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848 I’m Sorry, I Will Choose Him.

People stared at the place where the battles were the most fierce.

Dozens of King God Realm warriors attacked each other as though they were all crazy, not knowing whether the opponent was from their side or not. They seemed to not feel pain as well.

A thick blood colored mist and sea of blood released brutal and wicked energy fluctuations. It seemed that the red hue could affect people's soul altar at once. Just at first glance, their souls looked like they were sinking deep into it.

Only a lucid man was floating in the middle of the blood sea.

It was Shi Yan.

Wicked energy flooded the blood sea. Shi Yan hovered with a cold face and garnet eyes. He just watched the battles idly as if he didn't know that he was the one who had initiated this.

Inside the blood sea, blood splashed everywhere. Parts of human bodies were scattered on the ground, which belonged to those who had battled to the death.

Looking further, they found more withered corpses on the road. They seemed to be bled to death. Someone counted almost one hundred corpses on the street!

Blood mist hovered and wound around. The eccentric, evil aura slowly arose. Looking at the blood mist and the blood sea, the warriors couldn't help but feel very anxious and uneasy as if they had to jump in there and fight as well.

The onlookers were frightened, seeing the young man with his bizarre and wicked energy fluctuation. A chill went down their spines.

So odd and cunning!

After all, what kind of power could make people act crazily like that? They didn't recognize their comrades who had been fighting with them for so many years. They were all battling fiercely until someone died.

"What is going on?"

"That man is the boy who has defeated Black Horn. He has competed with Barrette for Young Lady Feng Rao."

"Ah, it's him again? But why does he look so evil right now? Look! Many people are dying on the street. Did he kill them all?"

"Who knows? But I'm sure this kid isn't ordinary. At the Second Sky of King God Realm, he was able to create this bizarre situation, which is enough to prove that his power Upanishad is one of the most mysterious and wicked powers!"

"We shouldn't mess with this kid anyway. Oh sh*t, he's a real slaughtering machine!"

"Right, we should stay away from him. Or else, I'm sure we will be involved in something terrible."

". . ."

Everybody discussed boisterously. They temporarily forgot that the Original God Realm experts were sitting behind them to adjust their condition in silence. Now, they kept their eyes on Shi Yan.

"Little sister!" Feng Xiao was bewildered for a while. Suddenly, he became stiff and serious. He cried out, "Our people are being attacked and killed!"

Feng Rao discolored. She cleared her mind, taking in a cold breath before flying out and heading towards Shi Yan. As soon as she was about to reach him, she shouted, "Stop it!"

Zi Yao's bright eyes got colder looking at the woman. She couldn't help but snort as she disliked her.

This was the first time Zi Yao saw Feng Rao. Studying the woman, she felt more annoyed.

Feng Rao's evil charm and her care for Shi Yan made Zi Yao instinctively upset. She couldn't explain why she felt irritated. She just thought that she should be the one who tried to stop him, not Feng Rao.

However, she didn't dare expose herself. She was a princess of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, the enemy of the Heaven Punishment City. She also didn't have the Original God Realm cultivation base. If people spotted her, it would be hard to escape.

"Stop it! Quickly!" Feng Rao shouted hastily.

Hearing her frightened shout, Shi Yan's blood eyes flashed. He took a deep breath as if he had been awakened from a strange realm.

After fifteen minutes, the God Domain he had released was retrieved. The blood mist wound around the sky disappeared as if it was sucked into a space slit.

His garnet eyes gradually resumed their normal color. However, the bloody aura on his body was still terrifying and intimidating.

Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo and Ka Fu stood in the crowd, looking at him from a far distance, their visage baffled.

They had come with Shi Yan originally. However, they lost him along the way.

Staying in the darkness and a chaotic place of disorderly Soul Consciousness, they couldn't find Shi Yan. As most of the warriors were heading toward Leona's location, they thought that they would meet him there.

They didn't expect that after being separated briefly, Shi Yan would change so much. He surprised and frightened the crowd of the warriors in the Heaven Punishment City.

"I need to go for a while," Shi Yan suddenly extended one arm. An unknown flow of murderous aura congregated in his palm. An invisible force snatched Feng Rao's soft body, preventing her from approaching him. "I'll be back shortly. If you want to depart the expedition to explore the star map, just go. You don't need to wait for me."

Shi Yan didn't wait for Feng Rao to respond. He faced the sky and screamed. The void echoed a whistle just like a sharp sword tearing the sky.

A dazzling space slit appeared above his head. He immediately flew into the crack, not waiting for the others to react. He disappeared in a blink.

Feng Rao hurried to come to him but a barrier had stopped her. She could only see him leaving, unable to do anything else.

That space slit just flashed then closed. That area was flat, having no streaks of being torn once.

As soon as Shi Yan disappeared strangely, the negative energy had gone altogether. Those insane warriors gradually resumed their clear minds. They stopped fighting.

"Dude! My brother! Why are you dead?!?"


"Damn! What's happened?"

"What happened? Why did we fight with each other? How come?"

