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842 The Value Of Ten Thousand Top Quality Divine Crystals

More than ten flame figures as vague as the giant God of Fire flooded from everywhere, bringing the tremendous fire altogether.

The giant fire surged violently, bursting uncontrollably from the ground as if it was going to cover the entire Heaven Punishment City. The scorching energy was about to destroy the entire city.

At this moment, Barrette released the complete power of the Original God Realm, launching his formidable attacks.

The fire snakes wound around Shi Yan's God Body. In the furious flames, his energies gathered in his meridians and streamed strangely.

With a gap between an entire realm, Shi Yan had the right to be proud that Barrette had to use all of his strength to try to deal with him.

Any warrior at the Second Sky of King God Realm fighting a warrior at the Original God Realm would not have a different result as someone who committed suicide. He would never have the luck to escape death.

For Shi Yan, since he was able to stand until this moment and force Barrette to use all of his powers, he had actually reached an unimaginable level for his realm.

Barrette's power and understanding of power Upanishad were much more profound than what Fan Ye had. Shi Yan had used the Immortal Demon Blood, his different powers Upanishads, and even all of the heaven flames to resist the savage man. However, he had to struggle a lot.

Seeing the fire figures swarming over, Shi Yan pulled himself together, using the soul altar to revolve the heaven flame tier.

Shi Yan released the heaven flames. Shortly after, they created a multilayered heaven flame shield. It dazzled gloriously like a rainbow.

At first glance, Shi Yan was floating in the middle of a five-colored nimbus. Divine light radiated brightly around him. Although divine layers made of heaven flames couldn't fuse with his God Body or God Soul, they still looked godly and magical.

The fire giants touched the heaven flames shield and bounced back. They couldn't attack Shi Yan.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!

The heaven flame shield made contact with the fire giants. Colorful lights and sparks were sent out dazzlingly.

Floating in the center of the heaven flame defense, Shi Yan quickly urged the energy in his body, exploding the energy of the Immortal Demon Blood. His aura didn't decrease even a slight bit. He condensed the star energy to create the Star Shield the second time. The star that had flown out revolved for a while in the ground before exploding outward and attacking Barrette violently.

As his God Soul was blocked, no matter how fast Barrette moved, he couldn't escape the star's pursuit.

Starlight flooded the place. A flying star chased after Barrette, troubling him. Barrette didn't have a free moment to strengthen his attacks.

The grimaced ghost face created by the Dead power appeared from nowhere once again. Just like that peculiar star, it started to fly after Barrette. At the same time, Shi Yan's surging negative energy all poured into that ghost face.

Vaguely, Shi Yan and the ghost face seemed to merge into one. That ghost face then turned into his appearance and figure. It turned into a miniature version of his soul, a version that was filled with negative, cunning, and wicked emotions. Those emotions were terrifying enough to corrupt people.

At the Original God Realm, Barrette's soul altar was also affected. From time to time, his mood affected his power, preventing him from increasing his energy.

While they were battling, Shi Yan's energy drained crazily. Ka Tuo and Ka Fu were entangled with Black Horn so they couldn't have a moment to help him.


It sounded like some hard shell broke. The barrier outside of the fire sea was broken.

Barrette's God Body that was floating upright in the fire sea halted all of a sudden as if an invisible hand had grabbed him.

The flames covering the entire sky disappeared rapidly at speed naked eyes couldn't observe. After three breaths, the entire sea of fire vanished.

Barrette was dumbstruck. He just stood dully as if he couldn't move a finger.


His God Body flew backward as if a strong, ferocious beast was dragging him back to his base.

Black Horn's ice covering his entire body turned into small fragments, shooting out. He spurted blood. He was also frozen like Barrette, dragged out of this place. He couldn't control his God Body to resist.

It was so strange that the earth and heaven energy around them was sucked away. No one could feel any beam of energy or aura.

Barrette and Black Horn couldn't move a finger. They were petrified as they were sprung towards the Black Curtain's base. Blood trickled from their mouths while they were still flying in the sky.

Shi Yan was dumbstruck.

Ka Tuo and Ka Fu gawked.

Many warriors around them realized the bizarre situation. They looked at the sky and saw Barrette and Black Horn being thrown to Black Curtain's base. A grumbling sound echoed afterward. A one-hundred-meter-tall building in the Black Curtain's base collapsed. Giant rocks fell and covered Barrette and Black Horn.

The shop had been burned into ashes. A strong smell of burned things permeated the air. Shi Yan, Ka Tuo, Ka Fu shivered in fear. They looked at each other, not knowing what was going on.

Barrette at the Original God Realm and Black Horn at the Peak of the King God Realm had prepared well and attacked them. They were easily defeated like that. At the same time, they were wounded and pressed down by their own base. What they witnessed was extremely bizarre.

Shi Yan's face was uncertain. Light continuously sparkled in his eyes. He pondered for a while then bowed respectfully to the void. "Thank you, precursor, for saving me twice."

