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834 The Frightful Invisible Hand

The wind blew over like a dust tornado. A gray shadow was suspended in the middle of the tornado but they couldn't see it clearly. They could only feel a powerful but evil force gushing from him.

The gray wind hissed. The massive pressure increased several times all of a sudden. Instantly, the rock walls of this small alley cracked and exploded. Chips of rock shattered like an intense shower.

The wind howled ear-piercingly, running directly into Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness like a sharp blade.

Shi Yan could feel pain from the God Domain. At this moment, he couldn't even gather his consciousness. His thoughts couldn't be sent to the soul altar. His God Soul floated as if it was drawn out of the soul altar above the Sea of Consciousness.

In the wind howl, the immense pressure compressed the air. The smell of burning objects invaded the air. Rocks fell like rain. With energy given by the wind, those chips became as heavy as mountains or ten thousand cattle and as thick like the sea.

Inside the Wind God Domain, gusts screamed, making everything blurred. The whole sky became an immense gray area. It looked like the Mighty Heaven was about to rip off everything.


Shi Yan screamed almost crazily. His voice struck the high sky, his face ferocious.

Countless space ripples expanded from his God Body, raising like the tide of the sea. Shortly, they formed a formation.

The sounds of 'crack' echoed in the air like someone was using invisible chains to lash the surroundings. Even the voice couldn't be sent through.

Feng Rao sat neatly next to Shi Yan with closed eyes. Her visage was tranquil like water, but her delicate curved eyebrows furrowed. Her lips parted as she spurted out syllables as sharp as swords. They then fiercely shot towards the blurry shadow in the middle of the gray tornado.

Boom Boom Boom!

Grumbling sounds echoed continually. Feng Rao used her Sound power Upanishad to bombard that tornado.

A big part of the gray dust vanished. However, the wind had just halted for a while before starting to revolve fast again.

The furious wind rolled, sweeping through everywhere and cleaning each square inch around the man.

As Shi Yan had just gathered his energy to condense the God Domain and Space Confinement, his attack was immediately torn apart by the gust of wind.

The tornados that naked eyes could see rolling in the sky like the axes, flew towards them from every direction. The grating, ear-piercing howl brought the energy that nothing could destroy, moving very quickly.

The stone tiles on the ground of the small alley rolled up into the sky. The tornado then ground them into dust. The walls exploded and shattered. The tornados covered everything as if they wanted to smash all creatures in the area.

Feng Rao closed her eyes, frowning while both of her hands made hand seals. She was screaming and shouting unceasingly.

Her sound seals exploded then condensed into lightning ribbons, stabbing the gray tornado. However, they couldn't get through the thick tornado, and she couldn't harm the one hovering inside.

A gap between two realms was the distance between humans and Gods. This distance couldn't be made up by simply using energy. They couldn't attack the other's God Domain or find a weak spot to attack.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The three Bone Thorns appeared in the tornado, trying to attack that shadow.

Wind blades appeared in the void like a sea of sharp sabers. The three Bone Thorns could only break some wind blades, but not the person controlling the winds.


Just like the grumbling thunder pressing down, the intimidating invisible wind ropes sprang forward. Shortly after, Shi Yan and Feng Rao were tied tightly. They couldn't even wiggle.

The thumb-sized gray wind ropes slowly revealed themselves, lashing around the two like securing the leaf rice rolls.

The fierce screaming of the wind suddenly stopped. The vague figure in the tornado slowly emerged.

"Fan Ye!" Feng Rao couldn't hold in her shouting. "You dare come to the Heaven Punishment City? Do you really think that the Heaven Punishment City is a desolate place?"

That man was Fan Ye from the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, a warrior at the First Sky of Original God Realm. He had fought Russell in the past, but he was defeated.

This wasn't too long time ago but he dared to visit the Heaven Punishment City. Now, he wanted to capture Shi Yan and Feng Rao. This man was brave enough to break the rules of the Heaven Punishment City.

"What do your Heaven Punishment City's rules have to do with me?" Fan Ye's visage was cold and harsh. He said with disdain, "We, the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, always wanted to clean up the Heaven Punishment City. You are the dirty scumbags of this star area. You will be eradicated one day. To me, Heaven Punishment City is a city to be destroyed soon. Why should I follow their rules?"

Among the three big forces in the Raging Flame Star Area, the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce had the greatest resentment towards the Land of God Punishment. They always wanted to sweep up the pirates.

The Nine Star Chamber of Commerce was the biggest chamber of commerce in the Raging Flame Star Area with strong forces and large business deals. The Pirates of the Land of God Punishment were their archenemies. Those pirates often robbed the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce's vessels and sold their stolen goods in the Heaven Punishment City, which resulted in tremendous damage to their profits.

If the Land of God Punishment hadn't had so many hiding spots that the Soul Consciousness could sense, the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce would have already attempted to clean this massive base of pirates.

"You're attacking two juniors like us. Do you think you're that good? If you have the guts, you should find Russell to take revenge. He's in the city," said Feng Rao with rage.