"Who? Who did it? You will be our enemies forever!"

". . ."

After the warriors regained control of themselves, they looked around and found that their death-or-life opponent were their friends and brothers who they shared many memories with.

They burst out angrily, shouting and cursing. They were so enraged that they wanted to find the person who caused all these things to take revenge and make him pay a big bloody price for what he'd done.

Too bad, Shi Yan had left a long time ago. They couldn't find him.

"Young Lady, our master does have sharp eyes. I couldn't understand him, but now I got it. I'm totally convinced." Allard put on a strangely solemn visage, speaking.

The devil deeds Shi Yan had performed today was much more dazzling than his battle against Black Horn. Many King God Realm warriors were dead under the effects of his powers. Many warriors had gone insane, killing each other.

And Shi Yan acted unnaturally calm, floating in the bloody mist. He looked like a Judge of Hell casually looking at the scene that scared people out of their wits.

Allard was now convinced and admired him. He suddenly said with emotions. "If you marry this man, he will be a great support to our master's hegemony. My Young Lady, this man won't be a frog in the pond. Sooner or later, he will become the hottest star in the Raging Flame Star Area."

The beautiful eyes of Bi Rou showed that she was stunned. She looked in the direction Shi Yan had disappeared, her mind in disorder.

She still remembered when she first met Shi Yan...

On the Sixth Herbal Star of the Underworld League, Shi Yan was just a human body cauldron at that time that Nita had been using. She hadn't put him in her eyes. They just wanted to use his abundant Blood Qi to produce medicines and break through to the Second Sky of King God Realm.

That year, Shi Yan was just a small character not worth mentioning. At that time, he hadn't been eligible to talk to her.

However, it has not been a long time...

Not more than ten years later, that small character had entered the Second Sky of King God Realm from his Second Sky of True God Realm. They were at the same realm but his real competence had surpassed hers!

After this short period, that small character had thrived intimidatingly at a speed they couldn't imagine. To recruit this man, her father wanted to sacrifice her life's happiness. She couldn't understand why. She bore a grudge against her father for his ruthless and heartless deed. She hated her father because he had cruelly interfered with her life.

However, seeing the cold man floating in the middle of the blood mist, she didn't know why her heart suddenly shivered. The lake in her heart rippled marvelously as if someone had thrown a rock in it.

She understood that no matter what her future would be, that scene would always be engraved in her heart. A cold and unfeeling man could always catch the eyes of women in the Raging Flame Star Area, and she wasn't an exception.

"Your Highness, if you can't recruit him one more time, you have to destroy him at any cost," said Ao Gera in a low tone while stooping down so nobody could see his real emotions.

Zi Yao's body shivered. Her beautiful eyes were misty.

"Ao Gera's correct. Carthew suddenly stormed out. He was the first one leaving that area. He seemed to not be afraid of the hermit in the dark.

Carthew's visage was grim. "He's too dangerous. He's much more excellent than His Majesty when he was young. If he marries Feng Rao, the Heaven Punishment City will become the fourth strong force of the Raging Flame Star Area. It will threaten the overlord position of the divine nation."

"Sir, but Shi Yan..." Yalan opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something.

"If he works for the divine nation, it will benefit our fortune. If he becomes our enemy, it will be a big disaster," Carthew sobbed, talking with emotions.

Zi Yao's beautiful eyes sparkled with a dim light. Looking at the place where Shi Yan had disappeared, her heart was beating hard. However, she kept quiet.

"Your Highness..." Ao Gera lifted his head, his eyes sharp.

Zi Yao's soft body shook. She turned around to look at him. With an ice-like visage, she said deliberately, "If I could choose only one between you and Shi Yan, I'm sorry. I would choose him."

Ao Gera looked like he was struck. He paled, clutching his heart. He then said with a miserable smile. "So, that's it. I'm a fool! I'm a f*cking fool!"

"If you hadn't attacked him and if you hadn't joined the other to attack me, I wouldn't have said that. What did my brother Du Jia promise you that resulted in you giving him my information? Why did you end up waiting by my side?" Zi Yao suddenly became strong. She didn't hide her disgust anymore, speaking coldly, "Compared to you, he may be callous and wicked, but at least he wouldn't have acted so stealthily to manipulate me. He wouldn't have many faces like you, and he wouldn't change his face behind my back."

"Good! Good talk!" Ao Gera smiled miserably. "Turns out I'm such a person in your heart. I finally wake up today. My Uncle is right. In the eyes of the sort of woman like you, it is only about benefits and values. Every man has clear value in your eyes. Today, his value is greater than mine. He has surpassed me. That's why you chose him, right?"

"It's your business no matter how you think about that," Zi Yao sighed, waving her hand as she felt so heavy inwardly. "You should go. My Glorious Amethyst Star isn't a good place for you. I hope you can have a better world staying with Sir Ao Gu Duo."

"Alright! I also want to see if Shi Yan ends up giving you all that you want in the end. We should clean our eyes and see!" Ao Gera nodded. He turned around and left resolutely.