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820 The Ring Spirit“s instructions

Shi Yan's left hand touched the void. A gloomy light sparkled from his fingertips. As his fingers moved, a space slit appeared like he was tearing a sheet of paper. Dazzling light shot out from the space slit.

Shi Yan squinted. Fine cracks appeared in his eyes. The space around him distorted chaotically. His energy rolled torrentially in his veins, running directly to the left palm. It seeped through his finger, shooting to the space slit where lights were moving disorderly.

His Soul Consciousness was visible like a beam of light, slowly searching in the slit, getting through several sandwich-like layers.

The aura of the Blood Vein Ring suddenly emerged in his God Soul!

His soul altar started to spin. Unpredictable, invisible light radiated from it. A pulling force connected to the Blood Vein Ring as fast as lightning.


A ring flew out and fell into his palm. Shi Yan slid it on his finger.

Shi Yan didn't hurry to retrieve his energy. His Soul Consciousness was still searching for a connection with the star map in the chaotic space basin.

However, when he tried to pull the star map out of that space, it felt as heavy as ten thousand cattle. His soul struggled to pull it out. It wasn't as easy as pulling the Blood Vein Ring. Shi Yan paused, sensing quietly. He gradually pumped more of his soul energy, which then turned into invisible tentacles that entangled the star map.


His soul energy was drained crazily.

The space around him rippled like ocean waves rising beautifully.

Each space wave had a space crack, which was then enlarged little by little. The chaotic flow of space inside was strangely turbulent as if it wanted to gush out from there.

Shi Yan paled. His energy was draining fast. Shi Yan felt exhausted but he continued pulling and he didn't dare to relax or get distracted.

Ka Tuo and his brother looked at him astoundingly. They shifted their looks from the space slits to Shi Yan and discreetly released their Soul Consciousness. However, their Soul Consciousness felt like it was sinking into a swamp when it touched this disorderly space. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't help.

The brothers discolored. They didn't dare explore for any longer. They both retrieved their Soul Consciousness, took several deep breaths to steady themselves and continued watching Shi Yan from afar.

Sweat beaded on Shi Yan's forehead. The fine cracks were getting clearer to in his eyes. A beam of sharp space energy seeped out, running directly into the space slit.


Shi Yan shouted. His body radiated blinding light. He looked like a massive crystal illuminated by the sun, reflecting beams of light everywhere.

A violent suction force shot out from his palm. The star map emerged little by little from the space slit as he slowly pulled it out.


Shi Yan opened his mouth to exhale. He wiped away the sweat on his forehead. Shi Yan's body slid to the ground. He was exhausted.

Although Ka Tuo wanted to hurry, he felt something deep in his heart that told him to stay patient. Seeing that Shi Yan exhausted like that, he didn't urge the young man and instead just sat down next to him and waited.

Taking out a divine crystal, Shi Yan absorbed the energy from it. After a long time, he opened his eyes slowly, smiling feebly. "We're lucky that nothing unexpected happened."

"Pulling out a star map did cost a lot of energy right?" Ka Tuo was astounded. "But you got the ring out pretty reasonably? I saw you spend no effort to pull the ring out."

He wasn't the only one suspicious. Shi Yan also didn't know how it happened. He felt like he was walking in a mist, blind from his surroundings.

Both the star map and the Blood Vein Ring were objects. However, retrieving the Blood Vein Ring costed only a little bit of his soul energy.

As soon as his Soul Consciousness connected to the ring, it immediately returned from the space basin. But the star map had cost him a lot.

"You fool. It's the secret treasure that is connected to my brother's life. They're interlinked. That's why he can take it back easily," Ka Tuo thought he understood it better, rolling his eyes at his younger brother and explaining.

"Is it true?" Ka Fu shook his head, not quite believing his brother.

"Don't talk, please. I need to it to be quiet for a while," frowned Shi Yan.

The brothers shut their mouths immediately.

As Shi Yan's finger caressed the Blood Vein Ring, his Soul Consciousness seeped into it. "Within the left part of that man's inheritance, is there any problem with it?"

A spirit arose from the ring. "There are three things you need to remember. I can tell you this only once. After I give you the inheritance, I will go dormant. I won't have enough energy to talk again for a long time."

"First of all, after I give you the inheritance, you should use your God Soul to read the spell that urges the magic in your Seal and take a beam of his Original Soul. Then, detain a beam of his Original Soul in your Seal. After that, he will become an advisor. You will be able to control his life.

"Second, the next time you swallow the soul altar, don't enjoy the benefits alone. Divide the refined soul energy into beams and send me some to recover. Then, I will have more energy to talk to you more. And you have to take in more soul altars. It will be good for you, much more effective than simply making your God Body stronger. I think that no warrior in this star area will know your secret. You don't need to worry that much. You have to try to refine your soul altar more and make it unbreakable."

"Last of all, gather the heaven flames and combine them as fast as you can. Before you break through to the Original God Realm, you have to use the Heaven Flame Divine Refining Technique to refine the heaven flames. It will give you a big help when condensing the Original Soul. The Original Soul created by the heaven flames is much more intimidating than the Original Soul of the other Original God Realm warriors. It has so many more magical abilities. Remember, you have to gather all the heaven flames before you reach the peak of the King God Realm."