"I will. Russell won't escape his death. He must die. No doubt about it." Fan Ye beamed a faint smile. "But you two have your own value. Where's the Empty Fantasy Crystal? The Empty Fantasy Crystal is a precious item. We had spent a lot to buy it. We can't afford to let a kid steal it."

Pausing for a while, Fan Ye glared at Feng Rao. "I heard that Feng Ke cherishes you so much. I wonder if he will use the star map to exchange it for your life. I will give Feng Ke time to consider. When time's up and he doesn't want to exchange the star map for you, don't blame me."

While talking, Fan Ye stepped toward Shi Yan and Feng Rao.


A gust swept through. A cut suddenly appeared on Shi Yan's neck, just a line away from his artery.

A wind blade appeared between Fan Ye's fingers. He said coldly, "I want to know where the Empty Fantasy Crystal is."

Shi Yan's eyes were garnet. He looked at Fan Ye, parting his lips. "I broke it."

Fan Ye changed his face. The wind blade between his fingers flew out to cut the artery on his neck.


Just like a collapsing mountain, a ruthless force shot out from Shi Yan's body like an erupting volcano.

The ash-gray ropes were broken instantly. Shi Yan had urged the power of Immortal Demon Blood in his body. At this moment, Shi Yan became a wild beast that was breaking out of its confinement. His momentum was furious and intimidating. Light sparkled in his garnet eyes. The Dead Upanishad was urged. Negative energy turned into a massive Dead Seal striking towards Fan Ye.

The Dead Seal was like a giant bloody hand of Death. The pungent, thick smell of blood it brought seemed to not disperse easily. It looked like a palm that could smash the whole dome of the sky.

The ferocious, formidable energy gushed out together with negative emotions. They affected Fan Ye's soul altar before he could attack Shi Yan.

Then, Fan Ye had a hallucination of himself standing in a blood sea. His face became sinister, as his murderous aura vented out furiously.


The sky-towering tornado appeared, impacting the Dead Seal that looked like the Death's giant hand. The earth and heaven were shaken. The earth-shattering energy had smashed Fan Ye's barrier into pieces.

Beams of energy shelled everywhere else. The tall buildings of more than one hundred meters around them exploded by the shockwaves. Many warriors were hurt.

Fan Ye was still hovering in the air, but he was trembling hard. His face turned into an unhealthy red hue.

Shi Yan had condensed his Immortal Demon Blood to create the Dead Seal, which had the mountain-splitting power. Fan Ye got hit. His barrier created by his God Domain was shattered.

At the moment the barrier was torn, Fan Ye knew that the experts of the Heaven Punishment City would come quickly as they must have found the tremendous commotion of this battle.

It was impossible to confine Shi Yan to ask for the Empty Fantasy Crystal's whereabouts. This was also true for capturing Feng Rao to ask Feng Ke about the star map.

Shi Yan panted, his face savage like an enraged beast that was smelling the scent of blood. Blood light sparkly gloriously in his garnet eyes. The Immortal Demon Blood boiled in his body, generating the endless energy, which screamed to get out.

Negative energy in his acupuncture points overflowed torrentially, combining perfectly with the God Domain generated by the Dead power Upanishad. As the Dead power was moving in his soul altar, a blood sea vaguely appeared by his body. The thick scent of blood permeated the sky, covering every creature.

The ability to suck the vitality from creatures arose silently. While he didn't recognize it, light dots emerged from Fan Ye's body, slowly flying toward Shi Yan's God Body in the center of the God Domain.


Shi Yan took a deep breath. His congested arms tore forcefully, ripping off the wind ropes on Feng Rao's body, releasing her from Fan Ye's wind confinement.

"Seems like I will have to kill you all." Fan Ye considered for a few seconds before his face turned dark. He wanted to use his realm advantage to kill Shi Yan and Feng Rao.

Since he had the Original God Realm cultivation base, he hadn't used all of his power in this battle yet. As he confirmed that he couldn't capture Shi Yan and Feng Rao, he was enraged. He decided to kill them all.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh.

The wind rose again. The tornado that could tear the sky formed near Fan Ye.

At this moment, Fan Ye seemed to turn into a massive tornado, covering the entire area. His formidable wind power moved furiously. It was several times stronger than the previous ones.

Fan Ye continually urged his energy as he wanted to kill them all.

However, right when he wanted to open his mouth to announce Shi Yan and Feng Rao's death sentence, he discolored. Both of his hands clutched his neck. His eyes showed extreme fear.

His God Body was sliding backward rapidly and eccentrically, breaking more than ten stone buildings. However, he was still being dragged away.

It seemed like there was an invisible hand strangling him and dragging him into the void. Fan Ye couldn't do anything. His wind energy scattered fast.

Fan Ye had the First Sky of Original God Realm. But under that force, he looked like a dead dog that was unable to wiggle.

Shi Yan and Feng Rao were shocked to see Fan Ye get dragged further away until they couldn't see him anymore.

"Let's go!" Feng Rao cleared her mind, shouting. She held his hand, dashing crazily towards the Blue Demon's base.

Shi Yan staggered and flew after her. However, after being baffled for a while, he turned around to look at the general direction of Fei Lan's shop with a complex countenance.