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The Headquarter of the Blue Demon Pirates in the Heaven Punishment City was boisterous with noise from many people. The pirate leaders felt that something interesting was about to happen. They were waiting for something fun.

Jester was an alchemist at the Original God Realm. He was standing shoulder to shoulder next to Russell, Barrette, and Jie Nong. Listening to their mocking words, he observed Shi Yan and got shocked. His eyes brightened with an unknown fear.

His body slightly trembled. Small beams of fire shot out from his fingertips that he was hiding in his sleeves.

Those flames didn't roll or burn like Barrette's fire. They were tender and nice as if he was able to mold them into any shapes he liked.

Each blacksmith or alchemist, even if his main power wasn't Fire, was required to possess a special flame. Human flame or earth flame, they had to have one kind to continue advancing their refining and forging path.

Just like Barrette, Jester's main power Upanishad was Fire. However, his flame was fused with a special earth flame of the Raging Flame Star Area. Although it hasn't had a life form yet, its power was mighty.

Jester's flame perhaps wasn't as powerful and bursting as the intimidating flames of Barrette. However, his attainment in using and controlling flames was an ability that Barrette couldn't compare to.

As soon as Shi Yan appeared, Jester was sensitive enough to feel the wild and malicious flaming power in his body as an alchemist. Such kind of dense and tremendous power made him gawked.

That was why he quieted down instead of talking to support Barrette. He concentrated on Shi Yan carefully.

"Little dog, you dare come here. I'm sure you don't care about your life!" As Barrette saw Shi Yan, he shouted. The flame around his body turned into a raising fire tide, swarming as if it wanted to clean everything.

"Wanton!" Feng Ke was enraged. He rose one arm, tearing something in the sky. A tough lightning strike descended from the sky, directly slashing on Barrette's seething tide.

Feng Ke cultivated lightning power. He had made the Thunderbolt Ball that Feng Rao used previously.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!

The flames were hit by lightning, sending sparks everywhere. A giant part of those sparks was heading towards Shi Yan.

Standing in the crowd of leaders invited here, Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo couldn't help but shout.

Those sparks fell like stars that showered on Shi Yan. Feng Rao was also standing next to him.

Seeing the flame dots falling from the sky, Shi Yan frowned, but his face was still indifferent.

Shortly after, a flow of icy power diffused from him.

Crack Crack Crack!

Even the void seemed to be frozen. With Shi Yan as the source, thick and solid icicles were formed at the speed naked eyes couldn't observe.

Thick white mist covered Shi Yan and Feng Rao. The transparent ice layer under his feet flew up, creating a neat ice shield above their heads.

Boom Boom Boom!

Dense explosions arose above his head. The flame sparks from Barrette made an impact on the thick ice layer.

Shi Yan and Feng Rao were standing under the ice shield. They didn't receive a single burn. None of those sparks were able to get through the ice layer to reach those two.

"Ice power Upanishad! Not bad. You could shield Barrette's Spark Rain. Excellent!"

"You fool! If Feng Ke didn't take action first to scatter the sparks, he wouldn't have been able to resist it."

"Right. It's our big brother Feng Ke who is powerful. He just defended himself from tiny sparks. It doesn't count."

"Anyway, this Ice power Upanishad is good."

Many pirate leaders started to discuss noisily as they were all surprised.

While they were talking, more leaders who were invited to join the meeting came from another area of the Heaven Punishment City. Seeing the hot atmosphere here, they were curious, asking others for details with great interest.

Those brutal and dangerous pirate leaders all hated that they couldn't mess up the whole things. Seeing something fun to enjoy before the meeting, they were all stirred up, laughing and watching the scene.

"Ice class?" Feng Xiao was baffled. He glared at Shi Yan then frowned. "Barrette cultivates Fire power Upanishad. What a coincidence! Fire and Ice are enemies. No wonder they don't like each other."

Just a few of warriors in this crowd knew that Shi Yan didn't cultivate Ice class power.

Besides Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo and Feng Rao, only the Jester knew this.

Jester was so surprised that the muscles in his face twitched as he was shouted inwardly: Heaven Flame! The extremely cold heaven flame!

Being an alchemist, he understood the magical and mysterious features of heaven flames very well. Anyway, heaven flames had never appeared in the Raging Flame Star Area. Seeing Shi Yan perform the power of a heaven flame made him very excited.

"Big brother Feng Ke, I want to ask again. Will you keep your promise?"

Barrette grimaced, taking a deep breath. As Feng Ke had taken action, he knew it would be hard to kill the other. Barrette pulled himself together.

