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832 The Mark Reappears

Feng Rao screamed anxiously. Shi Yan didn't linger with Zi Yao. He hurried to leave and disappeared shortly.

Bi Tian's delegation left. Ao Gera, Yalan, and Tie Mu weren't arranged to stay in this manor house. Thus, only Zi Yao and Carthew stayed in this garden.

After Bi Tian and Shi Yan had left, Carthew and Zi Yao stayed quiet for a long time. They all had devastated looks on their faces.

Long after that, Carthew sighed. "Bi Tian has guts! He is tough and bold to make such an offer!"

Zi Yao frowned, saying nothing.

"Using his daughter's lifetime's worth of happiness to bet on Shi Yan's future… if he wins this bet, he will be rewarded immensely. I can tell you that!" Carthew took a deep breath then said, "With his potential, two hundred years is enough time for him to become an outstanding hero of the Raging Flame Star Area. He could even surpass Bi Tian! If he marries Bi Rou, Bi Tian will put in all of his resources to nurture him. He will grow even faster. So cunning. Bi Tian is very cunning!"

Zi Yao looked bitter, sighing lightly.

She had known Shi Yan for a long time. She knew his potential clearer than anyone else.

When they were in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field, Shi Yan had only the True God Realm cultivation base.

It was shorter than ten years before he reached the Second Sky of King God Realm!

Zi Yao was at the Third Sky of King God Realm for a long time. However, her realm remained the same while Shi Yan continued to progress! He had just defeated the Demon Clan's expert Black Horn, a guy cultivating Ice power Upanishad. Zi Yao wondered if she could defeat Black Horn and she was sure she could not.

It meant that Shi Yan had the capabilities to fight her with his own powers and without using external forces.

It hasn't been very long...

Thinking about all this gave Zi Yao a headache.

"Ao Gera has Ao Gu Duo to back him up. Anyway, without this, he isn't as strong as Shi Yan." Carthew took a deep breath, his face solemn. "Don't give up. If you miss this chance, you will regret it for the rest of your life."

Zi Yao frowned, asking, "Uncle Carthew, what do you mean?"

"You know what I'm talking about. I just want to remind you that Shi Yan is no longer an average guy anymore. Bi Tian has shown up because of him. Feng Ke will also try his best to recruit him. If you don't secure him, you will lose him forever. Manage it yourself." Carthew sighed, shaking his head. "Let's go. Ao Gera and Yalan have been waiting for us for a long time. You should think about it on the way. Oh right. Ao Gu Duo is about to arrive. But Leona will come too. Keep thinking about what you want your relationship with Shi Yan to be."

Zi Yao furrowed her brows and remained silent. She quietly followed Carthew, her face absent-minded.


On the lively streets, Shi Yan and Feng Rao were walking shoulder by shoulder. They smiled from time to time. They seemed to be very happy.

"Look! That shop sells a lot of strange and bizarre items. Things we can't find in the Raging Flame Star Area." Feng Rao's eyes brightened as she pointed at a shop by the street. She bloomed her smile as if she was excited, turning to look at Shi Yan. "If you need to use the bathroom, I can wait for you, but you need to hurry."

Feng Rao was hiding something in her words. Her beautiful eyes sparkled.

Staying in the Purgatory Star to retrieve the star map proved her patience and subtlety. She was definitely not a fool.

In fact, Feng Rao was meticulous and clear-headed.

The time Shi Yan disappeared to do his small business was more than she needed. Connecting it to other abnormal things that happened before, Feng Rao knew that he had gone to meet someone. Being a smart woman, Feng Rao didn't expose this or ask him questions. She chose to pretend to not know anything.

Anyway, it didn't mean that she wouldn't care. That was why she took the chance to tease Shi Yan.

"Nah, I'm done. I'm clean now." Shi Yan smiled embarrassedly. He didn't wait for Feng Rao to say more, heading towards that shop.

They were both smart people. There were things they didn't need to say out loud to understand it.

This shop was around one thousand square meters with some square counters that displayed many types of crystals, ores, unknown grass, herbs, and flowers. They even found many pieces of precious leather with natural patterns, beast skeletons, and strange books.

Just like a grocery shop, the counters were packed with items. Many of them were strange and unknown. Even Feng Rao didn't know what some of them were.

The strange energy fluctuated and rose from some stones, crystals, and beast skeleton, but it wasn't strong or strange.

A white-headed old senile woman dozed off on her chair. Her head stooped and nodded from time to time. She seemed to not recognize that she had some customers checking out her shop.

The old woman didn't have a high realm. She just got the Third Sky of True God Realm. It seemed like she was stuck in this realm for many years. And since she couldn't break through, she looked old. She seemed to count her life on this shop with the hope to enter the King God Realm.

