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838 The Dark Blood Sunse

"I'm old, and my realm is low. I just want to live and wait peacefully for my man to come back. I don't want to get involved in unnecessary troubles," said Fei Lan faintly.

"Okay, I'm sorry for bothering you." Shi Yan took a deep breath then urged the energy in his body, trying to use the mark on his God Soul to connect to the big shield.

A blood-red light arose in his Sea of Consciousness. At the same time, the big shield also radiated a blood-red halo. In the next moment, it resized into its pocket version. The blood mark on it disappeared. The shield was now just a normal item.

Shi Yan picked up the small shield silently. This time, it was as light as a feather. He carefully placed it back on the pile of the miscellaneous items. He turned to Fei Lan and bowed to thank her before turning around and walking away.

Fei Lan stooped and didn't care about him as if she had already dozed off.

Getting out of the shop, Shi Yan frowned while standing on the empty street. He turned around and looked at the shop again and sighed, shaking his head before leaving.

After several steps, he saw a graceful figure covered entirely. Even the face was in black garments. This person was walking towards him.

The person in black also saw him. The gentle body paused for a while before crossing him and walking towards Fei Lan's shop.

Shi Yan was surprised. He turned around to look at that figure in black. He frowned as he felt that something was familiar about that person. However, as he couldn't see that person's face or realm, he didn't assume much and just headed to Ka Fu's shop.

After Shi Yan had left, the one in black also stopped, turning around and looking at the direction he had disappeared in as though this person was trying to be sneaky.

Shortly after, that person in black continued her trip to Fei Lan's shop.

As Fei Lan was closing her eyes resting, she was shaken all of a sudden. Her misty eyes brightened for the first time.

After the one in black entered the shop, the thick stone door closed inaudibly. The entire shop fell into a lightless and gloomy ambiance. This person didn't seem to like the light.

This person pulled her black veil off her head, revealing her frightful appearance. Her dark green eyes looked at Fei Lan, talking in a soft tone. "Auntie, you've just met him?"

She was the leader of the five feudal vassals of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. She was the regimental commander of the Bloody Legion, Madame Leona.

Fei Lan sat behind her counter, her face unchanged. She nodded and said, "Yes. This is the second time."

Leona's eyes brightened. "Auntie, then... have you told him yet?"

"Told him?" Fei Lan's face was mocking. "Why do I have to tell him? What does it matter to me?"

Leona frowned, looking at the broken ground inside the shop and the small shield atop the pile of miscellaneous items. "That shield belongs to him. You should give it to him."

"Why should I give it to him?" Fei Lan gave a light snort.

"This is what uncle asked you to do. It was his wish," said Leona in a heavy tone.

"It's your Dark Blood Sunset Family's mission. It's not my mission. I have nothing to do with it!" Fei Lan put on a cold visage. "When that devil gave me this that year, he didn't say that I had to fulfill the mission of your Dark Blood Sunset. He hasn't married me. I'm not a woman of the Dark Blood Sunset's family. So that kid and I are not related. And as for you, your family has only you now. That devil has disappeared for several thousand years. Your father and the others are gone. Do you still want to keep that vow?"

"As long as one of our Dark Blood Sunset family's members is still alive, the vow is still there. I will never forget it," said Leona with a stern visage. "Uncle couldn't marry you because he didn't return alive. If he was able to return, he would have surely married you! You are a member of the Dark Blood Sunset family no matter how hard you try to deny it. I call you auntie and you have never objected to it. It means that you accepted it. If you did accept it, you should follow the vow of the Dark Blood Sunset. You should return to Shi Yan what belongs to him."

Fei Lan was silent. After a long moment, she sighed weakly. "Even if I give it to him now, he won't be able to use it. His realm is still too low."

The scar on Leona's cheek twitched as if she was smiling. "I know that auntie won't just stand and stare. Otherwise, you wouldn't have helped him and you would have let Fan Ye die."

Recently, Feng Ke and Russell tried their best to find Fan Ye. They had almost turned the Heaven Punishment City and Land of God Punishment upside down. Still, they couldn't find Fan Ye. No one knew that of the Fan family, the strongest family in the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, the Original God Realm expert was killed...

"It has nothing to do with him. I hate the Fan family. Fan Ye appeared near me. Well, he wanted to die so I had to fulfill his wish," snorted Fei Lan.

"Haha, auntie, you don't need to be so obstinate. If you didn't want to follow his wish, you wouldn't have tried to protect the Heaven Punishment City. My Uncle had established this city. You aren't allowing anyone to destroy it because you know that if my uncle was still alive, he wouldn't want to see the Heaven Punishment City destroyed by the hands of the bandits," smiled Leona.

"I've lived in this place long enough not to want to move anymore," Fei Lan pouted her lips, talking neither angrily nor indifferently.