"My father agreed with you, but I didn't. Shouldn't you listen to my opinion?" Feng Rao knew that her father couldn't help her out in front of so many people like this. She couldn't help but cry with her soft voice. "Barrette, you want to marry me. You've passed my father's challenge. You still have to go through my challenge. At this moment, even if Shi Yan isn't as strong as you, it doesn't mean that it will stay that way forever. Choose one of your troops who is at the Second Sky of King God Realm to fight Shi Yan. If your troop can defeat him, I will marry you. Many people here will witness it. I won't change my mind. How does that sound?"

After Feng Rao had finished, everybody started to clamor again. They cheered, supporting her idea.

Usually, when they encountered something hard to solve with words in the Land of God Punishment, they would fight to seal the deal. Feng Rao had suggested an option that everyone else liked to see. They loved watching battles! Of course, people would support her idea.

"True. Barrette, you are at the Original God Realm, it is not fair for you to bully that Second Sky of King God Realm kid. It should be a fight between the same realms. It is right and just!"

"Yeah, it's not fair if they fight each other. If there was a battle between warriors at the same realm, people will accept the result, regardless of who wins."

"Second Sky of King God Realm battles Second Sky of King God Realm. This is gonna be a fair game. I like it."

Many onlookers couldn't help but yell their support.

Russell glared at the Barrette then shifted to Feng Rao, who was still calm and natural. All of a sudden, he frowned and said, "I've met that kid once... An ordinary Second Sky of King God Realm warrior can't match him. Don't blame me for not reminding you. Besides the Ice power, he uses Space power. You have to be careful."

"His main power isn't Ice, it's true. His real competence isn't what he just performed. I can assure you this," Alchemist Jester also reminded.

Jie Nong was astounded. He couldn't help but look at Shi Yan.

Barrette paled as he weighed each of his options. He couldn't make up his mind immediately.

"I think it's a good idea. Barrette, choose one warrior at the same realm as his to fight him. If he wins, Little Rao will be all yours. If he fails, we won't talk about this anymore. What do you think?" As Feng Ke saw the onlookers agree enthusiastically with this promising battle, he then went with this flow.

"Barrette, do you dare join this battle? If any of your Second Sky of King God Realm warriors can defeat him, I agree to marry you!" Feng Rao chinned up and urged. "Do you dare join this battle or not? Spit it out. If you don't, you should never mention getting married to me ever again!"


At this moment, Shi Yan frowned and stepped one step forward. Reassured by Feng Ke's support, he faced the crowd of the pirate leaders of the Land of God Punishment. Looked at Barrette, who was hesitant, he said deliberately, "Any warrior under your command. Second Sky of King God Realm or Third Sky of King God Realm is fair. You can choose one of them to fight me. If your man wins, I will leave immediately without complaining. If your man loses, then shut your f*cking mouth up! Don't linger and babble! Do you agree?"

The more he talked, the colder Shi Yan's face was. His voice was like the sharp icicle.

People were shaken. They were baffled looking at him.

Such an extravagant kid!

No one could hold his or her screams in astonishment.

The warriors under Barrette's commands were more than clouds. They couldn't even count the number of warriors at the Third Sky of King God Realm. And they had to let Barrette choose as he pleased? Choosing a Third Sky of King God Realm to fight? Was he crazy?

In the Heaven Punishment City, Barrette was famous for his wild insanity. However, today, people recognized that this outsider was also passionately crazy!

Feng Rao paled in fright. She opened her mouth but didn't know what to say.

She knew Shi Yan's competence. Warriors in the same realm weren't his opponents. However, Feng Rao thought that if he fought a Third Sky of King God Realm, the result would remain unknown until it was finished. It was obvious that it wouldn't be easy to win!

"Alright!" While people were surprised, Barrette shouted his agreement, the muscles in his face twitching. "Call Black Horn for me!"

A silhouette dashed away. It seemed like he was going to summon the one Barrette wanted.

The bustle and hustle caused by those leaders ceased as they heard the name, Black Horn.

Russell and Jie Nong were startled, looking at Barrette and shouting. "You brought Black Horn here? You don't care about leaving your lair guarded anymore?"

Even Feng Ke, hearing the name Black Horn, had his brows slammed together. He shook his head begrudgingly as if he had already known how dangerous this man was.

Since Feng Rao had left the Land of God Punishment for a long time, she didn't know many of the new faces in the place. She didn't know this number one hotshot named Black Horn. However, seeing people pale, she could spot that something was wrong here. Feng Rao asked her brother Feng Xiao, "Gege, that Black Horn... is really dangerous?"

"A new thug. He's appeared in the Land of God Punishment around one hundred years ago. He's the Vice Chief of the Black Curtain. Barrette calls him his brother. Before Barrette reached the Original God Realm, they always tied in their matches. Currently, in the Land of God Punishment, Black Horn holds the title of the strongest warrior under the Original God Realm. He can sweep away all the warriors at the same realm. He was at the Peak of the King God Realm!" Feng Xiao explained with a heavy and bitter face.

Feng Rao's face changed immediately!