Alright, follow me. With you here, the possibility to get the star map increased!" Bi Tian took a deep breath and flew toward the main front of the Land of God Punishment.


Another remote corner of the Land of God Punishment.

A space slit cracked in the voice, and Shi Yan got out from that slit.

His improved realm, his unceasingly increasing energy, and his understanding of Space power Upanishad allowed him to gain a deeper knowledge of his powers.

Tearing the void to build a short space passage wasn't a hard task for him now.

Having this magical escaping trick, he believed that even if he couldn't use his powers to resist the strong experts, he could still attempt to flee away deliberately.

As long as his Space power wasn't restrained, he could always tear space to create space passages that could cross billion of miles in a blink.

Protruding from the space slit, Shi Yan lifted up his head to watch the galaxy above his head where the battle was furious. Ao Gu Duo's and Li Yue Feng's teams were chasing after the pirates. Shi Yan knew Bi Tian, Monica, and Tuo Hai would arrive shortly and join this war.

His soul altar flickered. He navigated and grinned before flying toward a forbidden land.

There were so many forbidden lands outside the Land of God Punishment. The forbidden lands were also star areas with hidden dangers. Some had disorderly energy. Some had so many barriers and restrictions that even the Original God Realm warriors couldn't get through.

The pirates took risks and flew out of the Land of God Punishment because they were confident of their understanding of the situations of the forbidden lands.

Shi Yan had a beam of Ka Tuo's Original Soul in his God Soul. As soon as his thought flickered, he could use that Original Soul to connect and trace down Ka Tuo.

Following that connection, he maneuvered, crossing the group of people fighting each other. His figure moved further, leaving the Land of God Punishment, flying toward the forbidden land where Ka Tuo was hiding.

Space energy fluctuated clearly wherever he passed by. His God Body swayed between the space slits. He looked relaxed but he was actually moving faster than lightning.

This was the unique moving method of warriors who cultivated space power. Also, it was acknowledged as the fastest moving method among the other powers.

Not long afterward, he entered a layer of thick white mist. He accelerated and his vision suddenly brightened as he had entered Ka Tuo's forbidden land.