"Forget it. It's okay if you don't want to admit it. I'm here to ask for your help... The star map appeared. Shi Yan brought it out of the Purgatory Star. As soon as he arrived, he met you twice. It's destined. You can't escape your fate. The Imperial Masters of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation were all the ancestors of the Dark Blood Sunset family. My Big Uncle disappeared while trying to find where the star map leads to. Don't you want to see what's there? Perhaps, you can find Uncle's body," pausing for a moment, Leona added, "if he did die there."

"You mean that devil hasn't died yet?!" Fei Lan was shocked.

"Nobody has ever seen his skeleton. With his realm and competence, even if you see his corpse, it doesn't mean that he vanished," said Leona faintly.

"If he hasn't died yet, why didn't he come to me? It's been several thousand years already! Oh, this bastard. If he isn't dead and he didn't show his face, I will not let him live at ease!" Fei Lan's eyes sparkled with brutal light.

"I guess he is reluctant for some reason. Maybe he's confined somewhere, waiting for us to unchain him," Leona just smiled.

"You got a silver-tongue, girl. People from your Dark Blood Sunset family are all lunatics and swindlers. I don't believe you," snorted Fei Lan.

"It's alright. You can believe what you want. Before that kid leaves, I will stay in the Heaven Punishment City. When you make up your mind, auntie, you come see me. With your powers, I think that no one could hide the person you want to see in the Land of God Punishment," said Leona indifferently. She faded into the dark then vanished into thin air, leaving no trace of aura.

Fei Lan fell into silence. She frowned, but no one knows what she's thinking.


Shi Yan went to Ka Fu's shop.

Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo was there.

"Brother, you're back." Ka Tuo laughed. "Brother, you're a genius. Black Horn was no match for you. I'm totally convinced now. After this battle, you're no longer some anonymous junior. Everyone in Heaven Punishment City is talking about your title and stories."

"Oh yes, you're dangerous. No wonder my big brother admires you a lot. I finally got it," Ka Fu also added.

"How are Bao Ao and the other two?"

"Good. Their powers are about to be restored fully. They are all feeling well. After their time of suffering, their realms seem to be progressing very quickly. I can tell that they will break through the new realm soon," Ka Tuo complimented honestly.

When Bao Ao, Jie Ji, and Bo Ruo were brought to him, they were so weak. After using pellets and divine crystals, their energies were restored quickly. Their realms were also enhanced. They were in the soul transformation process as they had to calm down and learn the essence of their powers.

Ka Tuo had a good intuition. He knew that those three people's innate endowment was more than amazing. If they had enough time, they could break through the new realm shortly.

Even if they had to stay in the Grace Mainland where the energy had been drained, they could still easily become the top characters. Since they arrived in the Raging Flame Star Area with sufficient energy supplies, their talents started to shine like someone who cleaned up the dust covering the pearls.

"Where are they?" asked Shi Yan.

"They are moved to my lair, a forbidden place outside of the Land of God Punishment. They're safe. The Heaven Punishment City is dangerous these days. They couldn't stay there for a long period. Don't worry. I will ask my people to take care of them." Ka Tuo pounded his chest affirmatively.

As Shi Yan had exchanged the star map for the other three's lives, they knew how deep the relationship was between them.

Ka Tuo took Bao Ao's team away. He wanted to do Shi Yan a favor. On the other hand, he wanted something to depend on to negotiate with Shi Yan. If Shi Yan wanted to deal with Ka Tuo, the people he kept as a safeguard would keep Shi Yan from acting recklessly. Although this made Ka Tuo look generous, his plan was close-knitted.

"Your people?" Shi Yan's face was cold. "Your men aren't all loyal to you. Last time, one of your men almost killed me!"

Listening to him, Ka Tuo was embarrassed. "No, no. That won't happen this time. You don't need to worry. Why did you leave? It's good to stay at Feng Ke's. This place of mine isn't safe. If Barrette wanted to kill you, I wouldn't be able to help."

"What do you know about Fei Lan?" asked Shi Yan all of a sudden.

"Fei Lan?" Ka Tuo frowned as he didn't know this person.

"The owner of the oldest shop in the Heaven Punishment City. Da-ge, you don't often stay in the Heaven Punishment City, so you don't know her." Ka Fu smiled and explained. "I've heard that Fei Lan has been staying in the Land of God Punishment even before the Heaven Punishment City was established. Her realm isn't high and she's a little bit freaky, too. She doesn't talk to people much. Not many people know her. I don't either."

"Ka Fu, please deliver ten thousand top-quality divine crystals to Fei Lan's shop for me," Shi Yan pondered for a while then asked.

"Ten thousand crystals!" Ka Fu screamed, "Even if I have spent ten years, I wouldn't have earned that much!"

"Do as you're told. Why are you babbling there?" Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo rolled his eyes, yelling at his brother.

Ka Fu retracted his neck, nodded begrudgingly. His face looked like he was attending a funeral. He felt so painful, going to Fei Lan's shop to give her free divine crystals.

"Why?" Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo asked carefully after his brother had left.

"She's one of us," Shi Yan answer deliberately.