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844 What Can We Do Then?

Black Curtain Pirates' headquarters, Heaven Punishment City.

Crushed stones were scattered on the ground. The center of the large yard was concaved. Barrette and Black Horn sat neatly in the middle of the crushed stone. Blood covered their bodies, their eyes gloomy.

Feng Ke, Russell, and Jie Nong were here. They stood around the large yard, looking at Barrette and Black Horn. They were in a fix with a little bit pleasure of seeing people in misfortune.

Many Black Curtain pirates were also looking at their bosses with dark faces.

The battle that happened in the Heaven Punishment City had caught the attention of many people. They all saw Barrette and Black Horn being dragged through the sky of the Heaven Punishment City and thrown to their headquarters. The two of them couldn't even wiggle.

Everybody knew Barrette and Shi Yan had a battle taken place in Ka Fu's shop. Of course, it wasn't hard to guess whom Barrette and Black Horn had attacked.

However, Shi Yan had only the Second Sky of King God Realm. Ka Tuo and Ka Fu were just the King God Realm warriors. Barrette was an intimidating existence since he was at the Original God Realm. Not only could he accomplish this deed, he also fell into this helter-skelter situation. People who saw them couldn't reason what had happened.

No one knew who had attacked these two in the dark. However, at this moment, people all knew that a formidable hermit had stayed in the Heaven Punishment City.

This hermit was like an invisible giant towering the Heaven Punishment City, watching and keeping the order of the city quietly.

The Heaven Punishment City banned fighting. People who broke the rules would be taught a lesson. Even if Barrette was a big leader, he couldn't be an exception.

"Do you think this is funny?" Barrette was so angry. He looked at the others as if he could shoot flames with his eyes. He gritted his teeth. "Yeah, I've broken the rules. So what? Are you going to expel me from the Heaven Punishment City?"

He could see the unfriendly mockery of Feng Ke, Russell, and Jie Nong. As he was enraged, he wasn't polite to them.

"No, we're not here to solve your rule-breaking case," Feng Ke twitched his mouth, making a bizarre smile. "Moreover, you've got your punishment. We won't trouble you more. Haha, Barrette. Your fortune isn't good I think. You've always been disgruntled?"

Jie Nong and Russell also sneered, their faces showed their inaudible ridicule.

"Did you come here to see how funny my situation is?" Barrette darkened his face. The flame of anger rose in his eyes. "I used to think that in the Heaven Punishment City, the four of us were the strongest. I've never thought that we're just the order keepers in daylight. Someone in the dark is much stronger than us. That person seems to use his or her own methods to control the city. Are you willing to let someone else take your powers?"

"What can we do then?" Jie Nong shook his head begrudgingly. "When we aren't as strong as this night character, we can't do nothing but stoop our heads. Although that mysterious expert has a high realm, he or she isn't hostile to us. Why should we find the way to lose our faces altogether? I think it isn't a bad thing to have a character like that to enforce the rules of the Heaven Punishment City."

"Yeah, it's true. Even if we don't like it, what can we do then?" Russell beamed a forced smile. "That hermit could subdue people easily. We're not the equal opponents that we were back then. This person has been in the city for so many years. If he wanted to attack us, how would we have been safe during those years? Apparently, he just wants to keep the order of the city. It's also our initial purpose. If something happens, why should we find trouble ourselves?"

"How come I didn't know of such a tremendous existence in the Heaven Punishment City?" Barrette still had a grimace.

"We haven't known it for long," Jie Nong and Russell exchanged looks, showing the depressed countenances.

"I've known of it earlier," Feng Ke, the one belonging to the previous generation, took a deep breath. "I always thought that it was just a rumor. I didn't put it in my mind. If I didn't know about you and Fan Ye, perhaps... I would still think that it was just a rumor. However, today... I believe that it is true."

"So you are here for what? Giving me advice to not swagger in the Heaven Punishment City? Are you asking me to let that kid go?" shouted Barrette.

"Nope. We didn't want to talk about it. Anyway, if you still want to chase after him, go ahead. We will be happy waiting for your result. " Russell laughed oddly as if he wasn't afraid of the protector in the dark of the Heaven Punishment City.

"I don't want to die early," Barrette said with a stiff face as he tried to control his mood.

Black Horn was more despondent, talking with a grimace, "That hermit just wanted to teach us a lesson. He didn't strike us hard. If it happens again, I'm not sure if we will survive."

"How is Shi Yan? Is he okay?" Feng Rao contemplated behind Feng Ke for a while. Eventually, she couldn't hold her worry anymore, frowning and asking.

"That kid lives well!" Barrette suddenly got enraged badly. "Feng Rao, what's so good about him? He's just a lucky kid. He doesn't have a background force to support him. Why did you choose him?"

Feng Rao gave him a cold smile. "It has nothing to do with you!"

She wanted to know whether Shi Yan was alright or not. She didn't have any good feelings towards Barrette. Knowing Shi Yan was safe, her heart quieted down. Of course, she wouldn't give Barrette a nice face.