After the Ring Spirit advised him about these three things, it was about to complete the inheritance.

"Who are you? I know nothing about you or anything you just said. Can you explain in more detail?"

"I am just a remnant of a soul. Most of my memories have been lost. I can only restore them little by little from the nothingness. At this moment in time, I can't give you more assistance."

"Please at least tell me what is my mission here?"

"Get stronger! Unbelievably stronger! Break through and level up as quick as you can! This is your most important mission at this moment! Alright, I can't waste more time. I will impart the spell to you. I have to condense the inheritance. My energy is limited..."

The Ring Spirit cut off communication. Soon, a flow of soul memories seeped into Shi Yan's brain.

The spell was hard to read. It seemed like the spell didn't have any real meaning. It was just an array of magical sounds. Shi Yan tried to figure out what it said but he couldn't understand the deep meaning behind those melodious sounds. He couldn't do anything except to try remembering the spell forcefully. At least, he must ensure that he wouldn't forget it or read it incorrectly.

The Blood Vein Ring on his finger radiated an immense halo as the Ring Spirit urged its energy to create the inheritance for Ka Tuo. Ka Tuo couldn't help but get more excited. He rubbed his hands, thrilled. He laughed contentedly and stupidly at the same time.

When he received the inheritance from Shi Yan last time, he immediately ran away and cultivated to amend his power Upanishad. After a long time, his power Upanishad had got back on the right track. He was now at the Third Sky of King God Realm and he was just one step away from the threshold.

As long as he could get the last part of the power Upanishad inheritance, he believed that with a little time to digest it, he would easily enter the Original God Realm. When that happened, he would become an expert in the Land of God Punishment and he would become a hero who could stand shoulder by shoulder with Russell, Barrette, and Jie Nong. He could even make Russell pay for his mistakes.

Only by having mighty power would he earn respect in the Land of God Punishment. He had been here for so many years so Ka Tuo understood this.

"Da-ge, I have to congratulate you this time." Ka Fu was also excited. He laughed cheerfully. "After this time, da-ge, you will become an overlord of an area of the Land of God Punishment. I'm so thrilled! Haha!"

"That crazy dog Russell. I will make him lose his face!" Ka Tuo grinned, his eyes brutal and bloodthirsty.


Rainbow light shot out everywhere from the Blood Vein Ring. A huge energy tremor spread out from the Ring. A flow of Inheritance Essence was shown in Shi Yan's palm. It looked like a chaotic, hazy mist with extreme power at the core.

Ka Tuo's body shivered. He calmed down. His hot eyes gazed at the Inheritance Essence, didn't even blink.

Shi Yan smiled. He used the vital energy of the Dead and Life power to tie the Essence Inheritance, pushing it towards Ka Tuo.

While the Essence Inheritance disappeared into Ka Tuo's eyes, Ka Tuo was shaking from the impact. Chaotic energy gushed out from his body. The God Domain activated automatically, dragging and sucking the debris and remnants of objects into outer space to create a distorted and chaotic magnetic field.

Ka Tuo closed his eyes and sat down cross-legged. He held his breath and concentrated on learning the mysteries of the Essence Inheritance. He tried to fuse it with his God Soul and make it become a part of his Seal of Upanishad.

At the same time, Shi Yan sat down and watched every change that Ka Tuo went through.

Ka Tuo was shivering. Ripples of distorted and chaotic energy expanded from him as if he was taking in the energy from the space debris and other trash to increase the intensity within his God Body.

Ka Tuo's soul altar appeared deep in his pupils. It shone gloriously as if it was made of crystal. It was a beautiful scene.

Shi Yan observed everything. Until he saw Ka Tuo's soul altar spun and the God Soul started to take in the Essence Inheritance, he also mumbled the hard-to-read spell that the Ring Spirit had imparted to him.

The spell swayed in his Sea of Consciousness like lightning strikes that attacked his Sea of Consciousness. His Sea of Consciousness seethed violently while thunder exploded above his soul altar. Flows of his Soul Consciousness moved by the spell, swarming towards the magical mark in his God Soul.

While his Sea of Consciousness seethed with surging, massive waves, his God Soul maintained steady like a mountain. The mark emerged on his forehead like a dark sun that absorbed flows of his Soul Consciousness.

Shi Yan continued to murmur the spell. A magical vibe connected to Ka Tuo's soul altar. A beam of light shot from Shi Yan's eyes straight into Ka Tuo's eyes.

A beam of Ka Tuo's chaotic Original Soul was pulled by the light beam. It flew out and flashed before disappearing into the mark on the forehead of Shi Yan's God Soul. At that moment, the flow of Ka Tuo's Original Soul became his puppet. It seemed like he could kill Ka Tuo instantly with one thought. Shi Yan could even eradicate the other's God Soul as he pleased.

Shi Yan was scared of the cunning and wicked plan of the Ring Spirit. This trick to bind a servant was strangely cruel.

Shi Yan knew that from now on, Ka Tuo would never escape his bind. He now held the man's life in his hand forever. When his mind flickered, he could have Ka Tuo perish.