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850 Blood Formation!

Shi Yan didn't hide far away.

He was floating in the vast starry sky outside the Land of God Punishment. He stayed still, not moving a single finger. However, bloody murderous Qi was still hovering around his body. Negative moods were moving disorderly in his soul altar, surging his Sea of Consciousness.

Starlight from the immense starry sea and from the unknown, far areas came and congregated within his body. Besides Qi that brought thoughts of murder, he also felt cool, which helped him relax.

It contained the energy of the stars in outer space.

The nebula inside the vortex at his lower abdomen slowly moved. The star floating amidst the nebula became more dazzling, releasing a strong suction force that continually pulled and absorbed starlight.

Starlight sprayed like rain, gathering at the vortex in his lower abdomen before rolling massively into the star. Shi Yan felt the effects of the negative moods get reduced.

The vortexes in seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points were revolving and refining the Essence Qi massively. During this process, his acupuncture points were enlarged and swollen, which was annoyingly painful. After the black hole in his soul altar had taken in the soul energy, it carried out the same refining process. Shi Yan's God Soul couldn't calm down even for a moment.

At this moment, his situation wasn't good.

After an unknown time, the thick murderous Qi in his body diluted and faded away. The evil moods that nibbled at his soul stopped. Then, he used the God Soul to discharge them from his heart.

Gradually, the mysterious energy started to ooze out from his acupuncture points, flowing towards his God Soul. Shi Yan then guided it toward the Essence Qi ancient tree to refill the energy he had consumed.

Heaven Punishment City gave him great benefits. Twenty-three King God Realm warriors died from the furious fights under his deadly influence.

He had discreetly absorbed the Essence Qi of those dead warriors. It was so thick and abundant, unlike anything he had before.

He understood that he needed time for the refining process. It would not be safe to still for a long time in the Heaven Punishment City. Thus, he used space power to instantly leave and go to the vast starry sea outside the Land of God Punishment. There, he wouldn't be disturbed while he calmed the seething changes in his body.

Shortly after, more and more mysterious energy gushed out from his acupuncture points. They murmured like invisible streams through his veins.

The mysterious energy started to restore his flesh body miraculously. Shi Yan's Immortal Martial Spirit started to create the Immortal Demon Blood with the supply of the mysterious energy.

A large amount of mysterious energy seeped into his God Body. His body started to swell like a balloon. At this moment, his entire body turned blood-red, which looked both scary and ferocious.

The mysterious energy moved quickly in his veins. It was then condensed by the Immortal Martial Spirit. A drop of Immortal Demon Blood that was full of vigorous energy was produced. It hid deep inside his body.

Closing his eyes, Shi Yan didn't think much. He just tried to maintain this condition. His God Soul was crystal clear, free of any impurities. His God Body was instinctively producing Immortal Demon Blood.

After A While.

No more mysterious oozed out from his acupuncture points. At this moment, Shi Yan looked like he had just woken up as he opened his eyes.

His Soul Consciousness started to check his body. He found that his body had produced several hundred drops of Immortal Demon Blood!

This time, the quantity of Immortal Demon Blood produced was much greater than any previous time!

His thought flickered as he tried to put the drops of Immortal Demon Blood into the veins to replace his own blood.

Crack Crack Crack!

Clear cracking sounds echoed in his body that could be compared to thunder or the pounding of drums.

With the cracking sounds in his bones, his garments suddenly exploded, turning into dust. His blood-red, naked body was exposed. Each of his muscles seemed to be brimming with the earth-shattering energy. They were growing larger, producing more energy.

His blood veins became tremendously tenacious and his bones were like the toughest metal that couldn't be broken by even divine weapons.

Vigorous energy rolled torrentially in his internal organs. The Blood Qi was so thick and dense that it made him shiver. It seemed that he now had an infinite source of power that he could use or waste.

The Immortal Demon Blood flooded his veins. At this moment, Shi Yan couldn't control his body. He entered the Third Sky of Rampage. His eyes became bloodshot. The brutal, violent thoughts immersed in his mind. He suddenly wanted to kill all kinds of creatures.

It seemed like the meaning of his existence was to destroy. His motive was to end every creature and take away their life.

This frightful thought appeared like a seal in his head or like a cruel whisper in his ear, making him wish to slaughter without thinking. The thought of taking away a life gave him marvelous joy.

Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump!

His heart beat strongly and vigorously. The vibrations gradually expanded to his whole body. He started to shake. The blood-red mist hovered around his body while the thoughts of slaughtering creatures multiplied in his head.