The earth and heaven energy that had disappeared slowly flooded into the ruined shop, leaving the burnt and charred items on the cracked ground.

Ka Tuo looked around with fright. He opened his mouth but didn't know what to say.

"Quick, show your gratitude!" Shi Yan's face darkened, shouting.

Ka Tuo and Ka Fu were shaken. They finally pulled themselves together. Just like Shi Yan, they bowed to the void respectfully. "Thank you, precursor, for granting us your grace."

"Hmm. It's because of the weight of ten thousand divine crystals. Otherwise, I wouldn't have cared about your lives!" A hoarse female voice came to them in the air. "Shi Yan, make these two fools shut their mouths. One more disrespectful word from them and they will die! You fools!"

Ka Tuo and Ka Fu were extremely scared and they dropped their jaws.

It was Fei Lan's voice!

She had heard their resentment when they were talking with each other outside the shop. Just a moment ago, they had doubted Shi Yan's decision. Now everything was clear.

Ka Fu wanted to cry. He slumped on his knees and said nothing while he kowtowed on the rocky ground. Shortly after, his forehead bled.

Ka Tuo was perplexed for a while. He kneeled down too. He stooped like a kid receiving his parents' teaching and didn't dare snap back a word.

At this moment, they were totally convinced. Now they weren't suspicious anymore.

Barrette at the First Sky of Original God Realm was dragged away in just a blink. They couldn't wiggle out as they were pressed into their lair. What kind of power was this?

"Fan Ye is dead. However, Barrette is a member of the Heaven Punishment City. I just taught him a lesson. I won't kill him. One thousand divine crystals were enough to exchange for Fan Ye's life. Because of the ten thousand divine crystals you gave me, I helped you out this time. We don't owe each other anything now."

Fei Lan's voice arose the second time. Her faint, floaty voice came from nowhere.

After she had finished, it was like she stopped paying attention to this area. No matter how hard Ka Tuo and Ka Fu pounded their heads on the ground, she didn't answer them.

Shi Yan was calm from the beginning to the end. He wasn't surprised at all. The moment Barrette was bound, he suspected that Fei Lan had helped him one more time.

He also knew the reason why Fei Lan helped him. It wasn't because of the divine crystals. He suspected that it was because of the blood mark.

After a while, hearing nothing else from Fei Lan, Shi Yan said faintly, "You guys should get up. She's gone. Ah no, perhaps she has never left her shop. With her realm and cultivation base, the entire Heaven Punishment City is in her hand..."

Ka Fu was upset, his eyes gloomy as he lowered his head. He sighed weakly. "I understand now. I was so wrong."

"So was it worth giving those ten thousand divine crystals?" Shi Yan glared at him, talking coldly.

"It was worth it! Definitely worth it! I just couldn't see the truth. Please, don't scold me." Ka Fu lowered his head, feeling regret and shame.

Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo's eyes brightened up as he shot up from the ground and asked with excitement. "Senior, she... what's her origin? How is she related to us?"

"She's on our side," Shi Yan smiled mysteriously. "Remember. You must be careful while talking in the Heaven Punishment City. If she wanted to listen to you guys, no one would stop her."

Ka Tuo nodded like a rooster eating rice. "Don't worry, brother. From now on, I will respect her like she's my ancestor. I will pay close attention too."

"Only the three of us know about this. If you let someone else know... I won't be able to protect you both. She will erase you from this world personally," Shi Yan added after contemplating for a while.

The two brothers, of course, didn't dare to say anything. They pounded their chests to assure Shi Yan that they would say nothing about it. From deep inside their hearts, this pair of brothers was totally convinced.

Under the care of those like Fei Lan in the Heaven Punishment City, who would be able to touch Shi Yan?

"Hmm?" Shi Yan suddenly frowned. He squinted slightly as he changed his visage.

A dark spot appeared in a ruined corner of the shop. A magical energy fluctuation rippled, but the others couldn't feel it.

Sensing quietly for a while, Shi Yan was astounded. He then said to Ka Tuo, "Follow me. Don't mind this place."

Ka Tuo and Ka Fu didn't dare to doubt Shi Yan's decision anymore. They said nothing and followed Shi Yan to the small alley in the back of the shop. They crossed many small alleys and disappeared shortly.

Not long after that, many warriors came and investigated the ruin. They were frightened, discussing noisily.

"What happened?"

"Dunno. Was that old brother Feng Ke who defeated Barrette and Black Horn?"

"You fool! If brother Feng Ke had this kind of ability, the Heaven Punishment City wouldn't have four leaders. He would become the sole leader! This kind of power is enough to clean up anybody. Barrette didn't have a bit of energy to counterattack. Didn't you see his body shoot over our heads with a fearful face?"

"Yeah, it's true. Old brother Feng Ke can't be that intimidating. Who is that person then?"


"Where are Ka Tuo and his brother?"


"Perhaps, they escaped."

". . ."

Although they were discussing many things, they could only come up with one conclusion. The attacker was very intimidating!