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The dim blue stone orb was now as dazzling as a star and it generated a flow of rolling star energy that surged vehemently.

Starlight still fell countlessly from the immense star area into the stone orb like rivers flowing into the vast sea. Holding the stone orb, Shi Yan released his Star power Upanishad, creating a special connection with the stone orb.

All of a sudden, beams of glorious starlight started to swirl around Shi Yan's God Body, covering him shortly.

At that moment, he looked like a cocoon covered in starlight. His entire body was as brilliant as a diamond that people couldn't look directly look at.

The silver starlight energy fell from the sky rapidly, flooding the shattered stone chamber and making it look like the room sunk into the galaxy.

Feng Ke, Feng Xiao, and Feng Rao went to the place as they had also sensed the tremendous commotion in this room like the other pirates had.

They floated outside of Shi Yan's window, peering into the room with great astonishment.

A glorious cluster of light bobbed in the galaxy inside the room. It was so blinding that people couldn't look at it very well. The starlight was so magnificent and it was the most eye-catching star in the sky.

The fierce star energy fluctuated in the stone room. Shi Yan's God Domain had turned into a miniature version of outer space. It continued to absorb the starlight from the sky, making his God Body more terrifyingly dazzling.

"What's that?" Feng Ke's eyes sparkled. She couldn't help but turn to Feng Rao.

Shaking her head, Feng Rao was also bewildered. "I don't know what's going on. His powers Upanishads include star power…"

Feng Ke remained silent.

"Not Space power and Fire power?" Feng Xiao was surprised.

"He doesn't cultivate Fire power. Space power is just one kind of his powers Upanishad…" explained Feng Rao.

Feng Ke and Feng Xiao were stunned.

"He's comprehending the Star Upanishad. At this moment, he shouldn't be disturbed," said Feng Rao uncertainly after being hesitant for a while.

Feng Ke nodded. His face darkened as he shouted to people floating near them, "Go away, all of you. Don't bother our little buddy."

Those onlookers flew away, listening to him. Shortly after, only Feng Rao, Feng Ke, and Feng Xiao stayed.

"Girl, how many secrets does this boy have? Do you know them all?" Feng Ke beamed a forced smile. "I don't know why I always feel that he is very dangerous. Would he be able to ruin our plan?"

"I don't know how many secrets he keeps either," Feng Rao shook her head, "but I know that he won't become our enemy."

Feng Ke contemplated, staring at Shi Yan for a while then nodded, "You stay here and watch over him. I have some important stuff to do. Little Xiao, follow me." Then, he and Feng Xiao disappeared.

Feng Rao stayed alone in this place, watching Shi Yan while her beautiful eyes twinkled.

Starlight cocooned around Shi Yan, making him a shining pupa with fierce starlight power. It seemed like he could affect the galaxy out there, dragging countless beams of starlight to gather within his God Body.

This condition of his had lasted for a long time. Eventually, starlight stopped falling into the room.

The starry sea created by the God Domain also disappeared. Finally, Shi Yan's body was revealed.

Everything resumed in its normal state.

He sat indifferently on the ground, his breathing steady. He closed his eyes like he was cultivating.

However, the dim blue stone orb he had held in his hand had disappeared unknowingly.

The light cluster of Essence Qi in his lower abdomen overflowed with starlight. It looked like a marvelous nebula had formed in his lower abdomen, which was radiant under his skin.

A long time later, his lower abdomen appeared normal. There was no glorious light anymore.

When that happened, Shi Yan woke up. His eyes were now as brilliant as the stars and as dazzling as diamonds.

"What happened to you?" Feng Rao asked.

Stretching the corners of his mouth, Shi Yan stood up deliberately. He concentrated on his body. His eyes became brighter.

The Star Martial Spirit in his heart had disappeared. He didn't see the blue orb anywhere either. However, besides the crystal Essence Qi ancient tree, he now had an immense nebula containing an extremely brilliant star in the vortex in his lower abdomen.

As the Star Martial Spirit and that blue stone orb had absorbed many beams of starlight, they fused together and became the nebula and a star in the vortex in his lower abdomen.

This star wasn't just an illusion. Shi Yan used his Soul Consciousness to sense that it was actually a star in outer space. It was massive with marvelous secrets hidden within.

The hazy and immense nebula was a galaxy with many stars scattered around as well auras of the moon and the sun, which was generated from the Star Martial Spirit that Shi Yan had nurtured for years in his heart. And the dim blue stone orb had become the most dazzling star in this galaxy.

As his thought flickered, he gathered the energy. Earth and heaven energy flowed into the vortex in his lower abdomen after being refined, flooding the Essence Qi ancient tree.

At the same moment, invisible starlight from the sky had also gathered when he was urging earth and heaven energy. Beams of starlight rolled into the nebula, congregating with the broken stars and twinkling stars there.