The Raging Flame Star Area was vast. People could easily meet King God Realm warriors and sometimes Original God Realm warriors.

However, not all True God Realm warriors could break through to the King God Realm. Compared to the thousands of billion people in the Raging Flame Star Area, the King God Realm warriors were rare. Many remained stuck in the True God Realm for the rest of their lives.

This woman was one of them.

She stooped and slept tight as if she didn't care whether or not someone planned to steal her items or not.

"She is the oldest woman in our Land of God Punishment. I think she is several thousand years old. So many years ago, her man was the strongest leader of the pirates in the Land of God Punishment. I heard that he had robbed the ships near the border of the Raging Flame Star Area and claimed abundant harvests. However, he had disappeared a couple of thousand years. I think he is dead. And she is still in the Land of God Punishment to sell goods that he had robbed. I heard that her shop has something we can't find in the Raging Flame Star Area. Of course, the valuable items were all sold out. What we see here are the leftover items after people have finished selecting and buying. Just normal and useless stuff."

Feng Rao explained when they got into the shop. "We can just watch. We don't have to buy anything."

"This shop has something the Raging Flame Star Area doesn't have. So did anyone buy something good here?" asked Shi Yan.

"Yes, rumors say that some people had bought the priceless items here," Feng Rao nodded. "Of course, it is just a rumor. We haven't seen anything yet. She's been here when my father was just a little pirate. This legend has been told even before that. I heard it from my father. I'm not sure whether it is true or not."

Shi Yan was surprised, but he didn't pay much attention. Instead, he just walked around and checked things out.

He found many stones and crystals that he didn't even know the name of. Many of the objects didn't have energy fluctuations so he didn't know what they could be used for. Also, he couldn't tell what kind of beasts those skeletons were because they had been there for quite a long time. He couldn't tell the level or class of those skeletons either. It was hard to tell their values. And he found many small and peculiar toys, which also didn't have a beam of aura or energy.

This shop had hundreds of items piled on the counters. Most of them didn't have energy. If they did, their energy was so feeble, which didn't make them worth much.

Shi Yan didn't have any purpose in looking for valuable things here. He was simply curious, wanting to see how the items of the other star area look like. He just went back and forth between the counters to observe the items, releasing his Soul Consciousness to sense.

A fist-sized dim blue stone orb, which didn't have a beam of energy caught Shi Yan's attention. It was heavier than it looked.

This dim blue stone orb looked ordinary. It had no feature that was unusual. It didn't have the natural texture of stone either. However, when Shi Yan sent his Soul Consciousness into the orb, his Star power Upanishad reflected a weak beam of energy fluctuation. This stone orb seemed to have some tiny but magical relation to his star power.

Shi Yan was amazed. He quietly picked the dim blue stone orb, put it on the counter and nodded to Feng Rao. "I want this stone orb."

He didn't hasten to use his Star power Upanishad to sense the mysteries of the stone orb. This place was someone's shop so it was not convenient. If this orb had something magical and someone else besides him got it, he would have had to pay a big price to get the orb.

"Okay. Continue to see if you want to buy anything else." Feng Rao glared at the stone orb then shifted her eyes away. She didn't pay much attention to his item. Just like Shi Yan, she crouched to find some toys for herself.

Shi Yan continued to rummage through the piles of miscellaneous items under the counter. Those things were strange, but because they didn't have any energy, Shi Yan couldn't use his Soul Consciousness to check them.

Soon, he walked to another pile of miscellaneous goods.

A small, cold shield suddenly fell into his palm. This one was a pocket edition. It was as big as a human face. It looked exquisite and even lovely.

This small shield was blue and brown. It felt cold and smooth in his hand. Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness sank into it. No energy was reported. The back side of the shield didn't have any pattern or carved formation.

Shi Yan just skimmed through it. He threw it away, not paying much attention.

Clink Clink!

The small shield created some sounds in the pile of assorted items. Shi Yan looked at it and his face stiffened immediately.

On a side of the blue-brown shield showed a mark of five blood-red clouds!

It was the exact same image as the mark on his God Soul's forehead!

Shi Yan was startled. He became solemn because when he had just checked the shield, he hadn't seen any mark on either side of the smooth shield.

However, after he had rubbed it and thrown it away, the mark appeared. What was going on?

Was it because of him?

Shi Yan inhaled, making himself clear-minded. He resumed his normal countenance and picked up the small shield.

The mark of five blood clouds on the shield faded away when he looked again. However, the shield became colder.

Shi Yan was skeptical and perplexed at the same time. He took the small shield, placing it next to the stone orb and nodding to Feng Rao. "I also want this."

"Boy, I'm sorry. We don't sell that small shield," the old woman said in a sleepy voice. The old woman had just woken up.

Shi Yan was astounded.