"Buzz Buzz Buzz!

All of a sudden, something buzzed low and hurried in Feng Ke's sleeve like a hasty mosquito.

Feng Ke arched his brows. One hand of his retracted into the sleeve. He closed his eyes as if he was sensing something.

His face changed dramatically afterward. He couldn't help but bawl, his face frightened. "Fan Ye is dead!"

Hearing him, everybody else was shaken, looking at him disbelievingly.

"I just got the news. The Headmaster of the Fan family, Fan He, is going to the Land of God Punishment alone. The Nine Star Chamber of Commerce isn't far from us. With Fan He's competence, if he travels at the max speed, he will be here shortly." Feng Ke took a deep breath. His face was very solemn. "The intelligence I got from the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce says that Fan He's enraged because his blood brother Fan Ye was killed in the Heaven Punishment City."

"Good! He's dead! Good! Haha!" Russell was bewildered. He burst out laughing like crazy.

"He deserved that! Haha!" Feng Rao's beautiful eyes also brightened, yelling excitedly.

Those pirates who had been attacked by the Fan family got excited hearing the news.

Many pirates of the Land of God Punishment had disgusted the Fan family the most. Recently, the Fan family had always covered and attacked the pirates. If they hadn't hidden in the forbidden lands, many pirates would have been killed.

Russell and the Fan family had a deep grudge. Feng Rao's big brother also was killed by the force of the Fans. Many friends and beloved ones of the pirates were also killed by the Fans.

Thus, hearing the news made them all excited, yelling happily.

"Fan He arrived," Feng Ke pondered for a while then shouted, his face grim.

The noisy cheering vanished with his words. People became gloomy instantly. They looked extremely anxious and tense.

In the Raging Flame Star Area, Fan He, the Headmaster of the Fan family, was like Du Tian Ji: He was the most dangerous existence at the Third Sky of Original God Realm. Their names were heard in every corner of the life stars in the Raging Flame Star Area. He was deemed the peak of existence.

Today, this character was about to arrive in the Heaven Punishment City personally. Who wouldn't be tense?

"With our forces, we're Fan He's matches. What should we do?" Jie Nong asked gingerly as if he got a headache.

"Arrange your members. We will retreat from the Heaven Punishment City immediately. Yeah, tell the leaders of the other forces to prepare. We will leave at the fastest speed and head directly to the area that the star map points to. This is good. It's time to move," Feng Ke said after pondering for a while. "If the hermetic expert in the Land of God Punishment wants to protect the Heaven Punishment City, even Fan He won't be able to destroy the city, which has been standing firm for several thousand years. Wait until we explore the mysteries of the star map and get stronger. Then, Fan He won't be a threat to us anymore."

People nodded in agreement with his words. They hurried to arrange their formations and people.

"Father, Shi Yan... We don't know where he is," Feng Rao said softly.

"We have so many people here. We can't wait for only him. We don't have much time though. It will be good if he can come before we leave. Otherwise... we can't do anything about it," Feng Rao frowned. "It's not a bad thing if he can't join our expedition. As long as we can harvest something, we won't be mistreating him..."

Feng Rao also understood that they wouldn't take risks to linger and wait for Shi Yan. She could only nod her head reluctantly and listen to her father. However, she still hoped that Shi Yan would show up soon.


Another hidden manor in the Heaven Punishment City.

Carthew was talking with Zi Yao discreetly. Suddenly, he arched his brows, jolted up and walked to the garden of the manor.

Ao Gera appeared there, speaking to a man. His face was bright.

"Sir Ao Gu Duo!" Zi Yao greeted the man as she was shaken seeing him.

"Your Highness, you're still stunningly gorgeous." Ao Gu Duo, one of the five feudal vassals, laughed cheerily. "No wonder Ao Gera wanted to go with you, no matter how hard I've tried to keep him. Haha, from the ancient time until now, heroes are attracted to beauties and beauties are attracted to heroes. You and this kid are perfectly matched."

Zi Yao felt resentful, but her face was calm. However, she didn't reply.

"You've come just on time. Those pirates seem to have some strange commotions. They want to leave the city quickly," said Carthew. "Once they leave the Heaven Punishment City, it would be hard to find them in the forbidden lands. They are more familiar with the topography there than we are. If we want to attack them, the next two days are the best chances."

"Attack them?" Ao Gu Duo shook his head, his face grimaced. "I don't want to die unaccountably like Fan Ye."

Hearing him, Carthew, Zi Yao, and Ao Gera were startled.

They knew that Fan Ye had disappeared mysteriously, but they didn't know that he was dead. It wasn't a joke when an Original God Realm warrior died. It would be spread over the Raging Flame Star Area.

"We can confirm that a terrifying hermetic expert is dwelling in the Heaven Punishment City," said Ao Gu Duo with a solemn countenance. He looked scared, too. He seemed too afraid of that person to show any offense.