His thought changed. Pure Essence Qi circulated from the Essence Qi ancient tree. Meanwhile, crystal clear star power was generated from the nebula, turning into a cold and transparent stream of stars running through his veins. A fiercely sharp beam of starlight shot out from his finger.

The nebula was spinning inside the vortex in his lower abdomen, becoming another fountain of power like the Essence Qi ancient tree. He thought that he could absorb and use the energy of the galaxy easily.

The misty nebula seemed to be a living thing. It was moving unceasingly in the vortex. Shi Yan felt an abundant energy source from that glorious star. He felt that as soon as he urged the mysterious power of the Star Upanishad, he would be able to use a considerable amount of energy from these things.

When he gathered energy, the nebula could achieve even more things. It could absorb the starlight in outer space to increase the energy stored in the nebula.

He believed that when he fought some warrior and even when his Essence Qi ancient tree was withered without a single beam of Essence Qi, he could still use the star energy from the nebula to continue this furious battle.

The nebula had become another source of his energy, which could gather and supply energy marvelously.

All of these were related to the dim blue stone orb he got from Fei Lan's shop. Shi Yan was sure that the stone ball was a Star class rare treasure!

"I'm fine. I feel pretty good! You don't need to worry." Shi Yan smiled and comforted Feng Rao. "It's alright. I'm studying the Star Upanishad. Today, I received something nice. Oh right, I want to find Ka Tuo to do something. After my business with him is done, I will find you."

"Can I go with you?" Feng Rao asked with hopes.

Shaking his head, Shi Yan frowned and said, "Ka Tuo doesn't want people to intrude his private space. Don't worry. I should go there to check on Bao Ao and the others. Your father is busy with the star map. You should stay here to help him. When the leaders gather to depart, I will come with Ka Tuo."

"Alright then. You should be careful. The Land of God Punishment is not safe now. Don't let stealthy people ambush you." Feng Rao knew that Shi Yan had something he didn't want her to know. She wasn't dumb enough to ask him though. "If you don't need to get out of the city, then don't do that. Outside the city is surely not safe. Barrette doesn't like you. If he knows that you went back out to the city, he will attack you. You should understand this."

"Okay, I got it," Shi Yan smiled, "I'll be back soon. Don't worry. Everything will be alright."

Then, he sprang out of the room and landed on the large street of the Heaven Punishment City. He blended and disappeared into the crowd shortly.

Feng Rao knew that he wanted to take action alone. Naturally, she wouldn't be like the other stupid women sticking on him all day long. Although she was a little bit worried about him, Feng Rao stayed back, frowning and thinking of unexpected things that could happen to him.

Shi Yan appeared in the flow of people moving in the city then accelerated. He crossed and shuttled between some remote streets, going further away.

That blue stone ball had helped him big this time. Not only had it helped create the nebula in his lower abdomen, it had also given him the chance to understand the Star Upanishad better.

He vaguely felt that perhaps he would enter the Third Sky of King God Realm shortly after using the Star power Upanishad.

Shi Yan continually changed directions. After a while, he stopped.

Situated in front of him was a lonesome shop, but it wasn't Ka Fu's.

The main door of this shop was open. It was just one day ago he had visited this shop. It was Fei Lan's.

Fei Lan wasn't in her shop but the door was open. The spacious shop still had piles of stuff on the counters. Unexpectedly, the small shield was there too. It seemed like Fei Lan didn't treasure it much.

Shi Yan raked through the shop then stopped at that small shield. His eyebrows twitched. He took a deep breath before dragging a wooden stool to have a seat. He closed his eyes to rest, waiting for someone or something.

One hour later.

Sounds of limping steps arose from the rear garden of the shop. Fei Lan was walking heavily with her cane, her face senile and quiet. She glared at him with her smoky eyes, talking tenderly. "Why are you here? I told you that I don't sell that shield."

Shi Yan stood upright, bowing to her with respect. "Thank you, precursor."

"You thank me? For what?" Fei Lan rubbed her eyes, sitting in her usual seat. She slightly lifted her head, revealing her wrinkled neck and asking suspiciously.

"Thank you for saving us. And thank you very much for the stone orb." Shi Yan was still bending his body and looking at the old woman with his bright eyes, his face serious.

"Save you?" Fei Lan sneered, "You're wrong. My realm is too low. I couldn't save you. That stone ball isn't something precious, either. Anyway, you paid me one thousand divine crystals. You don't need to thank me. You bought it."

Shi Yan smiled, didn't chase her more. "I want to know what that stone orb is. Please enlighten me."

"A star nucleus," said Fei Lan.

"A star nucleus? What is that?" Shi Yan asked seriously for more information.

"You've been cultivating Star Upanishad, but you don't know what a star nucleus is?" Fei Lan's eyes were odd. She pondered for a while then explained, "Its meaning is just as it is named. The star nucleus is the nucleus of a star, the heart of a star, the source of the star power. The star nucleus functions like the heart of a warrior or the Essence Qi ancient tree. It's the fountain of powers."

Shi Yan's eyes brightened up.