The negative moods he had struggled to stop burst out ten times greater. It was like they wanted to devour his mind.

He was scared, petrified because of the vehement killing desire. He didn't want to lose his mind and become a monster that only wanted to kill.

Taking a deep breath, he lifted his head to look at the sky. Starlight sparkled brilliantly in his eyes. He had to make his mind lucid. Then, he used the God Soul to control the nebula in the vortex in his lower abdomen to take in more star energy.

Star energy fell like a dense sprinkle, covering his God Body. The starlight was bright and cool. It was like an invisible hand stroking and calming the devil's thoughts and negative emotions, preventing him from falling into bedevilment or losing his mind forever.

He suddenly understood that he had absorbed too much Essence Qi from the dead this time. It was much more than he could endure. That was why he couldn't keep his mind as clear as he used to.

The cool star energy circulated in his body while Shi Yan thought about the trajectory of the nebula in his lower abdomen and the change of the galaxy his God Soul could feel, trying to match them.

All of a sudden, Shi Yan and countless stars in outer space had a vague connection. The starlight zoomed over his eyes, turning into meteors shooting toward his God Body.

The God Soul was shaken. The soul altar revolved fast while the Star power fluctuation in the soul altar's tier of power Upanishad became mysterious and hard to detect. His chaotic consciousness was suppressed, becoming quiet.

Deep inside his eyes was where starlight sparkled. In his body, the nebula in the vortex in his lower abdomen became dazzling. Numerous star dots started to form a connection with the stars in outer space. It seemed like the nebula in his body had included all the stars in outer space.

The small stars twinkled brightly inside the nebula in his lower abdomen. Like bright lanterns, they surrounded the biggest star in there, moving in the magical course of the stars.

His consciousness became panicked. Starlight sparkled in his eyes, but he was baffled as he had fallen into an unknown condition, wishing to answer some questions for his cultivation.

At the same time, a large amount of starlight that fell from the sky congregated in his God Body. It made him a glorious star, which other stars seemed to gravitate towards.

Negative moods that multiplied in his head left unknowingly. The mysterious energy oozing from his acupuncture points was wandering around his body like stars scattered in the sky. The Immortal Demon Blood in his body gradually quieted down, no longer giving him a desire to kill.

Shi Yan watched the starry sky. He seemed to be enchanted by the gorgeous marvel of the galaxy. Then, he fell into the mysterious phase of understanding Star power Upanishad.

Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump!

The strong heartbeats didn't stop. The vibration from the heart expanded to his entire God Body, making him sway in rhythm.

After each shake, more starlight shot towards him, sending sparks into the void while energy entered his body.

His God Body became translucent like a massive garnet jewel. It was dazzling, gorgeous, and beautiful in an eccentric way, intimidating those who looked at it.

His acupuncture points became swollen, giving him what should have been a vessel-tearing pain. He should have felt extreme pain in his internal organs. It all burst out together, but the pain couldn't flood into his Sea of Consciousness. He couldn't feel anything. Shi Yan didn't realize the pain or the fact that his God Body was changing, carrying out the magical quenching process one more time.

Gray smoke fumed out from pores in his entire body.

That gray smoke was the contaminant generated in his God Body during the current period. The smoke was the dreg left after he had absorbed energy. If they stayed in his body for a long time, it would reduce the quality of his God Body. If he got hit, his bones would crack easily.

However, after this time of quenching, his God Body changed as if he had experienced resurrection.

It was like what happened when he sank into the blood pond when he had just arrived in this world. At that time, his body was shrouded in a bloody cocoon as if he was a chrysalis that hasn't turned into a beautiful butterfly yet.

Inside the garnet pupa, he could hear the heartbeat and the violent vibration. It also had the aura of his energy and his circulating star energy.

However, this big pupa didn't hinder the star energy from seeping into his God Body. While he was under this circumstance, the starlight was still congregating into his body.

Not only that, inside the cocoon, his absorbing speed and the productivity had increased several times.

Shi Yan stayed inside the blood-red pupa, learning the truth about his Star power Upanishad. In the power Upanishad tier of his soul altar, the star energy movement was clear and vibrant.

While he didn't recognize it, the extreme pure star energy started to flow out of the black hole in his soul altar. It seeped into the soul altar while a big part of it flooded the heaven flame soul altar.

The heaven flames staying in his soul altar became thrilled. That kind of energy had given them a big boost for their growth and ascension.

Just like Shi Yan, the heaven flames started to transform.

Apparently, at the time he broke this pupa, he would have a marvelous transformation. His realm and power would be upgraded for the second time!